Green Skin - Chapter 100

Chapter 100

The city of ‘Somorah’ was quite large in size, but the forces of the Black Thorn Guild wasn’t as much. As such, it was obvious that Somorah would try and curry favors of the larger cities and look favorable towards the larger guilds. It was an act necessary in order to preserve accidents from happening, so it showed the degree of importance that the guild executives viewed this business so much so that they would travel themselves.

“I want to know if you know the route and time?”

He began to ponder once I probed, and soon realized that this one reply could determine his life and death.

“I know it roughly… but to be certain…”

It means that he does now. It was then that one of the guys in the back spoke out.

“I’ve heard that there is a large transaction of slaves transferring, which is going to occur next week at the metropolis of Hadum.”

[TL: Metropolis = Major city]

From his words, Lee Wanyong turned back and began to glare at his party member. It was probably a glare implying why he would spout out so much crucial information at the blink of an eye, though he was also revealing a lot as well.

This guy knows that I had no reason of keeping all three guys here.

As a result, the last one who did not speak of any valuable information was fidgeting anxiously, making it a truly interesting scene.

After some time had pa.s.sed, they began to compete against one another in spitting out information as if it was a great achievement. Not sure what the reason was, but Lee Wanyong was greatly pa.s.sive in his approach. However, I roughly knew what he was thinking as I couldn’t help but smile.

“I…I remember too. I have heard that there will definitely be one next week. Definitely.”

“It’s not regular, but there is a large transaction roughly about once a month.”

“There is an average of about thirty members including executives that depart together, and about an average of fifty slaves as well.”

Really impressive guys. Even though I did not ask w.i.l.l.y-nilly, they told me every single information I needed. Actually, there was too much information being spouted out all at once that I needed some time to organize it, so I called out to Ragia.


“Yes. I understand.”

I tried to attach the other guys to Hayeon who could also speak the Human language. Soon, Ragia returned with Hayeon as she glared down at the men. Then, after greeting me with a bow, she spoke.

“Did you call?”

“I’ll give you two guys.”

There was no need for any more words. Understanding, she nodded her head with a smile. The moment I was about to give a few of them over to Hayeon, they seemingly wanted to attach themselves to her personally, but I personally would recommend them to rather stay away from her. Since those that do go to the side of Hayeon will spend an extremely painful time.

“It does not matter if you kill them if you deem them useless.”


After brightly smiling, except for Lee Wanyong, she took the other two guys and brought them outside the camp. Unable to comprehend the monster language that we conversed in, the two guys went outside with the Plant joyfully. Though Lee Wanyong was looking over at them with envy, but in my honest opinion, I don’t expect neither of them to be able to survive the night.

Anyhow, I continued to engage in a conversation with him. Size of the forces and the conditions of the slaves. The number of slaves. The routes they used. Unlike the two previous ones, he had suddenly became pa.s.sive in providing information, but since Hayeon will be working hard, so it wouldn’t matter.

However, since the conversation was progressing so slowly, I became frustrated. In the end, I looked at him and spoke.

“You can speak a little more comfortably. Even if we were to capture the executive… I will not kill you…”


What a smart guy. Of course he knew that if a Human who knew more information than him was captured, then he realized that he would have no further use anymore. Though his level was not something that could be cla.s.sified as superior, but he was pretty strong himself. In a normal guild, elites would have a pretty high status and position, which meant that they had a higher level of knowledge and information as well.

He probably knew much more than the other two that had left here. As if he realized that his thoughts were noticed, his face began to pale before speaking out.

“Will….will you spare me?”

“Of course.”

“Of course it was a lie.

“Green Skins do not lie. If you prove that you have more use than the other two who’ve just left…you will be able to keep your life.”

There was no reason for me to spare his life from my position. But wanting to believe in me, he began to speak slowly once more. With his thoughts already been compromised, he probably knew that there were no other alternatives.

Soon, after some time had pa.s.sed, I sent him back and began to organize the information together with the other executives.

The date was four days later, and even the time and location was extremely detailed and precise. Though Hayeon had brought some information, but the quality of the information was entirely different from that guy in comparison to the other two.

The roads that the Humans take were definitely different from those of the monsters. The Humans knew about that fact, and the monsters knew as well. As a result, the Humans had thoroughly hidden the routes they used, whether it was through magic or keeping troops on standby. All of this was due to the fact that Humans roughly estimated that monsters would determine Humans that pa.s.sed by as a hunting ground for them.

As a result, the route that we discovered was in the conflict area. In other words, lakes and beasts, or even places of fruits and trees were conflict areas.

There was one road that the Green Skins knew from Somorah to Hadom. Therefore, this road had already lost its function as a route, since this was the way that the Storm Shadow Clan and the other Green Skins of the East used.

On the other hand, what Lee Wanyong informed me of was a road that was not yet known. Though it was a bit of a roundabout way, it was certainly a safe route protected by magic that connected from Somorah to Hadom.

“With this much, even Storm Shadow would not know of this.”

Once Hakajin scoured the road carefully, he spoke, which I replied to.

“Since this was hidden for a long time, there’s a high possibility that this isn’t used as a normal road.”

If the Green Skins or Storm Shadow in the vicinity knew that Greek Skin slaves were being transported, they would not have left them alone, so I thought it was the main reason why they had such high security in secretly using this route.

From what Hakajin had spoken of, even I thought that Storm Shadow would be unaware of this. There was a large boulder that led into a tunnel. Even the tunnel was furthest away from the territory of Storm Shadow, with countless illusions and traps installed in here.

Above all, since security was most prioritized, there was also troops that guarded this road. If it weren’t for Lee Wanyong, I thought that we wouldn’t have been able to discover this road even after Somorah were to be destroyed.

As a result, I became thankful to him.

Thus, we began to plan. Firstly, entering the tunnel was out from the get go. Though it wouldn’t matter if there were only Somorah, but to face guild members of Hadom was a very burdensome matter. Above all, we had no Magician or Shaman that could deactivate all of the magic illusions and traps that were within the tunnel.

Although we have a very high-level Magician in Hayeon, but her talents are focused purely on the plant side due to her race. Other than destroying it by sheer force, it would be difficult to destroy the illusion magic. It was likewise with Hakajin who had s.h.i.+fted his focus on recovery shamanism, so we had no way of deactivating high-level magic.

Therefore, the best time to approach them was before they enter the tunnel.

The best part was that there were a lot of places for a possible ambush like the tunnel.

“Certainly… this won’t be bad at all. If you exclude the fact that it’s a tunnel and not a cave, it’s greatly similar to the place I used before.”

“Yeah. Sounds good.”

Mev nodded from the fact that the tunnel was exceptionally similar to the cave Hakajin used for ambush before if you exclude the differences in forces.

“So it’s a battle.”

The rest of the guys began to smile, with Gark and Hark being the most excited. Therefore, the meeting concluded quicker than I had thought.

Anyhow, the job should be quite simple. There should be only about 30 people of forces moving at best. Unlike before, we didn’t lack in numbers for once, and it was a battle that Black Spear didn’t necessarily had to partic.i.p.ate. Not to mention, Black Spear was already busy due to the Little Finger Clan so I had decided not to bother him this round.

Whenever the executives walked in and were contemplating in my tent, the other clan members would pretend that they weren’t interested in what was going on, but would always eavesdrop from outside. To be able to relay them the message that they so wanted in a long time, I left the tent first and informed them.

“It’s a battle.”

“Ggirik! Ggirik!”


In a split second, the village became loud as even the young Green Skins that were born and growing were also screaming together.

I wasn’t sure if they were screaming because the adult Goblins were or because they knew that a real battle was going to occur, but the young Green Skins certainly looked pleased. It seems that they couldn’t hide their innate nature.

“For Blood Dagger!”

Though it has not been one year, the children began to run around smiling. Seeing that they were growing well, it brought a smile to my face. Young Goblins would be able to enter battles after three years, and seven years after they were officially recognized as adults. Of course I wasn’t going to send them to the battle lines right away. Then I saw Nicole running around, causing me to head over and stroke her head.

“For Blood Dagger!”

A cute voice rang in my ears.

I smiled at Nicole once more as I saw her preparing the weapons with the other guys.

The quick-witted ones had already been preparing their weapons and bags in advance, and the Goblins and Orc administered by Hakajin were preparing all the necessary provisions and supplies. Food and drinking water were basic necessities, and there were also supplies prepared in case of unexpected variables. Thus, we were able to soon depart from Storm Shadow’s village.

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