Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 118 - Charging Into The Array Alone

Chapter 118 - Charging Into The Array Alone

Chapter 118 - Charging Into the Array Alone

Song Jia Sect, inside the Golden Chrysalis Array...


Hearing the roars and rumbles of battlefield coming from outside the array, the five thousand demonized disciples stopped momentarily.

"Don't stop, Ancestor can finish off Gu Hai! We should continue to eat, strengthen the Ghost Relic!" a demonized man shouted at the others.


Outside the array, Grandmaster Liunian strode out of the fog, facing the flood dragon Fu Xue who could raise the winds and waves.

The flood dragon raised his head and let out a thunderous roar. Immediately, dark clouds covered the sky, soon followed by lightning and thunder. Storms were rising everywhere, as if it was the end of the world.

"Liunian?" The flood dragon's eyes went wide in shock.

"You still know me? Ha, Fu Xue, you sure have big guts, you even dare to hold the Hall Lord captive! You are really tired of living!" Grandmaster Liunian retorted coldly.

"Hmph, Bald Donkey, in war those who win become rulers and those who lose are reduced to bandits! You want to save Long Wanqing? Let's see if you have that ability or not! " The flood dragon gave out a deafening roar.

Immediately after, a vast quant.i.ty of water rose into the sky, encircling Grandmaster Liunian and rolling magnificently towards him. Meanwhile, the flood dragon swung its tail, drawing along the lightning from the dark clouds with it.

"Vajra Body, Buddhist Teachings Illuminate the World!" Grandmaster Liunian brought his palms together.

Immediately, a golden aura emerged all around Grandmaster Liunian's body, creating a barrier of qi which blocked the cras.h.i.+ng waves of water. On top of that, following the motion of Grandmaster Liunian's palms, two golden palms of aura emerged before him, cras.h.i.+ng towards the oncoming tail and the lightning bolts.


A powerful shockwave swept in all directions, shaking the mountains and the sky, sweeping aside the seawater with it. The entire sky was in chaos.

The center of the battlefield, where Grandmaster Liunian and Fu Xue were fighting with ever increasing intensity, was veiled by the heavy rain and cras.h.i.+ng seawater from the aftershocks. Gu Hai and the others were no longer able to see the fight at the center.

In the fallout from the fight, the seawater swept the twenty thousand mortals away like leaves in a flood.


"Second Brother, Second Brother is washed away by the flood!"

"Hurry, hurry over to this side!"


Facing the raging waves from the battle, the recently freed twenty thousand citizens were forced to quickly avoid the fallout.

And there was only one place which was safe, it was the entrance of the Golden Chrysalis Array.

Stomping on the ground, Gu Hai jumped over to the entrance.

"Gu Hai is here, run, run!" the two demonized men who had come out with Fu Xue cried out in horror.

Just as they did, Gu Hai swung his sword, beheading one of them.

And just when the other demonized man wanted to escape, he was surrounded by a few dozen cultivators who had been mixed in with the ordinary mortals.

"Don't come here! I will eat you!" that demonized human shouted, revealing the most ferocious appearance he could.

The cultivators stepped back in terror.

However, in that small window of opportunity, Gu Hai caught up with the demonized man.

"There are a few dozens of you, can't you capture him? He is just in the Xiantian Stage, and in the early stage at that!" shouted Gu Hai angrily as he swung his sword.


Beheading that demonized man with a sword strike, Gu Hai glared at the dozens of cultivators.

Listening to Gu Hai, the group of cultivators had unsightly looks on their faces. They didn't know what to say.

Yes, that demonized man was only in the early stage of the Xiantiang Stage. Even if his strength soared by five times, he still wasn't our opponent, there are dozens of us here, what do we have to be afraid of?

Gu Hai heaved a deep sigh.

"Benefactor, the waves are getting more and more terrifying, we can't leave, what should we do?" one of the citizens asked anxiously.

Gu Hai turned his head, looking at the Golden Chrysalis Array, "That place isn't flooded with water!"

Hearing Gu Hai's suggestion, all twenty thousand people took a step back in shock and horror.

"Benefactor, let's block this entrance, the fiends are inside, there are many, many fiends inside!" a citizen suggested aloud.

"Yes, let's block it, let's block it!" all twenty thousand people agreed. They were all terrified and panic-stricken.

While speaking, the crowd of people started to move rocks of various sizes, preparing to block the forty-meter high tall entrance.

At the sight of this, Gu Hai knit his brow. It appeared that these twenty thousand people were totally terrified.

They are frightened, it's useless to say anything to them.

Gu Hai turned around and strode into the Golden Chrysalis Array.

"Ah, Benefactor, don't...!" the citizens screamed in shock.

For a moment, the people who were moving the rocks stopped. What should we do, should we barricade it?

Benefactor is inside! We can't block! There are many devils inside!

Having stepped into the array, Gu Hai jumped to the top of the closest hill immediately, quickly glancing around the Song Jia Sect.

Earlier, a few demonized disciples who were quick on their feet were escaping in a direction.

Inside the array, everything was completely calm and quiet. The demonized people were nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, Gu Hai's eyes widened, he had caught sight of a mountain valley.

A jet-black sphere was floating in the air there, sucking in swirling black qi rising from the valley.

And inside the valley, there were over five thousand gruesome-looking demonized humans. Each and every one of them had their snakes out on display as they brutalized the corpses in the valley in the most spine-chilling method possible. Each snake on their heads was tearing and eating human flesh in a grisly fas.h.i.+on.

They were no longer stopping at hearts and livers, or even organs. All human flesh was being devoured brutally. The scene was no different than that of h.e.l.l.

"Eating humans? They are even eating the flesh of the corpses? You lot can truly eat anything!?" Gu Hai's eyes started to twitch madly.

Looking at the macabre scene in the distant valley, Gu Hai's gaze turned deathly cold as a murderous aura broke out from his body.

Gu Hai immediately jumped down the mountain, returning to the entrance of the Golden Chrysalis Array.

"Benefactor, quickly come out!" the crowd of citizens outside the array cried anxiously.

"Everyone please listen, block this entrance for me, and unless you hear my voice, don't let anyone come out!" Gu Hai shouted to the twenty thousand citizens.

"Ah!?" The crowd of ordinary folks and a few hundred cultivators were confused.

Having said his piece, Gu Hai turned around, stepping back into the valley. With a flip of his hand, he took out two coffins filled with explosives and buried them under the foot of the mountain at the exit.

Next, Gu Hai attached the fuse wire to the coffins and took out a flint.

Then, Gu Hai quickly ignited the fuse with the flint and quickly escape into the distance.

In the valley where the Ghost Relic was, the demonized disciples of Song Jia Sect continued to gorge themselves on human flesh, without paying any attention to the thunderous rumbles coming from outside the array.

"Not good, Elder, it's not good!" finally, a disciple came running up in fear.

"Huh?" The crowd of demonized humans turned their heads to look.

"Ancestor is pinned down by Old Monk Liunian!"

"What? Grandmaster Liunian?" All their faces were filled with shock.

"What about Gu Hai? Did he come with his three thousand men as well?"

"No, Gu Hai came alone, he has killed several of my Senior Brothers!" that disciple shouted.

"Gu Hai is alone? Then, what do you have to fear?" everyone cried out, glaring at that demonized man.

"No, that Gu Hai...!" said the demonized man, worried.

"Well, that's great, those common folk and cultivators are already terrified of us, go and capture Gu Hai! However, what we are doing here cannot be stopped, take a hundred men and catch Gu Hai!" that Elder ordered in a calculated voice.

Having received the Elder's order, a hundred disciples nodded in acknowledgment at once.

A hundred demonized disciples slowly made their way out of the valley, moving towards the entrance to the Sect.


Suddenly, a deafening explosion reverberated far away, before the two hills flanking the valley collapsed.

At the sight of this, the faces of the disciples changed immediately.

"That came from the entrance! Hurry up, let's take a look!" Everyone anxiously ran in the direction of the explosion.

However, when the entrance was finally in their sight, the two tall hills at the entrance had already collapsed, completely blocking the exit of the array. A billowing cloud of dust was rising in the air. It was a total mess!

"The exit is blocked!" one of the disciples said, shocked at the sight.

"What the h.e.l.l happened? Was Gu Hai worried that we would come out to catch him?"

"It must be so, he is all alone, he must be terrified!"...

The team of disciples offered their speculations as savage looks appeared on their faces.

"Look, there is someone there!" a disciple shouted in shock.

As everyone turned their gazes, they spotted a man slowly walking out of the billowing clouds of dust at the edge of collapsed hills, streams of black qi circling around him. There was a long and slender black bone saber in his hand.

The black saber looked very strange. Even from far away, the disciples could feel the malevolent aura from it.

The company of disciples grabbed their swords and sabers as they opened their eyes wide, trying to peer through the dust.

"Gu Hai, that's Gu Hai?" a disciple cried out, a shocked look appearing on his face.

"He is all alone! He is really alone!"

"He has blocked the entrance. He can't escape. What is he planning to do?"

"Is he looking for death?"

"Who cares if he is looking to die or not, I have long wanted to eat Gu Hai's heart and liver!"

"Half a month ago, he killed my Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers, I not only want to eat Gu Hai's heart and liver, I also want to eat the hearts and livers of his woman, his parents, his entire family!"...

Savage looks took over the team of disciples as they moved to surround Gu Hai.

Gu Hai not only was unafraid, his eyes were even s.h.i.+ning with a cold and eerie light. Looking at this group of demonized men, his eyes were filled with a chilling indifference, as if these demonized disciples simply weren't fit to live.

"In the mortal world, I only learned saber techniques from the army. The saber techniques in the army do not strive to be fanciful, all they strive for is to kill people, they are saber techniques for killing, and killing only! This set of saber techniques only pursues speed, violence, and accuracy! Immortals? Ha, no, you are devils, nothing more, nothing less! In the past, I begged to join the Song Jia Sect, but was refused. Now, I have long come to disdain it! You f.u.c.king fiends, today, I will ma.s.sacre your Song Jia Sect completely, lest you cause disaster again!" proclaimed Gu Hai in a cold and emotionless manner.

While speaking, Gu Hai suddenly erupted with his full force as he charged into the hundred disciples, dragging the Life Severing Blade.

"What? He is rus.h.i.+ng us alone?"

"You looking to die?"


Immediately, the snakes on the heads of demonized men broke out, ferociously rus.h.i.+ng at Gu Hai.

Before Gu Hai arrived among them, a huge qi blade shot out from the Life Severing Saber. Just from the sound of it tearing through the s.p.a.ce shocked them all!

"What? How can his qi blade be so fierce?"

"Hasn't he just entered the Xiantian Stage?"

"This qi blade is comparable to the qi blade of Golden Core Stage Elder!"

"No, this is an illusion, I don't believe this!"...

Astonishment was clearly written on the faces of the demonized men. Meanwhile, the disciple who was in the forefront swung his sword to greet the oncoming qi blade.

However, his sword was too slow. Even before the sword could complete its cut, the qi blade had arrived before him in the blink of an eye. He was cut in twain immediately.

And in the next moment, Gu Hai had charged into the midst of the disciples!.

"Not good!"

"Gu Hai's strength is comparable to a Golden Core cultivator!"

"Impossible, ah!"

"My sword is broken! No!"


"Black qi, black qi, there are skulls inside the black qi!"

"Junior Brother, Junior Brother was eaten!"

"Hurry, attack him together!"...

A series of chaotic screams rose from the crowd of demonized men.

Gu Hai was extremely fast. The long saber in his hand danced quickly through the crowd. Again and again, his saber, accompanied by saber qi, clashed with the swords and sabers of the demonized men. The black qi broke out from the saber and a few of the disciples who had been wounded by the Life Severing Saber were devoured, leaving only piles of bones behind.

"Ah~!" "Ah~!" "Don't!" "Ah~!"...

As the curtain of the battle opened, the miserable cries of demonized men rose and fell. The threat of the Life Severing Saber was too dreadful, beyond anything they had imagined!

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