Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 119 - Killing A Thousand Devils With One Swing

Chapter 119 - Killing A Thousand Devils With One Swing

Chapter 119 - Killing a Thousand Devils With One Swing

In just a short while, the twenty demonized disciples had been killed or injured by Gu Hai. Once wounded, the black qi of the Life Severing Saber rapidly drilled its way into their wounds, devouring their blood and flesh greedily.

In the blink of an eye, just twenty piles of bones remained of the twenty men.

At the sight of this, shock and horror were clearly apparent on the remaining men's faces. Some of the men were so frightened that they just wanted to flee!

Suddenly, Gu Hai's back was injured by a sword. Blood flowed out of the gaping wound.

"I have injured Gu Hai, everyone, attack together, hurry up!" a disciple yelled in excitement.

Right then, Gu Hai swung back, cutting off the the disciple's right hand. "Ah~!"

"Attack!" the crowd of demonized men shouted and immediately surged at him..

Gritting his teeth, and bearing the pain, Gu Hai clutched the Life Severing Saber in his hand and once again charged towards the oncoming demonized men. This time, he was executing the hit and run strategy. In the wink of an eye, Gu Hai had the upper hand once more.

"No, Gu Hai, don't run if you have what it takes!"


"Surround him, surround him immediately, don't fight him alone!"


"Gu Hai is running to that side, attack him together!"


The crowd of demonized men anxiously tried to surround Gu Hai as they were being killed by him, despairing screams rose again and again.

In the blink of an eye, there were over fifty skeletons lying on the ground. The demonized men whose wills had been united like a fortress, were all terrified at this moment. All of them wanted to withdraw.

While the morale of the disciples was plummeting, Gu Hai's rate of success was soaring. In a flash, he was killing the rest of the disciples like he was harvesting wheat.

"Ah~!" "No, don't!" "Ah~!"...

Heartrending screams of dying disciples could be heard without end.

Outside the array...

The twenty thousand ordinary mortals and hundreds of cultivators blocked the entrance of the array, worrying for the safety of Gu Hai.

Suddenly, the piercing screams of demonized humans carried out from inside the array.

"Benefactor is fighting with the fiends!"

"It's those devils' screams, those devils' screams!"

"Benefactor is killing the fiends!"...

The ordinary people broke into cheers of joy.

The hundreds of cultivators, on the other hand, were shocked as their eyes widened.

Earlier, just the scene of Gu Hai killing a few demonized men had left them astounded. But now-!

"Just now, Gu Hai blew up the mountain peaks inside the array and blocked the exit, does he want to fight with the devils all alone?"

"No way! Didn't you say Gu Hai was just at the Xiantian Stage? Moreover, he had entered just over half a year ago?"

"Aren't there like over five thousand devils inside?"

"However, those sure were sounds of fighting, and then, there were those screams as well!"

"Yes, those screams, they were those devils!"

"Is Gu Hai really in the Xiantian Stage?"...

Disbelief was quite apparent on the faces of hundreds of cultivators.

The great battle between Grandmaster Liunian and flood dragon Fu Xue was simply unable to draw the attention of the hundreds of cultivators. All their attention was focused within the Golden Chrysalis Array.

Their minds seemed to be following Gu Hai as he confronted all the fiends.

One versus over five thousand fiends?

How is that possible? Last time he was only able to ma.s.sacre twenty thousand cultivators because of the grand array, but now Gu Hai is alone, there is no array!

"Ah~!" "Ah~!" "Devil, you devil!"

"Don't kill me, ah~!"...

The series of screams perplexed the cultivators. What in b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l is going on inside?


The five thousand demonized humans also heard those screams. One by one, they c.o.c.ked their ears to listen.

"Elder, help, Elder, ah~!"

"Gu Hai, don't come here, don't come here, ah~!"

"Gu Hai is coming, run, run, ah~!"

"No, no, ah~!"...

After the racket of people scurrying about was followed by the final desperate cries, there was nothing, no screams or any kind of noise whatsoever.

Everyone has died in despair?

A hundred disciples were being killed by Gu Hai to the point that they were fleeing helter-skelter?

The faces of the elders in the valley twisted.

"What happened?" The elders' faces fell.

A group of demonized disciples jumped their way out of the valley, making their way to the peak of the mountain and gazing into the distance.

As expected, Gu Hai was hunting down three disciples in the distance.

There are only three remaining?

"It's Gu Hai, don't let him run, catch him!" the elders suddenly shouted at the top of their voices, their eyes wide with anger.

Having received the order, without further ado, approximately five hundred disciples charged at Gu Hai like a tide.

"Ah~!" "Ah~!" "Ah~!"...

The three fleeing disciples ultimately died under Gu Hai's blade, devoured by the Life Severing Saber.

There were two wounds on Gu Hai's body. However, they were recovering very quickly. One-thousandth of the strength from the flesh and blood devoured by the Life Severing Saber was fed back to Gu Hai, helping Gu Hai recover from his wounds at an astonis.h.i.+ng pace. Even the energy he had expended earlier was restored in the blink of an eye.


"Catch Gu Hai!"

"There is something wrong about Gu Hai's saber, be careful!"...

The five hundred demonized humans were rus.h.i.+ng over just like a flood. The fiends greeted his eyes everywhere.

Gu Hai's face fell. However, he wasn't afraid at all.

Only by fighting battles could he become more skillful. Having just fought with the hundred demonized men, Gu Hai had acc.u.mulated a lot of experience.


With my robust physique from the external strength cultivation and the support of True Qi, my speed and strength can reach an astonis.h.i.+ng degree. Facing a group battle, I should not fight blindly. I must make proper use of my strengths and avoid my weaknesses.

I must kill the weakest first. If a strong foe presses on, I must dodge and run. I can't get entangled in a wolfpack battle, it is not advantageous to me. Only a hit and run fight is the most advantageous.

Kill the weak, leave the strong. I must solve them one by one!

"Kill!" With a loud battle cry, Gu Hai welcomed the oncoming five hundred disciples.

"Oh? Gu Hai is actually coming over?"

"How can Gu Hai's explosive power be so strong? His is comparable to that of a Golden Core Stage cultivator!"

"All hundred inner disciples have been killed?"

"Be careful of Gu Hai!"...

The group of elders was a.n.a.lyzing Gu Hai's strength.


The curtain for the battle opened as Gu Hai clashed with the fastest disciple.

Gu Hai swung his blade, smas.h.i.+ng through the long sword of his foe without the slightest bit of resistance, splitting that demonized disciple in twain right away.

"What a terrifying weapon!" some disciples cried out in shock. In front of this bone saber, their swords and sabers were nothing more than sc.r.a.ps. They were simply no match for that bone saber!

"Die!" Gu Hai continued to swing his blade as he ran about.

The five hundred demonized disciples were five times the number he had fought just a short while ago. That meant, the danger level had also elevated by five times.

"Gu Hai, take my sword!"

Suddenly, a huge sword aura streaked across the air, shooting straight towards Gu Hai with an imposing force!

Gu Hai's pupils contracted as he dodged the oncoming attack hurriedly.

"Golden Core Stage? Hmph, I will come and cut you later!" Gu Hai said in a chilling voice. Turning around, he ran in another direction.

"Hold it right there, don't you run!" that Golden Core cultivator shouted out in protest.

However, there were far too many disciples around. That Golden Core cultivator was also a bit overcautious.


"My arm, ah~, devil!"

"Gu Hai, I will not let you go, ah~!"


Gu Hai started killing everywhere in the crowd. The miserable screams of demonized disciples lingered on in the air.

Some were beheaded by Gu Hai, some were devoured by the Life Severing Saber. In only a short while, there were a dozen skeletons lying around.

Spotting the piles of bones on the ground, the demonized men were struck with chills immediately.

"Keep on attacking him, he can't hold on for too long. He is using saber aura and launching saber qis at such a high frequency, he won't last long!" some disciples shouted.

"That's right, he won't last long! Ah~!"

"He is soon about to collapse, attack! Ah~!"...

However, what the disciples didn't know that Gu Hai simply wasn't worried about getting exhausted, as his strength was replenished by the Life Severing Saber again and again as he continued to kill.

In this scuffle, Gu Hai also didn't come out unscathed. A few extra wounds had appeared on his body. Nonetheless, Gu Hai didn't pay attention to them and continued to kill with everything he had.

The more he killed, the fiercer he became.

At this moment, the group of fiends became the sheep, and Gu Hai had turned into a lion killing the flock!

"Arghhh~!" Letting out a battle cry, Gu Hai continued to charge at his foes with the Life Severing Saber in his hand hacking desperately, again and again.

After three more wounds appeared on him, Gu Hai finally stabbed the first Golden Core cultivator he had encountered to death.

There was a ferocious look on Gu Hai's face. "Didn't I say, I will cut you later!"

After his grim remark, Gu Hai pulled out the saber and immediately charged into another direction. All that was left of that dead Golden Core cultivator was a pile of bones that immediately crashed to the ground, while billowing black qi following Gu Hai as he attacked the others.

Outside the array...

The twenty thousand ordinary people and hundred of cultivators could hear the piercing screams coming from the inside.

While the ordinary people jumped with cheers of joy, the cultivators, on the other hand, looked at each other. Shock was clearly written all over their faces.

"That's the three hundred and fiftieth scream! Gu Hai has killed so many devils?"

"Isn't he in the Xiantian Stage?

"We originally came to Nine-Five Island, dreaming of robbing Gu Hai of his Hundred Years Longevity Peach!"...

Hearing the horrifying screams resounding inside the array, the crowd of cultivators shuddered in fear as they gulped nervously. A chill ran down their spines. But an even more terrifying chill was running down the spines of the demonized humans inside!

Gu Hai had already killed over half of the five hundred demonized disciples. Although there were many wounds on Gu Hai's body, he didn't seem to be tired at all. No, the more he killed, the more valiant he became. Gu Hai seemed to be becoming fiercer as the battle carried on.

"Stop eating, stop eating those corpses, hurry up and come out, all of you come out and attack Gu Hai! Hurry, hurry up!" the congregation of Elders shouted at the disciples inside the valley.

Over four thousand demonized humans stopped their macabre fest and quickly made their way out of the valley, gazing into the distance.

Alone, Gu Hai alone was chasing and killing a team of a hundred disciples at this moment!

At the sight of this, the eyelids of the crowd of demonized men started to twitch madly.

"Kill that Gu Hai, and watch out for his saber, be careful of his saber, go!"

"Arghhh!" Over four thousand disciples let out a battle cry in unison as they rushed down the mountain, charging in Gu Hai's direction.

Watching the demonized disciples charging down the mountain like a flood made Gu Hai's heart skip a beat, even if he had long been prepared.

However, Gu Hai, instead of retreating, greeted them head-on with a savage snarl on his face.

Waving his saber aura, the ferocious Gu Hai wreaked havoc everywhere.


Another disciple died under Gu Hai's saber. Meanwhile, Gu Hai grew increasingly fierce as he rushed into the crowd.

"Devil... devil... devil, kill... kill... kill! Hahaha!" Amid the army of devils, peals of Gu Hai's savage laughter rang out.

Even though wounds kept appearing on him continuously, and bouts of piercing pain coursed through his body, Gu Hai seemed as if he simply wasn't afraid of pain, or perhaps his strong will was supporting him at this moment. Any amount of pain was nothing to him. Gu Hai continued to employ hit and run tactics. He avoided the Golden Core disciples and kept on killing the Xiantian Stage devils.

Devils... devils... devils, kill... kill... kill! Gu Hai, with his hair hanging loose, looked like a lord of h.e.l.l, culling the ordinary fiends and devils!

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