Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 117 - Fate And Karma

Chapter 117 - Fate And Karma

Chapter 117 - Fate and Karma

Somewhere inside the Song Jia Sect...

There was an enormous valley, where over a hundred thousand human bodies were piled up like a mountain of cordwood at this moment.

Each and every corpse had died in an extremely gruesome manner. All of the corpses' chests and abdomens were opened, and their hearts and livers devoured. Their morbid faces were filled with horror and hatred.

Standing above the valley were five thousand demonized humans. At this moment, their hair had changed completely into snakes, wriggling and hissing ferociously.

At the forefront of these five thousand demonized humans stood the flood dragon, Fu Xue!

"Ancestor, there are 129,600 corpses here, all had their hearts and livers eaten before their deaths! If they are still insufficient, there are twenty thousand people still alive outside, they can be brought in anytime!" a demonized man reported respectfully.

"129,600? A cosmic unit! It's enough! This will acc.u.mulate endless resentment! It should be enough to forge a Ghost Relic!" said Fu Xue, a cold smile on his face.

[TLN: Cosmic unit]

"Ghost Relic?" that demonized man repeated in confusion.

"A Ghost Relic is a magical device that is used to capture dragon veins. It is refined using the fear and resentment from their human souls. So, continue to terrorize them for me, I am about to start!" Fu Xue ordered in a cold voice.

"Terrorize them? Aren't they dead already?"

"They are dead, but their human souls are still here! You can't see them, but they can see you! They died in your jaws, and their human souls remember that they were killed by you! They are terrified of you! Hurry and show your most hideous appearance, this will terrorize their human souls, make them resent you!" explained Fu Xue coldly.

Having received their orders, the five thousand demonized human showed no delay in revealing their hideous appearances. Countless snakes on their heads continued to stretch out, baring their fangs, hissing and wriggling.

Suddenly, yin qi started gathering all around the mountain valley.

Without further delay, Fu Xue extended his hand, and a crystal ball flew from of his grasp.

Fu Xue opened his mouth, spraying out mouthful of poisonous qi, which circled around the crystal ball. The poisonous qi adhered to the surface of the sphere, stretching some kind of vaporous tentacles out, one after another.

Suddenly, they could feel chilly winds blowing towards the crystal ball.

As time pa.s.sed, the chilly winds became stronger and more frequent, growing into streaks of darkness. From a distance, it looked like black qi was rising from the mountain of corpses and surging towards that jet black crystal ball again and again. In the blink of an eye, the crystal ball grew completely dark, and the darkness around it continued to grow as if it would swallow everything.

"What's this?"

"This is resentment! It is still insufficient, continue to terrorize them!" ordered Fu Xue coldly.

Having received Fu Xue orders, the crowd of demonized humans roared more ferociously.

Immediately after, more billowing black qi surged into the crystal ball. The air around the ball grew frigidly cold.

"That's better, this will make a pretty good Ghost Relic. Unfortunately, it is far from enough. It is still insufficient to catch the dragon vein!" Fu Xue stated coldly.

Listening to Fu Xue's comment, the demonized men grew more aggressive, more ferocious. They painted a picture of demons and devils dancing like mad men.

The black qi erupted once more and was subsequently sucked in by the Ghost Relic. However, after that momentary eruption, it grew a lot weaker.

"It is still not enough! All of you, go down and eat them!" Fu Xue gave a merciless order.

"Ah! Eat? Ancestor, their hearts and livers were already eaten by us!" a demonized man stated, confused.

"There are other organs apart from hearts and livers, go and eat them for me, go!" commanded Fu  Xue, his voice could not be any colder.


"Eat slowly, don't destroy their human souls. I still want them to produce the resentment constantly!" Fu Xue said coldly.

"Yes, Ancestor!" Having received the edict, the crowd of demonized disciples immediately descended into the valley to begin their macabre feast.

The mountain valley had corpses lying just about everywhere. As soon as the demonized men landed inside the valley, the snakes on their heads quickly rushed out, tearing away the flesh and consuming it, bit by bit.

The black qi all around the valley grew denser and denser. Black qi several times thicker than before immediately surged into the Ghost Relic. The air around the Ghost Relic grew even colder as infernal qi spread around it.

Suddenly, the Ghost Relic shook, ever so slightly.

In the next moment, it seemed as if the wails of thousands upon thousands of ghosts were coming from the Ghost Relic. They were appalling and soul-shaking.

"Alive? The Ghost Relic is alive! Very good, a cosmic integral is indeed an intriguing digit. Continue, continue to eat them it, I want it to become stronger!" shouted Fu Xue, his eyes wide with dark joy.

In the next moment, the snakes grew even more gruesome and tyrannical. Some of the corpses in the valley had been eaten to the point that their bones were starting to show up. The scene could not be any gruesome and b.l.o.o.d.y, it looked no different from h.e.l.l. Anyone who saw it would surely be nauseated and horrified.

Fu Xue, on the other hand, pursed his lips into a cold and satisfied smile as he alternated his gaze between the Ghost Relic floating in the air and the valley full of demonized humans.

"Ancestor, it's bad, it's really bad! Gu Hai has come again, he is here!" A frightened scream from far away broke in on his moment of satisfaction.

In the next moment, a few demonized men rushed over from outside the array.

"Huh?" The demonized men inside the valley were slightly taken aback as they turned their heads to see what was happening.

"Keep on eating, don't stop!" Fu Xue ordered harshly.

The crowd of demonized men continued devouring the corpses. At the sight of this gruesome scene, the faces of demonized men who were coming to report paled immediately. A chill ran down their bodies.

"What happened?" Fu Xue turned and looked at the arriving demonized men.

"Ancestor, Gu Hai is here, he also has his array!" that demonized man hastily reported.

"Gu Hai? He still dares to come!? Hmph!" The corner of Fu Xue's rose into a sneer.

Raising his head and looking at the Ghost Relic, which was getting more and more malevolent, a cold smile appeared on Fu Xue's lips as he ordered, "All of you, continue to eat! I will go and capture that Gu Hai, let his human soul add a bit of resentment to the Ghost Relic, hahaha!"

While speaking, Fu Xue stamped his foot on the ground before shooting towards the exit of the sect's great array.

Outside the Golden Chrysalis Array...

Gu Hai immediately started to free the citizens from their bindings after scaring away the team of demonized humans.

"Thank you very much, Benefactor, thank you very much!" the man who was just freed told him gratefully.

"Help me, help me quickly!"

"Me too, hurry!"...

The captives all around cried out anxiously.


"Don't talk, there is no time, continue to save the others, hurry!" Gu Hai exhorted them.

While speaking, he quickly cut the ropes of another captive. The ones who were rescued quickly freed the others in turn. In this way, more and more captives were freed.

"Thank you, Benefactor!"

"Thank you, Benefactor!"

"Thank you, Benefactor!"...

Countless people looked at Gu Hai gratefully. Many of them even knelt down on the ground, knocking their heads towards Gu Hai continuously.

Suddenly, a refres.h.i.+ng breeze blew towards Gu Hai. Gu Hai had a feeling of something emerging out of nowhere and filling his body. He felt as if all the pores in his body had completely opened up.

Although his cultivation had not improved, he was having an extremely marvelous feeling.

"This is...?" A look of surprise emerged on Gu Hai's face.

"That was karma!" a voice rang out next to Gu Hai's ears.

"Karma?" Gu Hai turned his gaze towards a nearby place shrouded in clouds of mist.

It was none other than Grandmaster Liunian, transmitting his voice to Gu Hai.

"That's right, karma! Everyone is grateful to you from the bottom of their hearts, that is equivalent to virtuous karma. There are twenty thousand people here, which means, twenty thousand acts of virtuous karma, or in other words, twenty thousand units of virtuous karma. 129,600 of these units is equal to one cosmic unit. Grand Fate is calculated in cosmic units! You still don't have a cosmic unit of Fate, but, you already have twenty thousand karmic merits! When karmic merits are earned unit by unit, you won't feel anything. But twenty thousand units at the same time, you can feel it with your own body!" Grandmaster Liunian explained.

"Fate? What's the use of Fate?" Gu Hai asked, intrigued.

"What's the use? It can be used to establish a sect, establish a dynasty, it can make you live forever, it can help you become immortal! Until your fate is exhausted, you will remain alive. But when your fate bottoms out, you will die right then and there!" Grandmaster Liunian.

"Oh? So, the Clear River Sect, the Song Jia Sect manage mortal kingdoms, rearing mortals like livestock in pens to increase their Fate? No, it should be harvesting Fate!?" Gu Hai's expression changed as he looked in the direction of the fog.

"You will come to know about it in the future. 129,600 karmic merits are equivalent to one cosmic unit of Fate. How many you can earn, that depends on you! In the future, you will come to know how mysterious this Fate is!" Grandmaster Liunian transmitted his voice once more.


At this time, a powerful gale stormed over from the exit of the Golden Chrysalis Array, followed by an equally cold voice, "Gu Hai!"

"Ah, that devil is coming again, he is here!" The ordinary people immediately started screaming in terror.

Everyone who was kowtowing to Gu Hai in grat.i.tude just a moment ago fled in horror immediately. Many people even jumped into the water.

In the next moment, Fu Xue, accompanied by a few demonized disciples, stormed out of the array, gazing at Gu Hai from afar.

Gu Hai's eyebrows started to twitch as he looked at Fu Xue.

Fu Xue raised his head, gazing at the swirling clouds next to Gu Hai.

"Hahaha, the 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array again?" Fu Xue broke into cold laughter as he sneered.

"Ancestor, those mortals are escaping!" a demonized man spoke up.

"Running? They can't escape!" Fu Xue stated scornfully.

In the next moment, billowing clouds of red poisonous mist emerged from his sleeve, spreading everywhere in the blink of an eye, trapping everyone inside.

"Don't touch that poisonous mist, you will die!"

"Ah, this d.a.m.n poisonous mist has completely surrounded us!"

"No, help!"...

The crowd of normal citizens cried out in horror.

Fu Xue stretched his hand out. Immediately, a huge suction force emerged from his hand as if it would suck Gu Hai in.

Right then, a golden finger aura emerged from the cloud of fog, shooting straight towards Fu Xue.

On sensing that huge imposing aura, even Fu Xue had a change in his expression. He immediately smacked his palm at the oncoming finger aura.

With a deafening thunderclap, Fu Xue's figure came to an abrupt stop.

The cloudbank suddenly started moving, arriving before Gu Hai in the blink of an eye to defend him.

A savage look appeared on Fu Xue's face as he waved his hand and said, "The array can move? Hmph, then, let's see how long can you use the array! All Rivers Flow into the Sea, Heavenly River Strike!"


Suddenly, the water in the surroundings rose into the sky, before madly rolling towards Gu Hai and the array. In the blink of an eye, a huge tsunami surged towards the array, as if it would smash through it in the blink of an eye.

"Amitabha!" Grandmaster Liunian's cold voice echoed through the valley!


A golden palm appeared, erupting with a mighty aura that immediately surged towards Fu Xue with a thunderous momentum. In the blink of an eye, the entire sky was dyed in gold.

"That's not right, this… this isn't 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array!" Fu Xue's face twisted in shock.

He immediately waved his hand as waves crashed into the clouds from all sides.


The clouds scattered with a loud bang. Grandmaster Liunian, wearing blue and white monk's robes, was revealed!

Grandmaster Liunian's golden palm aura had also arrived before Fu Xue. Fu Xue met the strike hastily.


With a deafening bang, a powerful shockwave spread everywhere. In the aftermath, Fu Xue was sent flying as he transformed back into a flood dragon.

The flood dragon let out a thunderous roar. Following the roar, the seawater rose into the sky as the sky turned dark. Black clouds covered the heavens, painting a scene that gave the impression that the world was coming to an end!

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