Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 099: Protecting My Wife

Book 6: Chapter 099: Protecting My Wife

Book 6: Chapter 099: Protecting My Wife

The Supreme Wa ignored the ones Hetu claimed to be demons. Instead, she looked at the Supreme Ascendant and the Future Buddha as she said, Everyone, All Magnificent Island does not welcome visitors, no matter the reason. My elder brother will not meet anyone.

Lady Supreme Wa, the current situation is extremely complicated. Heavens death is at hand. All life is in danger. This situation is happening before your eyes. We came here as a last resort. If f.u.xi does not care, Heaven will die! the Future Buddha said anxiously.

Humph! Heaven will die? What a laughable excuse! Do you think we will believe you? Hetu glared.

The Supreme Wa appeared skeptical.

Supreme Wa, this matter is already beyond your comprehension. Immediately inform f.u.xi, Heavenly Access said coldly.

Who are you to meet my elder brother? I already said, leave, or I will get nasty! The Supreme Wa glared.

Humph! Since we are already here, we must meet f.u.xi, no matter who is in the way! Heavenly Access said coldly, radiating a domineering aura.

The Supreme Ascendant did not interfere. The situation was urgent, so he no longer cared about being polite.

Heavenly Access coldly eyed the Supreme Wa, looking like he would barge into All Magnificent Island.

You dare?! The Supreme Wa glared.

Clearly, the Supreme Wa did not know Heavenly Access yet. She showed cold eyes, not submitting to anyone.

Sect Master Heavenly Access, please dont get angry. Gu Hai immediately blocked Heavenly Access.

This was his wife, after all. Although this Supreme Wa did not know the situation, she was his wife. He should protect her.

Huh? Heavenly Access frowned as he looked at Gu Hai.

Everyone has the same goal. Why are youGu Haiblocking me?

The Supreme Wa looked at Gu Hai in confusion.

Gu Hai turned his head and looked at the Supreme Wa. Supreme Wa, I know that you dont know us. However, we are extremely familiar with you. I believe Hetu has already told you that we claim to be from eight hundred thousand years in the future.

The Supreme Wa frowned slightly. Eight hundred thousand years in the future? Humph! Dont think I dont know the time laws are in Heavens hands. Time cannot be messed with. Once something goes wrong, the entire immortal firmament might crumble. Even Heaven does not dare to use the time laws casually. How can this Old Mister Guan Qi grasp it?

Although we are not sure of the situation, these are facts. How about this? I can tell you some things only you know about to prove it. As long as it is something you know, you can ask me about it, Gu Hai suggested.

Milady, dont listen to him! He is swindling you! Hetu said anxiously.

You! Shut up! The Supreme Wa glared at Hetu.

Curiosity flashed in the Supreme Was eyes as she looked at Gu Hai. Why is this person so confident?

Very well. Tell me what is special about my bloodline. This is something that only my elder brother and I know, the Supreme Wa asked.

Gu Hai projected his voice to the Supreme Was ears, not letting anyone else hear.

Upon hearing Gu Hais words, the Supreme Wa could not help changing her expression. How did you know?

I know more. Ill just tell them all to you, Gu Hai said with a faint, bitter smile.

Then, Gu Hai projected his voice to the Supreme Was ears again. Her expression became more shocked. Then, she glared at Gu Hai.

Thats impossible! How do you know these things? You cannot possibly know them?! the Supreme Wa said while glaring.

Milady, he must be tricking you. Perhaps he can divine the future, just like how I use my dream realm to see the opponents moves. He knows what you are thinking! Hetu immediately said.

Thats impossible. I had never even thought of those things before he said them. Furthermore, many of them were private matters! The Supreme Wa glared at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai showed a bitter smile as he looked at the Supreme Wa in silence for a while, worried that the Supreme Wa could not handle it if he told her about certain things. However, he decided to say it after some thought.

This is the unity knot you gave me on our wedding day. Gu Hai took out a red unity knot.

[TL Note: The unity knot is part of ancient wedding customs. It symbolizes love and unity. You can read more about it under the Sui to Ming dynasties section in this Wikipedia entry; it is referred to as the concentric knot here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_knotting#Sui_to_Ming_dynasties.]


Ah! Wedding?!

Gu Hai, the Supreme Wa, wedding?

Everyone in the surroundings goggled.

Youyouyouyou Hetu was at a loss for words from shock. This Gu Hai is too shameless. To think he can even say something like that?! Who is he fooling?

Heavenly Access gaped at Gu Hai. Gu Hai made this up, right? Didnt Gu Hai kill the Supreme Wa eight hundred thousand years in the future? Did they get married before he killed her? Or did he have a ghost marriage?

[TL Note: As the name states, a ghost marriage is a wedding with a ghost. It can be between two deceased parties or one deceased and one alive. This practice can still be found even today. Here is the Wikipedia entry for more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_ghost_marriage.]

Sect Master Supreme Ascendant and the Future Buddha remained silent. Clearly, even they felt Gu Hai was being ridiculous.

Only Kong Xuan believed Gu Hai. As he looked at the Supreme Wa, his expression changed. Given this, the Supreme Wa is the Han Imperial Dynastys second empress?

Who is married to you? Who married you? You are seeking death! the Supreme Wa yelled from embarra.s.sment turning to anger.

The Supreme Wa was still a pure maiden. Although she adored her elder brother, she often imagined what her future husband would look like. However, someone suddenly claimed to be her husband today. Furthermore, this person looked like a sickly man, completely different from the heroic figure she imagined. This immensely frustrated her.

In her anger, the Supreme Wa wanted to rip apart the unity knot.


Gu Hai carefully put the unity knot away. The Supreme Wa had given it to him. He could not let it get damaged.

Gu Hai, how shameless of you! To think that you dare to humiliate the lady! Master will not let you off! Also, none of you will escape today! No one ever dares to cause trouble at All Magnificent Island. All the more, no one dares to trick the lady! Island guards! Island guards, capture these troublemakers! Hetu shouted furiously.

However, Gu Hai stared at the Supreme Wa with a faint, bitter smile. It does not matter if you dont believe it.

Humph! Believe you? How dare to besmirch my reputation?! Die! The Supreme Wa let her emotions get to her.

The Supreme Wa extended her hand and took out the Universe Cauldron. The ancient treasure spun, and a powerful suction appeared, trying to pull everyone in.

Supreme Wa! Gu Hai called out.

Gu Hai, theres no need to waste time on her. She is just a la.s.s now. Humph! Let me deal with this. Ill capture the Supreme Wa. Lets see whether f.u.xi will appear or not! Heavenly Access yelled while glaring.

As Heavenly Access spoke, he waved his hand, and the Seven Immortal Executioner Swords appeared.

Sect Master Heavenly Access, the Supreme Wa is my wife. You cant! Gu Hai glared.


The Immortal Executioner Sword struck the Universe Cauldron, causing the Universe Cauldron to tremble slightly.

Supreme Wa, you are not the you from eight hundred thousand years in the future. Although you have the Universe Cauldron, a powerful treasure, you cannot bring out its greatest strength! Heavenly Access said coldly.


The Immortal Trapper Sword struck the Universe Cauldron, shaking the Universe Cauldron slightly. The powerful impact sent out a spatial ripple.

The immense force immediately pushed back the Supreme Wa, who flushed red.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Hetu cried out in incredible rage and anxiety.


The Immortal Killer Sword struck the Universe Cauldron.


The Supreme Wa spewed blood from the impact.

Kong Xuan, attack! Gu Hai glared.

Island guards! Island guards! Are you all dead? Why are you not coming over?! Hetu felt incredibly anxious.

Heavenly Access used only three sword strikes, and he already caused internal injuries to the Supreme Wa. He still has four more swords. What about the other four swords? The demon Gu Hai also told the demon Kong Xuan to attack.

Its over?

Although Hetu was not strong, he charged forward to protect the Supreme Wa.

The Universe Cauldron? You dont know how to use it! Heavenly Access snorted coldly.

The Immortal Ender Sword swung down.

Five-colored divine light!

A beam of five-colored divine light soared into the sky, rus.h.i.+ng at the Immortal Ender Sword.

Huh? Everyones expression changed.

Is Kong Xuan crazy? Why is he attacking Heavenly Access?


The five-colored divine light struck the Immortal Ender Sword. The divine light and the sword maintained a stalemate in the air.

Gu Hai? Kong Xuan? What are you doing? Heavenly Access asked coldly.

Lady Supreme Wa is the Han Nations empress. Sect Master Heavenly Access, it is not your place to interfere with the Han Nations matters! Kong Xuan retorted coldly.

Gu Hai showed a cold gaze as he placed a hand on his chest.

Humph! Look at the situation! To think that you are pitting yourself against me? Humph! The five-colored divine light? Yours is still not six colors yet! Break! Heavenly Access shouted coldly.


A loud report rang out, and the Immortal Ender Sword exploded the five-colored divine light.

Life Ender! Gu Hai glared as he drew the Life Ender Saber from his chest.


Gu Hai swung his saber at the Immortal Ender Sword. A manifested saber did not appear but a bone mountain out of nowhere. Countless bone spikes erupted from the bone mountain and spread out in all directions. They instantly encased the Immortal Ender Sword, Heavenly Access, Sect Master Supreme Ascendant, and the Future Buddha.


The Immortal Ender Sword returned with a loud report. The surrounding bone mountain exploded, leaving only the bone saber in Gu Hais hand.

The Supreme Ascendant looked at Gu Hai in shock. Gu Hai had such a trump card? What is that bone saber?

Gu Hai, are you crazy? You are pitting yourself against me because of this crazy girl? Heavenly Access glared.

Although Gu Hai made a great showing in the eighteenth layer of h.e.l.l, Heavenly Access did not care about Gu Hai. He felt that Gu Hai was not worth mentioning, simply an ant. To think that Gu Hai dared to challenge my prestige?

Im not pitting myself against you. However, I have to protect certain people. No matter who you are, I will protect the Supreme Wa! Gu Hai said coldly.

Hah! Hahahahaha! Gu Hai, do you really think yourself incredible? What are you?! Heavenly Access immediately flared up.

Junior Brother, dont! The Supreme Ascendant blocked Heavenly Access worriedly.

However, Heavenly Access had already reached his boiling point. He had been suppressing himself because of his first senior brother. How could he endure it when Gu Hai fell out with him? What a joke! Heavenly Access had led the Myriad Age Daoist Sect for hundreds of thousands of years. How could he permit the injured Gu Hai to threaten him? Falling out with me over a woman he just met. He is simply slapping me in the face!

Humph! Trying to play the hero and save the beauty? You should consider the situation first! If you want to save the beauty, you have to be capable of doing so first! Heavenly Access glared, swinging the Immortal Murderer Sword at Gu Hai.

The Immortal Murderer Sword swung down, creating two tears in s.p.a.ce.

If Gu Hai did not dodge, the Immortal Murderer Sword would cut him in half.

Gu Hai extended his hand and took out the Life Trapper Saber. With a faint, cold smile, he said, Sect Master Heavenly Access, I know you have your pride. However, I said the Supreme Wa is my wife aloud for your benefit lest you hurt my beloved wife in your rashness. However, you simply did not care at all. Perhaps I am not even worth mentioning to you? Thats right. I am not as strong as you. However, dont forget, this is eight hundred thousand years in the past, not the future. The Go Dao laws exist here, and I have not met my match in the Go Dao yet! Humph!

After Gu Hai said that, the nearby Sect Master Supreme Ascendants expression changed. However, it was already too late to stop Heavenly Access, who was determined to defend his honor and had already shot his sword at Gu Hai. On the other side, Gu Hai swung the Life Trapper Saber. Many stars above immediately gave off dazzling starlight, manifesting an extremely vast astral Go Dao ritual array.

The Thirty-Four? The Future Buddhas expression changed.

What? The Third-Four? Sect Master Supreme Ascendants expression changed too.

The Supreme Ascendant was familiar with the Go Dao ritual arrays changes. Back when they fought the Six Paths Veritable Lord, Gu Hai did not even use the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array. Now, Heavenly Access had offended Gu Hai to the point where Gu Hai no longer cared?

Could the Supreme Wa really be Gu Hais wife?