Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 098: Lady Supreme Wa

Book 6: Chapter 098: Lady Supreme Wa

Book 6: Chapter 098: Lady Supreme Wa

Hetu? Divine the future? Gu Hai frowned slightly.

This is a dream realm. He can be as capable as you are. He will slowly delay you until you are completely drained and die of mental and physical exhaustion, the Future Buddha explained.

Delay me?

Thats right. Aside from some crude physical attacks, he does not know anything else unless you execute something. However, once you execute something, he will immediately be able to do it. He is truly problematic, the Future Buddha said bitterly.

So, that is the case! Hah! So, he is severely injured because I am severely injured. If I dont attack, he wont attack. A dream realm? He seems like the image in a mirror, Gu Hai said coldly.

Gu Hai, just surrender. You cannot defeat me in the dream realm. I am invulnerable here. Furthermore, this is the deepest level of your dream realm. One blink outside is one thousand years in here. Lets see how long you can last, Hetu immediately said c.o.c.kily.

Gu Hai gave Hetu a strange look. Although this Hetu had an unusual ability, he seemed quite impetuous.

Gu Hai looked at the Future Buddha and gave him a look.

Although the Future Buddha could not see, his minds eye could see even clearer than physical eyes. Gu Hai was signaling him?

I dont think so. Gu Hai turned his head and looked at Hetu.

Huh? Hetu said in confusion.

Future Buddha, I am currently severely injured and weakened. How about you attack? He is no match for you, Gu Hai said seriously.

Humph! You want to attack me in my dreams? Hetu sneered.


As Hetu spoke, a counterfeit Future Buddha appeared by Hetus side.

This dream realm targets you. However, I can also create an identical nightmare. This nightmare is exactly the same as the Future Buddha. It can do whatever the Future Buddha can do, Hetu sneered.

Amitbha! the counterfeit Future Buddha said with a cold smile and palms held together.

Who said Im getting the Future Buddha to attack you? Gu Hai scoffed.

Huh? Hetu felt slightly startled.

Then, Gu Hai took out the Life Trapper Saber, and fog immediately surrounded him and Hetu.

Future Buddha, please close your minds eye and attack me! Gu Hai said from the fog.

Oh? Alright, Mister Gu! The Future Buddha smiled faintly.

What are you planning? Hetu felt startled.

The Future Buddha stabbed the Savant Wisdom Divine Cane into the fog in the next moment.


Ouch! Hetu immediately let out a miserable cry.

He told you to stab him. Why are you stabbing me? Hetu roared in a rage.

Under Hetus control, the counterfeit Future Buddha also stabbed a Savant Wisdom Divine Cane into the fog.



Why is it me again?! Hetu exclaimed.

The Future Buddha struck him, but why did the counterfeit Future Buddha hit him as well?

Because he cannot see, Gu Hai laughed within the fog.

He cannot see? What do you mean? Hetu felt slightly startled.

Since he cannot see, he is attacking blindly. We have an equal chance of being hit, just like now! Gu Hai smiled.

Both Future Buddhas thrust their bamboo canes into the fog again.

Boom! Boom!

Argh! Why is it me again?! Hetu said in a rage.

It looks like there is something you cannot replicate! Gu Hai suddenly smiled.

What? Hetu demanded, infuriated and frustrated.

Luck! Gu Hai replied, smiling.

Huh? Hetu felt startled.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many cane strikes entered the fog, causing Hetu to suffer and scream miserably.

Thats impossible! I never rely on luck. Why does it keep hitting me?! Hetu felt incredibly depressed.

Of course, a few cane strikes landed on Gu Hai, but most struck Hetu.

As the two wandered in the fog, repeated blows landed on Hetu, drawing wails and shrieks.

Speaking of which, I never rely on luck, either. However, I know that my luck is better than yours, Gu Hai laughed within the fog.

Why? Thats impossible! Hetu ran about, feeling depressed.

The two Future Buddhas continuously attacked.

This lasted for one hour. Hetu had been bruised all over. However, only he had been screaming miserably in the fog.

Gu Hai had suffered a few strikes but was fine.

I cant be that unlucky! Thats impossible! Also, why are you so severely injured, causing me to be unable to block these cane strikes?! Hetu howled.

Then, Gu Hai spoke again. Future Buddha, this matter affects the world. Theres no need to care about the minor details. Since Hetu is trying to stop us, just attack without holding back. Use all your power and kill in one staff strike!

Gu Hai, you are ruthless! Hetu suddenly roared while glaring.

You are wrong. Actually, we both have an equal chance of being struck to death, right? Well, its all up to luck! Gu Hai said while smiling.


Hetu did not believe that he had poor luck. However, he already understood that Gu Hais luck was better than his from the one hour of beating. This was uncanny.

Alright. Mister Gu, do be careful! This cane strike could destroy you! The Future Buddha nodded.


As the cane swung down, it even tore s.p.a.ce.

Although Hetu was in the fog, he immediately felt the threat of death.

This cane strike is heading for Gu Hai? No, it is definitely heading for me.

On the other side, the counterfeit Future Buddha also launched an identical attack. s.p.a.ce tore, and the threat of death filled the place.

Just one cane strike can kill me. Now, there are two? Isnt it over for me?

Gu Hai or me? One out of two? No. I am more unlucky. It will land on me.

Gu Hai, you are ruthless! Hetu howled furiously as the bamboo cane swung down.

Hetu waved, and the surrounding dream realm shattered explosively, revealing Hetu as an old man with a handlebar mustache. Then, he flew into the distance.


The counterfeit Future Buddha crumbled when the dream realm vanished. The real Future Buddha stopped, holding a bamboo cane over Gu Hais head.

What? He is striking Gu Hai this time? Hetus expression changed. He felt utterly depressed.

Mister Gu is very wise! the Future Buddha marveled as he put away the Savant Wisdom Divine Cane.

What do you mean? Hetus face sank.

Now, Hetu could see that Gu Hais body was also covered with bruises from the cane. It was not that he was lucky and got hit less; he had exactly the same number as Hetu. When the Future Buddha attacked, he attacked both of them.

Future Buddha, you truly did not hold back with your beating! Gu Hai said with a faint, bitter smile.

Gu Hai used his Mending Heaven Energy, and the bruises on his body slowly vanished.


Kong Xuan immediately flew over. Sect Master Supreme Ascendant and Heavenly Access looked at Hetu with icy expressions.

Hetu, you trapped us earlier? Sect Master Supreme Ascendant said coldly.

First Senior Brother, dont waste time speaking with him. Humph! To think he dared to take on our appearances earlier? Just kill him! Heavenly Access extended his hand and took out the Immortal Executioner Sword.

Earlier, Hetu had taken on their appearances in the dream realm, which let him understand how strong Heavenly Access was. Now, Heavenly Access wanted to kill him?

Ah! Save me! Hetu turned around and flew to the nearby All Magnificent Island.

It looks like he is not strong, the Future Buddha said with a forced smile.

Hetu was not strong, but he had trapped everyone.

If not for Gu Hais plan of beating him up, who knew when everyone would awaken from the dream realm?

Future Buddha, many thanks! Gu Hai bowed to the Future Buddha.

Earlier, the Future Buddha could work with him so seamlessly after he spoke. This showed that the Future Buddha was also extremely wise.

This humble monk should be the one thanking Mister Gu. To think that Mister Gu could make out Hetus temperament in such a short time. You are truly extraordinary! The Future Buddha shook his head.

Future Buddha, I heard that the Spirit Mountain Sects Three Lives Buddhas had already sworn loyalty to the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Why are you here? Sect Master Supreme Ascendant frowned at the Future Buddha.

The Future Buddha forced a smile. The Spirit Mountain Sects Three Lives Buddhas? The Future Buddha that swore loyalty to the Six Paths Veritable Lord is not me.

Oh? Gu Hais expression changed.

There is another Future Buddha. They were preparing to kill me. Fortunately, I could tell with my minds eye, so I fled. Hah! How laughable! How lamentable! The Three Lives Buddhas? It turned out they can be replaced! the Future Buddha said bitterly.

As the group chatted, Hetus shout came from All Magnificent Island.

Lady Supreme Wa, its them! They came to cause trouble and even wanted to kill me! Hetu said in hatred.

The furious shout attracted the groups attention. Gu Hai turned his head to look over.

He saw a white cloud carrying two figures.

One of them was the Supreme Wa. When Gu Hai saw her, his tense heart immediately relaxed, warmth kindling there.

The Supreme Wa looked the same but slightly younger. Anger flashed in her eyes.

Its them! That demon Gu Hai and demon Kong Xuan! Hetu shouted incessantly, pointing at Gu Hai.

Salutations, Lady Supreme Wa! Kong Xuan understood the relations.h.i.+p between Gu Hai and the Supreme Wa. Naturally, he immediately saluted.

Humph! Saluting now is useless! Hetu glared.

The Supreme Was anger abated somewhat at Kong Xuans courtesy.

Didnt Hetu explain to you? All Magnificent Island is not open to the public. No one is permitted in! The Supreme Wa glared at the group.

Lady Supreme Wa, do you remember this humble one? The Supreme Ascendant suddenly smiled.

The Supreme Wa looked at the Supreme Ascendant, and her expression changed. Its you? The one who borrowed the Taiji Diagram from my elder brother to study?

That is this humble one! the Supreme Ascendant said, smiling.

Upon seeing the Supreme Ascendant, the Supreme Wa frowned slightly. Clearly, she knew that the Supreme Ascendant and f.u.xi had some sort of relations.h.i.+p.

Greetings, Lady Supreme Wa. This humble monk had been near All Magnificent Island, listening to f.u.xi explain lifespan cultivation. He had consolidated his lifes work and pa.s.sed it down to eight lines of lifespan cultivation, making the eight trigrams, four life and four death. I was right beside him at that time, the Future Buddha said politely.

Oh? Its you, that fat monk? The Supreme Was expression changed.

Gu Hai felt slightly startled. Lifespan cultivators? The Unborn Man is a lifespan cultivator, right? I heard there were eight lines of lifespan cultivation, four life and four death, and they came from f.u.xi?

Precisely. Lady Supreme Wa, the world faces a calamity. I came here for the sake of all life, to ask the Human Sovereign f.u.xi to make a comeback. I hope Lady Supreme Wa can forgive me for this disturbance. The Future Buddha bowed gravely.

Milady, dont listen to their nonsense. This group is with the demons, Gu Hai and Kong Xuan. They must be nothing good! Hetu immediately shouted.

Shut up! The Supreme Wa glared.

But Hetu still wanted to say more.

Hmm?! The Supreme Was eyes turned cold.

Hetus expression congealed. He did not dare to say anything more. However, he appeared extremely depressed.