Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 100: Disintegration Beam

Book 6: Chapter 100: Disintegration Beam

Book 6: Chapter 100: Disintegration Beam

The Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array? Heavenly Access snorted coldly.

Heavenly Access could not help but tremble instinctively inwardly when seeing the arrangement of stars in the sky. Although he disdained Gu Hai, he had to admire Gu Hais Go Dao ritual arrays. After all, Gu Hai had brought out the powerful Long Zhanguo with the Thirty-Three. Now, this was the Thirty-Four?

Heavenly Access already felt some regret. However, his pride prevented him from backing off.

Sect Master Heavenly Access, I cannot fully control the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array. Please withdraw your swords. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee what will happen next. Quickly withdraw! Gu Hai said anxiously as he frowned.

Heavenly Access, dont! Sect Master Supreme Ascendant called out anxiously.

However, the more the Supreme Ascendant exhorted, the more unresigned Heavenly Access felt.

Hah! Excellent. This sect master would like to see how powerful your Go Dao ritual array is. Can you manifest another Long Zhanguo? Heavenly Access said coldly.

Heavenly Access did not stop, continuing to swing his Seven Immortal Executioner Swords at the struggling Supreme Wa.

Supreme Ascendant, Future Buddha, please move aside! Gu Hai shouted.

As Gu Hai shouted, he waved his hand.


The Gus Immortal Firmament immediately took in the Supreme Wa, Hetu, and Kong Xuan.

My Universe Cauldron! the Supreme Wa cried out in a rage.

Gu Hai had left the Universe Cauldron outside the Gus Immortal Firmament. The Supreme Was hands went slack, her face horrified.

It was not that Gu Hai could not take the Universe Cauldron in. The problem was that the Immortal Killer Sword, the Immortal Executioner Sword, and the Immortal Trapper Sword were clas.h.i.+ng with it, so he could not bring it without also bringing Heavenly Access in.


The one thousand-odd stars in the sky suddenly dimmed as though they had turned into fine powder. An intense beam coalesced in the middle and shot down at the group.

When the Future Buddha heard Gu Hais warning, he immediately flew far away.

However, Heavenly Access did not care. Perhaps it was due to his pride, which appeared extremely inflated to Gu Hai.

I can even hold my own when dealing with the Six Paths Veritable Lord. Yet, youGu Haiwant me to flee from your attack? What a joke!

Heavenly Access did not move away. Instead, he put in even more force, wanting to break the Universe Cauldron.

However, Sect Master Supreme Ascendant never misjudged a person. He took Gu Hais warning seriously.

Heavenly Access, are you disobeying me? The Supreme Ascendant waved his hand in frustration.


The Supreme Ascendant yanked Heavenly Access away using the force of his Taiji move.

First Senior Brother! Heavenly Access protested, upset.

If it were another, he would try to struggle free. However, he did not, as it was the Supreme Ascendant.

Now, the white beam from over one thousand stars turning to powder approached. It did not look very powerful. The gentle white light landed on the Immortal Murderer Sword heading for Gu Hai.


The Immortal Murderer Sword vaporized.

It vaporized?

Heavenly Access felt slightly startled.

Gu Hai used the illusionary ability of the immortal firmament, so the white beam simply pa.s.sed through and did not touch the immortal firmament. The Supreme Ascendant, Heavenly Access, and the Future Buddha dodged.

The Immortal Executioner Sword, the Immortal Killer Sword, the Immortal Trapper Sword, and the Immortal Ender Sword swerved away.

Then, the white beam touched the Immortal Exterminator Sword and the Immortal Voider Sword.

Zap! Zap!

Those two swords vaporized too.

Each contact had used up a portion of the white beam. Vaporizing three swords consumed most of it. The remnant shot into the sea.


A vast mist immediately rose from the sea, and a huge whirlpool formed.

Heavenly Access and the Supreme Ascendant showed unsightly expressions.

The Immortal Murderer Sword, the Immortal Exterminator Sword, and the Immortal Voider Sword had vaporized and turned into energy, vanis.h.i.+ng.

Heavenly Access tried sensing the three swords. His expression immediately changed, as he could no longer sense them.

The Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array? The Supreme Ascendant raised his eyebrows.

He initially thought that Gu Hai had already demonstrated his peak strength. Unexpectedly, Gu Hai still had trump cards. There were that bone saber and this Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array. To think that they were so powerful!

The Immortal Murderer Sword, the Immortal Exterminator Sword, and the Immortal Voider Sword are among the most powerful swords in the world. They are significantly stronger than the physical bodies of most. What would have happened if the white beam landed on us?

The surroundings fell silent.

Then Gu Hai released the Supreme Wa, Hetu, and Kong Xuan from the immortal firmament.

Hetu immediately moved far away from Gu Hai. The Supreme Wa stared at Gu Hai in startlement, her earlier anger suddenly subsiding. The person before her was not sickly and weak at all.


A loud report came from the sea, and a pillar of lava shot into the sky from the depths of the sea.

The beam pierced the bottom of the sea and reached the core? This demon is that powerful? Hetus expression changed.

The beam pierced the core? The Supreme Wa gaped in shock.

Far away, Heavenly Access showed an unsightly expression as he put away the remaining four swords.

The Supreme Ascendant looked at Gu Hai warily.

Sect Master Heavenly Access, sorry for the offense! Gu Hai said after taking a deep breath.

Humph! You had such a move. Why didnt you use it against the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Heavenly Access shouted as he glared.

Now, Heavenly Access took Gu Hai seriously. If his first senior brother had not pulled him away, he might have been vaporized as well.

Use it against the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Hah! Sect Master Heavenly Access cant figure it out? Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

At the side, the Supreme Ascendant frowned and said, This white beam can only be used as a surprise attack. After one use, it will be useless on the Six Paths Veritable Lord. The Six Paths Veritable Lord also has an immortal firmament. If he defends against it, he can use the immortal firmament to hide like Imperial Emperor Gu did. Imperial Emperor Gu, what is this white beam? To think that it is so powerful?

I dont know. I can form this white beam after I lay out the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array, but I cannot control it. This white beam can disintegrate matter into energy. Ah! Ill call it the Disintegration Beam! Gu Hai with a forced smile.

Excellent Disintegration Beam! Excellent Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array! If I guess right, you can use the Go Dao laws directly when you use the Thirty-Four Line-Pair World Ritual Array, using the law to disa.s.semble everything. Directly using the power of the law? The Supreme Ascendant raised his eyebrows.

Perhaps? Gu Hai nodded.

Sect Master Heavenly Access, sorry for the offense. The Supreme Wa is indeed my wife. Regardless of who is attacking my wife, I will attack with my full power. Gu Hai bowed to Heavenly Access.

Humph! Heavenly Access snorted coldly.

Now, Heavenly Access believed Gu Hai. Hence, he could only suffer in silence.

Since Imperial Emperor Gu said that, then well leave meeting f.u.xi in Imperial Emperor Gus hands, Sect Master Supreme Ascendant said.

Heavenly Access turned his head away, ignoring Gu Hai.

Many thanks, Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

Nearby, the Supreme Wa put the Universe Cauldron aside. She showed a complicated expression as she looked at Gu Hai.

Hetu opened his mouth, but he no longer dared to say anything about Gu Hai. After all, Gu Hais Go Dao ritual array was formidable.

Supreme Wa, I know you still do not believe what we say. That does not matter. After all, you still have not experienced it. However, we really need to meet f.u.xi, and time is tight. No one can afford to pay the price of wasting this time! Gu Hai said gravely as he looked at the Supreme Wa.

While the Supreme Wa still rejected the idea of Gu Hai being her husband, he had saved her, after all, which improved her impression of him. Furthermore, she could see the sincerity in his eyes. That sincere look shook her heart.

It is not that Im trying to block you for selfish reasons. Elder Brother is in closed-door cultivation. He said this session is of grave importance, and no one is to interrupt him, even if the sky falls. The Supreme Wa frowned.

He is in closed-door cultivation? Gu Hais face sank.

The nearby Future Buddha felt anxious. However, the sky is really falling now. The Six Paths Veritable Lord wants to kill Heaven. According to what they said, the Six Paths Veritable Lord will kill Heaven. What are we going to do?

[TL Note: The word for sky in Chinese can also mean heaven.]

What nonsense! How can the Six Paths Veritable Lord kill Heaven?! Hetu immediately argued for the Six Paths Veritable Lord.

Gu Hai looked at the Supreme Wa, hoping she would help.

However, the Supreme Wa was put on the spot. If the Six Paths Veritable Lord kills Heaven, that would be the sky falling. However, Elder Brother said no one was to interrupt him, even if the sky fell.


Perhaps f.u.xi was just exaggerating? Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

The sky is about to fall. Are we really not to look for you?

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Roaring came from All Magnificent Island.

Then, one thousand coffins soared into the sky from the island.

The coffins flew to the Supreme Was side and hovered there, emanating sinister black auras.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds thundered as the coffin lids opened. Then, a pungent stench of death came from the coffins.

Jiangchen zombies? Gu Hais face sank.

That was right. They gave off the aura of jiangchen zombies. This was the same aura as when Long Aotian attacked Borderless Heavenly Capital with the zombie sovereign. Furthermore, these one thousand zombies aura was no weaker than that zombie sovereigns. However, these zombies wore different clothing.

One thousand Upper Heavenly Palace Realm jiangchen zombies! Kong Xuans expression changed.

When the one thousand zombies appeared, they stood in a profound formation, looking like they formed one whole. Their powerful aura caused the surrounding sea to freeze over instantly.

The sea calmed for five thousand kilometers around.

Sect Master Supreme Ascendants face sank. He felt a great threat from the zombie formation.

Island guards, are you all deaf? Why did you take so long to come? Hetu raged.

These zombies were the island guards. If not for Gu Hai, it would have been over for Hetu by the time these guards arrived.

Milady, what are your orders? the leading zombie asked stiffly.

Capture them! Hurry! Capture them! Hetu immediately yelled.

However, the one thousand zombies ignored Hetu, continuing to look at the Supreme Wa.

The Supreme Wa frowned slightly.

Just as the Supreme Wa was about to speak, a voice rang out in the distance.

Oh? Sect Master Heavenly Access? Gu Hai? Kong Xuan? To think that you are all here? Whats going on? What a large formation! Hahahaha! Carefree laughter rang out in the distance.

Then, five figures flew overJiang Lianshan, the White Emperor, the Scarlet Emperor, the Flame Monarch, and Murong Yan. Aside from Murong Yan, the other four had wounds on their faces, but their clothes still looked clean. Perhaps they had changed their clothes.

The earlier carefree laughter came from Jiang Lianshan.

The five soon arrived before the group.

Jiang Lianshan? You also defeated the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Heavenly Access said with a slight frown.

Thats right. We worked with Ji Dihong earlier and killed one Six Paths Veritable Lord together. Jiang Lianshan nodded.