Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 579 Book 5: 65: The Blind Sages

Chapter 579 Book 5: 65: The Blind Sages

Chapter 579 Book 5: 65: The Blind Sages

Book 5: Chapter 65: The Blind Sages

The consciousnesses of the five hundred music Dao sages entered music Dao masters, who immediately shone with white light.

Initially, Xuan En wanted to resist. However, that sage said, The music Dao is not used like that. You composed Demons and Monsters but do not know how to play it. How unfortunate! Ill teach you how to play Demons and Monsters.

As that sage spoke, he curled a finger.


A melodious sound surpa.s.sing what Xuan En played earlier rang out.

Oh? This is a lost method of playing? Xuan Ens eyes lit up as he stopped resisting.

The sages consciousness entered the partic.i.p.ants body but did not replace the partic.i.p.ants consciousness. Instead, they shared the body.

Sages, listen carefully. I remember everything that all the music Dao masters played earlier. Since you are possessing their bodies to better evaluate them, I can let that slide. However, the pieces cannot change. This is heavens rule. If you change the pieces, I will strip you of your right to be a judge! Founding Dynasty shouted.

Humph! the sages snorted coldly.

Few music Dao masters would resist a sages consciousness entering their body. After all, they could feel it when the sage played and learn the sages technique. This was a rare opportunity.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sages immediately started playing the partic.i.p.ants pieces. These were the original pieces, but the effects changed.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

The monsters from Demons and Monsters reappeared. This time, the four monsters gave off surging black energy. When Xuan En played earlier, they were only in the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm. Now, they were barely in the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm. Their auras shook the entire plaza.

Activate the ritual array! Gongyang Sheng shouted.


A large barrier immediately encased the plaza where the compet.i.tion was being held, protecting the surrounding spectators from harm.

These sages are too shameless! To think that I admired them!

To think that they would go to such lengths to deal with Mister Gu! Personally interfering? How shameless!

What is Mister Gu going to do now? Also, that Mister Wu Yazi? This is bad! These are the sages this time. All of them are music Dao sages who shook the world in the past!

The spectators felt anxious, but the Qian Heavenly Emperor remained calm. Instead, he narrowed his eyes slightly at Wu Yazi.

In the south, a Supreme Ascendant Dao disciple smiled. Grand Mohist, Gu Hai cant block with the sages personally making a move, right?

The Grand Mohist shook her head and said, No. If Wu Yazi is truly possessed by that person, the five hundred sages cannot do anything to him.

In the east, a six-winged angel looked at the Supreme Genesis in shock. Why? These are the music Dao sages of the past!

Indeed, they are music Dao sages. They might not have been weaker than Teacher Yinyue when they were alive. However, they are now only heavenly souls. Furthermore, it is only their consciousnesses possessing the music Dao masters bodies and playing pieces the music Dao masters played earlier. Those music Dao masters composed those pieces on the spot earlier. Aside from a few pretty good pieces, the rest are nothing much. The Supreme Genesis shook his head.

In the west, a bodhisattva said in bewilderment, Lord Buddha, do you think that Teacher Yinyue can win?

The Future Buddha shook his head. It is not about whether Teacher Yinyue can win. Instead, GuanWu Yazi will win.

The surroundings turned noisy.

The music Dao had already manifested many beings that rushed at Gu Hai.

Teacher Yinyue narrowed his eyes slightly as he plucked his guqin.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Suddenly, countless zither strings appeared around Teacher Yinyue. Each string produced a sound.

Thousands of zither strings sang at the same time. Then, many silver dragons charged out in front of Teacher Yinyue, rus.h.i.+ng at the creatures that the sages manifested.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The monsters clashed with the silver dragon. As for the monsters from Demons and Monsters, Teacher Yinyue sent out four gigantic dragons at them.


Teacher Yinyue alone sent out countless powerhouses, blocking the sages attacks.

Naturally, the sages picked the most effective lineup, including Seven Kills.

Although Seven Kills was a heaven-grade zither, he did not resist the sages consciousnesss possession. After all, the sages had a few unique techniques.


Rebirth of the Azure Wood rang out again, played by a sage this time. Although its might was not stronger than Seven Killss, there were two rebirth whirlpools.

This is, Seven Kills said in shock.

This is the vibrato. It is a double-layered playing technique that allows the effects to come out twice. Unfortunately, this is your body, not mine. Otherwise, I could do quadruple-layered playing or quintuple-layered playing, the sage possessing Seven Kills said with a sigh.

Twice the effect! Haha! That is already enough. His alteration of the imperial lords piece only made it a little stronger. However, I have two, meaning double the effect. It is not weaker than his! Seven Kills said with a smile.

The two whirlpools rushed at Teacher Yinyues whirlpool.


Indeed, with two whirlpools, Seven Kills no longer lost to Teacher Yinyue. The two even seemed to be suppressing Teacher Yinyues whirlpool.

Teacher Yinyues face turned serious.

The two sides maintained a stalemate, but Teacher Yinyue seemed to be slowly reaching his limits.


Its Teacher Yinyue. Humph! He once hosted the Ten Thousand Sages Convention; does everyone remember that? a sage said.

Indeed. Its him. He already died, but his heavenly soul did not ascend to heaven. Humph! He is another person who disrespects heaven. However, this is just a manifestation of the Go Dao. It is far from comparable to the real Teacher Yinyue.

How unfortunate! The piece that the body I inhabit composed is overly simple. Otherwise, I could bring out a powerful beast to destroy that manifestation. Humph!

The sages criticized the manifested Teacher Yinyue as they continued playing.

The pieces restricted the sages too much. No matter how good their techniques were, they could not bring out that much power.

Teacher Yinyue dealt with so many experts alone, but he was already reaching his limits, finding it rather taxing.

Neither side gave way.

Mister Founding Dynasty, what is the rule on sages possessing the partic.i.p.ants? Gu Hai asked with a frown.

Founding Dynasty looked at Gu Hai and took a deep breath. This is a rule of the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. The sages have one chance to possess a partic.i.p.ant during the music Dao compet.i.tion. If they especially like a partic.i.p.ants piece, they can possess that partic.i.p.ant to feel it for themselves for six hours. They cannot go anywhere for these six hours, only remain in the possessed body. Their consciousness can return to their body only after six hours.

Oh? Six hours before their consciousnesses can return to their bodies? What if those partic.i.p.ants forfeit? Gu Hai frowned.

Forfeit the compet.i.tion? Haha! They cant forfeit. When a sages consciousness enters a partic.i.p.ants body, it carries heavens will. The partic.i.p.ants body cannot move away, Founding Dynasty explained.

This slightly startled Gu Hai, and he looked over intently.

Indeed, the other music Dao partic.i.p.ants could still walk around. However, the five hundred possessed partic.i.p.ants sat cross-legged as they played their pieces.

Heavens will prevents them from moving? So, the sages consciousness cannot move, either?

Mister Gu, just play in peace. Ill just play another move, Wu Yazi said indifferently.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes and showed a faint, cold smile. Many thanks for Misters kind intentions. However, there is no need this time.


While smiling coldly, Gu Hai called out, Ensnaring Performance, sing for the five hundred sages. No! Dont let the others hear it. Project your voice and let only them hear you!

Ensnaring Performance:

The surrounding spectators felt confused.

Sing? Ensnaring Performance will sing?

Xuan En, Seven Kills, and the others did not understand. However, the bodhisattvas faces sank.

The expressions of Sima Changkong, Long Shenwu, and the others changed.

Sing? The surrounding spectators appeared puzzled.

Right! Right! Sing for these imbeciles! Longevitys eyes lit up.

Longevity had recently suffered from Ensnaring Performances singing, which prompted him to cut ties with Ensnaring Performance. Now, he felt great at the prospect of Ensnaring Performance bringing suffering to someone else.

Master, isnt my singing to them too cheap for them? Ensnaring Performance asked, feeling confused.

Why does Master always have me sing for the enemies?

Cut the c.r.a.p! Move faster! Remember: dont let others hear you. Sing to the sages by projecting your voice! Gu Hai said.

Oh, alright! Ensnaring Performance said helplessly.

Teacher Yinyue gave Ensnaring Performance a puzzled look, wondering what Ensnaring Performance was going to do.

The sages looked at Ensnaring Performance with disdain. Sing? Ignorant!

The sages possessing the five hundred partic.i.p.ants naturally did not believe that Ensnaring Performance could deal with them. If he could, he would have done something long ago. Why would he wait until now? Hence, none of them thought much of Ensnaring Performance.

Only the Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes slightly in some doubt. He believed that Gu Hai would not do anything pointless.

Initially, I did not want to sing. However, Master insisted on me singing, so you got lucky. Hmmurgh What should I sing? Never mind, Ill wing it. Lets call it The Blind Sages! Ensnaring Performance called out.

The Blind Sages?

Seven Kills and Xuan En showed disdain in their eyes.

Do you think you can affect the sages by insulting them a couple of times? The sages mentality is not something you can fathom.

The five hundred million spectators goggled at Ensnaring Performance.

The Blind Sages? What song is that?

Ensnaring Performance started singing. However, everyone only saw his mouth moving, but they could not hear anything. He used a special method to project his voice to the five hundred sages ears.


Suddenly, the guqin of one of the possessed music Dao masters broke. Then, the sage possessing him opened his eyes wide at Ensnaring Performance.

It was not just that sage. The other sages eyes bulged so much that they nearly popped out.

Ensnaring Performance started singing in an intoxicated manner.

Thisthiswhat is he singing? The body of a possessed music Dao master trembled.

Shut up! You are an awful singer! one of the sages roared while glaring.

Sound barrier? Whats going on? The sound barrier is useless?! a sage exclaimed.

This is a special frequency. Only the sound barrier he set up can block his voice. To block his voice, we need to find the right frequency!

What is the frequency of his singing? I cant find it! I cant find it! Ah! Stop singing!

The sages cried out in shock. When they did, their playing turned messy. The beasts that Teacher Yinyue manifested could finally take a breather. They even managed to counterattack.

Look! The singing of Mister Gus heaven-grade zither is taking effect?!

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What is he singing? Why cant I hear it?

The singing is being projected to the sages. Of course, you cant hear it?

I would like to listen as well. What song could make the sages stop their music Dao attacks?!

The spectators showed envious expressions.

In the crowd, Mu Chenfengs face twitched. Will the sages go crazy from Ensnaring Performance singing to them for six hours?