Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 580 Book 5: 66: Enmeshed in a Trap of One's Own Devising

Chapter 580 Book 5: 66: Enmeshed in a Trap of One's Own Devising

Chapter 580 Book 5: 66: Enmeshed in a Trap of Ones Own Devising

Book 5: Chapter 66: Enmeshed in a Trap of Ones Own Devising

Look! Its Mister Gus heaven-grade zither. I saw him in Heavenly Mao City. I already know that his singing sounded very nice at that time!

How do you know that it sounded nice?

Back then, there were people who heard it. There was a young beggar dancing excitedly. There was also a mute bodhisattva who felt so moved that he started speaking.

The surrounding citizens felt envious. The complexions of the five hundred music Dao cultivators possessed by the sages turned deep purple.

Those with bad tempers immediately started cursing, but most endured.

Have you found the frequency yet?

No! Theres no way to isolate his voice!

He is a heaven-grade zither? Is he really a heaven-grade zither?

The sages glared at Ensnaring Performance. The effects of their playing had weakened significantly, and Teacher Yinyue immediately gained the upper hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!????????ov?l*???

Teacher Yinyue knocked back the five hundred possessed music Dao cultivators. Now, the sages found playing extremely difficult.

How could it be like this? Sage, why is this voice so awful? Xuan En said in horror.

I dont know! The sage possessing Xuan En felt incredibly furious and anxious.

I cant take it anymore! Let me leave! Let me leave! I dont want to hear it! Xuan En cried out, his expression changing dramatically.

You cant move. No one can move for six hours, the sage said.

Hurry! Someone, quickly come! Get me away from here! Someone, come quickly! Xuan En cried out.

After all, there were other people from the Supreme Ascendant Dao partic.i.p.ating. When Xuan En cried out, someone immediately rushed over.

Stop! Founding Dynasty shouted furiously.

What are you doing? Xuan En glared at him.

The music Dao compet.i.tion is currently underway. Everyone, remain in your position. Aside from clas.h.i.+ng with the music Dao, you are not to interfere with others. Otherwise, you will be considered to have cheated and be disqualified. If you refuse to submit to my decision, I can execute you immediately! Founding Dynasty shouted.

The expressions of the people who wanted to rush forward turned stiff.

Founding Dynasty represented the Qian Nation. They could not do whatever they wanted here. If he disqualified them and they insisted on doing what they wanted, the Qian Nation could instantly kill them.

In that case, I forfeit! Let me leave! Xuan En cried out.

Founding Dynasty sneered, Forfeiting is your decision. Whether you leave or not is up to you. However, no one can help you. This is the grounds of the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. Without the permission of the hosts, no one is to move away. Without the permission of the hosts, no one is to touch your bodies!

Xuan Ens expression turned stiff.

The expressions of the five hundred possessed partic.i.p.ants changed.

ThisI cant escape?

Isnt it just terrible singing? Half of you, deal with Teacher Yinyue. The others, aid me in attacking that disaster with your music! the Medical Music Sage suddenly shouted.

Founding Dynasty smiled coldly and said, Sages, dont forget what I said. You can only use the pieces of the possessed music Dao partic.i.p.ants from earlier. Otherwise, I will strip you of your right to make recommendations.

Humph! the Medical Music Sage snorted coldly.

You want to block me with just half? Teacher Yinyue smiled coldly.


Suddenly, Teacher Yinyues playing became more ferocious. The sages could not handle the many silver dragons.

Its done! He is finally done with that song! Seven Kills suddenly raised his eyebrows, showing a horrified expression.

Ensnaring Performance coughed twice and said, That earlier song wasnt very good.

How is that song just not very good? It was simply killing us! The sages glared at Ensnaring Performance.

Next is my hallmark song! Ill sing Little Radish ten times first. Cough Cough! Ensnaring Performance started singing with deep emotion.

When Ensnaring Performance sang, the sages who found The Blind Sages terrible suddenly realized that it actually had been pretty nice.

That was a very moving song; why did we disdain it earlier?

Little Radish was more than ten times worse than The Blind Sages.

Dont sing anymore! Go back to The Blind Sages!

Indeed. Sing The Blind Sages!

I am that blind sage. That was a pretty nice song!

I want to hear the song from earlier! No!

The five hundred possessed partic.i.p.ants clamored, their mentality crumbling.

They looked like they were about to cry, confusing the surrounding spectators.

Whats going on with them?

Is it really that nice? They are moved to tears from hearing it.

How is it nice? Arent they insulting Ensnaring Performance, saying that he is a terrible singer, that his singing is awful?

What do you know? Thats because he is an opponent. They need to make him look bad. Listen to what they are shouting. They are crying while wanting to hear The Blind Sages again.

The Blind Sages? Is it really that nice? I want to hear it too!

The spectators discussed this, their voices turning Heavenly Yin City noisy.

The sages above looked at the plaza below, appearing confused.

Is it really terrible? No matter how terrible it is, can it be that bad? These music Dao sages are too pretentious!

Indeed. It is just one song!

The sages in the sky could not understand what was going on.

This heaven-grade zither is really strange, the Supreme Genesis said with a frown.

In the south, the Grand Mohist narrowed her eyes slightly. This Ensnaring Performances song is somewhat uncanny.

In the west, the Future Buddha frowned and asked, How did Jie Dong describe it?

After Bodhisattva Jie Dong broke his Unmoving Vow of Silence Meditation, we asked him about it. Ensnaring Performances singing was especially bad. Every time Bodhisattva Jie Dong recalled it, he trembled, a bodhisattva at the side replied, frowning.

Oh? the Future Buddha said, his brows knitting.

Imperial Lord, save me! Imperial Lord, save me! I dont want this! I dont want to listen anymore! Seven Kills crumbled mentally.

Nearby, the Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes slightly but did not step forward.

Right now, no one could approach. The Qian Heavenly Emperor was in charge here. Anyone who stepped forward would definitely die. Furthermore, the Azure Emperor did not intend to offend the Qian Heavenly Emperor for Seven Kills.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor had plotted this for a thousand years. How could he permit others to wreck it?

Seven Killss mind collapsed. Not long ago, Gu Hai got him pregnant in the Silver Moon Sea. Now, Seven Kills had to endure the hopeless singing of Gu Hais heaven-grade zither.

Ill kill you! Ill kill you! Seven Kills played with all his might.

Hah! You still want to resist as you are? Teacher Yinyue sneered.

Teacher Yinyue played increasingly faster, blocking all of the sages attacks.

Just be quiet and listen to the song, Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

Little Radish? Little Radish? a sage muttered to himself.

Tone-deaf! Tone-deaf! Its over! My sense of music! Its gone! another sage cried out in horror.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

That sages piece started to deviate. Ensnaring Performance had corrupted that sages sense of music. Now, the sage played many wrong notes. The earlier music Dao manifestation immediately weakened.

Sage, please play the piece according to what the partic.i.p.ant composed. You are not to change it, Founding Dynasty criticized.

Change it? What do you mean, change it? I cant even remember what the piece sounded like earlier.

The sages playing slowly changed, becoming messier.

The music Dao manifestations vanished one by one.

This is terrible. These are pieces played by sages?

Its nothing much!

These are sages?

The citizens appeared confused.

Now, the sages in the sky realized that something was wrong. No matter how terrible the sages were, they could not have forgotten the pieces. What were they playing now?

What is that heaven-grade zither singing?

The sages in the sky immediately shouted, Stop singing!

Ensnaring Performance rolled his eyes at the sky. Then, he ignored them, continuing to sing his Little Radish.

You are not to sing! You are not to sing anymore. Keep singing, and I will kill you!

Argh! Argh! Argh! It is terrible! Very terrible! Heaven, save me!

I dont want to hear it anymore! I dont want to hear it! Ah! Little Radish! No!

Again?! No! I dont want to hear Little Radish anymore! I want to hear The Blind Sages! I dont want Little Radish!

At this moment, the sages were utterly manic.

Music battle? Music battle, my a.s.s!

All the sages stopped playing in their manic state.

They had never heard such terrible singing before. This shattered everything they knew about the music Dao.

The music Dao? I dont like the music Dao anymore.

The sages stopped playing in a pique. Teacher Yinyue also stopped playing, not taking advantage. Instead, he looked curiously at Ensnaring Performance.

Ensnaring Performance held his left hand to his chest, extending his right hand. He appeared to be deeply immersed in his singing. There was no music Dao manifestation at all. However, this singing was even more incredible than any music Dao manifestation.

Previously, the sages already could not deal with Ensnaring Performances singing. Now, it was worse.

Screw your Little Radish!

My sense of music is gone! My head is filled with Little Radish! Save me!

I wont play the zither anymore! Little Radish! Screw your Little Radish! Stop singing! Dont sing anymore! I beg you!

Please stop! Please stop!

Two hours pa.s.sed. The sages collapsed mentally. Some pleaded sincerely; others insulted Ensnaring Performance.

We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

By the end of the second hour, the manic music Dao sages had smashed the zithers before them. The sages all stared at Ensnaring Performance, apparently stupefied.

The sages in the sky, the spectators in the surroundings, and various factions all took in this scene, finding it strange.

Have the five hundred sages gone crazy? Have they crumbled? Have they turned stupid? Did they get dementia?

No one could think of any words to describe the five hundred sages appearance. At the same time, they felt shocked at the impa.s.sioned Ensnaring Performance.

What did this walking disaster do to the sages?

Mister Founding Dynasty! Gu Hai called out to Founding Dynasty.

Founding Dynasty felt slightly startled. Then, his eyes lit up as he nodded.

As the host, I ask the music Dao sages to make your judgment. Please give your recommendation now! Founding Dynasty suddenly said.

The five hundred sages were in a daze.

As the host, I ask the music Dao sages: Are you willing to recommend Gu Hai and give Gu Hai your recommendation talismans! Founding Dynasty shouted.

The five hundred sages remained in a stupor, gazing at Ensnaring Performance.

As the host, I ask the music Dao sages: Do you silently agree to recommend Gu Hai, giving Gu Hai your recommendation talismans? Ensnaring Performance shouted again.