Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 578 Book 5: 64: Sages Barging In

Chapter 578 Book 5: 64: Sages Barging In

Chapter 578 Book 5: 64: Sages Barging In

Book 5: Chapter 64: Sages Barging In

Wu Yazi used his Go skills to manifest Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, who instantly eliminated the monsters from Demons and Monsters. Xuan En suffered a rebound from this.


Xuan En spewed a mouthful of blood as he looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu in horror.

It was not just Xuan En. The other cultivators expressions changed as well.

Is this a duel between the Go Dao and the music Dao?

The music Dao manifested four monsters, and the Go Dao manifested Imperial Emperor Xi Yu to fight?

Clearly, the Go Dao won. This outcome set the surrounding spectators abuzz.

However, the faces of the powerful experts in the surroundings sank, as they understood that it was not the music Dao losing to the Go Dao, but the zitherist losing to the person playing Go.

Wu Yazi might possibly be Old Mister Guan Qi.

Old Mister Guan Qi? You are just a Supreme Ascendant Dao elder, and you want to fight him?

Xuan En held his chest.

Wu Yazi urged Gu Hai to make his move. However, Gu Hai turned his head to look at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu instead.

A Go board? That is sufficient to manifest a powerful expert?

The faces of the sages in the sky sank.

This was how it was with Old Mister Guan Qi one thousand years ago. Back then, Old Mister Guan Qi used the Go Dao to manifest something to deal with the music Dao experts. Why is this happening again? the painting Dao sages in the sky said depressedly.

We only want to deal with Gu Hai. Why are youWu Yaziinterfering?

Continue! Continue playing! Everyone, play! the Medical Music Sage shouted.


Countless zitherists in the music Dao area started playing.

Seven Kills glanced at the Azure Emperor.

At this moment, the Azure Emperor stared at Wu Yazi. After the initial shock, he showed a faint smile.

Imperial Lord? Seven Kills asked by projecting his voice over.

Go on and play. Lets see how our piece compares to this Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, the Azure Emperor said indifferently.

Yes! Seven Kills answered.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

At the sages command, the music Dao masters started playing their pieces.

With the theme of vile person, the music sounded dark and sinister. Dark clouds churned above the plaza. As lightning flashed, it seemed like millions of evil demons could emerge from the dark clouds.


Suddenly, many gigantic, pitch-black snakes charged out of the dark clouds and opened their maws wide as they slithered towards Gu Hai.

Humph! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu extended his palm, and the black snakes exploded.

As the zither music played, various malevolent, malicious spirits crawled out of the ground and charged at Gu Hall. All these nasty things served to show how sinister the vile person was.

The music was dark and sinister, manifesting millions of evil spirits. Countless evil spirits ran rampant in the plaza. They only had one target: to rip apart Gu Hai.

The sages in the sky waited with antic.i.p.ation.

Ignorant! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

Then, he waved.


Snow surged out, freezing all the evil spirits, demons, and monsters into ice sculptures. An Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator seemed unrivaled.

It turns out that the Go Dao is so incredible?

That is because the Go player is incredible. What can you do when you play?

Quickly, look! What is that person playing?

As the spectators discussed, Seven Kills also started playing one of the Azure Emperors pieces.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

When this piece started playing, its sound suppressed all other zither music.

Oh? The sages looked over.

Azure energy appeared out of nowhere in front of Seven Kills. Then, the azure energy formed a whirlpool with a horrifying aura, one that threatened to swallow up all life around it. Some of the music Dao demons and monsters moved away.

This piece is very strange, one of the sages commented with a smile.

A piece of rebirth? another sage said in shock.

A piece of rebirth? The expressions of countless cultivators changed.

Amitbha, a piece of rebirth? A piece to send someone into the cycle of reincarnation? This is a piece of rebirth that the Azure Emperor composed? the Future Buddha said with a frown.

What is a piece of rebirth? Mu Chenfeng could tell that there was something different from the shocked looks of the surrounding experts.

A piece of rebirth, a mantra of rebirth, a song of rebirth, such sounds should not be appearing in the world. They are the sound of reincarnation. They can pull out a persons spiritual souls and lead the spiritual souls to reincarnation. It is said that a piece of rebirth can purify the spiritual souls. A strong piece of rebirth could even purify the living. Mo Yikes expression changed.

Rebirth of the Azure Wood. Please do give me your advice, Seven Kills said coldly.

Seven Kills continued playing Rebirth of the Azure Wood. The soul-shaking, all-consuming energy rushed towards Gu Hai.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu immediately s.h.i.+elded Gu Hai, extending his palm towards the azure whirlpool.


The suction was bizarre. Imperial Emperor Xi Yus energy seemed ineffective. The suction pulled on him, dragging him to the whirlpool and wanting to suck him in.

Oh no! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is just a Go Dao incarnation, after allthe body of a conception. A piece of rebirth is the most effective on such things, Lifespan Beiming said.


Imperial Emperor Xi Yu struggled, but the azure whirlpool continued to pull him in, wanting to consume him.

Azure Emperor, the theme of the music Dao is vile person, not rebirth. You have gone off-topic. Please stop. Otherwise, you will be disqualified, Founding Dynasty shouted as his face sank.

Founding Dynasty hosted the music Dao segment, so he needed to put his foot down now.

Is that so? Then, ask the judges whether I went off-topic or not, the Azure Emperor said indifferently.

Now, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was trapped. Clearly, the Rebirth of the Azure Wood was more powerful. Since the sages wanted to make things difficult for Gu Hai, how could they rebuke the Azure Emperor at this moment?

Founding Dynasty, we are the judges. It is not your place to determine whether he has gone off-topic or not. The Rebirth of the Azure Wood is good. How is it off-topic? the Medical Music Sage shouted coldly.

Founding Dynastys face sank.

Continue! Hahaha! Excellent Rebirth of the Azure Wood! What about the others? Are you all stupid? Continue playing! Dont stop! the Medical Music Sage shouted again.

Now, someone was keeping Imperial Emperor Xi Yu occupied. How could they give up such an opportunity?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

All the music Dao partic.i.p.ants immediately started playing again. These included the injured Xuan En.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Xuan En started playing Demons and Monsters again. The four monsters that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu destroyed earlier reappeared. They roared as they charged at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai? Hahaha! Lets see what you can do now! Xuan En, Seven Kills, and the others showed ferocious expressions.

Mister Gu, dont worry. Just keep playing. I can deal with the noisy music Dao with another move, Wu Yazi said with a faint smile.


As Wu Yazi spoke, he played his move. Then, the Go board spewed a vast, silver fog that coalesced into a figure.

Who is it this time? Who can block the tens of thousands of music Dao manifestations? The countless spectators appeared curious.

As the spectators worried, the Go Dao figure became distinct.

Gu Hai turned his head to look. He saw a strange old man in long, silver robes. Even the old mans eyebrows were silver. That old man, with his calm expression, gave off an air of transcendence.

The old man held a guqin. As he raised his head to look at the churning dark clouds, he sighed.

Who is he?

I dont know!

Does anyone know who he is? Is he even more incredible than Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?

Countless people showed curious expressions. Clearly, they did not know who this old man was. Even the Qian Heavenly Emperor appeared curious.

However, the faces of Ensnaring Performance and Founding Dynasty suddenly changed.


Ensnaring Performance immediately knelt, shock writ large across his face as he said, Ah! Ah! Teacher! Youyouyou came back to life?!

Ensnaring Performances startled cry surprised Gu Hai.

Even Founding Dynasty wanted to bow. However, this teacher stopped him. Even so, his eyelids twitched wildly.

Teacher Yinyue? Founding Dynasty exclaimed in shock.

[TL Note: Yinyue means silver moon when literally translated, which is probably why the author gave him silver robes and silver eyebrows.]

Teacher Yinyue was the founder of the Silver Moon Mountain Manor. He was the one who created Ensnaring Performance, Army Breaker, Founding Dynasty, and Six Fingers.

To think that Wu Yazi could manifest such a person with his Go skills?

Teacher Yinyue? How could it be? How could Wu Yazi manifest this old monster with his Go skills? Seven Killss expression changed.

Teacher Yinyue extended his hand and strummed his guqin when he saw the various monsters approaching.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


Millions of silver-moon-shaped blades flew out and shredded all the monsters rus.h.i.+ng at Gu Hai.

Humph! So what if you brought out Teacher Yinyue? This is no longer your time! Seven Kills glared.


As Seven Kills played, the azure whirlpool suddenly pulled in Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, then headed for Teacher Yinyue.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Teacher Yinyue played a piece. Strangely, an azure whirlpool appeared before him too.

My Rebirth of the Azure Wood? The Azure Emperors face sank.

Teacher Yinyue had replicated the piece and even altered it, making it even stronger.

The Azure Emperor showed a sullen expression.

However, Seven Killss expression changed dramatically. This is impossible! You are only a Go Dao manifestation!

Teacher Yinyue ignored Seven Kills and continued playing. The effects of the piece of rebirth grew increasingly stronger. The azure whirlpool swept towards the music Dao partic.i.p.ants.

Oh no! Oh no! Xuan En cried out, his expression changing.

All the music Dao partic.i.p.ants could not move. They felt like their souls were being pulled out.

With this, it was clear that all the music Dao partic.i.p.ants had lost.

Humph! the Medical Music Sage snorted coldly.

As he snorted coldly, his figure trembled. A beam of white light shot out from his body and entered a music Dao master.


The effects of that music Dao masters playing suddenly increased over tenfold. Then, a gigantic monster charged over to the whirlpool.


The whirlpool that Teacher Yinyue manifested with his playing exploded.

Sage, why are you sending your will into the partic.i.p.ants body? Are you helping him? Are you cheating? Founding Dynasty shouted furiously.

The Medical Music Sages body was still in the sky. However, his consciousness had entered that music Dao master. That music Dao master now turned his head over and said, I am testing this music Dao masters abilities in an all-around capacity. The rules of the compet.i.tion permit this.

Huh? Founding Dynastys face sank.

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Hahahaha! Thats right. Sometimes, the music Dao cannot be heard clearly. However, our consciousnesses can possess their bodies to sense the emotions in their pieces. We can do this!

Me too!

I can also do this!

The five hundred music Dao sages suddenly sent their consciousnesses into music Dao masters, intending to use these music Dao masters to deal with Teacher Yinyue and Gu Hai.

In a split second, the compet.i.tions purpose seemed to have changed.

Wanting to cheat, the judges had barged in.

Teacher Yinyue vs. five hundred sages.