Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 995 – The Genius of Devil Race

Chapter 995 – The Genius of Devil Race

The Genius of Devil Race

The 7th!

Desolate Changfeng’s death made Desolate Wuleng feel as if his heart was bleeding. Nurturing a genius like Desolate Changfeng required astronomical amount of resources and effort. Plus, he had high hopes that Desolate Changfeng had the potential of being a secret killing weapon of the Desolate Palace. Today, his miscalculations had caused Desolate Palace lose one peerless genius, and such a loss was far too great.

More importantly, Desolate Changfeng’s death didn’t even provide them with the evidence that Gu Chen’s true ident.i.ty was Jiang Chen.

Just as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left the miniature spatial zone and headed towards the internal region of the Western Domain, a huge stormy energy appeared in the void, and all of a sudden, it instantly sealed the entire area off. Then, a giant palm as enormous as the sky came smas.h.i.+ng down on them.

“The experts of Desolate Palace does have a timely response.”

A smirk appeared at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. There wasn’t any tension in his face while facing against such powerful attack. He didn’t even attempt to run or defend because he knew for a fact that someone would defend him. It’s not just the expert of Desolate Palace that watched the battle, but also an expert of Gu Palace. It showed how important he was for Gu Palace. Gu Firmament wouldn’t allow any tragic accident to happen on him.

*Hong Long…*

A loud noise sounded from the other direction. As Jiang Chen expected, the expert of Gu Palace appeared immediately after launching an aerial attack. A similar giant hand emerged in the sky and collided with the giant strike of Desolate Palace’s expert. The scary huge wave produced from the collision ripped the void apart instantly. Subsequently, two figures showed up in front of Jiang Chen simultaneously. One of them was Desolate Wuleng while the other was an Eighth Grade Great Saint expert of Gu Palace. Jiang Chen was not surprised, as both of their emergence were within his calculations.

“Desolate Wuleng, we are now facing a great enemy before us. We should put all of our energy to defeat the Devil Race. So why did you, an elder of Desolate Palace, secretly attack a young genius of Gu Palace? Is it because you don’t know what shame is?” The elder of Gu Palace bellowed at Desolate Wuleng.

“Gu Zheng, this son of a b*tch has just killed Desolate Changfeng. He has just killed a genius of Desolate Palace. Now I dare him to confirm that he is Jiang Chen. Why is Gu Palace covering his ident.i.ty?”

Desolate Wuleng’s eyes turned blood red, looking as if he was going to shred Jiang Chen to pieces with his bare hands.

Jiang Chen sneered, totally ignoring Desolate Wuleng’s accusation. Putting aside the fact that he had the support of an Eighth Grade Great Saint beside him, he didn’t fear Desolate Wuleng at all. With his current strength, Desolate Wuleng would die for sure if they fought. After absorbing an Immortal Yang Pill, his cultivation base had reached the peak of Fourth Grade Great Saint. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to kill Desolate Wuleng after transforming.

“Haha! What a joke! Desolate Changfeng had come to kill me but was killed by me instead. The only explanation for this is his own incompetence. Unless you are suggesting that only he is allowed to kill me and I’m not allowed to kill him. In that case, where are justice and reason? That was a battle between the geniuses and your abrupt interference showed how shameless you are!” said Jiang Chen, laughing.

“Desolate Wuleng, I know you’ve secretly tracked and located Gu Chen’s coordinates, and then sent Desolate Changfeng to a.s.sa.s.sinate him. But too bad, Desolate Changfeng was killed instead. As a matter of fact, Desolate Palace should be guilty for initiating the battle. But because that was a battle between the two young geniuses, let’s not interfere in it.” Gu Zheng said with a smile.

He now felt more and more satisfied with Jiang Chen. Having such a powerful genius, they would definitely reap boundless benefits.

“Let’s put aside Desolate Changfeng’s death. I now suspect that he is Jiang Chen. If it wasn’t for his transformation technique, he wouldn’t be able to kill Desolate Changfeng. Jiang Chen has killed countless of elders, geniuses and even our patriarch. Not even Gu Palace can protect him from those crimes,” said Desolate Wuleng grimly.

“What evidence do you have?” Gu Chen said, his face turned cold.

“Your cultivation base is the evidence. However heaven defying you could be, it was impossible for you to kill Desolate Changfeng with the strength of Third Grade Great Saint, unless you could intentionally enhance you combat strength by many folds,” said Desolate Wuleng.

“Old man, open your eyes and take a good look at my cultivation base to see whether I am a Third Grade Great Saint or not.”

Gu Chen’s Qi shook.

Feeling the Qi Jiang Chen exuded, Desolate Wuleng gaped at him, stunned. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. Just now, he was very occupied by his anger, and completely overlooked Jiang Chen’s cultivation base. Presently, Jiang Chen was no longer a Third Grade Great Saint but a peak Fourth Grade Great Saint.

“No, that’s impossible. When did you advance?!”

Desolate Wuleng almost coughed out a mouthful of blood. Now it seemed that it was because of his own miscalculation that had led to the tragic death of Desolate Changfeng. But then, Gu Chen had just advanced to Third Grade Great Saint. It was simply impossible for him to advance to Fourth Grade Great Saint despite the fact that he was a peerless genius.

It was conceivable why Desolate Wuleng did not know that Jiang Chen had made an advancement because it had just happened only a while ago.

“Haha! Desolate Wuleng, do you see it clearly now? Gu Chen is an unprecedented genius. In my opinion, Gu Chen could kill Desolate Changfeng with ease even though he was only a Fourth Grade Great Saint.”

Gu Zheng laughed aloud. His eyes narrowed into slit and were filled with admiration for Jiang Chen. He couldn’t help but feel delighted about Jiang Chen’s excellent performance. For all the years he had lived, he had never seen a genius like Jiang Chen. He had never seen any genius who could advance so quickly.

“Little Chen, now that there’s no one around, why don’t we seal this place? Then, along with Gu Zheng, we will eliminate this Desolate old man.” Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen via divine sense.

“No, this old man is incomparably cunning. With his power, I am not certain that I can kill him instantly. It will be bad if he escapes. My ident.i.ty can’t be exposed yet. We’ll let him live for a few more days.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had greater desire than Big Yellow to kill Desolate Wuleng now but he would not act without absolute certainty. Furthermore, Desolate Palace had begun to suspect his ident.i.ty. What he needed to do now was to take advantage of this Great War against the Devil Race to further improve his cultivation.

“Desolate Wuleng, I know that Desolate Palace has been wanting to kill me, too bad your genius is destined to die under my hands. But,if your people are fearless towards death, send as much of them as you want to kill me.”

Jiang Chen left him with those words, and departed with Big Yellow.

Gu Zheng laughed, and left as well, leaving the glum-faced Desolate Wuleng standing there.

“This man’s growth is far too fast.. Whether he may be Gu Chen or Jiang Chen, he must be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will be a serious problem in the future.”

Desolate Wuleng gritted his teeth. The loss he suffered was too much and he was partly responsible for it. In his heart, Gu Chen was Jiang Chen. He believed that such monstrous geniuses wouldn’t appear at the same time and would also be similarly close to Gu Family.

Jiang Chen’s rate of growth had reached a frightening extent. If he wasn’t gotten rid of as quickly as possible, he would definitely bring endless trouble to his enemies.

Over the next few days, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow continued their ma.s.sacre in every battlefield they went, killing an immense number of devils. Jiang Chen had also edified a powerful Eighth Grade Devil Saint, and kept it as one of his trump cards. They didn’t go to Greenlotus Mountain to reunite with Han Yan. Considering the ident.i.ty of Gu Chen he was representing, getting too close to Han Yan would raise suspicions.

Once his ident.i.ty was exposed, it wouldn’t only be Desolate Palace that would deal with him but also the other five palaces. By then, he would be in a very dangerous situation.

The sky above Western Domain had turned murky. The devils were many fold stronger after a long period of recuperation in the Devil World. Although this war was only between the Devil Race and the Western Domain, it had turned into a war against the entire Saint Origin World after the intervention of Saint Origin Palace.

Considering how strong the experts of Saint Origin Palace were, the Devil Race was losing ground gradually after a few days’ time. Taking Great Lightning Tune Temple as their boundary, the devils had all retreated to the middle zone between Great Lightning Tune Temple and the Devil World while all the superiors of Saint Origin Palace had converged on Great Lightning Tune Temple.

Days of tangled warfare had wrecked the Western Domain. After the devil army withdrew from Great Lightning Tune Temple, they had momentarily stopped attacking, giving a brief truce between the two sides.

Inside the Great Lightning Tune Temple, Gu Firmament sat at the seat of honor while Desolate Emperor, Heavenly Peng King and the other five palace masters sat below together with the other high-rank monks of Great Lightning Tune Temple to discuss strategies about their next move in the war. This time, instead of forcing the Devil Race back into the Devil World, they wanted to annihilate the devils once and for all.

At this moment, a young monk came in and said, “A genius of Devil Race named Sang Ba is challenging the geniuses of Human Race.”

“What’s his cultivation base?” asked Gu Firmament.

“Peak Sixth Grade Devil Saint,” replied the young monk.

“Humph! Is he trying to sneer at our talents?”

A genius of Narang Palace let out a cold humph. In the main hall, all the geniuses’ faces instantly brimmed with fury.

“Whoever can kill Sang Ba to fortify the grandeur of Human Race, I will reward him generously with an Immortal Pill.”

Gu Firmament’s eyes swept across the young audience. There was no doubt that Law Enforcement Palace had such pill, but it was akin to the Immortal Yang Pill that Desolate Changfeng had—a pill that was infused with Immortal Qi—it wasn’t the true Immortal Pill. Nevertheless, this sufficed to exhilarate them. One should know that many geniuses were on par with Sang Ba; their cultivation base was also at the peak of Sixth Grade Great Saint. If they could obtain an Immortal Pill, they had high hopes of advancing to the next grade.

Even in the Saint Origin Palace, it was extremely hard to find an Immortal Pill. Only Law Enforcement Palace could grant this pill to the one who was worthy of such reward. As such, the geniuses couldn’t wait to get into the battle when Gu Firmament had announced to reward such pill to the one who could succeed.

“I’m going to destroy that Sang Ba to fortify the grandeur of our race. The Immortal Pill is certainly mine.”

A youth dressed in white stood up abruptly and strode out of the hall. He had an unparalleled Qi and overwhelming pride, as if the devil genius had already been slaughtered by his sabre.

*Hong Long…*

Not long after Narang Yu went out, a fierce wave of combat was sent in from outside.

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