Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 996 – The Great Devil Curse

Chapter 996 – The Great Devil Curse

The Great Devil Curse

The 8th!

The vibration that came from the outside showed that Narang Yu was engaged in an intense battle with the devil genius – Sang Ba. However, the fierce battle ended in just a few minutes and the sky outside returned to its original calmness.

“Ha-ha! Narang Yu must have already killed Sang Ba. Brother Gu, has the Law Enforcement Palace prepared the Immortal Pill?”

The palace master of Narang Palace, Narang Yunhe laughed pleasantly. His confidence in Narang Yu was high. In his opinion, there was no way that a mere genius from the Devil Race was Narang Yu’s match. By killing the genius of the Devil Race, Narang Yu would not only make a meritorious contribution but would also be rewarded by an Immortal Pill, and also outs.h.i.+ne the other geniuses and thus, bring fame to Narang Family.

“Of course, the Immortal Pill is ready. As long as Narang Yu kills Sang Ba, the Immortal Pill will be his.”

Said Gu Firmament with a nod.

“It’s a pity that the pill is s.n.a.t.c.hed by Narang Yu. I wonder if there are any other geniuses from the Devil Race that wants to challenge us. If there is, I will surely grab the opportunity without hesitation.”

“Narang Yu has such a d.a.m.n good luck for getting that Immortal Pill so easily. If he can advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint in this short period of time, he’s going to surpa.s.s every one of us. What a pity.”

“Don’t get overly excited. No one knows what the outcome is yet. Narang Yu may have been killed by that devil genius.”


Unsettling feeling rippled through the group of geniuses. Many felt annoyed, annoyed that they had lost a great opportunity to be famous. They should’ve stood out before Narang Yu who not only gained fame but also an Immortal Pill.

The faces of the higher ups of Narang Palace were filled with joy. The truth was that they had just arrived in Saint Origin World to partic.i.p.ate in the war but without even thinking about getting an Immortal Pill, the fact that the genius of their palace killed a genius from the Devil Race really boosted the moral and fame of their palace.

Just then, another young monk went in hastily, with a look of fear on his face.

“Not good, not good. Narang Yu was killed.”

The young monk said eagerly. He had witnessed the entire process of Narang Yu being killed, thinking about it made him s.h.i.+ver.

“What are you talking about?”

Narang Yunhe suddenly stood up from his seat. The faces of the Narang Palace’s higher ups changed in an instant, while some of their smiling faces froze. This news was simply a slap to their face. Just now, they all a.s.sured that Narang Yu had already killed Sang Ba, Narang Yunhe even demanded Gu Firmament to show the Immortal Pill. Neither of them imagined that it would end up like this.

“Narang Yu was killed by Sang Ba!”

The young monk repeated what he just said but this time, it was louder.

“Impossible. It’s absolutely impossible. Yu Er is a first cla.s.s genius of Narang Palace with a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint cultivation base. Even ordinary Seventh Grade Great Saint will be his prey. How did he die so quickly under the hands of a Sixth Grade Devil Saint?”

A middle-aged man from Narang Palace was overwhelmed by his emotion and could hardly believe it was true. He was no doubt, the father of Narang Yu. To him, his son was his greatest pride and a.s.set. So, how could he possibly accept the fact that his son was killed?

“It was true. That Sang Ba was very terrifying. I have no idea what kind of devil cultivation he’s practicing. He has eaten Narang Yu entirely, leaving nothing behind, not even his bones or anything!”

The young monk saw the cruel scene, Narang Yu was devoured in front of his own eyes.


At this instant, a clamor from the crowd resounded throughout the hall. Everyone’s face changed, not just the faces of the people from Narang Palace but also the faces of the other seven palaces. It wasn’t in their favor that such a dazzling genius appeared in the Devil Race. Although the eight palaces didn’t quite get along with each other and had constant compet.i.tion with one another, they couldn’t deny the capability of Narang Yu. They were sure that this young man could be regarded as the leader of the young generation. However, thinking that not even Narang Yu was an opponent of Sang Ba, they couldn’t help but imagine how terrifying Sang Ba was.

“What should we do now?”

An abbot of the Great Lightning Tune Temple frowned.

“People, in war, morale is the key to victory. A genius from our race was killed by the genius of the Devil Race, this has greatly dampened our morale. In this war with the Devil Race, we are also battling with morale. If we continue to let our morale fall, it is going to hurt us. Moreover, if there is no genius in Saint Origin Palace that can fight Sang Ba, Saint Origin Palace will certainly become the laughing stock of the whole world. Not only will the Devil Race mock us, even the people of Saint Origin World will look down on us, feeling that Saint Origin Palace only has unearned reputation. So, who’s going to volunteer to defeat the genius of the Devil Race next?”

Gu Firmament’s tone became solemn. Most of them knew that the battle against Sang Ba wasn’t just a battle between geniuses. It involved the reputation of Saint Origin Palace and the direction of this war.

All the geniuses were silent for a moment, contemplating and measuring their own abilities. However, no one felt that they were any better than Narang Yu, which meant meant that they would die instantly. Neither of them was willing to risk their lives.

“Is there really no one from the young geniuses that can kill that Sang Ba? What if the Law Enforcement Palace offered two Immortal Pills as a reward.”

Gu Firmament’s Qi fluctuated. The number of Immortal Pills was limited in the Law Enforcement Palace, offering two Immortal Pills was something that had never occurred before in the history of Saint Origin Palace.

“I would like to meet him.”

A young man stood up. He was no stranger. He was the genius of Gu Palace, Gu Shuangtan. Immediately after he stood up, he walked towards the exit of the main hall. Everyone could see the determination on his face. The people of Gu Palace looked at him with respect. In truth, despite giving two Immortal Pills as a reward, people knew it in their hearts that the pills weren’t worth as much as their lives. One should know that Sang Ba could even kill Narang Yu, so Gu Shuangtan wouldn’t have any advantages over the devil genius and might get himself killed instead.

Gu Shuangtan was doing this for the sake of Gu Palace’s dignity as Gu Firmament was the one sitting on the seat of honor right now. If Gu Palace didn’t take the initiative to solve this matter, who would?

“Let’s go. I would like to see how strong this so-called genius of the Devil Race is.”

Gu Firmament rose from his seat. The others left the main hall in succession. In the blink of an eye, all of them had gone to the void a hundred miles away from the Great Lightning Tune Temple. This place was already engulfed by the flames of battle. The atmosphere was chaotic, filled with smoke and rustling wind.

At this moment, there stood a young man in black robe. This man had a st.u.r.dy and hefty physique and the height of over two meters. His face was covered with devil marks. His lips were black-purple and his pair of eyes were as frightening as a venomous serpent.

“This man is Sang Ba.”

The young monk from the Great Lightning Tune Temple said.

Everyone focused their attention on Sang Ba. Looking at his appearance, he was merely a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint and didn’t seem different from Narang Yu, however, his ability to kill and consume the entirety of Narang Yu proved his power.

Gu Shuangtan was armed with a sword. With a flash, he came before Sang Ba.

“*Jie* *Jie*, another one has come to die. Your human race is degenerating. No one else amongst the young generation is fit to fight me. If you kowtow before me, I will spare your life.”

Sang Ba looked at Gu Shuangtan and said gruesomely.

“Cut the c.r.a.p, let’s fight!”

Gu Shuangtan showed his fearless-towards-death posture like before. It was impossible for him to kowtow before a devil genius. If he did so, he would throw away the dignity of the Human Race.


Gu Shuangtan struck first. The long sword in his hand turned into a heavenly river and reached Sang Ba in a blink.


Sang Ba gave out a cold humph. With a wave of his hands, endless devil waves came gus.h.i.+ng out, turning into a black devil wheel. The giant devil wheel collided with Gu Shuangtan’s sword and produced a great spark.

“Hulu Ye Basa……”

Subsequently, Sang Ba uttered a long line of devil curse that was abstruse and ancient. It then turned into black symbols that rushed up into the sky. The curse sounded like some kind of ancient mantra and was unpleasant to hear.

Everyone could clearly see that Gu Shuangtan’s eyes froze for a moment under the impact of the devil curse.

“Not good, this is the Great Devil Curse that has been lost since the ancient times. I can’t believe it has reappeared.”

The abbot of the Great Lightning Tune Temple couldn’t help but exclaim despite his composure.


Sure enough, right after the abbot finished his words, Sang Ba’s body began to change, turning into giant devil of three hundred meters size. He opened his huge mouth, surrounded by powerful devil curse which turned into a domain. Then, the mouth straightaway swallowed Gu Shuangtan before he could react.


An elder of Gu Palace scolded.

The devil waves billowed but returned to its usual calmness very quickly. Sang Ba re-appeared, however Gu Shuangtan was already gone. Obviously, Gu Shuangtan was devoured by the devil, just like Narang Yu. The Qi of Sang Ba became stronger after devouring Gu Shuangtan.

“That’s a very terrifying devil spell. Anyone that is caught in that domain will temporarily lose their consciousness as if they have entered an illusory world. If we can’t think of a way to break that spell, anyone who comes up will only face the same fate.”

Said Desolate Emperor.

Many people were horrified, especially the young geniuses. Every one of their faces was brimful of fear. They couldn’t deny the horrifyingness of Sang Ba, they could not find any flaws in that terrifying devil curse.

“This is the ancient Great Devil Curse that has been long lost. I didn’t expect to see it again.”

An expert of the Great Lightning Tune Temple revealed a look of terror.

“Doesn’t the Great Lightning Tune Temple have the means to break the Great Devil Curse?”

Gu Firmament looked over at the abbot.

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