Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 994 – The Immortal Yang Pill

Chapter 994 – The Immortal Yang Pill

The Immortal Yang Pill

The 6th!

*Hong Long……*

Fire filled the air in an instant. This kind of collision was enough to destroy everything. The battle between these two peerless experts could be described as the destruction of Heaven and Earth. The Whirlwind Divine Staff was after all weaker in comparison to the Heavenly Saint Sword. In such a fierce bombardment, Desolate Changfeng was sent 300 meters away.

“No more delays. The longer this battle continues, the more disadvantageous it is to me. Devils, come out.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent soared to the sky. Knowing that it wasn’t easy to kill Desolate Changfeng, he immediately released the two Seventh Grade Devil Saints he had subdued earlier.

*Howl!* *Howl!*

The devils’ howls resounded throughout the whole miniature spatial zone. Two powerful devils came out in their original form. Each of them was 300 meters tall, and were incomparably creepy. Devil waves were billowing to the sky, and their howls were incessant. Dense and cold devil Qi had filled the entire spatial zone.

“Seventh Grade Devil Saint?”

Desolate Changfeng’s facial expression changed. It had not crossed his mind that two powerful Seventh Grade Devil Saints would suddenly appear in the middle of their fight, and it seemed like they were standing on Jiang Chen’s side.

“You two, kill him.” Without wasting any more time, he gave the two Devil Saints the order to attack.

“Yes, Master.”

The two Devil Saints didn’t dare disobey his command. After their reply, both of them lunged in two different directions – the left and the right – towards Desolate Changfeng. Naturally, they weren’t enough to eliminate Desolate Changfeng, but these two Seventh Grade Devil Saints could absolutely play a vital role in this battle, and instantaneously change the situation of the battle.

“Jiang Chen, you’re colluding with the Devil Race!” Desolate Changfeng said, raging.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a ray of light, rus.h.i.+ng forward and slashed Desolate Changfeng. In his eyes, Desolate Changfeng was already a dead man. He found no reason to explain the matter of the devils to a dead man.

“Son of a b*tch!” Desolate Changfeng was infuriated. He brandished the Whirlwind Divine Staff with all his strength.

It was now a one versus three battle.

*Hong Long…*

The battle intensified. The whole battlefield had already been annihilated. Desolate Wuleng had been paying close attention to what was going on here. He could feel that the combat waves were getting more and more intense and enormous, his worries were also getting heavier.

“That Gu Chen must be Jiang Chen. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lasted for so long if he only had the strength of Gu Chen.”

Desolate Wuleng partially concluded. Presently, he no longer hoped for Desolate Changfeng to kill Jiang Chen. He only hoped for Desolate Changfeng to withdraw from the battle quickly, and then announce Gu Chen’s true ident.i.ty to the whole world.

On the battlefield, under the bombardment of Jiang Chen and the two Devil Saints, Desolate Changfeng finally lost his stance. Every time he retreated, his Qi became weaker. Blood spilled out from his mouth; his combat strength was severely consumed, and his face had already turned extremely unpleasant.

Jiang Chen and the two Seventh Grade Devil Saints were like three p.r.o.nged attacks, besieging Desolate Changfeng. Given Changfeng’s present state, he was no longer capable of escaping from Jiang Chen’s grip. And with the cooperation of the Five Elemental Power Spheres and Big Yellow’s formation, Jiang Chen had absolute a.s.surance that Desolate Changfeng wouldn’t be able to leave this place.

“d.a.m.n! Jiang Chen, how did you make these devils listen to your orders?!”

Desolate Changfeng felt very frustrated. He knew that devils were ferocious and a domineering race, and would never listen to a human’s command. The devils and the humans were both the enemy of each other. Besides, these two devils in front of him were powerful Seventh Grade Devil Saints which were considered high and supreme in the Devil Race. If he had not seen this with his own eyes, he certainly wouldn’t believe it even if he was threatened to death.

“I naturally have the means of doing so. Desolate Changfeng, you must die today. Given your current state, you won’t last long,” said Jiang Chen confidently.

“Jiang Chen, do you think you have won this battle? Ridiculous. Let me tell you this, I, Desolate Changfeng, haven’t used my most powerful trump card yet. Take a good look at what this is.” Desolate Changfeng sounded fearless.

He turned his palm, and immediately, a pill that illuminated a milky white radiance appeared. It was translucent, and the fragrance emitted from it was refres.h.i.+ng.

Jiang Chen frowned because even he hadn’t seen such a pill before, however he could sense a trace of Immortal imi from it.

This was an Immortal Pill. No, perhaps the pill was infused with Immortal Qi, its preciousness and effect was beyond anyone’s imagination.

“Jiang Chen, this is the Immortal Yang Pill, this is the reward I received last time but I wasn’t willing to consume it. Even though this isn’t a true Immortal Pill, I’m sure that you can imagine its benefits. With my current cultivation base, I will immediately break through into the Seventh Grade Great Saint after swallowing this pill. By then, you will have to die.” Desolate Changfeng said and laughed.

This Immortal Yang Pill was his greatest trump card and also his last resort.

Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed two rays of cold chilling light. It was beyond his expectation that Desolate Changfeng had such a powerful pill. Furthermore, what Desolate Changfeng said was right. Advancing from the Sixth Grade Great Saint to the Seventh Grade Great Saint was certainly not an easy thing, however, this Immortal Yang Pill was enough to fill the gap. After all, Desolate Changfeng had reached the peak of his current grade. With the help of the pill, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint.

Also, if Desolate Changfeng really advanced, Jiang Chen would be no match for him. The two powerful Seventh Grade Devil Saints would instantly be killed by Desolate Changfeng. By then, Jiang Chen would be the one to flee and expose his true ident.i.ty. At any rate, the ident.i.ty of Gu Chen was still very useful and important to him.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, are you afraid now?”

Desolate Changfeng laughed. He had focused all of his attention on Jiang Chen and the two Seventh Grade Great Saints. As long as either of his opponents made a move, he would immediately swallow the Immortal Yang Pill and s.n.a.t.c.h a victory out of defeat.

“I bet that you can’t consume this pill.”

Jiang Chen grinned all of a sudden and said with a gentle and confident tone. Desolate Changfeng was indeed very smart, however, there was also a moment when a smart person would slip. Just like now. Desolate Changfeng had put all of his concentration on Jiang Chen and the other two devils, totally ignoring another terrifying existence in this spatial zone—Big Yellow.


Desolate Changfeng scoffed at Jiang Chen’s words.

However, as soon as his voice faded, a golden light suddenly flashed past his face. Due to the golden light travelling too fast and all of his concentration being put elsewhere, he didn’t even have the chance to react. The next moment, he was shocked to find that the pill in his hand vanished.

“What?!” Desolate Changfeng exclaimed.

When he raised his head, he found that the pill had already fallen in Jiang Chen’s hands. Beside Jiang Chen was a big yellow dog baring its teeth.

“Desolate Changfeng, I said that you can’t consume this pill, was I right? I haven’t taken a pill infused with Immortal Qi before. I wonder how it will taste like,” said Jiang Chen. Then, he swallowed the Immortal Yang Pill immediately before Desolate Changfeng.


A mouthful of blood was forced out of Desolate Changfeng’s mouth. He stumbled under his feet, and almost flopped down on the ground. He was so angry that he felt he was about to die.

“Jiang Chen…”

Desolate Changfeng’s eyes blazed. His emotion at this moment had gone wild. That was his trump card. That was the precious pill that he wasn’t willing to consume. Today, he originally planned to swallow it and break through his current cultivation base and kill Jiang Chen, unfortunately, he had overlooked that dog’s existence.

Now, it seemed like everything turned out ‘sour’. His pill was swallowed by his enemy before him. The overwhelming emotion that he was feeling right now was harsher than death.


A powerful wave burst out of Jiang Chen’s body. Not only did he swallow the Immortal Yang Pill in front of Desolate Changfeng, but also advanced to the next grade.

“Well, sure enough, this Immortal Yang Pill is really good. It helped me condensed over a thousand dragon marks making a total of 87 000, only a thousand more to reach the Fifth Grade Great Saint. My cultivation has already reached the peak of Fourth Grade Great Saint. Haha! Big Yellow, well done!”

Jiang Chen shouted delightfully. His initial goal was to kill Desolate Changfeng, however he didn’t expect to receive a profit.

“Kaka! This idiot is certainly p.i.s.sed off pretty bad.”

Big Yellow let out his signature laugh. His words caused Desolate Changfeng to cough up more blood.

“Jiang Chen, return the Immortal Yang Pill to me!”

Desolate Changfeng clamored.

“Desolate Changfeng, I would like to thank you for giving me this pill today. If it wasn’t for it, I wouldn’t be able to advance to the Fourth Grade Great Saint.”

Jiang Chen’s words of grat.i.tude made Desolate Changfeng spew out blood again.

“Desolate Changfeng, you can go and die now.”

He made a step forward. The strong dragon claw materialized out of nowhere and grasped Desolate Changfeng firmly.


Desolate Changfeng could already feel the Qi of death. He struggled violently but it was no use. The gap between them had just been pulled further. The present Desolate Changfeng was no longer at the same level as Jiang Chen. Killing him right now was as easy as slaughtering a chicken for Jiang Chen.

“Die now.”

Jiang Chen struck ruthlessly. The moment the dragon claw exerted an abrupt force, a shrill wail was heard from Desolate Changfeng before his entire body exploded. Then, Jiang Chen returned to his original form and kept the two Seventh Grade Devil Saints into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

“Let’s go.”

Without delaying any further, he and Big Yellow came out of the miniature spatial zone.

On the other side, the jade slip of Desolate Changfeng that was on Desolate Wuleng’s body broke all of a sudden; his facial expression changed dramatically.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Desolate Wuleng cursed. With a flash, he vanished, carrying tremendous anger within him.

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