Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 993 – In a State of Chaos and Darkness

Chapter 993 – In a State of Chaos and Darkness

In a State of Chaos and Darkness

The 5th!

After confirming the strength of his adversary, he felt completely relieved. Though the fact that Gu Chen, a Third Grade Great Saint, could bear his strike surprised, impressed and even shocked him , in any case, the gap between the two of them was very obvious. He couldn’t help thinking that he could kill his opponent effortlessly.

“Gu Chen, die now. No one can save you today.”

Desolate Changfeng’s Qi soared to the sky. He waved his hand and struck out another punch. This red-golden punch seemed like a mountain and was more powerful than the previous fist. It was enough to almost kill an ordinary Sixth Grade Great Saint.

“It’s too early to determine who will die.”

Jiang Chen’s body flashed. Powerful blood Qi erupted all of a sudden. His body instantly transformed into a half-dragon. He became tenfold stronger. An indestructible blood-red dragon claw collided with Desolate Changfeng’s attack.

*Hong Long…*

The spatial zone began to tremble and countless cracks appeared in the void. The transformed Jiang Chen’s combat strength had reached a terrifying extent. The red-golden fist was straightaway pulverised by the dragon claw and turned into innumerable golden light rays before it faded.

“Desolate Changfeng, are you still confident that you can kill me right now?”

Jiang Chen’s voice rolled like thunder. His Qi skyrocketed to the extreme. Not only was it not any weaker than Desolate Changfeng, it had also given Desolate Changfeng slight pressure.

“Transformation technique? You are that Jiang Chen?”

Desolate Changfeng’s facial expression changed dramatically. He didn’t imagine that Desolate Wuleng had made the right guess. The Gu Chen of Gu Palace was actually Jiang Chen of the Pure Land.

“Yes, that’s me.”

Jiang Chen had nothing more to hide. Across the entire Heaven and Earth, the only one who possessed a dragon transformation technique was him. When he decided to show Desolate Changfeng his dragon transformation technique, it only meant that he would not let Desolate Changfeng leave here alive.

“It seems like elder is right. Your ident.i.ty is indeed doubtful. Jiang Chen, you have killed the patriarch of our family, and also many of our experts and geniuses. This has created a hatred that’s even higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean. Today, I must kill you to avenge the death of those you killed and restore the dignity of our family,” said Desolate Changfeng harshly, however his face began to turn solemn, not underestimating Jiang Chen anymore. Although he was a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint, Jiang Chen didn’t seem any weaker. Not long ago, this man killed the patriarch of Desolate Family and a Seventh Grade Great Saint elder of Desolate Palace.

While he started taking Jiang Chen seriously, he also felt a trace of envy in his heart. In fact, it wasn’t just a trace but he was really envious of Jiang Chen. They were both geniuses but compared to Jiang Chen, he immediately felt that they were both in two different levels. While he was still a Third Grade Great Saint, though his full-fledged attack could eliminate a Fourth Grade Great Saint, he would die for sure if he confronted a Fifth Grade Great Saint. On the contrary, Jiang Chen who was merely a Third Grade Great Saint could eliminate a Seventh Grade Great Saint. He couldn’t blame the fact that Jiang Chen had the help of the transformation technique because that was a part of his ability. So, he could only blame his own incompetence.

“You talk too much.”

Jiang Chen was too lazy to reply to Desolate Changfeng’s nonsense because he was sure that he could not allow Desolate Changfeng to continue living. He took the initiative to strike. His movement was extremely fast. Striking out the True Dragon Palm, a blood-red dragon claw huge enough to make up a giant barrier that could cover the sky came slamming against Desolate Changfeng.

“Heaven Splitting Divine Claw!” Desolate Changfeng shouted.

His dark hair fluttered. He showed no quarters to Jiang Chen by casting his strongest combat technique—Heaven Splitting Divine Claw.

Desolate Family was really proud of this skill. When Desolate Yuntian, who was also a Sixth Grade Great Saint, casted this skill it was even more powerful than that of Desolate Changfeng, it was as though they were on two different levels.

*Hong Long…*

The two powerful attacks collided with each other. The excess waves from the collision swept through the entire miniature spatial zone, cutting the void to pieces. But because this spatial zone was personally deployed by Jiang Chen, it was incomparably stable. Adding the fact that the Five Elemental Power Spheres and Big Yellow’s formation were perfectly integrated, this spatial barrier would never break even if Jiang Chen and Desolate Changfeng were having a full-fledged battle here.

*Hong Long…*

The two men used all kinds of incredible skills, turning the sky dark. Although Desolate Changfeng couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, it wasn’t an easy task for Jiang Chen to kill him as well. While it was true that the half-dragon form Jiang Chen could kill any ordinary Seventh Grade Great Saint, it was also true that Desolate Changfeng possessed the same strength, he was a first cla.s.s genius of Desolate Palace after all.

Currently, in another miniature spatial zone, Desolate Wuleng focused all of his concentration on the battle. However, he could only sense the combat waves coming from the inside.

“Chang Feng, I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

Desolate Wuleng took a deep breath. By now, he could only place his hope on Desolate Changfeng, it was highly possible that their battle had already aroused the attention of Gu Palace. The people of Gu Palace should have also been watching Jiang Chen to ensure his safety. So, if he intervened, someone from Gu Palace would step in as well.

The good thing was that he was very confident in Desolate Changfeng’s strength. As a first cla.s.s genius of Desolate Palace, Gu Chen shouldn’t be a problem to him. Even if Gu Chen really was Jiang Chen, the gap between them wouldn’t be very wide. Anyway, as long as Desolate Changfeng returned, the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen would be revealed.

If Gu Chen really was Jiang Chen, he would announce it to the public, immediately turning Jiang Chen into a public enemy. If Gu Chen wasn’t Jiang Chen, he would be killed by Desolate Changfeng and one great threat of Desolate Palace would be eliminated.


“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

On the battlefield, the two of them had already fought for over a hundred rounds but there was no clear winner yet. At this time, Jiang Chen struck out his Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal all of a sudden. Fifteen stout dragons rushed out simultaneously. Combining with the Five Elemental Power Spheres, the attack consisted of five different elemental attacks that affected the surroundings of the battlefield. With five different attacks merging together, it suffocated Desolate Changfeng.

“d.a.m.n! What kind of attack is this? How could there be an attack with five different attributes?” Desolate Changfeng couldn’t help swearing.

The longer he fought Jiang Chen, the more frightened he got. The tricks that Jiang Chen had was endless. He was extremely surprised by the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal and was clueless of how to defend it.


However, Desolate Changfeng wasn’t an ordinary person after all. With a turn of his palm, a thirty meter long staff materialized. It was an incomparably thick staff. After channelling large amount of energy into the staff, it turned into a heavenly pillar covered with spikes that gave people an eerie feeling.

“Whirlwind Divine Staff!”

Desolate Changfeng struck with his staff. Along with a powerful staff skill, countless shadows of the staff was produced. It emitted a great brilliance and collided with the 15 combat dragons of Jiang Chen.

*Roar* *Roar* *Roar*

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

The frenzied dragons roared furiously; the atmosphere was in total chaos. The chaotic battlefield was obscured by the seven-colored light of energy. This was an energy that could destroy the Heaven and Earth. The intense battle between the two of them had created an unusual phenomenon. If this battle happened outside the spatial zone, there was no doubt that the Heaven and Earth would be ruined, every mountain in a thousand mile radius would be crushed into powder.


Where the Whirlwind Divine Staff pa.s.sed was left with nothing. The long staff that Desolate Changfeng held could pulverize even the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal, however, he didn’t seem fine either. The violent attacks just now made him retreat a dozen paces.

“How the h.e.l.l is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d so strong?”

Desolate Changfeng felt very annoyed. From the beginning of the battle until now, even though he hadn’t lost in any round, his desire to kill Jiang Chen only intensified.

“Desolate Changfeng, can’t you see, you’re no match for me. If you choose to leave now, perhaps you may still have a chance,” said Jiang Chen to Desolate Changfeng.

In truth, he was more afraid than anyone if Desolate Changfeng escaped. After all, with Desolate Changfeng’s strength, it was enough for him to escape if he really wanted to.

However, he believed that Desolate Changfeng wouldn’t escape. One should know that a peerless genius like Desolate Changfeng no doubt wanted face and dignity the most. His pride would never allow him to flee.

“Leave? This is really a joke. Jiang Chen, although your strength has surprised me, I’m still capable of killing you.”

Desolate Changfeng showed a face of ruthlessness just as Jiang Chen expected. His pride wouldn’t allow him to escape. Plus, he must have thought that the fight between him and Jiang Chen was still recorded by Desolate Wuleng.

Moreover, he thought that the higher ups were paying attention to this battle that’s why he was motivated to perform his best. If he could kill Jiang Chen, his status in Desolate Palace would skyrocket to another level, and that meant he would obtain great rewards.

More importantly, Desolate Changfeng still had a powerful trump card that he had yet to use. This trump card was enough for him to turn a critical situation around.

“Bring it on then.”

Jiang Chen attacked once more. The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand. Even though it hadn’t returned to its peak yet, its scariness was beyond anyone’s imagination. Compared to Desolate Changfeng’s Whirlwind Divine Staff, it was certainly no match to his sword.


The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a blood-red dragon, producing a shrill howl, leaving a long stretch of rainbow in the void. Then, in the blink of an eye, it appeared before Desolate Changfeng.

Desolate Changfeng seemed fearless. He brandished the Whirlwind Divine Staff; the heavenly pillar like staff was swung forward, meeting the Heavenly Saint Sword.

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