Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 992 – Calculation

Chapter 992 – Calculation


The 4th!

“Elder, the one who killed our Seventh Grade Great Saint expert was Jiang Chen not Gu Chen.”

Desolate Changfeng doubted.

“Don’t be careless. If I’m not mistaken, Gu Chen is Jiang Chen. There are all kinds of signs showing that he is the same person we are looking for. Your a.s.sault on him this time is a good chance to test this theory. If Gu Chen is really Jiang Chen, the six major palaces will surely go after him and kill him and Gu Palace will be out of ways to protect him.”

Desolate Wuleng had a cold smile on his face. He was very confident in his speculation. Putting aside the fact that Gu Chen’s ident.i.ty already aroused suspicion, he began to doubt the connection between Gu Chen and Jiang Chen when he sensed the familiar Qi from his body. One should know that the perception of an Eighth Grade Great Saint was undeniably sharp.

“Humph! In that case, luck’s by my side. I have been wanting to meet that Jiang Chen in person. Although he could kill our Seventh Grade Great Saint, I don’t fear him at all. With my present strength, I can kill any Seventh Grade Great Saint with ease. I, Desolate Changfeng believe that I can easily get rid of a Third Grade Great Saint.”

Desolate Changfeng let out a cold humph, emitting the unique pride of a genius. In general, every genius had their own pride, especially the geniuses of Desolate Palace. This explained why Desolate Changfeng was so confident. It would be effortless for him to kill any Seventh Grade Great Saint with his strength alone.

To Desolate Family, either it was Gu Chen or Jiang Chen, both of them were their enemies and a must-kill target.

“Go now. I will secretly record the battle between you and Gu Chen. I heard that Jiang Chen has a transformation technique that can enhance his combat strength by tenfold. Considering his current cultivation base and if he really is Jiang Chen, he will certainly use that transformation technique in battle. If he isn’t Jiang Chen, he won’t be a match for you and will surely be killed by you.”

Desolate Wuleng had a sneer that seemed as if everything was under his control. He couldn’t deal Gu Chen personally as that would arouse the attention of Gu Palace. However, Desolate Changfeng could because he was a young genius of Desolate Palace and the geniuses of Saint Origin Palace were the main reinforcement in the main battlefield. As such, using Desolate Changfeng to kill Gu Chen wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention.

He had decided that if Gu Chen wasn’t Jiang Chen, Gu Chen would definitely be killed by Desolate Changfeng and thus, getting rid of a great enemy of Desolate Palace. If Gu Chen was Jiang Chen, even if Desolate Changfeng couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, he could still record their battle secretly. At that time, when the evidence gets shown to the public, Jiang Chen would immediately become the common target of all. All six major palaces would immediately go after him. Even with the help of Gu Palace and Demon Palace, Jiang Chen would still die for sure.


Desolate Changfeng flashed and vanished in a blink. The next moment, he appeared outside the miniature spatial zone of Jiang Chen.

“Humph! Gu Chen, if it wasn’t for elder’s keen perception, I wouldn’t have found your concealed spatial zone.”

Desolate Changfeng humphed coldly, circulated the spatial energy and broke into the miniature spatial zone.

The instant Desolate Changfeng intruded, Jiang Chen who was in seclusion, attempting to break through the Fourth Grade Great Saint opened his eyes abruptly. Strong fury shot out of his eyes. He had reached the boundary of Fourth Grade Great Saint. Only one more step and he would have had a complete breakthrough.

It was imaginable how angry he was right now when he was interrupted at such a time. Only fifty more dragon marks to achieve the break through. If he refined another higher grade devil soul, he would instantly break through.

Ever since he entered the Western Domain, all the dragon marks were condensed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. So, the refinement didn’t affect his foundation at all. However, such advancement took a lot of energy and time.

If he was given less than half a day’s time, he would surely make the break through, but such an excellent moment was ruined by Desolate Changfeng.

“Gu Chen, so you are hiding here? You gave me a hard time finding you.”

Desolate Changfeng gazed at Jiang Chen, and immediately, unleashed his killing intent.

“Desolate Changfeng, you shouldn’t have come.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He didn’t feel surprised to see Desolate Changfeng here. He had already antic.i.p.ated that Desolate Palace was going to take advantage of the chaos in the war to make an attempt on taking his life.

“Little Chen, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d isn’t easy to deal with. If you don’t transform, I’m afraid you can’t beat him.”

Said Big Yellow worriedly. Although he was a Fourth Grade Great Saint and could get rid of any ordinary Sixth Grade Great Saint, Desolate Changfeng was beyond his capability to handle. Even Jiang Chen would be required to transform to fight this guy. After all, he hadn’t yet made the advanced to Fourth Grade Great Saint yet.

“Then ,I will transform. This man will die today. However, I sensed that someone is spying on us here. If I’m not mistaken, it must be the expert of Desolate Palace trying to record the scenes of our fight. That Desolate Wuleng has already suspected my ident.i.ty. Once he obtains the evidence of my true ident.i.ty, the six major families will surely come after me on an attempt to eliminate me.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. Given his shrewdness, he could naturally perceive that someone was watching him.

“What now?”

Asked Big Yellow. Of course he knew that Gu Chen was a very important ident.i.ty due to Jiang Chen not being powerful enough yet. In any case, the ident.i.ty of Gu Chen had only offended Desolate Palace and not the other five, but if his cover was blown, the whole scenario would change.

“It doesn’t matter. I will cast the Five Elemental Power Spheres later. This miniature spatial zone is created by me. So combining my Five Elemental Power Spheres and the spatial zone, is enough to block the spying eyes from outside. You don’t have to join in the fight. Deploy a grand formation using this spatial zone as the foundation, integrate it with my power sphere and this will wholly cut off the link between the outside world and this spatial zone. Then, they will see nothing from the outside. Since Desolate Palace has an abundance geniuses, I would like to see whether they have enough geniuses to satisfy my desire to kill.”

A cold smirk was seen at the corner of his mouth. Desolate Wuleng and Desolate Changfeng were destined to fall into Jiang Chen’s trap even if they tried to plot against him. In this world, there was no one that could secretly plot against him. If Desolate Changfeng was here to kill him, he was fated to meet only one outcome – being killed by Jiang Chen.


Big Yellow nodded. He was well-versed in the Formation Holy Book which has all kinds of formation, just at his fingertips. There was no grand formation that he hadn’t seen before. It was conceivable what effect it would bring if his grand formation was integrated with Jiang Chen’s power.

Big Yellow vanished all of a sudden. He turned into a light that constantly penetrated the spatial zone. Desolate Changfeng completely ignored the his existence. In his eyes, he only had one target – Gu Chen.

Jiang Chen slowly stood up from the ground and came near Desolate Changfeng. “Desolate Changfeng, are you that confident in killing me?”

“Haha! Gu Chen, my cultivation is exactly three levels higher than yours. If I don’t have such confidence in killing you, Then, I have been living my life in vain.”

Desolate Changfeng laughed loudly.

“It’s no use talking too much. Bring it on.”

As he said that, he unleashed his power sphere – Five Elemental Power Spheres –integrating with the spatial zone. Desolate Changfeng frowned. Sensing the changes in the air current produced a slight uneasiness in his heart.

However, he threw that feeling out of his mind immediately. Given his strength, there was nothing that he needed to worry about while fighting a mere Third Grade Great Saint.

In another spatial zone, Desolate Wuleng was holding a rock crystal in his hand. Inside the rock crystal was the scene of Jiang Chen and Desolate Changfeng. Although the projected scene wasn’t very clear, anyone with a good eyesight could see the situation clearly.

However, as soon as Jiang Chen moved, the scene in the rock crystal instantly vanished and turned into a blur.

“What’s going on?”

Desolate Wuleng’s facial expression changed. He hurriedly exerted energy into the rock crystal. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t see the situation inside the spatial zone no matter how hard he tried.

“Someone has deployed a grand formation to block my view. Could it be that the expert of Gu Palace has found out about this?”

Desolate Wuleng was baffled, thinking that it must be the doing of Gu Palace’s experts. However, he wouldn’t have thought that it was Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who did this.

The picture in the rock crystal was gone, the original plan was ruined and Desolate Weleng couldn’t interfere in the fight. Now, he could only place his hopes on Desolate Changfeng. In fact, he was incomparably confident in Desolate Changfeng as he was a supreme genius brought up by Desolate Palace. With a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint cultivation base, not even an ordinary Seventh Grade Great Saint was his opponent. Even if Gu Chen was the Jiang Chen that could transform, he believed that Desolate Changfeng would still be able to handle him. Even if he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have a problem escaping. As long as he could escape, Gu Chen’s true ident.i.ty would be revealed.

In the miniature spatial zone, Desolate Changfeng was the first to act. He struck with a red-gold knuckle that carried an incredible force, smas.h.i.+ng against Jiang Chen fiercely.


It just happened that Jiang Chen wanted to test his combat strength. He was now at the peak of the Third Grade Great Saint, which was a lot more powerful when he killed the Seventh Grade Great Saint of Desolate Palace back then.


Two knuckles connected, grinding out a sea of fire. Under the great force of the impact, Jiang Chen was sent flying roughly forty meters away. His body trembled; it was obvious that he wasn’t the opponent of Desolate Changfeng.

“Clearly, an extraordinary genius. You can’t be compared to any ordinary Sixth Grade Great Saint.”

Jiang Chen flung his tingling arm for a few times, started to pay attention to Desolate Changfeng.

“Gu Chen, you are worthy of being called a rare genius for blocking one strike of mine. Unfortunately, the gap between you and me is just too big. You are certainly no match for me. I suggest you to stop struggling, it will only make you die uglier.”

Desolate Changfeng has just gained the upper hand. His confidence started to erupt from the inside.

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