Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 991 – Desolate Changfeng

Chapter 991 – Desolate Changfeng

Desolate Changfeng

The 3rd!

Han Yan and Great Master Ran Feng both felt very anxious at this critical juncture but neither of them could provide any a.s.sistance. They had done all they could to buy time for Tyrant. They were now occupied engaged with the devil army. Although they were still capable of protecting themselves, they were too occupied to prevent the muster of devils from attacking Tyrant.

The current situation now solely depended on Tyrant’s own fate...

The devils attacked. Their attacks were immense and majestic like a vast ocean, wrapping the golden Buddha Light in a blink. That was the Saint Light of Buddha Sect. Tyrant was currently in the most critical moment of breaking through. If he was forcefully interrupted, the loss he would suffer would be inestimably tremendous.

All of a sudden, the Saint Light exploded.

*Hong Long!*

Boundless golden brilliance filled the sky above Greenlotus Mountain. Such furious energy consisted of the purest Qi of Buddha Sect, which was the greatest foe of Devil Race. The impact of the explosion was so powerful that over a hundred of the devils’ attacks were instantly pulverized, or perhaps purified. All the devil waves above the sky dispersed, what was left after that was the holy Buddha Light that was so dazzling, and watching it directly would temporary blind you.


Innumerable screams were heard from the devils. Over a hundred of them were forced backwards by the violent surge of Buddha Light. Some Devil Emperors and Minor Devil Saints were pulverized on the spot, they couldn’t bear the great power and turned into a mist of blood.

“He succeeded!”

Great Master Ran Feng’s eyes brimmed with joy, relief and also pride. His disciple had finally broken through the last step in the most critical juncture. Not only had he fully understood the Saint Light of Buddha Sect, but also advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Saint.


A voice sounded from the interior of Greenlotus Mountain. The voice wasn’t loud but everyone heard it clearly. It had the sense of Buddha Sect’s high-ranked monk that could s.h.i.+ver the soul of all Buddha Sect’s experts.

That Seventh Grade Devil Saint stopped attacking and lifted his head. He saw a young monk in robe flying slowly above the sky while putting his palms together. There was a string of golden beads engraved with abstruse Sanskrit hanging from his neck.

The young monk seemed around 20 years old but he exuded the impression of a high-ranked monk. On his body, golden light light lingered that was also marked with the Sanskrit. That wasn’t any normal light but the Saint Light of Buddha Sect.

“Golden Arhat. Haha…”

Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t help but laugh once more after seeing the unexpected changes in Tyrant.

What he had not expected was that Tyrant could condense the Golden Arhat. This was the supreme technique of Arhat in Buddha Sect and also the most advanced in existence. Even though the Golden Arhat Tyrant condensed was still in embryonic form, such potential was one of its kind in a thousand years in Buddha Sect. Even Ancestor Greenlotus had not condensed the Golden Arhat while he was still young. In other words, Tyrant had the potential to achieve the true Buddhahood.

“Argh! What a strong Saint Light. What the h.e.l.l is this monk? It’s terrifying.”

“This Saint Light is the natural enemy of our race. I can sense an inexplicable fear when I’m standing before him. This man is going to be the greatest enemy of Devil Race.”

“The Saint Light of Buddha Sect? Such thing hasn’t appeared for a long time. Is it because the Heaven is putting an end to our race?”

“Calm down everyone. Although this young monk has comprehended the Saint Light of Buddha Sect, his cultivation base isn’t strong. He’s just a Sixth Grade Great Saint. We have recuperated for so long and handling a Sixth Grade Great Saint won’t be a problem.”


All the devils on the scene became nervous. Even those powerful Sixth Grade Devil Saint were showing fear in their faces. That was the fear that originated from their soul. The origin of their devil soul started to tremble.


Tyrant was full of confidence the moment he got out from his seclusion. A character (呔) was produced from his mouth. Countless rays of Saint Light spread out like swords, hitting against the muster of devils.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Numerous wails sounded. The Saint Light then formed a vast domain that was even scarier than Han Yan’s 9000 Meter White Hair. In the blink of an eye, over hundreds of devils died under the Saint Light, including those powerful Sixth Grade Devil Saints that didn’t even have the strength to resist.

“Not good.”

When the Seventh Grade Devil Saint saw what happened, he turned and fled without saying another word. He knew his abilities very well. Although he was a level higher than Tyrant, fighting against a Sixth Grade Great Saint monk that had comprehended the Saint Light and condensed the early-stage Golden Arhat was no different from seeking death.

“Edifying Light.”

Tyrant would never give him a chance to escape. Very swiftly, he waved and struck out the Edifying Light. Under the absolute suppression and restraint of the light, the Seventh Grade Devil Saint failed to resist and was edified immediately.


The Seventh Grade Devil Saint knelt before Tyrant with incomparable politeness and sincerity.

Han Yan standing at one side widened his eyes. Although he had witnessed the power of Edifying Light and had seen Jiang Chen edify quite many devils before, he couldn’t help admiring Tyrant so much he would prostrate before him when he saw how easily Tyrant could eradicate the devils and subdue the devil chief.

“d.a.m.n you monk! Isn’t your ability too powerful?”

Han Yan rolled his eyes.

“Hehe! I have to thank you for that, Ah Yan. If you didn’t help me buy some time, my seclusion would’ve been forcibly interrupted and my master’s life would’ve been in danger.” Tyrant smiled and said.

His grat.i.tude for Han Yan was beyond his ability to express. Although he was in seclusion during the battles, he was aware of everything that happened outside. To put it bluntly, if it hadn’t been for Han Yan today, he wouldn’t have achieved what he had today and Great Master Ran Feng’s life would be endangered.

“There’s no need to mention about it.”

Han Yan patted Tyrant’s shoulder. Brothers would never be calculative about deeds.

“My disciple, little friend Han Yan, this war started by Devil Race is a great opportunity for the both of you. One of you is the gifted one in Buddha Sect and the other possesses the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. You two will progress to a very terrifying extent throughout the war. This is an opportunity you can’t miss,” said Great Master Ran Feng.

“Master, you’re right. We’re heading into the main battlefield. We’ll kill stronger devils to improve ourselves,” replied Tyrant.

“There’s no need for that. Greenlotus Mountain is a main battlefield by itself. The battle waves here must have already spread out. There will be more mighty devils coming here. Besides, Greenlotus Mountain was left by Ancestor Greenlotus. If you two left, this place would be turned into ruins and this is something which I don’t wish to see.” Great Master Ran Feng said.

“Great Master is right. Why don’t we guard here? Firstly, we can safeguard Greenlotus Mountain from being destroyed. Secondly, we will get to kill numerous devils to improve ourselves. We can get the best of both worlds.” Han Yan said.

“Alright. Then, we’ll stay. With you fighting alongside with me, I’m sure I can edify even an Eighth Grade Devil Saint.” Tyrant said confidently.


Battlefields could be found everywhere in the vast Western Domain, but an increasing number of human experts were joining the war. Their partic.i.p.ation had started to alleviate the immense pressure from the devils’ attack. The situations ranging from the outskirts to the center of the domain were changing. Many devil army began to retreat, or so to say, their attack were suppressed.

In one day’s time, plenty battles that had happened in the outskirts had stopped. No one would know how many devils died in the process. The name of Gu Chen had become famous throughout the Western Domain. In the meantime, Gu Family also ama.s.sed great fame and was known as the clan that fought for the world. Their reputation had already surpa.s.sed Great Lightning Tune Temple and had unknowingly exceeded the reputation of the seven major families.

All of these were due to Jiang Chen’s contributions. The news of the rise of the prestige of Gu Family and Gu Chen’s actions naturally had reached the ears of the higher ups in Gu Palace. They were praising him in their hearts. Gu Chen had been contributing a lot to Gu Palace ever since he joined.

It was currently evening. Within the range of a thousand miles among the destroyed mountains that didn’t have even a single devil, and deep in the mountains inside a miniature spatial zone was a white-clothed youth sitting cross-legged and beside him was a big yellow dog.

There was only one such team throughout the entire Saint Origin World: Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. They had reunited after meeting each other in the previous battles. Jiang Chen had gained enormous benefits from a day of battling fiercely. He had edified two Seventh Grade Devil Saints and nearly half of the fourth level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had been condensed. Currently, he was working on breaking through into the Fourth Grade Great Saint.

As for Big Yellow, he had consumed plentiful devil souls and had already reached the Fourth Grade of Great Saint realm.

The war in the Great Lightning Tune Temple was still going on intensely. All experts of the eight major palaces had come to their aid. After so many years of recuperation, the Devil Race had grown very strong. The emergence of ‘super’ Devil Saints had also brought in the arrival of peerless experts like Gu Firmament and Desolate Emperor.

Meanwhile, in another miniature spatial zone was two silhouettes standing opposite each other. One was an elder and the other was a young man. The elder had a very strong cultivation base. He was no doubt the Eighth Grade Great Saint elder of Desolate Palace, Desolate Wuleng, while the young man was a young genius of Desolate Palace, Desolate Changfeng, who was a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint. During the time in the Refining Tower, he was the one who wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen.

“Changfeng. I have already found the location of Gu Chen. He is in seclusion in a miniature spatial zone right now. I want you to go over there and kill him, but I don’t know whether you have the confidence to do so,” said Desolate Wuleng.

“Killing a puny Gu Chen is a piece of cake to me.” Desolate Changfeng sneered and said with confidence.

“Don’t underestimate that man. One of our Seventh Grade Great Saints had once died in his hands.” Desolate Wuleng reminded.

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