Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 990 – The Saint Light of Buddha Sect

Chapter 990 – The Saint Light of Buddha Sect

The Saint Light of Buddha Sect

The 2nd!

“You want to devour me? I’m afraid you don’t have the teeth for that.” Han Yan said, sneering.

Although he was only a peak Fourth Grade Great Saint, an ordinary Fifth Grade Great Saint was no match for him. That time, in the Pure Land, a lot of Fifth Grade Great Saints from the six major families had been killed by him. Furthermore, his current cultivation had already advanced unlike before.

Then again, the powerful Ancient Divine Devil physique represented the king that was above thousands of devils. Putting aside the possibility of whether he could command them, his Qi alone was enough to make them feel terrified. Even this Fifth Grade Great Saint devil felt stifled before Han Yan.


The devil didn’t want to waste any more time. In this war against Saint Origin World, they were competing of who could make the biggest contribution to their race. If he could kill this Ancient Divine Devil human, not only would he acquire great benefits, but also be rewarded generously by the higher echelons.

The Fifth Grade Great Saint devil moved, opening his giant black mouth that looked like a huge black hole, and pounced on Han Yan frenziedly. The stormy gust of stench he released was revolting. Those sharp tusks inside didn’t seem inferior to any average Great Saint Weapon.

Great Master Ran Feng gazed at this powerful devil without blinking, his heart was full of worries, not knowing whether Han Yan could resist it.

However, Han Yan’s performance relieved his worried mind. He couldn’t help but gasp in admiration that there were too many monstrous geniuses in this world, and the ones befriended by Jiang Chen were all heaven defying.


After hearing a cold humph, Han Yan’s pupils suddenly turned pure black and he shouted, “9,000 Meter White Hair.”

*Whizz* *Whizz* *Whizz*

Each strand of his white hair had turned into a sharp sword, covering the sky, like a white ocean, indestructible. In just a few blinks of an eye, the white swords fully encompa.s.sed the devil and pierced through its giant mouth.


The devil screamed in pain. He had not imagined that this human could be so overbearing, his hair alone was unbearable. Now, Han Yan’s white hair had formed a domain, totally trapping the devil. 9,000 Meter White Hair was a powerful and versatile combat ability which Han Yan had just awakened.

“A poor little Fifth Grade Devil Saint attempting to fight against me? Die!”

Han Yan’s strikes were ruthless. The sharp white hair shot forth all of a sudden, shredding the 300 meter tall Devil Saint. The blood of the devil drifted in the sky. Han Yan s.n.a.t.c.hed the devil soul from the remains and swallowed it straightaway.

“Haha! Sure enough, this is nouris.h.i.+ng.” Han Yan said and laughed.

Gusts of devil waves rushed out of his body, masking the void around. The devils began to retreat when they felt a strong pressure from the oppressive Qi.

“Die, all of you! Help me break through to the Fifth Grade Great Saint.”

Han Yan went frenzied. He unleashed a sea of devil Qi, encompa.s.sing thousands of devils. Among these devils, there were a dozen Devil Saints, a Fourth Grade Devil Saint and plenty of Minor Saints. After consuming the devil soul of the Fifth Grade Great Saint, his cultivation had already reached the peak of Fourth Grade Great Saint, only a step away from the Fifth Grade Great Saint. If he could refine all the devil souls of these devils, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to advance to Fifth Grade Great Saint.

*howl* *howl*

The devils that was in the zone of the devil Qi realized that they could do nothing about their situation after a few struggles. At this moment, Han Yan had turned into a peerless devil. The sea of devil Qi turned into a terrifying energy, ripping off groups of devils. Not even Devil Saints could escape such fate.

Han Yan looked as if he had turned into a real Ancient Devil—the ferocious Divine Devil. The Heaven and Earth changed color. All the devils were in terror. Unceasing wails could be heard, while all the devil souls flew towards Han Yan’s hand, and was then refined.

*Pa* *Pa* *Pa*

Han Yan’s Qi was still rising non-stop. Within a few minutes or so, he refined all the devil souls and successfully broke through to the Fifth Grade Great Saint. Inside his body was a black ocean. It was the Devil Sea that could absorb anything.

Ever since successfully refining the Ancient Devil, his bloodline was fully activated, revealing the horrifyingness of his ability. It might not be obvious in a fight against human cultivators, but against devils, it could be seen clearly.

Because of his special bloodline and physique, he was able to endlessly absorb devil souls. Moreover, this absorption was different from Jiang Chen’s, which depended on dragon transformation skill and over absorption would easily lead to instability of the foundation. As Jiang Chen was using the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da in the absorption, the benefits he got naturally became lesser.

Han Yan, on the other hand, wouldn’t have to worry about over absorption. Instead, the source of devil essence in devil souls would strengthen his foundation.

In other words, this battle had provided Han Yan the greatest and the best opportunity. During his ma.s.sacre, he continued to grow stronger to a horrifying extent.


The devils that surrounded the Greenlotus Mountain was eradicated by Han Yan. All of a sudden, a ray of brilliant light shot up to the sky at the center of Greenlotus Mountain. One could clearly see the Sanskrit symbols in this brilliance. It looked incomparably divine and full of Buddha essence.

The light had attracted Han Yan and Great Master Ran Feng’s attention. Their eyes were full of surprise, particularly Great Master Ran Feng’s. No one knew better than him what the luminosity and the symbols meant.

“Haha! Great. This is great. This is the Saint Light of Buddha Sect. For nearly 1,000 years, he is only the second person to comprehend the Saint Light. The first is my master and the second is my apprentice. Hahahaha!” Great Master Ran Feng laughed without restraint.

He was filled with joy and pride. The Saint Light of Buddha Sect was the embodiment of Buddha. Ever since the decline of Buddha Sect, it had only produced one Gifted One—Ancestor Greenlotus. After grasping the Saint Light, he became the master of all. Today, the second person who comprehended the Saint Light appeared. Among these two people, one was Great Master Ran Feng’s master and the other was his disciple. Thus, there was no way that he wouldn’t be proud of them.

“What the heck?! Judging by Tyrant’s Qi, he must have already reached the Fifth Grade Great Saint,” said Han Yan.

“That right. That’s the effect of Ancestor’s Sarira. In fact, Fifth Grade Great Saint was supposed to be his limit. I didn’t expect this kid to comprehend the Saint Light of Buddha Sect. Depending solely on this Saint Light would allow him to advance to the Sixth Grade Great Saint. It is no longer impossible for him to surpa.s.s Ancestor Greenlotus in the future.” Great Master Ran Feng said with a face full of relief.


Han Yan rolled his eyes, admitting that there were in fact plenty of ‘abnormals’ in this world, but seeing Tyrant’s current achievement made him feel incomparably happy. As the world was approaching chaos, Jiang Chen mentioned that he and Tyrant would become his left and right hands. It was true, considering the fact that his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline had been fully activated and started to reveal a portion of his incredible might, and also Tyrant’s marvelous advancement.


Just then, a devil’s howl rang. A muster of devils charged forward once more. This time, the number of devils weren’t as many as before. Even though it seemed that there were only about a hundred of them, the Qi exuded by these devils were more powerful than the previous devils. The chief among them was a middle-aged man with a cultivation of a Seventh Grade Devil Saint. There were three Sixth Grade Devil Saints beside him.

“Not good. It must be the ma.s.sacre just now and the Saint Light that attracted these powerful devils. This Seventh Grade Devil Saint isn’t going to be easy to deal with.”

Great Master Ran Feng’s facial expression changed.

Even Han Yan frowned. Although he had just advanced to Fifth Grade Great Saint and killing Sixth Grade Devil Saints wouldn’t be a problem, he was still no match to a Seventh Grade Devil Saint. Now that Tyrant was at his most critical moment, he must hold the attacks of these devils. No matter what happened, he couldn’t let Tyrant receive any harm.


Billowy devil waves surged out of Han Yan’s body. His face didn’t show any signs of fear even when he was about to face these fierce devils.


The chief gave the command to kill with one word.


The three Sixth Grade Devil Saints dashed towards Han Yan.


Han Yan let out a cold humph, striking out a punch that carried an overwhelming Qi, forming a black barrier. The three Sixth Grade Devil Saints were pushed by Han Yan’s punch. One of them spurted out blood.


They couldn’t help exclaiming in astonishment. Their gaze brimmed with disbelief. Their cultivation was higher than Han Yan and their physique should’ve given them the upper hand while battling a human cultivator. They hadn’t thought that their joint strike would be deflected by a mere Fifth Grade Great Saint human.

“I didn’t expect that the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline would exist in a human’s body. No wonder you are so strong. However, you surely will die under my attacks.”

The Seventh Grade Great Saint discerned Han Yan’s true ability. He made a step forth; an aggressive wave charged at Han Yan, like a sharp sword.


Han Yan moved, striking out a huge palm—that looked like a ferocious-looking black devil palm covered with black scales—collided with the Seventh Grade Devil Saint’s attack head on.

*Hong Long…*

Violent waves rolled. Han Yan was pushed back several paces before regaining his balance. Sure enough, the Seventh Grade Devil Saint wasn’t an easy opponent.

“Haha! You all, go and attack that Buddha Light. I will handle this brat.”

The devil chief laughed as he gazed at the ray of Saint Light above Greenlotus Mountain.


Over 100 devils rushed towards the Saint Light. Han Yan wanted to stop them but the devil chief kept him busy. Below, Great Master Ran Feng looked concerned. Given his present state, he wouldn’t be of any help at all and would die immediately if he tried to stop this group of devils.

“I didn’t expect that another genius would be born in Buddha Sect. Anyway, this genius won’t fall.”

A wave of devils seethed like the sea, as it charged towards the Buddha Light.

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