Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 989 – One Man to Defend Against All

Chapter 989 – One Man to Defend Against All

One Man to Defend Against All

The 1st!

In order to make the best use of his time, he turned into a ray of light and vanished without any delay. No one in the city found out that the residual essence of the devils had vanished the instant Jiang Chen departed. As far as the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was concerned, these were nourishments. Although the cultivation base of these devils were too low in comparison to Jiang Chen, there was an immense number of them. As such, he was going to make good use of his paG.o.da-absorber.

The cultivators who had been rescued bowed in succession to the direction where Jiang Chen left. They would remember his kindness for as long as they lived. Gu Family gained their hearts instantly despite them believing in Buddha and wors.h.i.+pping the Great Lightning Tune Temple.

Today, the one who saved them from the dire distress wasn’t anyone from the Great Lightning Tune Temple but in fact the genius of Gu Family.

“Going to war with the Devil Race is a matter of the world. However, Gu Family is the only one who fought for the sake of the world.” The city lord sighed.

“City Lord, what do we do now? Are we going to run for our lives?” Someone asked.

“If you want to run for your lives, do it yourself. I will never flee. I have lost my home and those closest to me. If I can’t kill devils while I am still alive, I’m no different to a walking corpse.”

“Yeah! I won’t run as well. Let’s go to the other battlefield and kill some devils. Now, every place in the Western Domain has turned into a battlefield and devils are everywhere. We have to do our part when we are still alive.”


A thrill of excitement surged through them. Their eyes had turned blood red while looking at the ruined homes and the battered corpses. Even if they were still alive, they felt as if their heart was bleeding. The war was too cruel; the devils were born to eliminate the human race. Did they really want to run away after being rescued by Jiang Chen?

“Alright. We’ll head towards the other battlefield to eliminate devils and to safeguard our home.”

The city lord’s Qi roared, as he led the remaining cultivators towards a certain direction.

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to enter the main battlefield. He had to build a reputation for Gu Family first because he clearly knew that even though the war against the Devil Race was happening only in the Western Domain, it would influence the entire human race, which was an opportunity for Gu Family to shoot to fame.

Although the Western Domain was smallest amongst the eight major domains, its surrounding area was a few dozen million mile large. It was abounded with big and small cities. For the peripheral city like the one rescued by Jiang Chen previously, there were thousands of them.

In fact, these cities weren’t the main battlefield but they were no doubt facing their doomsday. Some cultivators had fled the moment the devils attacked while others remained and engaged in an intense battle with the devils.

Without the reinforcement from Great Lighting Tune Temple and the help of the eight major families in Pure Land, they could only let the battle run its course. At this time, a young man in white clothes that looked like the Saviour stepped through the void flying across cities on the outskirts of Western Domain. Every city he pa.s.sed was accompanied by innumerable wails and countless deaths.

The devils on the outskirts were too weak. To Jiang Chen, a casual blow of air from his mouth was enough to eradicate them and it was absolutely effortless. These gusts of winds had made him and Gu Family famous. His name, Gu Chen, began to spread rapidly in the Western Domain. Indirectly, Gu Family’s reputation had surpa.s.sed Great Lightning Tune Temple’s.

While Jiang Chen was ma.s.sacring the devils, many Minor Saint geniuses of the eight major families had emerged. This time, they had entered the battlefields in the outskirts and helped the cities from being invaded.

At the beginning of the war, the devils’ attacks were fierce and wild. Not only they were extremely numerous, but there were also a lot of powerful Devil Saints that constantly kept Great Lightning Tune Temple occupied. The six major families of Pure Land were still in distress after the event of their patriarchs and their Sixth Grade Great Saint elders being killed. Thus, in addition to the fact that the experts of Saint Origin Palace were present and with their low morale, they wouldn’t dare to send their geniuses to the battlefield.

Now, as the experts of Saint Origin Palace were coming in succession, these geniuses of the eight major families joined the war. The Great War between Human Race and Devil Race had truly begun.

This was going to be a tragic war, but it wasn’t a war without benefit. In the cultivation path, one had to go against the Heaven in order to move forward like sailing against the current. Take any famous figure in history for example, none of them had made past their way to what they were at that time without stepping on hills or mountains of white bones. Every one of them had been through a great deal of life-or-death ordeals before they managed to succeed.

Therefore, having war with the Devil Race was part of the process in the growth of Human Race and also an experience for the geniuses to gain maturity. Cultivation had always been cruel. In the world of cultivation, some were destined to rise whereas some would fall.

Jiang Chen was without a doubt the largest beneficiary of this war for the current moment and in the future. After an hour of ma.s.sacring in the Western Domain, more than 10, 000 devils had died in his hands.

With such immense number of devils, he didn’t miss a single one of their essences. All were absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and the fourth level had begun to form gradually; an embryonic shape could be seen from the fourth level.

The ninety-nine levels Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da held the same concept as Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skill. The further it reached, the harder it was to condense. Therefore, fully condensing the fourth floor would be much harder than condensing the third floor.

The best way to condense the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was to absorb energy, energy that was immense and great in amount. Those devils that he killed previously were too low in level. Thus, the effect wasn’t that great in condensing the paG.o.da.

Meanwhile, the battle status in Great Lightning Tune Temple was chaotic. Innumerable devils were besieged by Great Lightning Tune Temple. Besides the high-ranked monks of the temple, there were also experts from Saint Origin Palace.

At this moment, the experts who were guarding Great Lightning Tune Temple right now were Great Saints of Gu Family, including the several Eighth Grade Great Saints that fought against the Eighth Grade Devil Saints inextricably, neither of them were gaining the upper hand.

Sure enough, the present Great Lightning Tune Temple was no longer the Great Lightning Tune Temple that everyone knew. It was declining at a rapid rate. In the last thousand years, they had only produced one Ancestor Greenlotus. Compared to such an enormous battlefield, they were undeniably vulnerable. Not even an Eighth Grade Great Saint could be found across the entire Great Lightning Tune Temple.

Greenlotus Mountain!

It wasn’t far from Great Lightning Tune Temple and was also one of the main battlefields. All the peaks of them mountains had been smashed and large pits were everywhere. Tens of thousands of black-coloured devils were swooping towards the Greenlotus Mountain.

At the present moment, outside Greenlotus Mountain stood a young man with white hair. His body was emanating devil waves which was more terrifying than those devils. His hands were covered with devil’s blood – the blood of his enemy. Under his feet was devil corpses that could be piled up into a hill.

This youth was none other than Han Yan. To him, such battle was simply something he dreamt of. Given his Ancient Divine Devil physique, he could absorb all kinds of devil essences and souls to enhance his cultivation.

In other words, his means was almost the same as Jiang Chen when it came to such a battlefield. They were the greatest enemy of devils.

“Little friend, be careful. It isn’t easy to deal with that formidable Fifth Grade Devil Saint.”

Below, in front of the gate of Greenlotus Mountain was an old monk, covered with blood, sitting cross-legged. He stared at the 300 meter tall Devil Saint and reminded Han Yan with concerning tone. The old monk was Great Master Ran Feng who was only a Second Grade Great Saint. He had been seriously wounded from his previous fights. If Han Yan hadn’t appeared in time, he would have been killed by the devils’ frenzied attacks.

The devils always had a deep hatred for monks of Buddha Sect. Therefore, their attacks against them would be extremely fierce. The devil leader standing opposite Han Yan right now was a powerful Fifth Grade Great Saint.

“Rest a.s.sured, great master. I won’t let these devils disrupt Tyrant’s cultivation with peace,” replied Han Yan.

He understood that Tyrant was now going through the most critical moment in his seclusion that it should never be disturbed.

That day after Jiang Chen’s departure, it took Tyrant roughly ten minutes to break through into Great Saint realm and initiated the Nine Major Tribulation. But he didn’t come out from seclusion after that. The power in the Sarira left by Ancestor Greenlotus was too great. First Grade Great Saint was definitely not the only advancement he would obtain.

Observing Tyrant’s progression made Great Master Ran Feng feel very delighted. That day when the Devil Race began its attack, Tyrant’s cultivation had broken through Third Grade Great Saint and it didn’t stop advancing even after that. According to Great Master Ran Feng’s estimation, Tyrant would at least reach the peak of Fifth Grade Great Saint after his seclusion, or he would even reach the sixth grade of Great Saint realm.

After all, the Sarira that had integrated with the Immortal Soul was undeniably terrifying. Tyrant had inherited the heritage left by Ancestor Greenlotus in the past, which made him the inheritor of Ancestor Greenlotus. So, refining the Sarira had naturally become easier.

At the present moment in Greenlotus Mountain. There was a trace of indistinct Qi that grew strong and weak at random times. That was the Qi of Tyrant, indicating that he was reaching the final step in his seclusion. Without a doubt, he would amaze everyone once he succeeded.

As this was the most crucial step of the process, the last thing he needed was to be disturbed. Otherwise, he would suffer an inestimable loss.

Great Master Ran Feng initially had lost hope due to the devils’ invasion but Han Yan’s timely appearance had given him hope again.

“The pure Ancient Divine Devil physique. I hadn’t imagined that it existed in the Human Race. But unfortunately, your are still too weak. After killing you today, I will devour your Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. Then, my cultivation base will advance by leaps and bounds and I will become invincible. Kaka…” The Fifth Grade Devil Saint laughed maniacally.

He felt surprised and at the same time, happy when he discovered that the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline was in the body of a human. This was his chance. If he could consume a human with Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, the benefits he could obtain would be boundless.

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