Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 988 – Gaining Prestige for Gu Family

Chapter 988 – Gaining Prestige for Gu Family

Gaining Prestige for Gu Family

The 14th!

Each spatial pa.s.sageway in the eight major palaces opened simultaneously. The first batch of gifted disciples immediately surged into it. The higher ups had already given the orders that whoever did well in this war, whoever had the most kills would be rewarded handsomely.

This excited the geniuses who had longed for a trial even more. They had the urge to rush into the Western Domain and eradicate the entire devil army.

Jiang Chen wasn’t excluded from the group. He, Gu Shuangtan and the rest of Gu Palace’s geniuses went into the spatial pa.s.sageway in Gu Palace.

Desolate Palace!

“Are you sure that brat is Jiang Chen?”

Desolate Emperor sounded grim while his eyes stared at Desolate Wuleng unblinkingly.

“I’m not too sure about it, but I sensed a familiar Qi from him the instant he appeared. It was similar to the residual Qi left by Jiang Chen in the battlefield, but because it was merely a faint trace, I wouldn’t dare confirm it.”

Desolate Wuleng shook his head.

“In any case, this brat is disastrous. Whether he is Jiang Chen or Gu Chen, we must find a way to get rid of him. Presently, the Law Enforcement Palace’s seat is occupied by Gu Firmament. What you did just now was too reckless, but an opportunity has presented itself in front of us, that brat has already gone to Western Domain.”

Desolate Emperor’s face was cold.

“Palace master, are you going to kill him yourself?”

Desolate Wuleng’s eyes sparkled.

“He’s just a puny brat and doesn’t require my interference. There has to be someone among the geniuses who can eliminate him. Well, I am joining the war this time to suppress the ‘super’ Devil Saints; Saint Origin Palace intends to provide a chance for the geniuses to experience a cruel trial in the war. I will be watching the movements of the ‘super’ Devil Saints and keep them out of the battlefield. At that time, the whole battlefield would be yours.”

Said Desolate Emperor.

“Rest a.s.sured, palace master. No matter what happens, we’ll not let that brat return alive this time.”

Desolate Wuleng ground his teeth. In his heart, both Jiang Chen and Gu Chen were his enemies, and they must die. It was needless to say about Jiang Chen because the conflict between him and Desolate Family had become irreparable. Comparably, Gu Chen had dealt considerable damage to Desolate Palace not long after arriving at Saint Origin Palace. Not only had he killed a few geniuses of Desolate Palace, but also made Desolate Palace lose face. More importantly, the potential Gu Chen had was too great; he would surely become an enormous threat to Desolate Palace in the future. Regardless of which aspect they looked this matter up, it was necessary to get rid of him.


In Pure Land, Gu Family.

A large batch of Saint Origin Palace’s geniuses had arrived. Their arrival inflated the void with their Qi. They were greeted by the elders of Gu Family and directed them to Western Domain without stopping.

Jiang Chen didn’t hurry to the battlefield. He went to see Gu Xuantian instead. As the patriarch and the leader of Gu Family, naturally, he was required to stay and guard for Gu Family.

“Patriarch, what’s the status in Western Domain?”

Asked Jiang Chen.

“The Devil Race ran a riot and attacked the domain. The circ.u.mstances is very intense. Many experts from the eight major families were sent to support them, but the Devil Race was still invading fiercely. Most of the regions in the domain had fallen into their hands within a short period of time. Despite having a Seventh Grade Great Saint from the Great Lightning Tune Temple guarding there and the special abilities and magical treasures of Buddha Sect that could suppress the devils, they were on the losing end. If it wasn’t for the several Eighth Grade Great Saints that came from Gu Palace, the entire domain would’ve been devoured.”

Gu Xuantian sighed, but according to the history of Saint Origin World, the war with the Devil Race would lead to severe outcome every time.

“I can already feel the situation in Western Domain. As far as I’m concerned, this is an excellent opportunity. I will now head to Western Domain and enter the battlefield. The world would surely become chaotic whenever the Devil Race rampages. Even the eight major families will find it difficult to survive through this ordeal. As such, I will entrust my family to you, patriarch.”

Said Jiang Chen.

“This is the very foundation of the Gu Family and I won’t allow anyone to come over and trample us. Han Yan and Yan Chenyu have already gone to Western Domain. The chaos caused by the devil race this time has brought in plenty of major powers including your enemies. In this trip to Western Domain, you will not only face the devil army but also the vengeance of your enemies. You’ve got to be careful. You have reached the point which is beyond my capability to help.”

Gu Xuantian patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Presently, Jiang Chen had grown beyond the limits of Gu Xuantian. His strength and wisdom would suffice to confront everything alone.

*howl…* *howl…*

Every corner in the vast Western Domain was occupied by the enemy. Angry howls of the devils could be heard everywhere. Boundless devil waves filled every spot of the domain. The war had already spread to a few million miles. The peaks of the mountain had collapsed and the land were crowded with devils, and lives were destroyed.

The nature of the devils was originally very ferocious. The exit of the Devil World had been fully opened and the Great Lightning Tune Temple was gradually losing their defenses. It only took two days for the devil army to dominate the entire Western Domain. Currently, corpses were lying all over the ground. Countless of human cultivators died tragically in the battlefield.

Killings were happening everywhere and powerful devils were seen in every place. The intervention of the eight major families didn’t alleviate the intensity of the war, not until the emergence of Saint Origin Palace’s experts.

There was a city at the edge of Western Domain. They weren’t exempted from the invasion though. About a hundred miles above the city was packed with devils. Looking below, there was a man who looked thirty-years old or so, leading a large number of cultivators to fight the devils with everything they’ve got.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

However, these cultivators’ cultivation were just too weak. Lots of them were Combat King, some were Combat Soul, a dozen of Combat Emperors and only one Minor Saint expert, whereas the number of the devils were still increasing, and the ones that were coming were becoming more and more powerful. At the moment, three Third Grade Minor Saint devils appeared in the sky.

Despair was plastered on everyone’s face. That middle-aged leader was the City Lord. He too had become desperate and lost his hope.

“City Lord, what shall we do? We’re finished this time. The devils are too strong.”

Someone screamed.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone. I have already sent a distressed signal to the Great Lightning Tune Temple.”

The City Lord replied loudly, comforting everyone.

“City Lord, stop dreaming. The current Great Lightning Tune Temple is no longer the previous Great Lightning Tune Temple. They can’t even protect themselves, let alone save us. It’s over.”

An old man roared as his eyes turned bloodshot. They had been waiting for the high-rank monks to come to their rescue, but unfortunately, none had come and their people were dying unceasingly.

The people who survived had already lost their hope for the monks to rescue them. The present Great Lightning Tune Temple was no longer the sacred Buddha Sect that could defend against the devils and save innocent lives, which was originally the purpose of their existence. Despite the fact that they were losing their defenses, it wasn’t hard for them to send one or two high-rank monks to other cities and regions to rescue the people there.

While it was true that the Great Lightning Tune Temple was only guarding their temple, it was also true that they didn’t intend to rescue the others. Even the experts of the eight major families had already entered directly into the main battlefield, at the center of Western Domain. None had paid any attention and care to these poor cultivators.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

The commander of the devil army was thirty meters large. Looking at the people below, he continuously let out a sinister laugh. He stuck out his red tongue, his cold eyes could s.h.i.+ver people’s soul.

The devil army was ready to conduct a ma.s.sacre. The people below them were just delicious prey. They had yearned for human blood for far too long in the Devil World.

“It’s over.”

The people below felt so hopeless, even the City Lord no longer tried to comfort himself and the others. Today, they were all destined to die.


At this second, a cold humph rang like a thunder from the sky. Immediately after that, a brilliant palm the size of ten miles radiated rays of golden light, instantly blowing away the overwhelming devil Qi from the sky.

*Hong Long……*

The large palm carried an unknown weight and fell onto the army of devils.

“Argh…….” “Argh…….”

Numerous miserable screams were heard. The three Third Grade Great Saints had been pulverized into nothingness, without leaving any remains. The palm strike had slapped at least dozens of devils to death.


Subsequently, another ray of golden light radiated. It was as if this light could blow away the darkness. It enshrouded all the devils above the city and instantly, they were torn apart, leaving nothing behind.

The city that was filled with gloomy Qi speedily recovered its brightness as soon as all the devil Qi vanished. At least more than a thousand devils were killed at that moment.

The cultivators of the city were dumbfounded, standing rooted to where they were. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The abrupt excitement that came after the crisis was beyond their imagination.

A youth in white clothes appeared in the sky. He was no stranger. He was no doubt Jiang Chen, but had the appearance of Gu Chen.

“Thank goodness that you have come to our aid. May I ask for your name?”

The City Lord was the first to regain his senses. He saluted deeply at Jiang Chen.

“I am Gu Chen of Gu Family. Why hasn’t the high-rank monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple come to rescue you all?”

Jiang Chen frowned. Judging from the seriousness and intensity of the battle here, Great Lightning Tune Temple should’ve send some reinforcement to rescue the city.

“I’m afraid that the Great Lightning Tune Temple can’t even protect themselves.”

Sighed the City Lord.

“Alright. I know. The current Great Lightning Tune Temple is no longer the sacred Buddha Sect like before. This city is no doubt remote from the main battlefield, but this shouldn’t be a reason for them to overlook you all. Every other expert who went to the battlefield only did so for their own benefits, but we, the people of Gu Family has come to save lives. Today, I have saved you all and will continue to rescue the other cities. You all should flee to a safer place.”

Said Jiang Chen. The situation in the war with the Devil Race was in Gu Family’s favor. He was going to take this opportunity to gain prestige and gather support from the people and used it against Desolate Palace in the future. It was necessary for the people to know that the Gu Family is the lord of the Heaven and Earth.

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