Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 987 – Doubts About the Identity

Chapter 987 – Doubts About the Identity

Doubts About the Ident.i.ty

The 13th!

Jiang Chen frowned as the man’s eyes made him feel very uncomfortable, however he was sure that he hadn’t seen this man before. He hadn’t seen any experts from Desolate Palace besides Desolate Emperor and a few elders in the Law Enforcement Palace.

“Little beast, so here you are!”

Desolate Wuleng’s voice exploded abruptly followed by a palm as large as the sky that lunged towards Jiang Chen from above. This had certainly shocked everyone.


A shout was heard from Gu Palace’s camp. Then, an Eighth Grade Great Saint similarly struck out an attack, colliding with Desolate Wuleng’s and setting off a stormy wave. From the beginning till the end of that strike, Jiang Chen’s facial expression had been indifferent and his pace didn’t even slow down in the slightest bit. It was the confidence that came from the depths of his heart, and not just a pretense.

The sounding of the war drum in the Law Enforcement Palace today was originally intended to send reinforcements to Western Domain. No one had ever expected that something like this would happen. Many pair of eyes s.h.i.+fted to Desolate Wuleng. Anger surfaced on the faces of Gu Palace’s experts. It was too shameful when a high rank senior like Desolate Wuleng made a sneak-attack on their descendant.

In outsiders’ view, Desolate Wuleng launched the strike at Jiang Chen mainly because he had been nursing a grudge against Jiang Chen regarding the matter of the Law Enforcement Palace. He detested Jiang Chen for killing the geniuses of Desolate Palace and making Desolate Emperor lose the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master.

However, even if he hated Jiang Chen very much, you couldn’t just ignore his status. It was no doubt shameful, a highly respectable Eighth Grade Great Saint elder, attacking a Third Grade Great Saint junior in the presence of so many people.

“Desolate Wuleng, are you mad?! Why did you attack the genius of Gu Palace abruptly?”

The elder of Gu Palace who defended Jiang Chen clamoured, Desolate Palace had crossed the line. Besides, Desolate Palace wasn’t in control of the Law Enforcement Palace anymore. Even if they controlled the majority, they couldn’t commit such an outrageous act.

“I can sense a familiar Qi from his body. He isn’t Gu Chen, he is Jiang Chen. The one who killed the six patriarchs of the six major families.”

Said Desolate Wuleng loudly.

His words instantly aroused thousands of waves. Everyone was shocked as soon as Desolate Wuleng’s voice dropped and turned over to look at Jiang Chen, particularly the people of the six major palaces. Their expressions changed; they now carried a trace of killing intent. However, a lot of them still had doubts, even though both Gu Chen and Jiang Chen had ‘Chen’ at the back of their names, it didn’t indicate that they were the same individual. Without proof, it was hard to convince them. Moreover, it was well known that Desolate Palace bore a deep grudge against Gu Chen. They wanted to eat him alive so bad. Therefore, it was inevitable that Desolate Wuleng would use such a way to frame up Gu Chen.

“Haha! This is really making me laugh. Desolate Wuleng, although your Desolate Palace hated Gu Chen very much, you should find a better excuse other than this. Gu Chen has been practicing in Gu Palace during these days and has never moved even half a step away from Gu Palace. Are you suggesting that every genius who has ‘Chen’ at the back of their name is Jiang Chen? I understand that you all are very upset after losing the seat in Law Enforcement Palace, but you still have to think of your own status and ident.i.ty. I can enforce the law on you for attempting to a.s.sault our palace’s genius and accused him of committing ma.s.s murder publicly.”

Gu Firmament laughed loudly. He didn’t expect to see such a change. He naturally could see that it must be Jiang Chen who had left traces of his Qi in the battlefield and was discovered by Desolate Wuleng. Even though Gu Chen had a different appearance than Jiang Chen, his Qi remained the same. Therefore, it was logical that Desolate Wuleng could discern his camouflage.

However, Gu Firmament was now the palace master of Law Enforcement Palace and the overlord of Gu Palace. Naturally, he couldn’t expose Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty, or else, the experts of the six palaces would all lunge at Jiang Chen. One should know that the things that Jiang Chen did in the Pure Land kwas enough to drive the six major palaces mad.

Luckily, there was an irreparable conflict between Jiang Chen and Desolate Palace. The incident in the Law Enforcement Palace had made Desolate Emperor lost his seat and his face; everyone knew about this. As such, when Desolate Wuleng claimed that Gu Chen was guilty in the absence of evidence, this could be viewed as his deliberate act to fabricate an excuse for revenge.

“Are you sure that you aren’t mistaken?”

Desolate Emperor ignored Gu Firmament, and turned over to Desolate Wuleng.

Desolate Wuleng frowned. In fact, he wasn’t so sure in his heart because the battle was long over by the moment he arrived. There was merely a faint trace of Jiang Chen’s Qi left. Also, Jiang Chen and Gu Chen were both monstrous rank geniuses, it wasn’t very surprising if both of them had a slight similarity in their Qi. Furthermore, when he saw Gu Chen’s indifferent and resolute look, it made him even more uncertain in his claim.

One should know that as young as Jiang Chen and if Gu Chen was Jiang Chen, he would’ve acted very unnaturally once his cover was blown. However, this Gu Chen in front of him was very composed from the start until now. Such composure definitely wasn’t fake.

There was one more thing, if Jiang Chen was really hiding in Saint Origin Palace. They would’ve been able to locate him during these past few days.

“Desolate Elder, I advise you and the six major palaces to conduct a thorough investigation with the elders in the Pure Land to conclude whether I am that Jiang Chen you mentioned. If you all are distorting the truth just to slander me, I’m not going to be polite to you all.”

Jiang Chen warned.

Quite many of the experts of the other five major palaces hasn’t arrived yet, leaving mostly the experts of Desolate Palace here. They were now a.n.a.lyzing Gu Chen carefully. However, due to the fact that they had collected only minimal amount of Jiang Chen’s Qi, they virtually couldn’t sense anything from him at all.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had secretly circulated the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and began changing his Qi. So, they naturally couldn’t discern the similarity in his Qi.

“I suspect that he is Jiang Chen and I have basis for that.”

Said Desolate Wuleng.

“Oh? I wonder what basis Desolate Elder has.”

Jiang Chen looked at him, intrigued.

“If I’m not mistaken, your current cultivation base should be Third Grade Great Saint while the Jiang Chen’s was also a Third Grade Great Saint. When you were at the Second Grade Great Saint, you were able to kill our Fourth Grade Great Saint genius. That Jiang Chen was able to kill our Seventh Grade Great Saint elder with his Third Grade Great Saint’s strength. There can’t be two heaven defying geniuses emerging under the heavens at exactly the same time. Besides, we have investigated your background. You have come to Gu Palace claiming that you are the adopted son of Gu Xuantian. However, Gu Family never had someone named Gu Chen until you appeared out of nowhere. It just so happened that Jiang Chen was also closely related to Gu Family. As such, I couldn’t help but suspect Gu Chen’s real ident.i.ty.”

Said Desolate Wuleng. This happened after the incident in the Law Enforcement Palace, they didn’t forget to do a background check on Gu Chen.

It was undeniable that Desolate Wuleng’s word created some influences. Putting aside the fact that Gu Chen appeared out of nowhere, both Gu Chen and Jiang Chen were exceedingly heaven defying. The fact that these two figures appeared almost at the same time and were close to Gu Family, it prompted everyone into suspecting that these two were the same person.

“This is a joke. Desolate Wuleng. Is this what you called proof? It’s all baseless speculation. You are trying to vilify the genius of our palace. I will not let this matter slip past. During these days, Gu Chen has been in Gu Palace. There was no way that he could kill those six patriarchs. Now, I will invoke the authority of the Law Enforcement Palace master to punish you for your slanderous act.”

Gu Firmament’s Qi shook. It seemed like he was about to strike Desolate Wuleng directly. As he was now the palace master of the Law Enforcement Palace, he had all the right to be authoritative. He knew in his heart that Jiang Chen and Gu Chen were and the same, but as long as Desolate Wuleng failed to produce any evidence, whatever he claimed would be treated as slanderous act and the person who committed this crime would be punished.

“Brother Gu, can you put this matter aside for me? Now that Western Domain is in chaos and a great enemy is ahead of us, we should never start a fight amongst ourselves. It’s imperative that we go to Western Domain immediately and rescue them now.”

Said Desolate Emperor. Only G.o.d knew how depressing and frustrating it was for him to blurt out such words; the position that Gu Firmament have right now was supposed to be his. If he was the palace master, he would’ve immediately captured Gu Chen and interrogate him through torture, however, the only thing that he could do now was to lower his head.

“Alright, I will give you face this time. I know that Desolate Palace’s aren’t convinced after losing the seat of palace master in the Law Enforcement Palace, but don’t frame my people because of that. Gu Palace isn’t for you to bully as you please.”

Gu Firmament darted a cold glance at Desolate Emperor, feeling indescribable exhilaration in his heart. This was a scene that he had dreamed of for so many times.

Desolate Wuleng seemed as if he still had something to say but he was stopped by Desolate Emperor’s glare.

Gu Firmament glanced around the square. When he saw that most of the people were here, he said, “I believe you all have already heard about the chaos in Western Domain. The sound of the war drum represents war. In the history of Saint Origin World, we have fought countless of battles with the Devil Race. Today, they have regained their strength and war is just ahead of us. Western Domain has become the main battlefield. The high rank monks of the Great Lightning Tune Temple is gradually losing their strength to defend. This war is going to be a rare opportunity for the young ones. After this, all the spatial pa.s.sageways of eight major palaces that were directly connected to the Pure Land will be opened.”

Gu Firmament’s voice echoed loudly across the air. As his voice faded, another war between the Saint Origin World and the Devil Race began.

Subsequently, all the experts and geniuses had returned to their palaces. Using the spatial pa.s.sageway in their own palaces, they returned to the Pure Land, then headed to Western Domain. This time, the scale of war was huge. For so long that the Devil Race had recuperated in their world, they had become very ferocious and aggressive. On the other hand, Saint Origin Palace also had numerous geniuses and experts. Those young geniuses in particular couldn’t wait to join in the war against the devils, they were severely lacking the experience of such trials.

As far as Jiang Chen was concerned, what he had to deal with in this war wasn’t only the devils, but also the experts of the six major palaces. He knew very well that Desolate Palace had paid serious attention to him, and even suspected him.

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