Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 984 – The Rage of the Six Palaces

Chapter 984 – The Rage of the Six Palaces

The Rage of the Six Palaces

The 10th!

Tyrant’s face changed, as if he was struck by a sudden shock. Both of his eyes were fixed on the glittering gold Sarira. His became tensed. Not just him, even Great Master Ran Feng who stood beside him also revealed a similar expression. As a high-ranked monk of Buddha Sect, he knew better than Jiang Chen how powerful and valuable this Sarira is.

“Thank you, Grandmaster.”

Tyrant had become unprecedentedly solemn. He had never been so serious in either his tone or bearing. Slowly, he received the Sarira, feeling that it weighed hundreds of millions of kilogram.


Great Master Ran Feng said to Tyrant, “You and Grandmaster hadn’t met before but he has already given you such a great gift. This is enough to show that Grandmaster attaches great importance to you. Tyrant, you will have to walk on your path yourself in the times to come. I hope you won’t disappoint your Grandmaster and Master. I also hope that one day, you can also be of great help when your Grandmaster gets out of the prison.”


Tyrant knelt before the statue of Ancestor Greenlotus, and kowtowed three times. This kind of reverence for someone was beyond the reach of most people. Even if there was no Sarira, it wouldn’t change the unshakable and high position of Ancestor Greenlotus in Tyrant’s heart.

Looking at this scene, Jiang Chen felt extremely gratified. For many years, this pair of master and disciple had been guarding Greenlotus Mountain, and were longing for this day to arrive. Today, they finally obtained some news regarding Ancestor Greenlotus. There was no way that they wouldn’t be exhilarated.

“Tyrant, train well. I have to return to Saint Origin Palace now. You don’t have to worry about Ancestor Greenlotus. He still has a big bargaining chip in his hand. Now, not even Desolate Palace would dare to touch him,” said Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, this old monk can never repay your kindnesses.”

Great Master Ran Feng saluted Jiang Chen.

“Don’t mention it, Great Master. We have known each other for a long time.”

Jiang Chen hastily helped Great Master Ran Feng up from the ground. Ancestor Greenlotus was his good friend in his previous life, and in this life, he and Tyrant became good friends. Naturally, he had a compelling obligation when it came to the matter of Ancestor Greenlotus.

“Little Chen, you have to be careful when you are at Saint Origin Palace. I will try my best to refine the Sarira as soon as possible.” Tyrant stood up and said.

“Alright then, I’m going now.”

Finis.h.i.+ng his words, Jiang Chen flashed and vanished.

Much time was spent after making a trip to the ancient battlefield to find Yan Chenyu and settling the affairs in Western Domain. Jiang Chen antic.i.p.ated that the six palaces must have already known about the news in Saint Origin World, and soon, experts would be sent here to take care of him.

Therefore, he must return to Saint Origin Palace before the experts came hunting for him. His present combat strength wasn’t enough to fight the cultivators of the six major palaces. As such, it was necessary for him to buy some time using the ident.i.ty of Gu Chen.

The first person he went to see was Gu Xuantian without alerting anyone, and asked him to open the pa.s.sageway that led straight to Gu Palace.

Just after Jiang Chen left, the experts of the six major palaces arrived in Saint Origin World. Obviously, the first group to appear was experts of Desolate Palace. Jiang Chen had already expected them as with the elder’s fall, his spiritual jade slip was also broken.

There were a total of three cultivators. Two were Eighth Grade Great Saint while one was a Seventh Grade Great Saint.

In Pure Land, the eighth grade of the Great Saint realm was akin to a supreme existence. Such an expert would certainly be admired by countless of people once they appeared.

The three experts returned to Desolate Family. Then, with several Fifth Grade Great Saint elders leading the way, they reached the battlefield outside Desolate City.

They saw the ruined Desolate City and the completely destroyed battlefield. When they saw blood flowing everywhere on the land, their monstrous anger was ignited.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, b.a.s.t.a.r.d! That d.a.m.ned little beast! No one had ever dared to ma.s.sacre our people. He is really courting death, he is courting death!”

“Kill him, we must kill him! Quickly search for him! Regardless of where he’s hiding, we must find him!”

“I have collected a trace of Qi left by that little beast. Using the Deduction Law, I will find him.”

The experts of Desolate Palace had truly gotten furious. The Eighth Grade Great Saint collected a trace of Jiang Chen’s Qi to determine his location.

Not long after their arrival, the experts of Dan, Narang, Bin, s.h.i.+ and Huo palaces emerged. They all had the same cultivation level—peerless Eighth Grade Great Saint experts. Instantly, after seeing the battlefield, they got infuriated. With so much anger burning inside each of them, it almost burnt part of the void where they stood.

“Elders, you must seek justice for our family. That Jiang Chen is truly too audacious. He has killed so many of our people and almost made us plunged into an irrecoverable state.”

“That’s right elders. It was so tragic and that battle was too dreadful. I must kill Jiang Chen in order to the avenge the dead ones and the insult he gave us.”

“No one has ever dared to do this to our family in years. This is the first time that our patriarch is killed, this is really a disgrace.”


The people of the six major families sobbed, and one by one, they faced the experts of the six major palaces. Thinking back to the scene where Jiang Chen killed their experts gave them chills, and their hatred for him intensified.

“Jiang Chen, it’s Jiang Chen! I have never thought that such a heaven defying person would emerge in Pure Land. We must kill him as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will become an endless trouble.”

“Kill him! There is no doubt about it! He must die, even if he has run to the very edge of the world.”

“There is still some remains of his Qi. Let’s use the Deduction Law at once to scan the entire Saint Origin World for him. We must scan every corner of this world to find him, and kill him!”


FURY. All the experts of the six major palaces were furious. No one knew how many years had pa.s.sed since the eight major families in the Pure Land was established, but everyone knew that nothing like this had ever happened. This was no doubt the first time. Not only did the six major families lost their patriarchs, but also their reputation and dignity they had acc.u.mulated over the years. Their high and mighty existence had been severely defied.

For a moment, all the Eighth Grade Great Saints had joined together and began their search using the Great Deduction Law. They wanted to explore every corner of the land in Saint Origin World, to find the whereabouts of Jiang Chen.

Gu Palace!

Jiang Chen arrived at Gu Firmament’s place.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t expect you to create such a big scene after your return. The experts of the six major palaces have already gone to the Pure Land, they should be looking all over the world for you right now. It’s the first time that the patriarchs of the six major families were killed, obviously, they will never let you go.” Gu Firmament said, sighing.

He did expect Jiang Chen to cause a big scene in the Pure Land, but not as big as this, but from his expression, anyone could tell that he was very satisfied with what Jiang Chen did. Since the world would turn chaotic, why not straightaway throw the entire Pure Land into chaos?

This event told Gu Firmament that Jiang Chen was the true wonder of the world. It was also the first time that a mere Third Grade Great Saint could kill a Seventh Grade Great Saint. Plus, Jiang Chen acted decisively and never hesitated. He killed the six patriarchs of the six major families without hesitation. If Gu Firmament replaced Jiang Chen at that time, he wouldn’t have done it.

Gu Firmament told Jiang Chen the latest news in the Pure Land. Even though he was Saint Origin Palace, he knew very well the situation in the Pure Land.

“Of course, if they want to kill me, I will kill them. If the six major palaces would go against me, they will face the same fate.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. His act of disregarding the world influenced even Gu Firmament. Gu Firmament could already imagine how unfathomable Jiang Chen would be after he had grown to a certain level.

“Palace Master, you have to send some powerful experts back to Gu Family to control the situation. I’m afraid that those experts will express their anger on my family and friends which are now in Gu Family if they can’t find me. I will only feel relieved if the experts of Gu Palace guard there,” said Jiang Chen.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I have already sent four Eighth Grade Great Saints back to Gu Family to help suppress the situation. I’m sure the experts of the six palaces won’t act at will. You can now be at ease, and just focus cultivating. It is true that you are very strong but the gap between you and the six palaces aren’t insignificant,” said Gu Firmament.

Jiang Chen nodded. What he lacked right now was strength and power. He had to do all that he could to improve his strength in the shortest time possible. Gu Firmament was a meticulous man. They had the same thoughts, which saved him plenty of troubles.

Pure Land. The experts of the six palaces had been using the Great Deduction Law for two consecutive nights, but unfortunately, they found no trace of Jiang Chen, making them incomparably depressed.

“d.a.m.n! This man has just disappeared completely! We can’t even feel a bit of his presence even after combining our efforts. Even the Gu Family and Demon Race has no trace of him. Could it be that he has really gotten away?”

“This genius is truly a miracle. He is surely going to be the root of great troubles in the future if he isn’t eliminated.”

“What are we going to do now? This man has thoroughly disappeared. I want to seek him for revenge, but there is no sign of him at all.”


The experts of the six palaces had gotten very frustrated. They had been angrily casting their Deduction Law here for two days, but still got no results.

“Since he refused to appear, we will kill his families and friends and end nine generations of his family to draw him out.” An Eighth Grade Great Saint of Desolate Palace said violently.

“Agreed. We must have his families and everyone that is close to him killed. Then, we will see whether he will show up at that time.” Someone agreed immediately.

“Elders, I have already done a background check on Jiang Chen. He originated from Eastern Continent. Martial Saint Dynasty is his hometown and his father and friends are currently living there, he also has a close relations.h.i.+p with Nebula Sect.” A Fifth Grade Great Saint elder of Desolate Palace spoke.

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