Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 985 – Having No Sense of Shame

Chapter 985 – Having No Sense of Shame

Having No Sense of Shame

The 11th!

“Go to Eastern Continent at once and bring back everyone who’s close to Jiang Chen in Martial Saint Dynasty.”

An Eighth Grade Great Saint of Desolate Palace issued an order. The present situation was exactly as Jiang Chen expected. The experts wouldn’t give up if they couldn’t find Jiang Chen. They would s.h.i.+ft their attention to his family and friends, and use them to prompt his appearance.

However, the experts were destined to be disappointed because Jiang Chen had already made preparations for the matter. Currently all the people of Martial Saint Dynasty were gone. Therefore, they wouldn’t find anyone that was close to Jiang Chen.

The furious elders went to Eastern Continent with haste but soon came back looking annoyed.

“What’s going on?” asked one expert of Desolate Palace with a frown.

“Elder, it seems that Jiang Chen has antic.i.p.ated our moves. The entire Martial Saint Dynasty disappeared, along with the buildings. That place has turned into a piece of empty land.”

“It’s lucky for him. Such a big sect is left with nothing, not even a single strand of hair. All of them were gone, as if they weren’t there at all. It looks like Jiang Chen had planned well.” Someone said angrily.

“That kid has a meticulous mind. He is audacious and resourceful. He is going to become a huge threat in the future.”

An expert of the Huo Family couldn’t help but sigh. Every one of them could deeply feel Jiang Chen’s terrifyingness, not only his talent and strength but also his extraordinary wisdom. Fundamentally, everything was under his control. He would never leave a trace behind and give his opponent the chance to threaten him.

A man like him was undoubtedly terrifying because he had almost no weakness. This made it even more difficult to deal with him.

“Elder, Martial Saint Dynasty and Nebula Kidd must have been moved to Gu Family. In my opinion, let’s go directly to Gu Family and get them.”

A Fifth Grade Great Saint elder said.

“That isn’t appropriate. After all, our target is Jiang Chen, not their family. If Jiang Chen were to stay in Gu Family, we would attack Gu Family if they didn’t comply, However, going there just to seize Jiang Chen’s family and friends will affect the dignity and reputation of the six palaces negatively.”

An expert of the Bin Family shook his head.

“We couldn’t care about that anymore. We must get rid of Jiang Chen as soon as possible. We surely can’t give him too many rooms for growth.”

An expert of Desolate Palace shook his head too, then flew towards the Gu Family’s direction. The other experts of five major families followed. They all knew what was at stake and Jiang Chen’s existence was a potential threat.

Now, there wasn’t even a single sign of Jiang Chen despite them using the Deduction Law. At this time, targeting his family was the only way to resolve this issue. In any case, they had to find out about it in Gu Family.

The territory of the Gu Family was vast, even if Martial Saint Dynasty and Nebula Sect were added into the region, it didn’t look congested at all. At this moment, outside the compound of these two sects, a protective layer with brilliance was created by a powerful formation. Gu Xuantian understood the importance of Martial Saint Dynasty to Jiang Chen, so he wouldn’t dare be neglectful of them.

*Hong Long……*

In the clear sky tens of thousands of miles, the void was blown up producing a large hole. Outside the territory of the Gu Family, numerous powerful experts came out of the void. Each and every one of these experts was a formidable cultivator. The Qi that exuded from their bodies sent chills to people.

“Look, those people are so strong. They must be the supreme experts of the six major families that come from Saint Origin Palace. They must be here for Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen is not here. It’s useless for them to come.”

“You fool! Jiang Chen has killed so many experts of the six major families, including even the patriarchs. Do you have any idea how humiliating this is to them? It’s true that Jiang Chen isn’t in the Gu Family but his family and friends are here. I suspect that they are probably here for his family. This is really shameless. Trying to harm his family when they failed to kill him? It is simply a disgrace to the six major families.”

“Yeah. If they are really here for Martial Saint Dynasty and Nebula Sect, it will undoubtedly be shameless. However, several powerful figures from Saint Origin Palace have come to the Gu Family. So, I don’t think that the six major families would dare to do anything outrageous.”


The appearance of these experts immediately aroused the attention of everybody in Gu Palace. Many disciples were seeing them for the first time; they began to talk about them. Many could guess the intention of their arrival. They must have come here to take Jiang Chen’s family hostage because they couldn’t find him.

“Gu Xuantian, come out now!”

The leader of Desolate Palace yelled.

Immediately, all the higher ups of the Gu Family flew out. The leader among them wasn’t Gu Xuantian but the seven elders with powerful Qi. There were four elders among them whose cultivation were extremely strong. A simple Qi exuded from them made anyone feel pressured. They were the experts of Gu Palace and Eight Grade Great Saints.

“Who’s causing an uproar outside my Gu Family?”

The head of the group said it in a deep and unfriendly tone.

“Gu Laoqi, never thought that you all have come.”

The people of the six major families were dumbfounded when they saw several experts of Saint Origin Palace emerged abruptly. However, after a moment of contemplation, they found that it only make sense. After all, Gu Family had been famous for being a great ally of Jiang Chen. It wasn’t surprising to them when Gu Firmament sent experts here to guard the place after learning what had happened in Saint Origin World.

This man was ranked seventh among his peers and was called the seventh elder in Gu Palace. That was why he was named Gu Laoqi*

“I thought it was somebody else. It turns out that it was you, Desolate Wuleng. Are you suggesting that only you all are permitted to return but we aren’t allowed to do so? Gu Family is the very foundation of Gu Palace. It’s up to me to decide when I will return and I don’t have to ask for Desolate Palace’s opinion. Furthermore, the Law Enforcement Palace is now under the control of our people. Saint Origin Palace stipulated that the eight palaces aren’t allowed to disturb the peace of the Pure Land. Today, so many of you have come and intruded in my Gu Family. I will need an explanation for you all, ignoring the laws of the Law Enforcement Palace. When I return, I will report this to the palace master and let you all go to the Law Enforcement Palace to receive your respective punishments.”

Gu Laoqi sounded very intense, sending them a verbal blow, not giving the intruders any face.

His words slightly made their heads spin because what he said was true. Their current action was in violation of the provisions of Saint Origin Palace. According to the law, Law Enforcement Palace had the right to punish them. What annoyed them more was that the guy who was called Gu Chen was the one who caused them to lose the seat to Gu Palace.

“Gu Laoqi, I suppose you have already known the purpose of us coming here. That Jiang Chen has killed so many of our experts and our patriarchs. Such killings are described as frenzied, treasonous and outrageous. We must seek justice for all the dead ones by killing him. Given the fact that the Gu Family has been a good ally of Jiang Chen all the while, I a.s.sumed that he is probably hiding in your family. As long as you hand him over to us, we will leave at once.”

Said Desolate Wuleng. In his point of view, the reason they couldn’t track Jiang Chen’s trace was possibly because he was hiding in the Gu Family. He believed that Gu Laoqi had ways to conceal his Qi if he was here. Of course, these were all just his a.s.sumptions

“Jiang Chen isn’t in here. You all should go back.”

Said Gu Xuantian.

“We don’t believe you. Let’s go in and have a search.”

An expert of the Huo Family said.

“That’s outrageous! This is the Gu Family. It isn’t a place for you to do as you please. When we said that Jiang Chen isn’t in our family, that means Jiang Chen isn’t here.”

An expert of Gu Palace snapped. This must be a joke. Wouldn’t it be shameful for them if they allowed these outsiders to do whatever they wanted in their place?

“If Jiang Chen isn’t here, please hand over his family members. This is a grudge between our families and him. I hope that Gu Family won’t get involved in this.”

An expert of the Narang Palace said. They all used the Deduction Law during their search but still found no trace of Jiang Chen. It looks like the Gu Family wasn’t lying. It was highly possible that Jiang Chen wasn’t here. Otherwise, they would’ve determined the approximate location of Jiang Chen’s whereabouts even if they couldn’t accurately locate his position.

Now that Jiang Chen wasn’t here, they might as well go straight to the point and told them their real purpose of coming here.

“Haha! Desolate Wuleng, you all are truly a bunch of brazen old men for exploiting people’s family. If you have the guts, go find Jiang Chen yourself for revenge. Considering your ident.i.ties and statues, aren’t you all putting your faces to shame by wanting to use a few mortals to threaten someone?”

Gu Laoqi laughed loudly after making fun of them. They were sent by Gu Firmament back here for only one purpose – to protect the family of Jiang Chen.

“Humph! Cut the c.r.a.p. If you all refuse to hand them over, we will get them ourselves.”

An expert of the Huo Family let out a cold humph.

“Then we’ll have to try and see. We didn’t initiate this confrontation. If you all choose to strike here, it will be considered as an act of war amongst the eight major families. Can you all afford to bear such consequences?”

Some yelled back. It was a t.i.t-for-tat reply.

“Exactly, the people of the six major families are so shabby that they want to use the family of their opponent to make threats. Such revolting pretense is truly beyond shamelessness.”

At this time, a voice sounded from a far distance. Three powerful Eighth Grade Great Saints emerged. With a casual move, their bodies exuded an overwhelming demon Qi that looked almost tangible, so powerful that numerous of people didn’t dare stare directly at them.

“Dammit! The people of the Demon Palace is also involved in this.”

Desolate Wuleng couldn’t help but swore. Today, it seemed like impossible to take Jiang Chen’s family away. Putting aside the fact that their action would be unfavorable to their face, with so many Eighth Grade Great Saint experts of Gu Palace and Demon Palace here, they would never get what they wanted.

The six major families didn’t expect that the experts of Gu Palace and Demon Palace to be here. They initially intended to come here and seized Jiang Chen’s family away with force, but both Gu Palace and Demon Palace had already made preparations for their arrival.

*Qi stands for seven and Lao stands for old.

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