Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 983 – Goodbye Tyrant

Chapter 983 – Goodbye Tyrant

Goodbye Tyrant

The 9th!

*Ka Cha……*

When the Profound Ice Beast was refined completely, the ice sculpture began to crack and crumble. Yan Chenyu materialized from the inside. She was currently sitting cross-legged and digesting the last batch of benefits.

Her Qi started to rise. In a matter of minutes, her cultivation rose to the peak of Fourth Grade Great Saint and yet, it still continued, heading towards the Fifth Grade Great Saint.

“This surely is a great encounter. The Ice G.o.d’s heart represents the inheritor of Ice G.o.d. It looks like Xiao Yu’s cultivation base is going to break through into the Fifth Grade Great Saint and hit the peak of the grade. Given the scariness of her Nine Yin Meridian Physique, not even ordinary Seventh Grade Great Saint is a match for her.”

Jiang Chen was in a very good mood, seeing Yan Chenyu growing so rapidly. He knew very well that Yan Chenyu had been through a lot of hards.h.i.+p along the way. In order to follow him, she, a young girl of Red City, embarked on a difficult and boring path of cultivation. It was all because of her efforts that she managed to obtain such achievements today.


Frosty cold Qi was sucked into her body like tidal wave. All the cold Qi in the spatial zone disappeared; this was the frightening part of her Nine Yin Meridian Physique. Yan Chenyu took a deep breath before she strode towards Jiang Chen for a hug.

“Congratulations on Xiao Yu’s advancement to the Fifth Grade Great Saint.” Jiang Chen said and smile.

“Brother Chen, Xiao Yu would be able to help you fight the enemy from now on.” Yan Chenyu said happily.

“Xiao Yu, there have been a lot of things going on recently. Currently, time is of the essence. I’m relieved after knowing that you are safe. Look …”

Due to him having very limited time, he told her everything that happened during her absence through divine sense. Xiao Yu gaped in disbelief. When she advanced to the Fifth Grade Great Saint, she initially thought of helping Jiang Chen deal with the six major families of the Pure Land. She didn’t expect that all of them had already been annihilated by Jiang Chen, and now, the matter involved even the Saint Origin Palace.

“What are you going to do, Brother Jiang?” asked Yan Chenyu.

“I am going to the Western Domain first before heading back to Saint Origin Palace. I have already asked Ah Yan to move Martial Saint Dynasty and Nebula Sect to Gu Family. After leaving here, go straight to Gu Family which is the safest place for the time being.” Jiang Chen instructed.

“I see. You have to be careful.”

Yan Chenyu nodded. She always followed whatever Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen kissed her on her forehead. This girl was truly sensible. He never have to worry about her because of her sensibility but it also gave him a heartache.

The both of them then parted outside the ancient battlefield. One headed to Gu Family whereas the other went to Western Domain.

Western Domain, Greenlotus Mountain.

This place was still as peaceful as ever. The Great Lightning Tune Temple didn’t seek troubles from the master and disciple, acting as if they had already forgotten about their conflict.

During this period of time, Tyrant had been in seclusion, trying to break through into the Great Saint realm. When Jiang Chen arrived, he met Great Master Ran Feng.

“Great Master.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Great Master Ran Feng.

Great Master Ran Feng looked surprised upon seeing Jiang Chen’s arrival, then felt overjoyed. “Haha! Little friend, I knew that you wouldn’t die so easily.”

Jiang Chen smiled after hearing what Ran Feng said. Despite the fact that Great Master Ran Feng never stepped out of his house, he seemed to know the news of Jiang Chen’s death, but he surely didn’t know that Jiang Chen had gotten rid of all the higher ups of the six major families today.

“It’s been a while, Great Master. You are still as refreshed as always.” Jiang Chen said and smiled.

“Little friend’s growth has truly shocked this old monk. It was just a period of time, but you have already gotten so far in your cultivation. You are worthy of being called the greatest prodigy.”

Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t help praising him. These words came from the bottom of his heart. It was the first time that he had ever seen such a peerless genius like Jiang Chen. He had never seen a person that could grow so fast.

“Great Master, did the Great Lightning Tune Temple seek trouble from you all during this period of time?” Jiang Chen asked.

This was the issue that concerned him the most. After all, the relations.h.i.+p between Great Master Ran Feng and the Great Lightning Tune Temple hadn’t been good due to him. He wouldn’t feel good if Great Master Ran Feng suffered the revenge of Great Lightning Tune Temple.

“There wasn’t any huge troubles but there were constant hiccups.” Great Master Ran Feng shook his head and said.

“It seems like Great Lightning Tune Temple isn’t giving up. Sooner or later, I will annihilate the entire Great Lightning Tune Temple.”

Two beams of cold light shot out from his eyes. Naturally, he understood what Great Master Ran Feng meant by the words ‘constant hiccups’. Great Lightning Tune Temple must have come often to ask for the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus, thus disturbing the peace of the master and disciple.

He knew that Great Lightning Tune Temple didn’t cause great trouble to Great Master Ran Feng because they hadn’t obtained the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus yet. Once they acquired the inheritance, they wouldn’t hesitate to attack Greenlotus Mountain.

“Where have little friend been during this time?” asked Great Master Ran Feng.

“I’ve entered the Saint Origin Palace with another ident.i.ty. I got some good news for you. I’ve found Ancestor Greenlotus.”

Jiang Chen said straightforwardly. Over the years, Great Master Ran Feng had been trying very hard to uncover the news of Ancestor Greenlotus and was always worried for his master. Therefore, Jiang Chen must tell Great Master Ran Feng the latest news about Ancestor Greenlotus.


Sure enough, upon hearing that there were some news regarding Ancestor Greenlotus, his emotion was almost stirred up despite his disposition. The news was like a thunderbolt striking on his head. For 100 years, he had spent countless efforts just to get some information about his master. Today, he could finally hear some news about his master. This kind of feeling and excitement could not be understood by ordinary people.

“My master, he… is still alive?” Great Master Ran Feng said, his tone trembling.

“That’s right. Ancestor is still very much alive. It’s just that he has been imprisoned and I can’t save him for the time being, but that day won’t be too far away. There are some things that I can’t tell you yet. What I can tell you is that Ancestor is doing fine and he will still be fine in the future. It won’t be long before you two meet again,” said Jiang Chen.

The fewer the people that knew about the secret of Desolate Palace, the better. Now, not even Desolate Emperor, Heavenly Peng King and the others knew about this. After all, this secret was of great importance.

“Haha! Good, good! Master, it has been 100 years and I knew that you old man didn’t die.”

Great Master Ran Feng turned to look at Ancestor Greenlotus’ statue; two lines of tears trickled down on his face. People said men never dropped tears easily, not to mention, Great Master Ran Feng was a Buddha. This explained how deep the affection between the master and the disciple was, and also how much weight Ancestor Greenlotus was in Great Master Ran Feng’s heart.

“Great Master, is Tyrant still in seclusion?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Yes, he is. His current cultivation has already reached the peak of Ninth Grade Minor Saint, only a step away from the Great Saint realm. He is currently making the final break through,” answered Great Master Ran Feng.

If he had any thing that he was so proud of in his life, it would be Tyrant. The relations.h.i.+p of these two were like father and son.

“Great Master, can you call Tyrant now? I don’t have much time to explain but there is something that I have to do before I go. Ancestor Greenlotus has entrusted me to hand over something very important to Tyrant. After getting this item, he will immediately advanced to the Great Saint realm. Not only that, his cultivation will also progress by leaps and bounds until he reached a terrifying extent.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

He wasn’t just bragging. A Sarira that consisted of Immortal Soul was priceless and couldn’t be measured.

“Alright, I will go and wake him up now.”

Soon after Great Master Ran Feng’s voice faded, a tremble was felt in the main hall. Suddenly, a figure appeared. He was no doubt Tyrant.

The instant he appeared, he looked at Jiang Chen with a grin, and then gave Jiang Chen a big bear hug.

“d.a.m.n! You are truly a beast. How long has it been? How did you become so powerful?”

The words he spoke didn’t portray even the slightest impression of being a monk. He looked exactly like a sc.u.mbag from Buddha Sect.

Naturally, Jiang Chen was also delighted to see his brother again. Judging from Tyrant’s expression, Great Master Ran Feng didn’t tell him about Jiang Chen’s death. Otherwise, given his bad temper, he would’ve gone to the six major families and risk his life, just like what Han Yan did. He wouldn’t have stayed here and remained in seclusion.

“Tyrant, cut down the c.r.a.p. Something big has happened during this period of time. I have found Ancestor Greenlotus…”

Jiang Chen could only compress all the information into the divine sense and transmitted it to Tyrant.

After hearing this, Tyrant’s expression was just the same as Yan Chenyu: They were dumbfounded. He wouldn’t have thought that such great events were happening outside during this period of time. More importantly, Ancestor Greenlotus was found, this was the most exciting news for him.

“Sure enough, grandmaster is being held in prison.” Tyrant said, sighing.

Although he hadn’t seen his grandmaster before, he had unparalleled admiration for him. Ancestor Greenlotus was the one whom his master wors.h.i.+pped. In his heart, Ancestor Greenlotus was an unparalleled existence.

“Tyrant, this Sarira was given by Ancestor Greenlotus as a gift to you. Refine it well and it will bring you boundless benefits. Inside the Sarira contains the Immortal Soul of Ancestor Greenlotus. I don’t need to elaborate how invaluable it is. I will wait for your drastic growth. Soon, Saint Origin World will be in complete chaos. At that time, we will fight side by side.

Jiang Chen took out the Sarira and handed it to Tyrant.

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