Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 982 – Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Profound Ice Beast

Chapter 982 – Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Profound Ice Beast

Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Profound Ice Beast

The 8th!

The people of the six major families had fled. Desolate City was destroyed and many Sixth Grade Great Saint experts were dead, including the Seventh Grade Great Saint expert that came from Saint Origin Palace. All of them died in the hands of Jiang Chen. This was a big event that had never happened in Pure Land.

The battle today would certainly startle the Heaven and Earth. It would be regarded as the prologue of Saint Origin World’s chaos. Jiang Chen would become famous and his name would soon spread across the world. At that time, he would no longer be a stranger to anyone. The people of Gu Family and Demon Race didn’t say anything. Their eyes were fixed on the white-clothed figure above the sky. Currently, Jiang Chen had returned to his original form. They couldn’t regain their calmness as the scenes of Jiang Chen’s war-G.o.d-like combat power lingered in their heads.

Han Yan came out from the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The present him almost had all of his injuries heal. He patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. “Fabulous.”

Han Yan grinned. Jiang Chen’s performance today could only be described with this one word—fabulous. But then, Han Yan also knew that Saint Origin World would lose its peace after today’s battle. The news here would reach Saint Origin Palace in no time.

“Ah Yan, you have to hurry back to Eastern Continent and move everyone in Martial Saint Dynasty to Gu Family. And also the people of Nebula Sect. You have to bring them all to Gu Family. I will head towards Western Domain. The news here will spread to Saint Origin Palace very soon. I fear that they will find my family members when they can’t find me,” said Jiang Chen to Han Yan. At the same time, he told Han Yan about everything that happened in Gu Palace within the month via divine sense.

“Alright. I’ll go to Martial Saint Dynasty now.”

Knowing the seriousness of the situation, he wouldn’t dare to slow down. He also knew what the consequences of today’s battle were. Given the means of Saint Origin Palace, it was incomparably easy for them to investigate the background of Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen vanished and couldn’t be found, probably the higher ups of the six great families would harm his family members to lure him out.

Martial Saint Dynasty was where Jiang Chen grew and also his concern. He wouldn’t allow anything to happen in Martial Saint Dynasty as he couldn’t bear repercussion of losing them. As such, it was vitally important to settle his worries first before dealing with his enemies.

Considering Han Yan’s present means, it was extremely easy and effortless for them to move a dynasty to another location.

Jiang Chen came to Gu Xuantian and said, “Patriarch, I have asked Ah Yan to move Martial Saint Dynasty and Nebula Sect over to Gu Family. I hope Gu Family will ensure their safety.”

“Rest a.s.sured. No matter how arrogant these people are, they won’t dare to come Gu Family to kill your family.” Gu Xuantian said rea.s.suringly.

The major six probably would go to Gu Family but as long as Jiang Chen wasn’t in Gu Family, they wouldn’t purposely go over there to harm his family. In any case, the major six wouldn’t act so shamelessly in this regard.

“Take these seven swords as your present.”

Jiang Chen turned his palm and handed over the seven swords he seized from the elder of Desolate Palace to Gu Xuantian. This set of swords could arranged into a powerful sword formation. Although Jiang Chen didn’t not it, he couldn’t deny its power. This set of weapons would magnify its role in the hands of Gu Family.

“Well, I won’t be polite then.”

Gu Xuantian skipped all the formalities; he kept the swords straightaway.

“Jiang Chen, after killing so many higher ups of the major six, I’m afraid the people of Saint Origin Palace will be here soon. What are your plans now?” asked Lang Xingtian.

“It doesn’t matter. I have my own plans. I will be long gone at the time they arrive here. I will to the Western Domain. You all don’t have to worry for me.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and vanished. He felt very comfortable and relieved when the task of moving the ones close to him to Gu Family was entrusted to Han Yan. This had indeed saved him a lot of troubles and worries.

Currently, he wanted to find his monkish friend. He must complete the task given by Ancestor Greenlotus. The world was heading towards chaos. If Tyrant could grow to a powerful extent, he and Han Yan would become Jiang Chen’s right and left hands, they would become Jiang Chen’s a.s.sistants.

Not long after Jiang Chen left on his way to the Western Domain, he stopped abruptly. “Oh, Xiao Yu is still in the ancient battlefield. This little girl still doesn’t know what has happened outside. If she finds out that I was killed, she may do something stupid. The consequences will be unthinkable if she falls into the hands of the major six. I have to make a trip to the ancient battlefield to find out what has happened to her inside there.”

Jiang Chen thought of Yan Chenyu all of a sudden. That time, he went into the ancient battlefield with Han Yan and her. Later, they were separated until the ancient battlefield collapsed. But Yan Chenyu didn’t come out after that.

According to Jiang Chen’s prediction, Yan Chenyu must have encountered a similar situation like Han Yan. She might have encountered a great luck and was absorbing it. But then, even Han Yan who refined the powerful Ancient Devil had come out, so why hadn’t she come out from the ancient battlefield yet? Wasn’t the time she spent inside considered too long?

Putting aside the possibility that Yan Chenyu fell into his enemy’s hands due to her rash actions, the fact that she was still in the ancient battlefield made him worried. Therefore, he had decided to make a trip to the ancient battlefield. He had to find Yan Chenyu first before going to the Western Domain.

In Eastern Continent. The spatial zone of the Inferno h.e.l.l had fallen apart, turning from a land of trial to a land of ruins. However, it was still an independent spatial zone that was separated from the outside world.

The ancient battlefield was blew up by the Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation. The present site had become completely different from the previous overlapping spatial zones. There weren’t much spatial zones left. So it wasn’t hard to find Yan Chenyu here.

He exerted the Great Soul Derivation Technique, his spiritual energy penetrated into the void and discovered a spatial zone that was a little special from other remaining spatial zones.

The spatial zone was filled with incomparable frostiness. That was the Qi of Supreme Coldness. As Jiang Chen had cultivated the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, he was incomparably sensitive to such coldness.

“Xiao Yu must be in that hidden spatial zone. It looks like she has had a fortuitous encounter. Her Nine Yin Meridian has already begun to transform, directly affecting the Qi of that particular spatial zone.”

A trace of smile was revealed at the corner of his mouth. Anyhow, it was good that he could find Yan Chenyu’s location.

Judging from the Qi that permeated from the spatial zone, he was almost certain that it was caused by Yan Chenyu’s presence instead of the original environment.

He broke past the spatial barrier with bare hands and stepped into it. A cold wave welcomed his face, sending him a chill down his spine.

The spatial zone was entirely white, even the air was frozen. Every inch of the area was a piece of solid ice. This whole spatial zone had already solidified. Ordinary cultivators who entered here would immediately be turned into an ice pop and lost the ability to walk.

Jiang Chen, however, wasn’t affected by it.

His gaze fell upon the front where an ice sculpture was erected. He was able to see the situation inside through the ice sculpture.

Presently, Yan Chenyu was inside the ice sculpture but her form was changing randomly. Sometimes she looked like herself and sometimes she turned into another woman with ferocious face. When that ferocious woman appeared, she would struggle violently causing her pretty face to distort, seeming to have suffered endlessly inside there.

“Profound Ice Beast!”

Jiang Chen exclaimed. He was able to discern that the woman was definitely not a human being but an extremely rare beast—the Profound Ice Beast. After a.n.a.lysing the beast’s Qi, he discovered that this beast had been born 10, 000 years ago. One should know how terrifying a 10, 000 years old Profound Ice Beast was.

With his eyesight, naturally, he could discern what was happening at this moment. It looked like Yan Chenyu encountered a situation similar to that of Han Yan’s. It was unexpected to find a great 10, 000 years old Profound Ice Beast here.

Yan Chenyu had the Nine Yin Meridian. The beast must have wanted to refine and devour Yan Chenyu after meeting her.

But then, it was obvious that its plan had backfired. The beast didn’t expect Yan Chenyu to have condensed the heart of Ice G.o.d. That indicated that Yan Chenyu was a high and mighty existence and the true inheritor of Ice G.o.d while the Profound Ice Beast was merely a citizen of Ice G.o.d.

It was conceivable that when the beast wanted to refine Yan Chenyu, due to the suppression of the heart of Ice G.o.d, it was in turn refined by Yan Chenyu. After such a long period of time, the beast had already lost the ability to resist. It was only a matter of time before it was fully refined by Yan Chenyu.

After refining the Profound Ice Beast, Yan Chenyu’s cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds, and would reach a horrifying level. With the influence of the Nine Yin Meridian, her improvement would be greater. Possibly, she could reach the Fifth Grade Great Saint.

The encounter this time was exceedingly great.

“Brother Chen, give me a hand.”

Yan Chenyu’s voice came from the ice sculpture. Their compet.i.tion was reaching its final moment and Jiang Chen appearance was too timely. She needed Jiang Chen’s help to completely refine this Profound Ice Beast once and for all.

“No problem!”

Without delay, he circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique. The powerful spiritual energy turned into an invisible sword of divine sense and pierced through the ice sculpture with a swoosh.

It was the right moment of the Profound Ice Beast manifesting herself. The invisible sword of divine sense stabbed into the spot between the brows with a puff.


The beast gave out a mournful cry; its body began to twist and distort, vanis.h.i.+ng completely at incredible speed.

That sword of Jiang Chen had thoroughly destroyed the last will and spirit of the Profound Ice Beast causing her to be totally refined by Yan Chenyu.

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