Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 981 – The Fury of the Wild Dragon

Chapter 981 – The Fury of the Wild Dragon

The Fury of the Wild Dragon

The 7th!

This was a formidable Forbidden Art that consumed one’s essence. It looked like the elder of Desolate Palace was going all out. His heart must be bleeding right now after losing the seven longswords.

*Hu Hu……*

A wave of blood wind surged all over the sky, like a blood-red tidal wave. The elder had unleashed all of his Yuan Force that turned into a blood-red and viscous air current before forming a sea of blood that was filled with turbulent Qi. Once his opponent fell within the perimeter, he would be affected by the atmosphere inside. It would also affect one’s thinking and mentality, causing the person to go mad. When a person’s mind was in a turmoil, he would become flawed and vulnerable. At this time, even without the attack from the host, he would be struck dead by the attack of the Violent Blood Sea.

One couldn’t deny that this was a cruel move, with swift attack that covered a wide range of area, giving no chance for his enemy to flee.

Just like what was happening now, Jiang Chen was instantaneously shrouded by it. The sea of blood was like an aggressive beast that engulfed Jiang Chen in split seconds.

This horrifying scene made many people nervous. Anyone with good eyesight was able to see that this was the last blow of the elder, and also the last round for Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen could pulverize this attack, the elder would surely be finished due to a ma.s.sive backlash, but if Jiang Chen failed to do so, he would be gotten rid of by the blood sea.

This was a life-and-death blow, and also the final life-and-death struggle.

“Little beast, I will let you taste the scariness of my blood sea. It’s utterly abominable that you dare plunder my Combat Weapons.”

The elder of Desolate Palace ground his teeth, feeling the urge to bite Jiang Chen to pieces at the instant.

“Old man, it sounds ridiculous that you want to trap me with this trick.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was transmitted out of the blood sea, totally not putting this Violent Blood Sea in his eyes. This attack, which could affect one’s mind, was essentially no different than an illusion art, but it was more terrifying than an illusion art because it had a tremendous attack power.

However, the attack power wouldn’t work on Jiang Chen. As for the effects on the mind, putting the daunting Great Soul Derivation Technique aside, he was well-versed in Illusion Heart Sutra. Compared to the Illusion Art, the inside of the Violent Blood Sea was nothing in front of Jiang Chen, truly insignificant.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh...*

Jiang Chen’s speed reached the extreme. Immediately, he swung his sword dozens of time. Every sword light was like an incomparably potent stretch of s.h.i.+ning silk, instantly dividing the blood sea into many parts.

*Hong Long……*

Subsequently, the entire blood sea exploded. Innumerable blood light filled the sky. The turbulent waves inside rolled outwards. In spite of its distance, the bystanders could still feel its dense destructive Qi. They all gaped at the scene, imagining that if they were the ones caught in such a battlefield, they would immediately be pulverised. There was no chance of survival for them.

As the Violent Blood Sea was broken by Jiang Chen’s brute force, the elder spurted out an arrow of blood. The Qi in his body declined rapidly, making him an entirely different person. He had suffered a great backlash from the Violent Blood Sea, and was seriously injured.

Furthermore, he had expended some of his essence before using the Violent Blood Sea. Thus, he was now close to emptying his power. At last, he had lost the ability to fight Jiang Chen.


The elder didn’t dare show any of his disdaining character. He was truly frightened by Jiang Chen, his opponent was just too horrifying. There was no other option besides running away. If the battle continued, he probably would lose his life here.

He disappeared in the blink of an eye, going into the deepest layer of the spatial zone, however, Jiang Chen would never give him the opportunity to escape. Almost at the same moment that the elder fled, Jiang Chen moved.

“Old man! If you chose to flee at the very beginning, I wouldn’t be able to stop you but now, you have totally lost the chance to escape.”

Jiang Chen’s voice rolled through the void, his Flaming Wings was fluttering intensely. In a blink, he went into the deepest layer of the spatial zone. The next moment, one side of the void burst into a hole. Then, Jiang Chen walked out from it, carrying a person—the elder who fled just now.

The elder looked extremely perturbed. He now looked like a dead dog being carried by Jiang Chen, and there was blood all over his body.


This scene immediately set off a rough wave of commotion. The six major families had the impulse to spurt out blood, especially the people of Desolate Family. They felt as if their hearts were going to break apart. That kind of roller-coaster-emotion made their heads spin.

“My G.o.d! Is he really that strong? That formidable Seventh Grade Great Saint didn’t even have the chance to escape? Is he still human?”

“That’s a mighty Seventh Grade Great Saint, an elder and also a high-level figure of Saint Origin Palace, however, he was still defeated by Jiang Chen just like that. Jiang Chen is merely a Third Grade Great Saint now. It is hard to imagine how powerful he would be if he advanced to the Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade or Sixth Grade Great Saint.”

“As long as Jiang Chen doesn’t fall, he will become a superior being and an invincible existence. Even the Greatest Saint that year wasn’t as awesome as him.”


None of them could stay calm. Every young disciple of Gu Family and Demon Race regarded Jiang Chen as their idol. Gu Xuantian and Lang Xingtian felt very fortunate to befriend such a peerless figure. As the patriarchs, they knew better than anyone about the situation of Saint Origin World and Saint Origin Palace. Desolate Palace was obsessed in dominating the entire world. It was only a matter of time before they engulfed the other seven palaces. On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s emergence had created a turning point, giving the rest of them a glimmer of hope.

The Desolate Palace’s elder was in Jiang Chen’s full control. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t break free from Jiang Chen’s hands.

“Jiang Chen, you dare to kill me? Do you have any idea who I am?” said the elder ruthlessly.

“I don’t care who you are. In my eyes, you are an enemy and my enemies only has one outcome, death! Desolate Yuntian is dead and you will soon follow him. The same goes to your Desolate Palace as they have offended me,” said Jiang Chen in a cold-blooded tone.

If the elder knew that Jiang Chen had another ident.i.ty—Gu Chen—he certainly wouldn’t have uttered such a threat.

The Gu Chen of Gu Palace could even plot against Desolate Emperor, let alone getting rid of an elder of Desolate Palace.

“Jiang Chen, you frenzied devil king! If you kill me, Desolate Palace will never let you go and you will surely die painfully in the end. Not just you, but also all of your families, friends, and everyone that is close to you, all of them will die! They will make nine… ten of your generations vanish from this world.” The elder continued to threaten.

“Very well. Then I won’t kill you first today. I will let you see how I, Jiang Chen, will make ten generations of Desolate Family extinct with your own eyes. I will kill all of them and destroy Desolate City.”

As he said that, he struck out the True Dragon Palm. A giant dragon claw 300 meter long slapped towards the group of Desolate Family abruptly.

*Hong Long…*

*Argh…* *Argh…*

When the palm strike landed, miserable cries reverberated. Sea-like blood covered the land and corpses heaped up like mountains. At least hundreds of people died and there was no room for revolt.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen raised his Heavenly Saint Sword and slashed out a thousand miles long dragon sword intent at the direction of Desolate City. Boundless destructive waves rippled as the city was separated into two by that single slash. Countless buildings collapsed with a loud crash, turning into ruins. A very deep gully was produced in the middle. Smoke rippled and billowed up to the sky.


Everybody took in a breath of cold air as it was too cruel and overbearing. Desolate City was instantly destroyed. Perhaps it might’ve been already empty and there were no casualties, but still, Desolate City represented Desolate Family. Such an event was no doubt the first to ever happen in the history of Pure Land.

The scene had completely frightened the people of Desolate Family. The elder of Desolate Palace was utterly shocked. After watching over hundreds of their people being killed and their city being destroyed, he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Old man, I will now kill every one of your Desolate Family here, and then go to the main territory of Desolate Family and continue my slaughter. I will make sure that every one of them will turn to ash and none of them would remain. Do you believe it?” said Jiang Chen loudly.

He didn’t intend to kill those people and destroy the city, but this elder had infuriated him. He hated it the most when someone threatened him using his families and friends.

“I believe you. I believe you Jiang Chen. Kill me now. Please let go of Desolate Family.”

The elder cried, and didn’t dare utter another line of threat. It was true that Desolate Palace was strong, but the news here hadn’t reached there yet. He was finally aware of how ferocious Jiang Chen was. He wouldn’t dare doubt the truthfulness of Jiang Chen’s words. If he continued to provoke Jiang Chen using his threats, Jiang Chen would really kill everyone of his family members in front of him. Once Jiang Chen started his ma.s.sacre, not a single one of his family members would be able to escape. Also, the inheritance and land of Desolate Family would then turn to nothingness. His life was never worth that much anyway.


Jiang Chen slapped the elder’s skull with his palm, killing him instantly, he then released the corpse from the sky. At this point, all the experts of the six major families were dead, including their last hope—the elder that came from Saint Origin Palace. Everyone was shocked and didn’t dare say a word.

In the face of such a fierce enemy, they thought that it would be better to keep their mouth shut. Otherwise, they would meet the same fate as those more than hundreds of disciples.

This was a mad and frenzied dragon. Once it got angry, thousand miles of the land would be covered by corpses.

You should never challenge a powerhouse’s bottom line, these kind of beings would certainly not show any kindness in front of his enemies.

Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his gaze at the six major families and yelled, “Scram now! It’s not worth my time to kill you all.”

These line of words had granted the people of the six major families amnesty. Hastily, they flew away and vanished in a few blinks. Jiang Chen initially had no intention of killing them as his real enemy right now was Desolate Palace. Today’s battle made him an absolute celebrity, but the things here would certainly spread to Saint Origin Palace very soon. What he needed to do now was to make preparations and arrangement for his family.

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