Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 980 – Bloody Awesome

Chapter 980 – Bloody Awesome

b.l.o.o.d.y Awesome

The 6th!

Such a scene gave everyone the urge to cough up blood. He was arrogant, too arrogant. Jiang Chen was definitely the most arrogant person that they had ever seen. No Third Grade Great Saint would dare to point a sword at a Seventh Grade Great Saint and claim that he would kill him. This was a scene that they haven’t even dreamt of.

The blood of the Gu Family and Demon Race had been kindled up. They were attracted and affected by Jiang Chen’s domineering demeanour. They were no doubt deeply convinced by him. A good man like Jiang Chen would never have regrets living in this world.

Jiang Chen was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, which naturally equipped him with an influential bearing. After getting the heart of blaze, a simple radiance of his aura could affect plenty of people.

“That’s too awesome. If I have such a day in my life, even if I die straight after that, it will be worth it.”

“Exactly, Jiang Chen is really too handsome. He is my real idol.”

“Don’t dream. You all should take a closer look of yourselves in the mirror. Don’t you feel ashamed for comparing yourselves with Jiang Chen?”

“Do you think Jiang Chen can handle that elder from Saint Origin Palace? He is a Seventh Grade Great Saint, that’s so powerful.”

“It’s hard to say. Jiang Chen killed so many Sixth Grade Great Saints, it only showed that his strength is comparable to a Seventh Grade Great Saint. Moreover, Jiang Chen has created numerous miracles all this while. I admire him so much that I will prostrate before him. I won’t feel surprised if he can kill that Seventh Grade Great Saint.”


Most of the people from Gu Family and Demon Race were unable to restrain their stirred emotions. They were wondering whether Jiang Chen could deal with that Seventh Grade Great Saint, but thinking back to his past deeds and achievements reminded them how many miracles he had created. As such, they wouldn’t be very surprised if he could really kill that Seventh Grade Great Saint.

Compared to the people of the Gu Family and Demon Race, the people of six major families were feeling restless. They hated Jiang Chen to their very core. All their hopes were now placed on that elder, hoping that he could kill Jiang Chen to avenge their patriarchs’ and elders’ death.

“You overly conceited little beast! I will let you know what true power is.”

The elder of Desolate Palace raged. Without saying another word, he struck out a palm at Jiang Chen. It was a giant golden palm that dazzled incomparably, like a cage pressing down against Jiang Chen.

“This senseless attack is of no use to me.”

Jiang Chen didn’t even look at the attack from the elder. He raised his hand and sent out a knuckle blow. A huge punch connected with the dazzling palm. After hearing a rumble, the elder’s palm cracked and shattered to pieces in the void.


The elder exclaimed, doubting that his eyes had some problems. He was a mighty Seventh Grade Great Saint which was many times stronger than any Sixth Grade Great Saints. How could he ever put a Third Grade Great Saint in his eyes? Crus.h.i.+ng a Third Grade was no different than pinching an ant.

But then again, after their first exchange, he learned the true meaning of heaven defying and monstrous. His previous attack was just a test, it wasn’t a full-fledged attack; Jiang Chen appeared to be also probing his attack instead of going all-out. Viewing this from another perspective, both of them were on par.

“Old man, you should be careful in front of me. Give me whatever you got. Don’t wait anymore cause you might not have an opportunity to use your strongest attack, by then, it will already be in vain,” said Jiang Chen loudly, absolutely not putting his opponent in his eyes. He was currently in his half-dragon form and with his current cultivation and combat strength, he was qualified to disdain his opponent.

“I don’t believe that a puny Third Grade Great Saint is powerful enough to fight me. Heaven Splitting Divine Claw.”

From top to bottom, the elder’s body was filled with a dense killing intent. He no longer dared to underestimate Jiang Chen; he struck out with the most powerful combat technique of the Desolate Family – the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw. The power of this Heaven Splitting Divine Claw was many times stronger than Desolate Yuntian’s. Scales grew out on the surface of the red-golden palm.

At this very moment, the elder’s hatred towards Jiang Chen was so intense. Desolate Yuntian wasn’t merely just a patriarch, he was also his nephew. As his Sixth Uncle, he couldn’t even save his nephew’s life and had to watch him die in the hands of the enemy. It was imaginable how much hatred he was feeling right now.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven Splitting Divine Claw ripped the sky and enshrouded the entire battlefield, not giving Jiang Chen a slim chance of escaping. Also, Jiang Chen’s Qi had been locked on by the giant claw the instant it materialized, leaving him no way of fleeing, confronting the attack head-on was his only option.

“Haha! Come on!” Laughed Jiang Chen loudly.

He didn’t even show any politeness towards his enemy. He raised his Heavenly Saint Sword, fusing himself with the sword to become a single unit that looked like a giant dragon, dancing back and forth in the void; he now looked extremely valorous.


The Heavenly Saint Sword uttered a shrill howl as it slashed forward at the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw.


The two huge attacks collided, immediately, a large spark was produced. The Heavenly Saint Sword reached the internal part of the giant claw but couldn’t completely slash it apart; the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw was no doubt terrifying, it gave the feeling that it was indestructible.

These two powerful attacks were like glued to each other, both were trying hard to pulverise the other.

“How could this brat be this strong? His power is akin to a power that can topple the mountains and overturn seas. I can feel extreme pressure from him. And, his sword is incomparably dreadful, being able to slash open my Heaven Splitting Divine Claw.”

The elder’s expression changed. He couldn’t believe that such a monstrous figure actually existed under the Heavens.

“Break it now!”

Jiang Chen exerted an extra force into it, countless of dragon marks surged out like a blood-red shadows of dragons. The power of the Heavenly Saint Sword doubled in an instant. A sound of ‘Chi La’ rang and the core of the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw was severed in half.

*Deng Deng Deng!*

The elder received a ma.s.sive force of backlash and plunged backwards. His bloodshot eyes revealed an expression of shock. The fact that he was quashed by a Third Grade Great Saint gave him an impulse to spurt out blood.

“My goodness, he can actually suppress a Seventh Grade Great Saint? Is he still human?”

“No, this is impossible. How can he be so overbearing. Their cultivation are four levels apart. The gap is almost impossible to overcome. If a Seventh Grade Great Saint is not even a match for him, does it mean that there’s no way for us to take our revenge on him?”


A while ago, the people of the six major families were full of hope, but after seeing that even the Seventh Grade Great Saint was sent plunging backwards by Jiang Chen, they felt utterly disappointed, as if a large bowl of cold water was poured over their scorching head. Now, they no longer expected the elder to kill Jiang Chen. It was already considered favorable when the elder wasn’t killed by Jiang Chen.

“Brother Lang, did you notice that the combat power of the Seventh Grade Great Saint is almost the same as the combat power of the Sky Integration Grand Formation? And just now, Jiang Chen was able to rip apart the Sky Integration Grand Formation, this means that Jiang Chen’s cultivation is enough to suppress the elder,” said Gu Xuantian, his eyes sparkling.

“It’s true that he has amazing combat strength. I’m afraid that the Seventh Grade Great Saint is no match for Jiang Chen, but he is after all a Seventh Grade Great Saint, it’s probably not a problem for him to escape.” Lang Xingtian said, sighing.

Each time Jiang Chen emerged, he would bring them shock and miracle. Since the incident in Void Triangular Domain, his name had been circulating in the Pure Land. Moreover, all the earth-shaking events that happened in the Pure Land during this period of time were related to Jiang Chen.

The battlefield was shattered and a few large holes could be seen. An icy cold spatial air currents were rustling from the openings. After the strike that suppressed the Seventh Grade Great Saint, Jiang Chen made another strike swiftly. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a brilliant divine light and reached the elder in a blink.

The elder roared. Seven extra swords with seven different colors appeared. This was a set of Saint Weapon. These seven swords would combine to increase its power drastically and launch an attack. Saint Weapon like this were the most horrifying one.

At this point, the elder no longer dared to look down on Jiang Chen. He transferred all of his energy to the seven long swords, forming a dazzling sword formation that were displayed in the form of seven stars. Each and every sword looked like a heavenly sword, indestructible as they stabbed towards Jiang Chen.

“This is a good sword formation, but it’s not enough to harm me.”

Jiang Chen praised the sword formation. A pair of red-golden fiery wings appeared behind his back, and with a swoosh, he merged his blood-red dragon wings and formed the flaming wings. With a casual flutter of the wings, he moved liked a sailfish in the ocean, dodging the most powerful attack of the sword formation like lightning, and entered the sword formation through a narrow opening.

As he went into the sword formation, he casted the Great Soul Derivation Technique. Immediately, he found the weak point of the formation. The Heavenly Saint Sword then slashed violently at that spot. After hearing a ‘bang’, the sword formation instantly crumbled while the seven swords buzzed; the void trembled intensely.

“What a set of good swords. I will kindly accept this gift of yours.”

Jiang Chen summoned the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da that sucked in all the swords instantaneously. The elder was greatly shocked. That was his natal weapon, it couldn’t be easily taken by anyone. Hastily, he recalled his seven swords back, but sadly, he couldn’t sense them anymore, as if they had vanished.

“No need to summon them anymore, old man. Your Combat Weapon has already been subdued by me,” said Jiang Chen.

“It’s impossible.”

The elder couldn’t believe it, but the truth was just like what Jiang Chen had said, he could no longer feel the Qi of the seven swords. This was no ordinary surprise. If he lost those weapons, he would certainly suffer a tremendous loss.

“Little beast! I will fight it out with you! Violent Blood Sea!”

The elder had gone mad; endless energy was spewing out of his body.

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