Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 979 – Wild and Frenzied

Chapter 979 – Wild and Frenzied

Wild and Frenzied

The 5th!

“I’m dying… no…”

Huo Batian felt very reluctant. He was the patriarch of a major family, like Narang Chantian. He had a mighty and powerful cultivation. He had never thought that he would meet his death today. He thought that he still had a great future awaiting him, and that one day, he would be able to cultivate in Saint Origin Palace and could even breakthrough into the Immortal realm and ascend to the Immortal World.

But then, all of these dreams turned to nothing. Jiang Chen had become his ultimate nightmare and the terminator of his life.

“No, our patriarch is killed. This abominable maniac!”

“It’s over. Huo Family is going to be finished. None of us can beat this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, even our patriarch is killed.”

“The world is going to be in complete disorder. Jiang Chen won’t stop. I’m afraid that the patriarchs of the six major families will die, including all the Sixth Grade Great Saints.”


The disciples of Huo Family felt like their hearts were wrung to the very core. The six major families had been thrown into chaos. None of the trapped Sixth Grade Great Saint would be able to escape alive. After killing Huo Batian, Jiang Chen made another sword attack. His Heavenly Saint Sword had become a life-seizing sword. Every place it went, there would be a splash of blood and a miserable cry. Merely a minute’s time had pa.s.sed but the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was only left with four people—the last four patriarchs, Desolate Yuntian, Dan Yangtian, Bin Longtian and s.h.i.+ Haotian. The rest of them were dead. The scene was at its worst when only these four overlords were left alive. They were all like mourning dogs, with their dying-ember-like faces. They had already given up resisting.

Resistance was no longer useful, Jiang Chen was just too strong. Neither of them was his opponent and they had witnessed Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness. They knew pretty well that Jiang Chen would never let them go no matter what.

“It’s over. This is thoroughly over.”

“Haha! I hate myself for not killing this brat at that time on Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain, which led to the disaster today.”

“Jiang Chen, you’ll be finished once you killed us. You have killed so many people and caused the entire world to be in chaos. Saint Origin Palace will never forgive you. The six palaces will never let you go. You can never escape from the pursuit of Saint Origin Palace even if you have three heads and six arms.”


The four overlords snarled. At this time, besides despair and fear overflowing their hearts, there was also regret. Back when Jiang Chen just came back from Void Triangular Domain, he was merely a Minor Saint expert. Killing him at that time was as easy as pinching an ant, but they gave up that chance for the sake of their reputation, and this turned out to be a disastrous event today.

No one wouldn’t be afraid of death. The higher their position and authority, the greater they feared death. They were supposed to have great future awaiting them, and considering their position and status, they thought they were immortals.

“Humph! From the moment you offended me, your fate has already been set. I, Jiang Chen, am the nightmare of your families. Today, that nightmare has arrived because of your actions. Saint Origin Palace has also offended me and they will face the same consequences as you. Anyone who goes against me will face the same consequences. That is all.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph; sword light swept across wildly, slas.h.i.+ng the head of Dan Yangtian and Bin Longtian. After killing so many people, adding these two wouldn’t make much difference. Furthermore, the grudge between him and the six major families would never end. There was nothing they could talk about except their deaths. If Jiang Chen didn’t kill them, they would do everything to eliminate him, or even harm his family. This was something that Jiang Chen didn’t wish to see.

The battle scene was left with two people. Both Desolate Yuntian and s.h.i.+ Haotian’s face already had become so ugly, they already knew that death was just ahead.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Jiang Chen walked towards the two men one step after another.

“Jiang Chen, I have already sent the message to Desolate Palace. The experts over there will arrive here soon. You can already imagine what the consequences will be if you kill me!” said Desolate Yuntian loudly.

“Haha! Desolate Yuntian, so you are scared. It’s impossible to get your message out of here. Even if you really did sent a message, it will take at least half an hour for the experts of Saint Origin Palace to arrive here. Everything would be over at that time,” said Jiang Chen while laughing.

*Hong Long……*

Just then, a sudden explosion of thunder rang in the sky. The void burst into a gap and an old man in grey robe came out. After his appearance, a strong pressure spread out from the sky which made it difficult for everyone to breathe.

Everyone turned their gaze at the elder. When Desolate Yuntian saw the elder, he felt overjoyed and hurriedly shouted, “Sixth Uncle, save me!”

There was no doubt about it. He was an expert that came from Desolate Palace. Impressively, this elder was a Seventh Grade Great Saint which was many times stronger than a Sixth Grade Great Saint.

“This is great, Brother Desolate. Never thought that you could send a message out to Saint Origin Palace. We have hope now.”

s.h.i.+ Haotian was overjoyed too. Initially, he thought that this zone had been thoroughly sealed up by Jiang Chen, losing all the capability to send a Signalling Talisman. Thus, he didn’t imagine that Desolate Yuntian would be able to send the message through the sealed zone.

“Of course, this is a unique Signalling Talisman of Desolate Family that couldn’t be blocked. Jiang Chen, you are finished.”

Desolate Yuntian once again became arrogant.

The fact that Desolate Yuntian could send a message out to Desolate Palace also astonished Jiang Chen a little. But immediately after that, he found the answer to it. After all, Desolate Family was different from the other families, they had powerful Immortals in their palace. Naturally, they would have extraordinary means and it wasn’t strange for the message to get past his seal.

“Here comes the expert of Saint Origin Palace. He is the expert of Desolate Family. That’s great, this will be the end of Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen must be killed, he is too dangerous. He is merely a Third Grade Great Saint, but he already has incredible strength and ruthlessness. If he is allowed to continue his growth, no one could imagine how monstrous he would become.”

“Kill him! Today, we must kill Jiang Chen. This man is a heinous devil and he has killed too many people.”


The people of the six major families were stirred by the arrival of Desolate Palace’s expert. At last, they saw a glimmer of hope. They were truly in terror before this, or perhaps, scared to death.

The faces of the Gu Family and Demon Race changed. Most of them only saw this expert of Saint Origin Palace for the first time. In their hearts, Saint Origin Palace was a divine land and the pinnacle existence in Saint Origin World.

Immediately after the Desolate Palace’s elder emerged, he saw the tragic situation of the battlefield and the trapped Desolate Yuntian. A violent anger sprang out of his body in an instant.


The elder’s gaze were as sharp as knife as it landed on Jiang Chen’s body. He said furiously, “Little monster! Are these your doing? Good, very good, even the Greatest Saint that year wasn’t as conceited as you. You won’t die enough even if you have a hundred lives for killing so many of our people.”

“Haha! Isn’t Desolate Palace overconfident? They sent only you, a Seventh Grade Great Saint, to kill me? I’m not sure whether it is overconfidence or your old life isn’t worth much. Coming alone is equivalent to death. If I were you, I will scram instantly and perhaps that will save your life.”

Jiang Chen laughed, certainly not putting the Seventh Grade Great Saint in his eyes. He was now in his half-dragon form and possessed the combat strength of a Seventh Grade Great Saint. It wasn’t impossible for him to kill a Seventh Grade Great Saint if he went all out.

If the expert who came was an Eighth Grade Great Saint or there were a few Seventh Grade Great Saint experts, Jiang Chen wouldn’t even say a word or two. He would immediately turn and run, but now, he had no intention of fleeing. It wasn’t easy to encounter a Seventh Grade Great Saint opponent. This was a good way to test his combat ability and strength.

“That’s arrogant, extremely arrogant. I can’t believe that someone as arrogant as you has actually existed in the Pure Land. Little beast, I order you to immediately release the patriarch of my family now, otherwise, you will be doomed.”

The elder raged. His status in the Pure Land was on par with the position of the supreme ruler. For so long that he had lived, no one had ever dared to speak to him in such a way.

“Humph! Then, I’ll doom your patriarch first.”

Two beams of cruel light shot out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. Without warning, the Heavenly Saint Sword pierced through Desolate Yuntian’s brows. His body trembled, however, the smile on his face hadn’t thoroughly faded yet. Originally, he thought that his Sixth Uncle could save him, but he never thought that he would die first before his uncle could react. This was no doubt a real disaster.

“No… no…”

Desolate Yuntian couldn’t believe it at all, but this was the cruelty of reality. He only felt that a man was so fragile in the face of death until now.

s.h.i.+ Haotian, standing at the side, was completely dumbfounded. He absolutely couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen would still dare to kill in front of a Seventh Grade Great Saint. This wasn’t audaciousness anymore, but insanity.

“You are going to die too.”

Jiang Chen drew his sword. With a wave, s.h.i.+ Haotian’s head was detached from his body. At the moment, not single one among the dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saints remained, including the six patriarchs, all of them ended up in a tragic death.

The six renowned overlords had fallen in this battle. This battle would surely shake the whole world and be counted into the history of Saint Origin World. Jiang Chen’s name would definitely be famous because of this battle which would be pa.s.sed down to generations.


The elder was infuriated. Substantial fury escaped from the top of his skull. He glared at Jiang Chen, not believing that there was such an arrogant young punk in this world, that dared to kill in front of him. This wasn’t merely an insult to him, but also an insult to the entire Desolate Family.

“Little beast! Today, by hook or by crook, you will die. I will let you taste the h.e.l.l-like suffering!”

The elder’s killing intent was overwhelming. He had decided to kill Jiang Chen without a doubt.

“You talk too much, old man. If you want to fight, come. We’ll see who will die first.”

Jiang Chen kept the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and the Five Elemental Sphere and pointed at the elder with his sword.

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