Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 974 – The Return to Power

Chapter 974 – The Return to Power

The Return to Power

The 14th!

“You six major families are putting your face to an appalling degree of shame. It was a shame when you all killed Jiang Chen jointly. Today, you are all sentencing a junior to death in public? You all certainly have thick skins!” yelled Lang Xingtian.

They weren’t familiar with Han Yan and this was the first time that they saw him in person. Nevertheless, what Han Yan did really made them admire him. It was also very emotional when Han Yan was willing to sacrifice his own life just to avenge his sworn brother, making the entire world his enemy in the process. How many people in this world could actually do this? Moreover, Han Yan had the powerful Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, which was stronger than any average physique. He was a true genius with excellent talent. The moment his bloodline was thoroughly awaken, he would become an unparalleled great devil with unfathomable strength.

This was something that the six major families noticed. Although he was merely a Fourth Grade Great Saint, no Fifth Grade Great Saint could ever match him. He could even fight ordinary Sixth Grade Great Saints. Even if he lost the fight, it wouldn’t be difficult for him flee, but when all of the Sixth Grade Great Saint experts of the six major families encircled him, running away was no longer an option, even if he had an unparalleled ability and was given an extra pair of wings. After all, he didn’t possess the Spatial s.h.i.+ft and the Flaming Wings of Jiang Chen.

“Lang Xingtian, go f*ck yourself. Won’t you feel your back aching while standing here talking? If you have lost as much elders and geniuses as we did, I’m afraid that you won’t be standing here speaking sarcastically.” Narang Changtian scolded Lang Xingtian.

“Gu Xuantian, Lang Xingtian, is there something wrong with you two? That Jiang Chen is already dead. What’s the point of trying to protect his people? Even if you put your heart into it, Jiang Chen won’t come back and reward you.”

“Exactly. There is no doubt that Jiang Chen is outstandingly gifted, even this little devil king in front of us is also a rare genius. However, a devil king is just a king, everybody has the right to punish them. These two devil kings went against us, and there is only one ending for them, death! The dignity of us, six major families, had been repeatedly challenged. If he isn’t executed today, how are we going to defend our dignity?”

Danyang Tian and s.h.i.+ Haotian added.

What they said wasn’t unreasonable. Anyone who suffered such enormous losses would surely get infuriated.

Ever since the clash between Jiang Chen and them in Void Triangular Domain, the six major families hadn’t been at peace. Back in the ancient battlefield, Jiang Chen had brought them even greater losses. They hadn’t expected that another wild devil would appear after just a month of Jiang Chen’s death. This incident had brought chaos to the six major families. So, how could they not be angry about it?

“Don’t talk nonsense to them. Noon is almost here. At that time, we will slice off the flesh of this wicked devil. With our presence here, it would be impossible for the Gu Family and Demon Race to save him.”

Desolate Yuntian’s face turned dark and ruthless when he decided the fate of Han Yan. The reason they were all here today was to prevent the Gu Family and Demon Race from interrupting the execution. In other words, they were here to repress any opposition.

“Uncle, it’s almost noon. If Little Chen doesn’t come, Ah Yan will be in real danger.”

Wu Ningzhu felt extremely anxious and could no longer wait. If something were to happen to Han Yan, it would deal a great blow to Jiang Chen.

“Brother Gu, even if Jiang Chen arrives in time, I’m afraid that not only will he not be able to save Han Yan given his cultivation, but also send himself into the tiger’s mouth,” said Lang Xingtian worriedly.

“Rest a.s.sured, Brother Lang. Gu Palace has replied to my message, saying that Jiang Chen isn’t the same as the previous Jiang Chen. No one in the Pure Land will be his opponent now.” Gu Xuantian said. This message was personally sent by Gu Firmament. There was no doubt about it.

“Jiang Chen is really terrifying. It’s only been more than a month since he went to Saint Origin Palace. To a Great Saint, a month’s time isn’t really sufficient, it is virtually impossible to make any great progress within a month. I’m afraid that only those monstrous talents like Jiang Chen is able to do this.” Lang Xingtian marveled.

He had always looked up to Jiang Chen, but after hearing this news, he knew that he had underestimated Jiang Chen once again.

“Little Chen, come back quick!”

Wu Ningzhu was about to lose her patience, sensing that the hour was slowly approaching. The six major families would never let go of Han Yan. Given the present situation, even if the Gu Family and Demon Race interfered, they wouldn’t be able to save Han Yan.

“There is no need to worry, Ning Er. If he really comes late, uncle will stall them to buy him some time.”

Two rays of brilliant light flashed out of Gu Xuantian’s eyes. Today, whether he could save Han Yan or not, he had to do his best. There was a vast difference between waiting and acting regardless of the success. He wouldn’t feel guilty in front of Jiang Chen if Han Yan really died at the end, because he had done what he could. If he only watched Han Yan being tortured to death without doing anything, Jiang Chen would never forgive them and they would feel guilty for the rest of their lives.


Wu Ningzhu nodded. It was useless for her to feel anxious now, also Gu Xuantian promised to buy Jiang Chen some time, which eased her worried heart. In any case, Jiang Chen had to come and deal with this situation.

Minutes and seconds pa.s.sed. The crowd had been very silent and the atmosphere was stifling. Han Yan who was bound by chain didn’t have the slightest fear on his face.

“Patriarch, the time is up.” Someone said.

“En, let the Ling Chi Execution begin.” Desolate Yuntiang said emotionlessly.

Standing beside Han Yan was a Sixth Grade Great Saint with a face full of ruthlessness. A long sword appeared in his hands. Then, this extremely sharp sword slowly moved towards Han Yan.

“Brat, you have to pay for what you did. What do you think, should I cut your flesh into a thousand or ten thousand slices?” The Sixth Grade Great Saint asked with a sneer.

“I’m afraid even ten thousand cuts won’t kill me. I suggest you to kill me directly, otherwise, you will be tired to death instead of killing me. That will certainly cause you to lose your face.”

Han Yan grinned at the Sixth Grade Great Saint. It seemed like to him, Ling Chi wasn’t torturous enough of an execution but something that would only tickle his skin.

“Sure enough, the dead duck always has a hard mouth even when it is on the verge of death. You can rest a.s.sured that I won’t let you die so easily. I will slowly cut you with my sword, cutting all of your fleshes into pieces, and then your soul, letting you die in endless pain and suffering.”

The Sixth Grade Great Saint gritted his teeth. He resented Han Yan so much he wanted to stab him to death immediately. His grandchild that he was so proud of was killed by this devil.

“Enough of the nonsense old man. Come on and kill me now. Eighteen years later, I will be a good man again.”

Han Yan sneered at the old man. It was men’s nature to never surrender to their enemies.

“I hope you won’t shout later.”

The Sixth Grade Great Saint said while gritting his teeth. He immediately raised his sword. A harsh buzzing sound rang and a sword light spilled out of the body of the sword as it cut at Han Yan’s direction.

*Hong Long……*

At this instant, a rumble rang all of a sudden in the void. Everyone looked over and saw a figure walking out of the void and reached the sky above them in just a blink. The incomer looked around 20 years old. He was dressed in snowy white clothes, his black hair danced along with the breeze, his eyes were as brilliant as the stars and as bottomless as the abyss. He stood there like a large mountain, giving everyone an invisible wave of pressure.

When everyone saw the youth’s appearance, they couldn’t help but exclaim. The crowd immediately burst into commotion, as if a bomb had been set off all of a sudden.

“Jiang Chen? What’s going on? Wasn’t he dead? Why did he show up again?”

“No, this is impossible. That day, we certainly destroyed him with our joint attack. How can he still be alive? How could this happen?”

“Are you kidding me? The dead man has come back to life? How did this guy get away? He was surrounded and trapped by us that day. He didn’t even have the chance to escape.”


The experts of the six major families were shocked, especially those who ganged up on Jiang Chen that day. Seeing Jiang Chen again was like seeing a ghost. They couldn’t accept this reality.

“Oh my G.o.d. Jiang Chen wasn’t dead. We all thought that he was dead. Does this guy have an extraordinary luck?”

“This is a miracle, to be able to survive under that attack and make everyone believe that he was dead. Did you all notice that after more than a month of disappearance, he became stronger, a lot stronger than the time at the ancient battlefield?”

“Haha, Jiang Chen is still alive. The six major families’ effort was in vain.”


The people of Gu Family and Demon Palace cheered when they saw Jiang Chen again, especially those people who received the grace of Jiang Chen and those who were saved by him. They had been brooding and feeling sad ever since Jiang Chen’s death. They didn’t expect to see that Jiang Chen was still intact and was as good as before, naturally, this turned their sadness to happiness.

Wu Ningzhu smiled. She knew that Han Yan was safe the moment Jiang Chen appeared, no one would be able to kill Han Yan in front of Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, you son of a b*tch isn’t dead yet!”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s abrupt arrival, Han Yan felt neither crying nor laughing. After he came out of the ancient battlefield, his heart was wrung to the very core when he heard about Jiang Chen’s tragic death. He had spent these days in darkness and turned into a killing devil. Now that Jiang Chen had appeared before him, all the darkness and gloom were instantly swept away.

“You fool. Don’t you know what I’m capable of? Can they really kill me?”

Jiang Chen scolded Han Yan. Although he appeared to be scolding him, everyone could feel the brotherhood that they had within their conversation.

Immediately, Jiang Chen turned his gaze to the elder who was holding the sword and said coldly, “If you dare touch him, I’ll make sure you die along with your entire family.”

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