Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 973 – The Ling Chi Execution*

Chapter 973 – The Ling Chi Execution*

The Ling Chi Execution*

The 13th!

A month later, there was basically no more internal conflict in Gu Palace. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s rapid progress greatly stimulated Gu Palace’s geniuses’ enthusiasm in cultivation. Adding the fact that Gu Firmament had taken control over the Law Enforcement Palace, Gu Palace was able to get enormous amount of cultivation resources, allowing everyone in the palace to have big progress in their cultivation.

Jiang Chen felt quite satisfied with this circ.u.mstance. He was also relieved now that Gu Palace and Demon Palace had established a good relations.h.i.+p. It was just like what Gu Firmament said earlier, both Gu Palace and Demon Palace were currently in charge of the Law Enforcement Palace. Heavenly Peng King was given the seat of vice palace master.

Jiang Chen’s month long effort wasn’t in vain. He was ready to return to Pure Land tomorrow and tell Great Master Ran Feng about the news of Ancestor Greenlotus as he was worried about his master for a century. Great Master Ran Feng would certainly be very happy to hear about Ancestor Greenlotus’ news.

Just as Jiang Chen was about to leave, Gu Firmament called to see him.

“I wonder why the palace master is calling me for.”

Without any delay, he went straight to where Gu Firmament lived with extreme speed and arrived in just a few blinks.

“Is there anything that the palace master calls me for?” Jiang Chen asked.

The current Gu Firmament didn’t look pleasant as if something big had happened. Seeing Jiang Chen’s arrival, he quickly said, “Jiang Chen, there is something that I have to tell you. Gu Xuantian just sent me a message saying that something has happened in the Pure Land.”

“What happened?”

Jiang Chen had a premonition as it was a personal message from Gu Xuantian. The matter must be related to him, otherwise he wouldn’t be summoned by Gu Firmament.

“Do you have a brother called Han Yan?” Gu Firmament asked.

“What happened to Ah Yan?”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed. His intelligence allowed him to guess that it had something to do with his brother, whom he had known back in Eastern Continent. Han Yan was his first sworn brother since his rebirth.

“This Han Yan is also a great genius but he had acted recklessly. He has a powerful and extremely rare bloodline—The Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. I heard that he entered the ancient battlefield with you, but he didn’t come out until a few days ago. He was already a Fourth Grade Great Saint when he emerged. When he heard that your death was caused by the six major families, he got infuriated. For several days in a row, he killed plenty of the disciples and geniuses of the six major families and some Fifth Grade Great Saints. Later, he was taken down by the experts of the six major families and will be executed in public.”

Gu Firmament told Jiang Chen about the news of the Pure Land, word by word.


Jiang Chen’s eyes shone with a cold light. A sudden burst of anger erupted out of his body. No one could understand the relations.h.i.+p between him and Han Yan. It was the brotherhood of sworn brothers. Han Yan must have fully refined the Ancient Devil, allowing his cultivation to rapidly increase. Naturally, when Han Yan heard that his own sworn brother was killed, he would be enraged. If he was replaced by Jiang Chen, he would also immediately rush over to the six major families to avenge his brother’s death.

Considering Han Yan’s terrifying Fourth Grade Great Saint cultivation, killing Fifth Grade Great Saints wouldn’t be a matter. Even if he confronted a Sixth Grade Great Saint, he would have no problem fleeing, but if he was surrounded by the Sixth Grade Great Saint experts of the six major families, he would only face one outcome.

Part of the blame should be put on Jiang Chen for keeping the news very concealed. Han Yan didn’t have a clue that Jiang Chen was still alive, which caused him to fall into the hands of the six great families. Han Yan’s fate would surely not be good.

Gu Family and Demon Race must have tried hard to help Han Yan, but the situation was just like last time when the six major families was determined to kill Jiang Chen. Even if these two families combine, they would still be powerless and wouldn’t stand a chance against the other six families.

Therefore, Gu Xuantian quickly sent the news over, because he knew the importance of Han Yan to Jiang Chen. If Han Yan died because of this and Jiang Chen wasn’t informed, the consequences would be unbearable even to Gu Xuantian.

“At noon today, the six major families will bring Han Yan out of Desolate City and execute him. In order to defend the prestige of the six major families, they would want to let everyone under the Heavens know that opposing them will only bring bad fortune. I have already calculated the time, if you rush back now, perhaps you might arrive in time,” said Gu Firmament.

“Alright, those six families, it’s time to settle our score once and for all. I plead Place Master to open the pa.s.sageway for me immediately. I have to go back this instant.”

The killing intent in his body could no longer be concealed. What he hated the most was when others try to hurt his families and friends. They were his sore spot. No one was allowed to touch them. He secretly swore that if anything were to happen to Han Yan, he would have all the people of the six major families buried with his sworn brother.

“Alright. It’s inconvenient for Saint Origin Palace to resolve your scores in the Pure Land. This is your matter now. You have to resolve it yourself. Given your current strength, there is no one in the Pure Land that can stop you. Go back and catch Desolate Family off guard, giving them a heavy blow to disrupt their plans.” Gu Firmament said.

He knew all the things that Jiang Chen did. Now that the six major families was targeting Jiang Chen’s sworn brother, Jiang Chen was seriously angered without a doubt. Jiang Chen was a wild dragon. The land would be overturned and blood would flow like a river if this dragon turned frenzied.

The present Jiang Chen was totally different from the Jiang Chen who arrived in Saint Origin Palace a month ago. It was conceivable what kind of shock Jiang Chen would bring the moment he appeared again in the Pure Land. Saint Origin World was destined to be in chaos sooner or later; the prologue of the chaos would certainly start in the Pure Land.

“I don’t care about their plans and whatever chaos that may happen. Anyone who touches my brother will die.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably cold. In his heart, personal relations.h.i.+p was far greater than any power in the world.

Gu Firmament nodded. He liked Jiang Chen’s ferociousness very much. He knew that Han Yan was in a life-threatening situation, so without wasting any time, he waved and produced a pa.s.sageway for Jiang Chen.

“This pa.s.sageway will lead you to Gu Palace. With your ability, you should be able to reach there in half an hour’s time. I hope that you will arrive there on time.” Gu Firmament said.

Without saying a word, Jiang Chen flashed and vanished into the pa.s.sageway.

“Pure Land is going to be manic this time.”

Gu Firmament chuckled. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could almost imagine the fate of those six major families. Everyone knew that the strongest cultivators in the Pure Land were Sixth Grade Great Saints. All the Seventh Grade Great Saint and above cultivators were in Saint Origin Palace. With Jiang Chen’s current cultivation, killing Sixth Grade Great Saint experts would be effortless. Even if there were more Sixth Grade Great Saint experts, it wouldn’t be enough for him to kill.

Pure Land. Since Jiang Chen was killed by the six major families, it had never been so lively. Almost all the experts of the eight major families had gathered outside Desolate City.

Desolate City was the territory of Desolate Family. Currently, on a vast open s.p.a.ce outside the city, was a white-haired youth in iron chain.

This white-haired youth was no stranger. He was Han Yan. He was bounded by a stout iron chain which glowed faintly. This was no ordinary iron chain. This chain was carved with a seal by a powerful expert.

Outside the iron chain was a void that was also sealed, giving Han Yan no chance of escaping. Moreover, he was guarded by four Sixth Grade Great Saints. They had all witnessed Han Yan’s ferocity, not even a Fifth Grade Great Saint was his opponent. Thus, not even they, dared to be relaxed in front of this monster.

Besides the four Sixth Grade Great Saints, there were also people from the eight major families standing around. It was like a sea of people. The patriarchs of the eight major families had all arrived. In fact, executing Han Yan didn’t require the presence of so many overlords, especially the overlords of Gu Family and Demon Race. The six major families knew Han Yan was close to Jiang Chen. They wanted to show the other two major families that Han Yan would have no chance of turning over his fate.

A horrifying figure emerged after Jiang Chen’s death, causing another great loss to the six major families. Such an outstanding genius must be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent any future threat.

Han Yan’s face did not show any signs of fear because until now, he still didn’t know that Jiang Chen was still alive. Jiang Chen’s death had aroused his devil nature, slaughtering everything he saw. To him, his life no longer mattered. It was his greatest regret that he wasn’t able to annihilate the six major families, to avenge Jiang Chen’s death.

“Uncle, what shall we do? It’s almost noon.”

Within the crowd of Gu Family, Wu Ningzhu was standing beside Gu Xuantian. Her face was full of worries. She and Han Yan go way back. She knew pretty well how deep the brotherhood between Han Yan and Jiang Chen. She could hardly imagine that if Han Yan died today, how mad Jiang Chen would become when he returned.

“I have already sent a message to Saint Origin Palace. I believe that Jiang Chen has already been informed of the news here.”

Gu Xuantian’s facial expression also turned ugly. He looked at Desolate Yuntian and shouted, “Desolate Yuntian, are you six families ignoring your faces when so many of you bully a junior?”

“Humph! You Gu Family and Demon Race have helped Jiang Chen before. Now you want to come and aid this devil? This is a clear opposition against us. This devil has killed so many of our people. He has committed the most heinous crime. The execution today is to let everyone in the world know that going against Desolate Family will bring no good outcome. Jiang Chen had tasted it and so will this devil. There is only one punishment to his crime – death. And it will not be a pleasant death.”

Desolate Yuntian said with anger. Thinking about the huge losses that they have suffered because of this devil made him grit his teeth and had the urge to tear Han Yan apart. Today, he would slice Han Yan’s flesh one by one in front of the public.

*Ling Chi Execution or Lingchi is a form of torture, a form of execution that remove portions of the body over an extended period of time, eventually resulting in death.

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