Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 975 – Sky Integration Grand Formation

Chapter 975 – Sky Integration Grand Formation

Sky Integration Grand Formation

The 1st!

What a hubris was it to say that he would eradicate an entire family? But when this came out of Jiang Chen’s mouth, it wasn’t arrogance but dominance. No one would doubt his words because he was telling the truth. If those elders really touched Han Yan, Jiang Chen would have had no choice but to erase all of them in this world.

This was neither a joke, nor a clamour. This was a gentle reminder of a fact.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t think that you are still alive. You do have great luck, but it’s foolish of you show up here instead of hiding yourself. It seems like there is another advantage of Han Yan’s execution—drawing you out. In that case, the two of you will die together. Everybody, listen up. We will not let Jiang Chen run away this time by any means necessary.”

Desolate Yuntiang’s Qi fluctuated and commanded the Great Saints of the other five major families. All the experts unleashed their Qi and killing intent, meanwhile, 30 powerful experts rushed out of Desolate City. All of them were Sixth Grade Great Saints. These were the true experts of the six great families that wouldn’t appear in normal times, except today.

Such a scene was absolutely the grandest in the history of the Pure Land. Jiang Chen’s reappearance had frightened the six major families. They could ignore Han Yan’s existence but they certainly couldn’t ignore Jiang Chen’s. Last time, they had allowed him to escape. As such, the existence of this man was truly a threat to them.

Nevertheless, they were lucky that today’s event had drawn Jiang Chen out. Otherwise, they would still be kept in the dark. If Jiang Chen really grew powerful one day, it would be the end of their days.

Unfortunately for them, Jiang Chen had already reached that powerful extent and today would be their end.

“Good, all of them have come out today. In that case, we will settle all of our scores today.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes swept around the place, and saw that almost all of the higher ups of the six major families were here. This was indeed better than what he had expected. They had touched his sore spot when they injured Han Yan so badly and wanted to put him to death using the Ling Chi execution. This had really infuriated him and when the wild dragon got furious, thousands of miles of land was doomed to be covered with dead bodies.

The sudden appearance of the experts changed the facial expression of Gu Family and Demon Race. They couldn’t help but curse.

“Son of a b*tch! It turns out that they have made the preparation secretly. These experts are specially arranged for us. If we attacked just now, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Lang Xingtian swore.

“That’s right. It seems like they are well prepared for this. Judging by their formation, they are prepared to eradicate our families. Haha! Too bad, Jiang Chen alone is enough to make them suffer.”

Gu Xuantian revealed a sneer on his face. Given his wisdom, he was able to figure out the reason these Sixth Grade Great Saint experts from the six major families were present.

The truth was that the execution of Han Yan wouldn’t require any of their efforts, but in order to prevent Gu Family and Demon Race from interfering, they had brought their forces along. Fortunately, Jiang Chen arrived in time, otherwise, if Gu Xuantian attacked to buy Jiang Chen some time, he would’ve fallen into their trap and would give them an excuse to heavily attack the Gu Family and Demon Race.

With dozens of Great Saints joining together, the void was completely sealed, creating a thousand miles wide prison cell. This time, they would never give Jiang Chen any chance of escaping.

“Kill Han Yan first,” ordered Desolate Yuntian.

His hatred for Jiang Chen was everlasting. There was nothing much to discuss. It was either he died or Jiang Chen died.


A Sixth Grade Great Saint elder holding the long sword slashed at Han Yan’s head like lightning.

“Before killing someone in my presence, reflect on your own capability first. Die!”

Jiang Chen moved like a spectre, and appeared above the elder in a blink. A giant dragon claw materialized and grabbed the elder.

“What?!” The elder exclaimed. He was a majestic Sixth Grade Great Saint expert, but he felt like a mountain was pressing against him as he was grabbed by Jiang Chen. Totally powerless.

“You want to kill him? Then, I will kill you first.”

Jiang Chen was ruthless. The sharp dragon claw tore the elder into pieces on the spot. This elder had just advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Saint while Jiang Chen had already reached the peak Third Grade Great Saint. To Jiang Chen, killing any ordinary Sixth Grade Great Saint would be a piece of cake and totally effortless.

Furthermore, he wasn’t in his half-dragon form. With his current combat strength, he didn’t need to transform to deal with the experts of the Pure Land. Not just these two ordinary Sixth Grade Great Saints but even a peak Sixth Grade Great Saint like Desolate Yuntian.

If he transformed, he could instantly kill Desolate Yuntian; his opponent wouldn’t have the chance to resist.

“That’s amazingly strong.”

Many people who were watching exclaimed, including the higher ups of the Gu Family and Demon Race were also gaping. They hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen’s one month’s disappearance allowed him to grow to such a powerful extent. One should know that that elder was a Sixth Grade Great Saint. He killed the elder so quickly without leaving any marks. It was difficult to imagine the horrifyingness of his power.

“He’s abnormal.”

Han Yan shook his head, but he had already grown accustomed to Jiang Chen’s anomaly.

At the moment, there were three more Sixth Grade Great Saints standing beside Han Yan. Their facial expression changed drastically when they saw their companion got killed. Someone reacted quickly, and attacked Han Yan. As long as they got rid of Han Yan, they would gain the upper hand and could force Jiang Chen to submit.

Sadly, they had belittled Jiang Chen’s strength. It was a wishful thinking to kill Han Yan before Jiang Chen.

“Seems like you can’t wait to die too.”

In Jiang Chen’s hands, the Heavenly Saint Sword roared, slas.h.i.+ng at the Sixth Grade Great Saint. Countless of sword light intertwined into a net, trapping the Sixth Grade Great Saint, stopping him from running as the sword slashed towards him.

Along with a mournful cry, the Sixth Grade Great Saint was slashed into half, blood poured out uncontrollably.

Killing two experts didn’t made him stop. A divine aura was exuded from his Heavenly Saint Sword as he moved extremely fast with his Spatial s.h.i.+ft. The other two people couldn’t escape their fate. They were also slashed to death by Jiang Chen.

In just a few blinks, the four Sixth Grade Great Saints who surrounded Han Yan were all killed by Jiang Chen as easily as chopping melons and vegetables. The scene frightened all the people around. The atmosphere instantly became silent. Regardless of whether it was the enemy or ally, all of them had difficulty in breathing.

Is he still human? It was a miracle for a person to be so heaven defying.

Jiang Chen waved casually and the iron chain that bounded Han Yan’s body broke apart and fell. Han Yan once again regained his freedom. A monstrous devil wave instantly rushed out of his body.

“Little Chen, let’s begin the ma.s.sacre.”

Han Yan’s white hair fluttered in the air, like a wild devil who had just descended to the world. The entire void above was covered by the black devil ocean, radiating a stench of fright.


The people of the six great families began to regain their senses. Jiang Chen’s attacks were too fast. It only took him a few blinks of time to finish the four Sixth Grade Great Saints. Putting the ones who were killed aside, those bystanders were still lost in their trance as they still couldn’t see clearly what exactly happened.

“d.a.m.n! How could this little beast be so overbearing?”

“Sixth Grade Great Saints were instantly killed by him? It only took him a month to reach such a powerful extent? With his current ability, I’m afraid that none of us can take him down, even if we all combine.”

“What do we do now? This man is too terrifying.”


The people of the six major families started to feel horrified. They could hardly believe what was happening in front of them. Jiang Chen’s ferocity and fearsomeness was like an iron hammer, pounding hard on their hearts, giving them the urge to cough up blood. Plenty of those who unleashed their Qi a while ago shrivelled up.

“It looks like we don’t need to attack. The Pure Land is already doomed to be chaotic today.” Gu Xuantian said in surprise.

From Gu Firmament’s message, he only said that Jiang Chen had become very terrifying and no one in Pure Land could match him, but Gu Xuantian didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be so powerful, so powerful that everyone became powerless.

“The scary thing is he hasn’t even used his terrifying transformation yet.”

Lang Xingtian couldn’t keep calm either. As an overlord of a major family, he had seen many scary geniuses before, but no one was as unbelievable as Jiang Chen.

“Listen, all Sixth Grade Great Saints. Deploy the Sky Integration Grand Formation this instant, quickly!”

Desolate Yuntiang was able to remain calm, and immediately, he called out for all the Sixth Grade Great Saints to deploy the mighty Sky Integration Grand Formation. He was able to determine that no one would be Jiang Chen’s opponent on a one-on-one battle, including him, they would all end up as good as dead in the end.


Desolate Yuntian’s command prompted them into action. Dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saints speedily began the transition of positions. An invisible grand formation was formed in a few blinks, besieging Jiang Chen and Han Yan within.

The Sky Integration Grand Formation is a powerful formation created specially by Great Saint experts. Because many of them were familiar with this formation, the layout of the formation was relatively simple, but its power was unordinary. This so-called Sky Integration Grand Formation could integrate the combat power of all the Sixth Grade Great Saints. Neither of them could defeat Jiang Chen, but it wouldn’t be the case when there were dozens of them.

“Jiang Chen, don’t let them succeed in laying out the Sky Integration Grand Formation.”

Gu Xuantian hastily warned him. He knew very well how scary the Sky Integration Grand Formation was, but he was afraid that Jiang Chen was still young and didn’t have knowledge about it.

“Haha! Let them lay it out. I would like to see what kind of grand formation in the Heaven and Earth can trap me.”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud, absolutely not putting the Sky Integration Grand Formation in his eyes. Today, he wanted to crush all the six major families in one fell swoop. He wanted them to pay for what they did. Besides, how could this Sky Integration Grand Formation stop him? Slaughtering might not bring much meaning. On the contrary, a hard and challenging battle would shock the entire Saint Origin World.

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