Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 972 – Third Grade Great Saint

Chapter 972 – Third Grade Great Saint

Third Grade Great Saint

The 12th!

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, feeling a great pressure all of a sudden, and a strong sense of urgency. He didn’t expect Desolate Palace to have such a secret and how strong they had become. With so many Immortals staying in Desolate Palace over these past hundred years, no one knew how many geniuses had been secretly trained by them.

Furthermore, these elite geniuses were hidden, even before the very eyes of the other seven major palaces. Considering the innate talent of those geniuses plus the nurturing of the Immortals that provided them with Immortal Qi day after day, year after year, it was hard to imagine how powerful they had grown.

If these killing machines were released by Desolate Palace, it would even be harder to imagine how much harm and damage it would bring to the other seven palaces. This was how strong Desolate Palace’s desire for hegemony. This was the biggest secret of Desolate Palace.

However, a stream of hot blood suddenly flowed in his veins and fighting spirit rushed out of his body. The stronger the enemy, the more challenging the situation, and the more excited he would become. The clash with Desolate Palace was destined to be a hot-blooded battle. He couldn’t wait to meet those secret weapons of Desolate Palace.

“My old friend, I feel you. The present ‘you’ is even more terrifying than the past ‘you’, but fighting Desolate Palace with your current strength is still far from enough. If you want to survive this catastrophe, you must grow as quickly as possible. We don’t have much time left before the real event occurs. Plus, the Saint Origin World of today is not the same as before. Facing this alone isn’t going to be enough, you aren’t facing Great Saints anymore, but the terrifying Immortals,” said Ancestor Greenlotus grimly.

“I know. In my eyes, every enemy is the same. The might and scariness of the enemy will not be an obstacle to my progress, they will be my fuel instead. To me, the present Saint Origin World doesn’t differ much from the Saint Origin World 100 years ago. I was able to reign over this world in my past life, and I can also do it in this life. Even with the Immortals standing in front of me, I won’t hesitate to blow them up.”

Jiang Chen was full of ambition, emitting the aura of a ruler. Every word he said was filled with so much confidence and power. His simple gesture alone could influence the morale of people around. This was what made him Jiang Chen, the immutable Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Sure enough you are still my old friend, Jiang Chen. The one who can defeat Desolate Palace has finally appeared. I initially wanted to take out the Immortal Mark to see whether you can refine it, but it is not yet the right time for now. If you take away the Immortal Mark, Desolate Palace will certainly find out about it. After that, you and I will both die and the other seven palaces will also be doomed eternally,” said Ancestor Greenlotus.

“You are right. It isn’t the right time to deal with Desolate Palace now. I have already reaped a great harvest when I found you today, and learned about their secret plan. Greenlotus, I am going to leave soon. If I stay here any longer, it might arouse the vigilance of the higher ups of Desolate Palace. I’m afraid that you will have to nurse this grievance for a while more. One day, I will personally come here and restore you to your former glory.”

Jiang Chen stood up. It was no doubt very depressing that he couldn’t save Ancestor Greenlotus out of the chamber. Considering the overall situation, Ancestor Greenlotus had to stay here. Jiang Chen needed time to improve himself. As such, it was vital that he didn’t act rashly and alert the enemy.

“Oh, how’s the little monk that you mentioned? The one that Ran Feng accepted.” Ancestor Greenlotus asked.

The disciple of Ran Feng was also considered his descendant. Naturally, he would be concerned about him.

“That brat has unparalleled gift and a deep connection with the Buddha. He has received tremendous benefits last time. He is currently cultivating in Greenlotus Mountain. I believe that he is now on the verge of breaking through into the Great Saint realm. Great Master Ran Feng has an excellent vision. He has been trying his best to cultivate Tyrant, putting all of his hopes on him, hoping that Tyrant will grow really strong one day, and then find you.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Thinking about that shameless monk whom he hadn’t seen for quite a while now, he suddenly missed his sworn brother. As for Tyrant’s talent, he wasn’t even boasting. Tyrant did have a strong connection with the Buddha. He would become a supreme existence like the Buddha in the near future. While cultivating in the Greenlotus Mountain, he should’ve been making progress very often.

“Well, I still have an Immortal Soul Sarira with me. It was left after I failed my tribulation.”

Ancestor Greenlotus turned his palm. A glittering golden Sarira emerged, surrounded by misty air—the Immortal Qi. This Sarira was more powerful and essentially different from the average Sarira.

“Even though I failed my tribulation that year, I had touched the threshold of the Immortal Path. Half of the Combat Soul in my body has already evolved into Immortal Soul. I had merged the fragmented Immortal Soul together to refine this piece of Sarira. Help me give this Sarira to Tyrant as a token of mine.”

Ancestor Greenlotus handed over the Sarira to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked stunned, feeling that the Sarira weighed 10, 000 kilograms. He knew better than anyone how valuable this Sarira was. A Sarira that contained the Immortal Soul was fundamentally an inheritance. It consisted of the techniques and skills of the half-Immortal expert. Putting the Immortal Soul aside, the powerful and pure Buddha energy in it was incomparable to ordinary Ninth Grade Great Saint’s Sarira.

If Tyrant could use this item, he would immediately undergo earth-shaking changes, and his cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds. He might even surpa.s.s Jiang Chen’s current level. Such opportunity was truly great and unimaginable. Not even the pie that fell from the sky could be as great as this.

“Greenlotus, you have infused all of your Immortal Qi into this Sarira… But what about you?”

Jiang Chen frowned. His tone was full of worry. To any Buddhist monk, Sarira was the most important item. Besides, Ancestor Greenlotus had put all of his Immortal Qi into this Sarira. Losing the Immortal Qi was just like any ordinary cultivators losing their Combat Soul and becoming a cripple.

“I don’t mind it at all. As long as I can get out of this prison, my power will be automatically restored to its pinnacle. Don’t judge me based on my look, I am still very far away from death. I have once cultivated the supreme mantra of Buddha Sect—Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. A new Combat Soul has already started to form in my body,” said Ancestor Greenlotus with a smile.

“I knew that you aren’t weak.”

Jiang Chen felt relieved. He never admired anyone in his past life except for Ancestor Greenlotus. As the most powerful Buddha in Buddha Sect, how could he not have some powerful skills of his own?

“Go now. I hope that you’ll get me out of this chamber next time.”

Ancestor Greenlotus waved his hand.

“Take care of yourself.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Ancestor Greenlotus, and then casted the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and disappeared in a blink. Truly, he looked like a shadow and moved like a phantom, totally untraceable.

Not long after that, he returned to his own place. His face exuded beads of sweat, he seemed a little tired.

“Dammit! This Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is a real vampire. It consumed so much of my energy when I just used it to travel in the spatial zone. I can’t imagine how tremendous the consumption will be when the ninth or tenth floor is condensed.”

Jiang Chen sighed. His foundation was already considered very strong. His Qi Sea was filled with dragon marks and his Yuan Force was as vast as an ocean. He wouldn’t face any shortages of Yuan Force even if he used his most powerful True Dragon Combat Technique.

Presently, only the third floor of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had been condensed but it had used half of his Yuan Force. How Appalling!

“But the harvest is great this time. This Heavenly Saint Sword fragment is enough for me to make another advancement. Also, I found the location of Ancestor Greenlotus and known about Desolate Palace’s hidden agenda. Now, the most important thing for me is to increase my cultivation. Once I advanced to the Third Grade Great Saint, I have to find ways to return to the Pure Land and hand over this Sarira to Tyrant,” muttered Jiang Chen. Without delaying any longer, he began refining the sword fragment.

To Jiang Chen, it was extremely simple and effortless, as it was part of his natal weapon—Heavenly Saint Sword. In less than ten minutes, he had completely merged it to the Heavenly Saint Sword.


The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a harsh howl. It became even more powerful after the sixth fragment was fused. As long as the last piece of the fragment was found and fused, the Heavenly Saint Sword would return to its peak state and become the Saint Weapon of the Greatest Saint.

Under the stimulation of the fusion, his cultivation improved once again. Another 2, 000 dragon marks were formed, making a total of 85, 000 in his body and it had fully stabilized his foundation.

Bursts of powerful force spilled out of his body, he could feel the power inside. He couldn’t help but reveal a trace of a smile. The feeling of power could always make any cultivator feel obsessed.

With his current ability, he could kill a Seventh Grade Great Saint if he transformed. He could eliminate those powerful Sixth Grade Great Saint geniuses even without his half-dragon form, let alone killing those Fifth Grade Great Saints.

It now seemed that only Jiang Chen had such a heaven defying strength across the entire Saint Origin World.

Subsequently, he didn’t immediately return to Pure Land as he had just arrived in Saint Origin Palace. How could he find an excuse in going back to the Pure Land? Besides, he was needed temporarily in Gu Palace. As the internal conflict in Gu Palace had already been resolved, it was necessary for him to socialize more with the geniuses of Gu and Demon Palace.

Therefore, he would head to the Refining Tower of Gu Palace for cultivation. Sometimes, he would pay a visit to Demon Palace and Big Yellow. About the secret of Desolate Palace and the situation of Ancestor Greenlotus, he kept his silence because it wasn’t the right time for their showdown yet.

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