Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 969 – The Aging Greenlotus

Chapter 969 – The Aging Greenlotus

The Aging Greenlotus

The 9th!

Jiang Chen knew Ancestor Greenlotus very well. He was a living Buddha who could predict the future. There must be a purpose for them to keep him here. Great Master Ran Feng had also persisted for many years, trying to find his own master.

Jiang Chen believed and concluded that Ancestor Greenlotus was imprisoned in Desolate Palace, because there wasn’t any other possible place across the world besides here. He guessed that there must be a reason if Ancestor Greenlotus failed in the heavenly tribulation that year. Maybe it had something to do with the people who had imprisoned him. Otherwise, with Ancestor Greenlotus abilities, it would be impossible for him to fail his heavenly tribulation. He would’ve risen and became an immortal.

“Gu Palace and Demon Palace didn’t know anything about it. It seems that they didn’t know the existence of Ancestor Greenlotus at all. The same goes to Dan, Narang, Huo, s.h.i.+ and Bin Palace. The palace that arouses suspicion right now is Desolate Palace. Unfortunately, I can’t go there myself. With my present strength, going there is equivalent to suicide.”

He now felt extremely distressed, but after a while, his eyes brightened. “Oh ya, I can use the flaming wings along with the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. I don’t think it will be a problem if I make a trip to Desolate Palace. Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da should have a function of concealing my Qi. However, that sounds too reckless. If Desolate Palace has the means to capture Ancestor Greenlotus under the very nose of the seven major palaces, they certainly have a very tight defense system.”

Jiang Chen sighed, and decided to give up the thought of exploring Desolate Palace. He was still weak after all. Although he had advanced to Second Grade Great Saint, he was just like a child compared to Desolate Palace. About the matter of searching for Ancestor Greenlotus, he needed more details and cautiousness.

The truth was just as Jiang Chen predicted. Ancestor Greenlotus was surely imprisoned in Desolate Palace.

Inside a deep layer of a spatial zone was an independent spatial zone. It was very small and perhaps, it shouldn’t be called a spatial zone. It should be regarded as a large secret chamber. The chamber was 40 square meters wide, filled with frosty cold Qi, and frost was everywhere.

This secret chamber existed in the crevice in a deep layer of a spatial zone. Its surface was covered by a very powerful seal that not even a mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint could perceive the slightest bit of Qi inside.

At this moment, at the center of the secret chamber was an old monk sitting with his eyes closed. He wore a pale yellow robe that looked tattered, but his body was emitting a s.h.i.+mmer of l.u.s.ter. He looked as if he was a hundred years old. Of course, his real age was definitely more than a hundred years old.

The old monk was sitting there with his back bent a little forward. His breath was unnoticeable. His face was full of loose skin and wrinkles. He didn’t seem like he could live much longer, but he gave off the feeling that he couldn’t die.

It seemed as if he had stayed here for too long, causing him to feel numb with everything around. The frosty Qi didn’t seem to have the tiniest bit of effect on him.

There were some old monks in Buddha Sect who meditated for a hundred years. This old monk was literally in a similar state.

At this moment, a ripple occured in the void inside the secret chamber. A ghostly figure appeared. He was an elder who looked around fifty years old. There was a long beard below his chin. He didn’t look very robust but his Qi was terrifying, as if he had been detached from Heaven and Earth. Clearly, he didn’t belong to this world. The Qi that was exuded from his body was the immortal Qi. That’s right. The immortal Qi. He was a true immortal that was beyond the Great Saint realm.

If other people knew about this, they would be gaping at this scene in shock. One should know that after advancing from the Great Saint realm, that person would immediately be pulled by the force of the Immortal World and could no longer stay in the Mortal World.

This was because the Qi of an immortal was too strong. The world beneath could never bear its power. When immortals began a ma.s.sacre, the entire world beneath would collapse, just like how Void Triangular Domain couldn’t stand the power of Great Saints.

However, this elder was in this world physically.

“Greenlotus, it’s been a hundred years, but you still persevered. It won’t come to a good end when you go against Desolate Palace.” The elder said to the old monk sitting on the ground.

There was no doubt about it. The old monk wasn’t anyone other than the Ancestor Greenlotus whom Jiang Chen had been looking for.

“Here you are again.”

Ancestor Greenlotus slowly opened his eyes. His misty pupils suddenly brightened. This single gaze could stare people death. It was a supreme realm that made it impossible for people to a.s.sociate it with the breathless old monk.

“Greenlotus, I have never admired anyone besides you. As long as you hand over that thing, I will immediately open the prison for you, allowing you to ascend to the Immortal World. This was supposed to be a smooth exchange, but you chose to stubbornly wait here for a hundred years. Why make it hard for yourself?”

The elder said in a slightly impatient tone, he had said the exact same thing numerous times.

“Exploiting me by keeping me in the Mortal World is a violation of the Immortal Path. I will not give you anything. You can leave now.”

Ancestor Greenlotus’s tone was very calm, as though there wasn’t the tiniest bit of anger within him. After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes.

“Greenlotus, you are too stubborn. Do you really think that I won’t dare to kill you?”

The elder sounded a little angry.

“You won’t dare, killing me will also kill Desolate Palace’s 100 years of effort.”

Ancestor Greenlotus shook his head.


The elder was tongue-tied. It was just like what Ancestor Greenlotus said, he wouldn’t dare to kill Ancestor Greenlotus as that would mean destroying their hundred years worth of efforts.

“Humph! Greenlotus, you should know very well that even if we can’t get that item, imprisoning you will achieve the same result. You will be the only one to suffer the losses because you don’t know how to grab the opportunity to become an immortal when it presents itself.”

The elder let out a cold humph and disappeared immediately. This was another unpleasant chat. Such a conversation would happen once a year and Ancestor Greenlotus had been numb to it.

After the departure of the elder, the spatial barrier around closed once again. The surrounding was filled with white frosty mist. Ancestor Greenlotus opened his eyes again, revealing a sneer on his placid face.

Ancestor Greenlotus turned his palm. A three-meter long broken sword appeared in his hands. If Jiang Chen was here, he would be able to recognize this as a Heavenly Saint Sword fragment.

Looking at the broken sword, he felt like looking at his old friend. He muttered to himself, “Old fellow, when you fell a 100 years ago in the Saint Cliff, I went there and found this broken sword. I have never admired anyone in my life except you. You are the only one who had broken the Immortal Path, bringing hope for the Great Saints and also disasters to the land of Saint Origin World.”

*Weng… Weng…*

Suddenly, the broken sword trembled violently in his hand, producing a buzzing sound, as if it had been summoned.

It wasn’t the first time that he had taken out the broken sword in a hundred years, but he had never seen something like this.

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