Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 968 – Situation

Chapter 968 – Situation


The 8th!

No one commented on Gu Lian’s admission. At least, he tried his best in battle, and Jiang Chen had provided him a chance to step down. So, it was the wisest decision to admit his defeat. If he persisted to fight, he would be disdained by the people if he couldn’t see the situation clearly.

“Don’t mention it, Brother Gu.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists in response to Gu Lian, then turned and looked around, seeing that no one was not looking at him with blazing eyes.

“Brothers of Inner Palace, I, Gu Chen, must first apologize for what happened three days ago,” said Jiang Chen loudly.

“I felt compelled to intervene, and the battle with Gu Lian today; all of these have a single purpose – that is to let everyone on Gu Palace know, that we are one family. We are all surnamed Gu, the blood that flows in our body is the bloodline of the Gu Family. There shouldn’t be any distinction between the Inner and Outer Palace. In order for Gu Palace to stand strong, this internal conflict must be resolved. You should know that the ancestors who created Gu Palace came from the Gu Family in the Pure Land. Even though they had all risen to the Immortal World, I believe that they don’t wish to see a fragmented Gu Palace. The things that I, Gu Chen did, is to let all the geniuses of the Inner Palace see how capable the geniuses of Outer Palace were. None of them would be standing here if they weren’t capable geniuses. You all have no reason to look down upon them because we are all one family. It is very disgraceful for us to feel superior to our own brothers. We should only display our sense of superiority to other people.”

The whole arena had become quiet, as they listened to Jiang Chen’s speech, including Gu Firmament. Every line of word that Jiang Chen spoke touched their hearts. Some geniuses of Inner Palace lowered their heads, feeling a trace of shame.

Jiang Chen was right. Even though they were geniuses of Inner Palace, they had the same ancestors and bloodline. They are one family. It meant nothing if they bullied their own people, but it was different if they oppressed their opponents and enemies.

Back in the Refining Tower, they were bullied by Desolate Palace. It was Jiang Chen who brought them back to the compet.i.tion. The Inner Palace shouldn’t feel superior in front of their own people. Jiang Chen was a genius of Outer Palace; he came from the Pure Land, but in the aspect of talent and combat strength, no one knew how much stronger he was compared to them. So how could they claim that Jiang Chen was inferior to them? However, Jiang Chen had never expressed his superiority in front of them. Instead, he used it against his enemy, to help Gu Palace regain their reputation. It was a fact, so it was no longer necessary to go into details.

“Gu Chen, I, Gu Ling, apologize to you about the incident three days ago and to you all, geniuses of Outer Palace. From this day on, I will no longer look down on the people of Outer Palace. We are all one family.”

Gu Ling stood out from the crowd and said loudly, then saluted deeply to the people of Outer Palace.

“That’s right. Brother Gu Chen is right. There will be no internal conflicts in Gu Palace anymore. We are one family. The blood that is flowing inside our bodies is the bloodline of the Gu Family.”

“I, Gu Lang, will never bully the people of Outer Palace anymore. Thinking of it now really disgusts me. Gu Chen’s appearance made us understand this truth. If our conflicts continues to develop, Gu Palace will face its own destruction.”


At this instant, many geniuses of Inner Palace stood out to speak. Jiang Chen did not only have strong combat power, he also has a good conduct, which completely conquered them, changing their views of the Outer Palace. Many high ranked elders were touched by the situation. They knew better than anyone how terrible the internal conflicts in Gu Palace were and what kind of serious consequences it would lead to. Now, even the lower ranked disciples had realized it. If they, the seniors couldn’t realise it, they weren’t worthy to be called elders.

The disciples of Outer Palace felt truly relieved and exulted. They had lived enough of those oppressive days. Henceforth, they now have their own status and ident.i.ty, becoming a true disciple of Gu Palace.

Each and every one of them gazed at Jiang Chen who was still standing above the platform. Their eyes were full of fervour and reverence. They were people with great pride and were the geniuses of geniuses that had never really admired someone, let alone revere one.

“Not bad, kid. The conflicts which I couldn’t solved was so easily solved by you.” Gu Firmament’s voice rang in Jiang Chen’s ears.

What he said was true. Although he was the high and mighty palace master, it wasn’t easy for him to resolve the conflicts that was already deeply rooted in the hearts of the disciples. If he applied strong measures, it would backfire. The incidents that happened after Jiang Chen arrived had paved the way to resolve the conflicts inside Gu Palace. Therefore, the conflicts was completely resolved right after the battle between Jiang Chen and Gu Lian.

“As you have heard, all of you have the blood of Gu Family. I don’t want to see any more distinction between Inner and Outer Palace. Everyone has equal rights and status. We must all work together so that we can be truly strong in the future.”

After throwing these words out, Gu Firmament vanished. Many of them saw him smile before he left.

The internal conflict in Gu Palace had thoroughly been resolved. Its effect could be seen through their improvement in the future. This was a very important element to a major power.

Jiang Chen had become a very meritorious member of Gu Palace. The higher ranked elders began to attach him with so much importance. The lower ranked disciples started to wors.h.i.+p him. It only took him three days to become wholly famous, not just in Gu Palace but also across the entire Saint Origin Palace.

After his battle with Gu Lian, Jiang Chen didn’t immediately go in seclusion. He went to Demon Palace. The incident in Law Enforcement Palace had pulled Gu Palace and Demon Palace together. Big Yellow must have a very high status and position in Demon Palace. It was time for Jiang Chen to go visit him. He believed that Heavenly Peng King would be delighted to see him.

Gu Palace had become unusually lively. All of them, from high rank to low rank, had smiling faces. Currently, Gu Palace was in control of the Law Enforcement Palace. It was certainly a good thing for them. It was important to know that the Law Enforcement Palace exist not only to enforce the laws, but also to allocate resources. Over the years, Desolate Palace had been in control of this palace, which gave them a lot of advantages and excellent cultivation resources.

Now, at last, it was Gu Palace’s turn to take charge of the place. So, naturally, they felt excited about it.

As opposed to Gu Palace’s bustling atmosphere, the atmosphere in Desolate Palace was heavy. For many years, Desolate Palace had never felt so aggrieved and frustrated. Ranging from Desolate Emperor to the ordinary disciples, each and every one of them were filled with anger.

It was exceedingly stifling. No one had ever made Desolate Palace suffer this much of a loss. They had lost three geniuses and their dignity in the Refining Tower and also the Law Enforcement Palace, it simply put their Desolate Palace to shame. The incident not only made them lose Desolate Yitang, but also made Desolate Emperor an object of ridicule. These things were incomparably abhorrent.

“d.a.m.n! That Gu Chen is so abominable. We must find a chance to kill him.”

“I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy. If he hides in Gu Palace, we won’t be able to do him any harm, we can’t just intrude in Gu Palace to kill him. Besides, it was our palace master who chose to gamble with him in the Law Enforcement Palace.”

“I didn’t think that Gu Family was able to cultivate such a heaven defying genius in the Pure Land. This man is an absolute threat to our palace. We have to get rid of him as long as the opportunity presents itself. If he is allowed to develop, Gu Palace will certainly surpa.s.s us sooner or later. When that time comes, they are going to ride on our necks to sh*t and p.i.s.s.”


The people of Desolate Palace resented Gu Chen so much they wanted to bite his flesh. Gu Chen’s existence had also aroused the higher ups of Desolate Palace and were threatened. Many experts had made up their mind to eliminate Gu Chen, only by eliminating him would they feel relieved and at peace, and also regain the dignity of Desolate Palace.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t just Desolate Palace that was focused on Jiang Chen, but also the other palaces. It would be false to say that they weren’t jealous about such genius. However, since Jiang Chen didn’t have a direct conflict with them, they just felt envious and jealous.

They believed that given Desolate Palace’s conduct, they would certainly not let Gu Chen go easily.

Jiang Chen stayed in Demon Palace for a day before returning to Gu Palace. He had had a very pleasant conversation with Heavenly Peng King, who also expressed his concerns in the present situation of Saint Origin Palace. Demon Palace was a race of demons. They were essentially different from humans. They had sharper senses towards danger compared to humans. Therefore, they already knew the ambition of Desolate Palace a long time ago. However, none of them, including Heavenly Peng King, knew about the secret of Desolate Palace. Anyhow, he and Jiang Chen agreed that with Desolate Palace’s current strength, even if they were wildly ambitious, it would be impossible for them to eat the entire Saint Origin Palace up. No single palace would be able to do that.

Jiang Chen frowned. Saint Origin Palace might look serene and peaceful on the surface, but dark tide was surging. His intuition told him that something big would happen in Saint Origin World sooner or later, and that they weren’t far away from the real chaos.

Jiang Chen created a spatial zone, and hid inside in contemplation. He was thinking about the matter of Ancestor Greenlotus. He had asked Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King about Ancestor Greenlotus but none of them knew him. This was what baffled Jiang Chen even more.

According to Great Master Ran Feng, Ancestor Greenlotus didn’t rise to the Immortal World and didn’t die, but was captured and imprisoned. Of all places in Saint Origin World, Saint Origin Palace was the only plausible location that could imprison Ancestor Greenlotus.

However, if Ancestor Greenlotus was really in Saint Origin Palace, it was impossible for Heavenly Peng King and Gu Firmament to know nothing about it, after all, they were one of overlords in Saint Origin Palace. So it distressed him when they seemed to know nothing about Ancestor Greenlotus.

“Could it be related to Desolate Palace?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered, putting all of his focus on Desolate Palace. Neither Gu Firmament nor Heavenly Peng King knew about the whereabouts of Ancestor Greenlotus. It was already imaginable that the other palaces wouldn’t have any knowledge about him either. If Ancestor Greenlotus was really imprisoned by someone, the only one that Jiang Chen could think of was Desolate Palace.

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