Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 970 – We Meet Again, At Last

Chapter 970 – We Meet Again, At Last

We Meet Again, At Last

The 10th!

“What’s going on? This is the broken sword that was left behind by Jiang Chen. It is a fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword that I kept as a memorial of him. It has never reacted in such a way. In this world, only one person could cause this broken sword to tremble so intensely, but that isn’t possible, Jiang Chen had already been smashed to pieces in the Saint Cliff.”

Ancestor Greenlotus panicked. Considering his cultivation and disposition, it was extremely abnormal to see such reaction from him. He wasn’t able to remain calm.

At the same moment, in the spatial zone of Jiang Chen, two icy cold beams of light shot out from his eyes.

“It’s the Qi of the Heavenly Saint Sword. It’s the sixth fragment of the sword. I didn’t expect to find one here. That’s excellent. If I can get that broken sword and merge it into the Heavenly Saint Sword, my cultivation will be enhanced, and I'll straightaway break through into the Third Grade Great Saint. Let me try and feel the exact location of that sword fragment.”

Jiang Chen was unable to hide his excitement. Five lost fragments had already been found and integrated into the Heavenly Saint Sword, leaving only the last two parts. Unexpectedly, he was able to sense another fragment here in Saint Origin Palace. What he needed the most now was advancement. If he could find the sword fragment, his cultivation would advance to Third Grade Great Saint. At that time, if he transformed into his dragon-form, not even a Seventh Grade Great Saint would be his opponent. He would then be considered as a high ranked expert.

He cast out the Heavenly Saint Sword. It floated in front of him, brilliantly, producing the same buzzing sound as though it was affected by some kind of summoning force.

He closed his eyes and circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, and began to thoroughly sense the location of the broken sword. As he was connected to Heavenly Saint Sword, it was an extremely simple thing for him to determine its exact location.


His eyes opened abruptly. Two beams of cold light shot out of his eyes; the ripples of the light cut open the void ahead.

“It’s in the direction of Desolate Palace.”

Jiang Chen’s expression turned grim. He had already sensed the exact location of the fragment, it was coming from the Desolate Palace. The present circ.u.mstance gave him a hard time to decide. Going there in search for his broken sword was undoubtedly s.n.a.t.c.hing food from a tiger’s mouth. It was imaginable how dangerous it would be.

“It seems it's inevitable, I have to make a trip to Desolate Palace.”

In his eyes, there was a glint of ruthlessness. Moments ago, he was considering whether to go Desolate Palace to investigate the matter of Ancestor Greenlotus. Currently, he could no longer hesitate, getting the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword was a must. He was not afraid to intrude even if it was Desolate Palace. As the saying went: How can you catch a tiger’s cub without entering the its lair?

Jiang Chen had never been a timid person.

After keeping his Heavenly Saint Sword, he summoned the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da out. In the golden Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, three levels had been condensed. He used the paG.o.da to wrap his entire body. Then, he realised that the paG.o.da didn’t just have an astonis.h.i.+ng defensive capability, but also have an amazing stealth capability, which allowed him to silently traverse the void. He could also swagger in the void if he wanted to do so and no one would be able to detect him.

Adding his incomparably mystical Spatial s.h.i.+ft and the Flaming Wings, it gave him enough confidence to search Desolate Palace.


His entire body vanished, travelling in the spatial zone like a spectre, heading in the direction of Desolate Palace with extreme speed. He initially wanted to bring Big Yellow with him, that dog was incomparably divine and could break open countless of seals and restrictions. But after thinking about it, he decided otherwise, he was heading to Desolate Palace after all. In case of danger, he could still make his escape.

In other words, neither he nor Big Yellow was strong enough to enter and leave Desolate Palace freely. In any case, it was easier for one person to hide compared to two.

In the frozen secret chamber, Ancestor Greenlotus was still staring at the broken sword, which trembled even more intensely now, unblinkingly. The metal had never stopped since it was taken out.

At the same time, Jiang Chen who was travelling in the spatial zone was approaching the frozen miniature spatial zone.

Soon, he arrived outside the miniature spatial zone. As he was still concealed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he felt shocked upon seeing the miniature zone.

“d.a.m.n! How could Desolate Palace have such a secluded place? There is only this tiny dimensional area in the deepest region of the spatial zone? And, it was sealed with a formidable freezing formation, not allowing even the slightest bit of Qi to come out. If I wasn’t guided by the Heavenly Saint Sword, it would totally be impossible for me to find this place. I’m afraid that my sword fragment is not the only one inside. To Desolate Palace, the sword fragment is no big deal. They won’t even put the metal in their eyes. If I’m not guessing it wrongly, there must be some other more important things inside,” muttered Jiang Chen in his heart.

He checked the surroundings carefully. He was completely hidden in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and wouldn’t be detected by any expert.

As a matter of fact, there wasn’t a single expert around here. Place like this would commonly not be defended by anyone. Let’s not talk about whether or not people could find this place, the seal outside this tiny dimensional area was indestructible.

He cautiously got close to the seal, and circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique. After a.n.a.lysing the seal, his facial expression change instantly.

“This is a seal placed by an immortal. There is no way that a Great Saint could deploy such a seal. Could there be an Immortal in Desolate Palace? d.a.m.n! I won’t be able to break open this seal. If it is broken by force, it will immediately arouse the attention of the person who made the seal.”

After realising this fact, he became even more cautious. In the face of such a seal, he wouldn’t dare act with the slightest bit of carelessness. More importantly, it was an Immortal’s seal, which seriously aroused his suspicion of Desolate Palace hiding an Immortal. If that was the case, he shouldn’t make any moves. If he was discovered, it was imaginable what consequences he would face. There was an immeasurable gap between a Great Saint and an Immortal. Even if the person was a powerful Ninth Grade Great Saint, he would die helplessly with a single blow from the Immortal’s mouth.

This became an extremely difficult matter. For the first time in his life, he was out of wits. He held his Qi, and with the help of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he integrated himself with the void to prevent anyone from sensing his presence, however, this was not an effective solution. He came here for the sake of finding the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword. He was almost certain that the sword fragment was placed in this miniature dimensional area, he could sense it clearly.

The most difficult question right now was how would he be able to break open the seal? Even if he could break open the seal, it would still be incomparably difficult, or perhaps impossible to enter the dimensional area silently, without alarming the hidden expert of Desolate Palace.

“Am I going to give up just like this?”

Jiang Chen frowned. Given the present situation, for the sake of safety, it better if he left immediately, but he felt extremely reluctant to do so, he was a person who would not retreat because of a single obstacle.

“By the way, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is a Supreme Divine Item that is even higher than the Immortals. Maybe I can use it to enter this dimensional area. The interior of the paG.o.da is also a spatial zone, and has subtle control over the spatial force.”

He thought about the paG.o.da and wanted to give it a try. If it was possible, everything would turn out fine. If it was the opposite, he would run away immediately and absolutely wouldn’t stay for a second or two.

Carefully, he controlled the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, it slowly moved towards the seal.


The scene astonished him. As he circulated the spatial energy of the paG.o.da, it turned into a small particle of dust and went through the crevice of the seal.

Before Jiang Chen could react, he went into the secret chamber.

What he saw ahead shocked him. He was looking at Ancestor Greenlotus, Ancestor Greenlotus was also staring at him. They were gazing at each other with the same expression, while the tremble of the sword fragment intensified.


Jiang Chen regained his senses and exclaimed. There was no doubt about it. Although the aging old monk looked very different from the Buddha during his prime years, his Qi didn’t change a bit, especially the Qi of the great monk. If he wasn’t Ancestor Greenlotus, who would he be? Jiang Chen recognized him in just a glance.

“Y-you are……”

Ancestor Greenlotus was dumbfounded. The broken sword had already left his grip and flew to Jiang Chen’s side. Jiang Chen grabbed the sword fragment and strode towards Ancestor Greenlotus, his face distorted, returning to his original appearance.

Although Jiang Chen already changed his appearance, Ancestor Greenlotus still couldn’t recognize him. However, the change of a person’s appearance wouldn’t affect the person’s Qi and eyes. Only the person who was most familiar with Jiang Chen could remember his aura and eyes. Ancestor Greenlotus saw the shadow of the Greatest Saint from his youth. More importantly, the broken sword could already explain everything.

“Make a guess of who I am.”

Jiang Chen dangled the broken sword in front of Ancestor Greenlotus. He was now feeling great. It seemed that his prediction was right. Ancestor Greenlotus was really imprisoned by Desolate Palace. He would naturally feel extremely delighted to see his old friend once again after a hundred years.

“No, it’s impossible. This isn’t possible.”

Ancestor Greenlotus was shaking his head continuously. Even with his composure, he absolutely couldn’t believe that this was true. That year, he saw Jiang Chen fall in the Saint Cliff, but what was the explanation for this current scene?

“Nothing is impossible in this world. I, Jiang Chen, have a tremendous amount of luck. I was able to reincarnate into a person who was also called Jiang Chen. Old friend, we meet again, at last.”

Jiang Chen flopped down opposite Ancestor Greenlotus, and said with mockery.

Jiang Chen already expected that Ancestor Greenlotus would be shocked. It would be abnormal if his old friend wasn’t surprised to see him again.

Ancestor Greenlotus’s eyes went wide, words weren’t coming out of his mouth, but he was certain that this young man in front of him had the same temperament as the Jiang Chen he was familiar with.

Using divine sense, he told Ancestor Greenlotus about his own situation speedily.

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