Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 962 – Unrestrained Gambling

Chapter 962 – Unrestrained Gambling

Unrestrained Gambling

The 2nd!

“Humph! Gu Chen is just a new disciple but he openly killed three of our geniuses, and he killed them in a place like the Refining Tower. If he isn’t punished for his wild act, he will possibly overturn the heavens in the future, and at that time, where should Desolate Palace put its face at?”

Desolate Emperor gave a cold humph. It was not easy to capture Jiang Chen back to the palace, he would not be willing to let Jiang Chen go just like that.

“Since Desolate Emperor mentioned about face, when your Third Grade Great Saint genius couldn’t even defeat me, a First Grade Great Saint, and was killed by me instead, do you think you can still keep your face after this incident? Are you trying to throw away your face again when you, the majestic Desolate Emperor, personally involved yourself in the conflicts of your lower rank disciples?” said Jiang Chen emotionlessly.

He did not have the slightest bit of concern in killing Desolate Ichiro and the other two, because it was not a very unusual thing. There had been grudges among the eight major families long time ago. No one knew how many b.l.o.o.d.y fights and battles had taken place over the years. The strife among the lower ranked disciples in particular, was usually resolved by themselves.

“Desolate Emperor, do you still want your face? Your disciples’ incompetence is enough to put you to shame. Just like what Gu Chen said, how is it rational that only your people can kill them, and aren’t allowed to kill your people? Is Desolate Palace trying to hoodwink everybody? Or is the life of Desolate Palace more precious than ours?” Gu Firmament said in a cold tone.

“Who said that my geniuses are incompetent?”

Desolate Emperor sounded a little angry. Desolate Palace was the strongest palace nominally. They had always been in the leading position where no one would dare disobey them. Therefore, how was he going to accept it when someone claimed that his geniuses were incompetent?

“Very well. Since you, Desolate Emperor, still insists that your geniuses are talented, I have a solution for this matter. I, Gu Chen, am standing here today, for any of your Fourth Grade Great Saint geniuses to fight me. If I am defeated, I will let the Law Enforcement Palace take charge of what to do to me, if I win, your Desolate Palace will have to walk with their heads down whenever they see the people of Gu Palace.”

Jiang Chen caught hold of Desolate Emperor’s words and retorted. He wasn’t the pa.s.sive type, so he took the initiative to settle today’s matter. Moreover, he believed that Desolate Emperor wouldn’t refuse the conditions that he had put forth, because his refusal would be equivalent to admission. The admission that the Desolate Palace’s geniuses were incompetent and incapable. After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation was merely Second Grade Great Saint. There was nothing that people could say when a Second Grade Great Saint was challenging a Fourth Grade Great Saint.

Additionally, this was a good chance for Gu Palace to establish their reputation, and with the presence of Gu Firmament, Jiang Chen wanted to win back as much face and dignity as possible for Gu Palace, so that Gu Firmament would have a moment of exaltation.

Jiang Chen’s reply petrified Desolate Emperor. The palace master hadn’t imagined that this young man would be so presumptuous. He was rendered speechless when this young man directly challenged every Fourth Grade Great Saint geniuses of Desolate Palace.

“What do you say, Desolate Emperor? Do you dare? If you don’t, we can walk away now.”

Gu Firmament’s face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a sunny smile as it was rare to see Desolate Emperor’s face shriveled up like today. He felt overjoyed that such a genius appeared in Gu Palace.

“Well, considering that you wanted to fight so badly, we, Desolate Palace, won’t back away. Just you wait.”

Desolate Emperor’s eyes looked cold. Naturally, he could not refuse as he could not afford to be embarra.s.sed.

Almost as soon as his voice faded, a silhouette suddenly walked into the main hall of the Law Enforcement Palace. The incomer looked like a young man that was less than thirty year old, and handsome. His cultivation base had already reached the peak Fourth Grade Great Saint, only a step away from Fifth Grade Great Saint.

“Has lord summoned me for something?”

The youth went close to Desolate Emperor and gave a deep salute.

“Desolate Yitang, you will have to fight Gu Chen. But remember, this is a life-and-death battle. The revenge for Desolate Ichiro’s death is on you now.”

Desolate Emperor spoke in a chilling tone. Desolate Yitang was listed in the Fourth Grade Great Saint’s Hall of Fame of Desolate Palace. He was a supreme genius that was many folds stronger than Jiang Chen’s opponent, Gu Lian. He only needed one more step to enter the Fifth Grade Great Saint.

Though Jiang Chen was also a rarely seen genius, Desolate Emperor wouldn’t believe that he could beat Desolate Yitang. To Desolate Emperor, these two were on totally different levels.

“I understand, Lord.”

Desolate Yitang looked at Jiang Chen with a vicious expression and killing intent. Earlier, he was also present in the Refining Tower. He didn’t spoke because the seniors such as Desolate Changfeng and the others were around. Now that Desolate Emperor personally asked him to deal with this Gu Chen, it indicated that Desolate Emperor highly regarded him, this had provided him a great opportunity to showcase his talent. This battle was related to his face, the face of Desolate Emperor and Desolate Palace, which gave him no room to lose this battle.

Therefore, he must kill this Gu Palace guy and Desolate Emperor would surely reward him after that. Once he got the benefits, it would be very likely that he would advance to the Fifth Grade Great Saint straightaway.

The appearance of Desolate Yitang made Gu Firmament frown.

“Don’t go too far, Desolate Emperor. Desolate Yitang was a peak Fourth Grade Great Saint. You are too shabby to ask him to fight a Second Grade Great Saint junior.” Gu Firmament couldn’t help but criticize.

“Hehe! This is what Gu Chen asked for.”

Desolate Emperor smiled, completely ignoring Gu Firmament’s words. In his point of view, this was a hole dug by Gu Chen himself, so he had to fill up that hole by jumping into it.

“Exactly. I’d like to fight him,” said Jiang Chen.

He had already advanced to the Second Grade Great Saint. His current combat strength was even more powerful than before. He could give any ordinary Fourth Grade Great Saint an instant kill. Even stronger Fourth Grade Great Saint like Desolate Yitang wouldn’t stand a chance, and would possibly die.

“Gu Chen, don’t continue with this nonsense. If you take your words back now, I will bring you away immediately. This Desolate Yitang isn’t any ordinary genius. You may not be his opponent.” Gu Firmament’s voice rang in Jiang Chen’s ears.

Jiang Chen understood Gu Firmament’s concern very well. Everyone knew about the huge gap between the Third Grade and the Fourth Grade Great Saint. It was akin to the disparity between the early-stage Great Saint to middle-stage Great Saint realm. Although Jiang Chen had already advanced to the Second Grade Great Saint, he was still in the early-stage of the Great Saint realm. Even if Jiang Chen had the ability to fight any Fourth Grade Great Saints, he could never handle an outstanding genius like Desolate Yitang because he was incomparable to any ordinary genius.

“Rest a.s.sured, Palace Master. I will kill him and help Gu Palace earn a reputation. On top of that, we must give a solution for today’s matter, otherwise, I’m afraid that Desolate Emperor won’t give up.” Jiang Chen responded to Gu Firmament, his words were full of confidence.

“Right. Be careful then.”

Gu Firmament didn’t try to convince Jiang Chen anymore, he was impressed by this junior’s courage and confidence. If Gu Palace had a chance to nurture such talent, he would certainly be a great a.s.set in the future. As such, Gu Firmament wouldn’t allow Jiang Chen to be in danger. If Jiang Chen couldn’t fight Desolate Yitang later, he would intervene to protect Jiang Chen.

“Gu Chen, your courage really isn’t small for accepting to fight me. That surprises me a lot. In just a while, I will certainly kill you to defend the dignity of Desolate Palace, and to avenge the death of Desolate Ichiro and the other two brothers. The blood of Desolate Palace could never be shed for nothing.” Desolate Yitang said arrogantly. To him, killing Jiang Chen was just as easy as moving his fingertips, totally effortless.

*Hua La……”

Desolate Emperor waved his hand. With a clatter, a spatial zone was created inside the main hall of the Law Enforcement Palace. It was a hundred miles big, the arena for Jiang Chen and Desolate Yitang fight.

“In that case, you two are going to fight in this battlefield. Remember, this is a life-and-death battle; your deaths here will never be questioned.”

Desolate Emperor specially reminded, which was a direct message to Gu Firmament. It only meant that if Jiang Chen died, he could do nothing but watch him die.

“Wait a minute,” said Jiang Chen.

“What? Are you scared? Sadly, it’s already too late.”

Desolate Yitang stared at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen ignored his stare and turned to Desolate Emperor. “Desolate Emperor, since this is a life-and-death battle, why don’t we add more bets into the pot?”

“Oh? What do you want to bet on?”

Desolate Emperor was intrigued all of a sudden.

“If I bet, I will certainly make it big. If I win, the seat of palace master in the Law Enforcement Palace will be given to Gu Palace.”

Jiang Chen’s voice set off thousands of waves and s.n.a.t.c.hed away the calmness of the entire hall.

“What? You want the lord to abdicate the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace? You really have a big nerve!”

“What a good Gu Chen, daring to say such a word! That’s a good reason! This line of words is enough for the Law Enforcement Palace to sentence you to death.”

The elders in the main hall were furious, some of them were somewhat astonished. None of them thought that Jiang Chen would put forward such a bet, but the elders of Gu Palace felt joyful in their hearts. Although the Law Enforcement Palace was an independent a.s.sociation, it was still comprised of all the members of the eight major palaces. Who wouldn’t want their patriarch to be the palace master?

Gu Firmament didn’t speak, looking at Desolate Emperor, waiting for his response. This Gu Chen had really surprised him and made him feel satisfied. He now realized that Gu Chen surely had mature thinking and opinions, and wouldn’t need his guidance at all.

“Kid, you are betting on my seat. What if you lose? What do you have? Do you want to put Gu Firmament’s head at stake?”

Desolate Emperor gazed at Jiang Chen.

“I, Gu Chen, never bet other people’s lives. I will put 5 billion Saint Origin Restoration Pills on the line.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook as soon as the word 5 billion was out. His Qi was getting a little intimidating. He didn’t mention 5 billion high grade True Meta Stones because they probably would find out his real ident.i.ty once they investigated it.

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