Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 961 – The Ugly-Looking Desolate Emperor

Chapter 961 – The Ugly-Looking Desolate Emperor

The Ugly-Looking Desolate Emperor

The 1st!

Gu Firmament knew what exactly had happened in the Refining Tower. He was also curious to find out how Jiang Chen was able to absorb all the immortal Qi in that miniature spatial zone in a brief moment. Aside from his curiosity, there was one thing he was certain about – a terrifying genius had arrived in Gu Palace.

Killing a Third Grade Great Saint genius of Desolate Palace while only being a First Grade Great Saint? This could not be done by anyone. Moreover, he also knew the real ident.i.ty of Gu Chen. During that time, Gu Xuantian personally handed a letter to him, telling him about Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty and the earth-shaking events that Jiang Chen had done in the Pure Land. This made the palace master of Gu Palace attach great important to Jiang Chen. Moreover, he could also see that Jiang Chen was really a dragon among his peers when he saw him today. The luck coming from Jiang Chen’s body amazed him.

“I would also like to know what went wrong with our geniuses.” Heavenly Peng King said.

Demon Palace paid incomparable attention to Big Yellow, a heaven defying being who had a complete Divine Beast Bloodline and the Totem Divine Seal. Besides that, the two palace masters knew that Desolate Palace had been growing stronger, sooner or later, they would become so powerful that it was enough to tilt the balance of Saint Origin Palace. As such, they knew better than anyone the importance of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“You must have heard about the Refining Tower, yes? These four in front of you have absorbed all the immortal Qi. This is the first time it ever happened in the history of Saint Origin Palace. I must know what means they used. If I don’t find out how they have gotten almost all of the immortal Qi, and punish and stop them from doing this again, I’m afraid that from now on, no geniuses will be able to absorb the immortal Qi from the Refining Tower anymore.” Desolate Emperor rose from his seat and spoke.

He initially intended to forcefully make Jiang Chen talk, but now that both Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King were here, he couldn’t go on that road anymore. Still, he was very determined to punish Jiang Chen. These four young geniuses had prompted Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King to come in person. It was enough to explain their extraordinary status in Gu and Demon Palace.

“Desolate Palace Master, you are really making a joke out of this. This matter has got nothing to do with the three of them. Those immortal Qi came to me automatically, and then, I just gave some to them. As for the means I used, I can tell you very responsibly that I didn’t do anything. It was the immortal Qi who came to me naturally,” said Jiang Chen immediately.

“Nonsense. Do you think that we all don’t know what happened in the miniature spatial zone? You’d better be honest with us. What kind of forbidden technique did you use to get all the immortal Qi? What you did today have aroused public indignation. If we hadn’t arrived in time, I’m afraid that those geniuses would’ve torn you apart.” The elder who brought them here said loudly and sternly.

“Shut up! With the three of us here, what rights do you have to speak? You should take a look at who you are before you comment.” Heavenly Peng King yelled.

The elder changed his expression immediately, and did not dare to speak anymore, he was facing the palace master of Demon Palace that was filled with dominance and ferocity. Furthermore, it was true that he did not have any qualifications to confront an overlord like Heavenly Peng King, even Desolate Emperor could not suppress him. Heavenly Peng King was claimed to be hasty. If Heavenly Peng King killed him, he was afraid that not even Desolate Emperor could stop the overlord.

More importantly, if Heavenly Peng King killed him in the Law Enforcement Palace, his death would be in vain. When Heavenly Peng King kills, he would not need a reason. That was what symbolized his status.

“Haha! This elder is also one of the dignified Seventh Grade Great Saint representatives. How can you speak so unreasonably? This is simply disgracing Desolate Palace and Law Enforcement Palace. You said that I used a forbidden technique but you have no evidence. Law Enforcement Palace is a place where evidence is emphasized. Falsely accusing someone with no evidence shouldn’t be what the elders of this palace should do.” Jiang Chen laughed, counterattacking the elder with his words.

Hearing this, Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King exchanged a look. Their eyes were filled with admiration. They could not deny that Gu Chen was truly a scary and shrewd young man. One should know that such occasion would render general disciples frightened or paralyzed. They had never seen a youth that was so calm while facing so many experts in the Law Enforcement Palace.

“You have a sharp tongue. But Gu Chen, you’d better explain the matter clearly. Since you have already arrived in this place, you must explain yourself clearly. The Refining Tower is a.s.sociated with the cultivation of all the geniuses in Saint Origin Palace, it isn’t a place for you to practice alone.”

Desolate Emperor let out a cold humph, and started to reveal some murderous intent towards Jiang Chen. This was because Jiang Chen’s performance was too good. He wouldn’t feel comfortable if such an excellent genius was not a member of Desolate Palace.

“There’s no way to explain this situation. Any genius that practices in the Refining Tower relies on their luck and ability. Whoever has greater luck will be able to absorb more immortal Qi. When all the immortal Qi was drawn to me automatically, it showed that I am outstandingly exuberant in terms of luck, and thus, suppressing all the other geniuses. Desolate Emperor is the palace master of Law Enforcement Palace, you should enforce the law fairly. You can never charged me anything just because I have greater luck than the others. Every time when the tower is opened, some very lucky ones will be able to absorb large amount of immortal Qi whereas those with bad luck will obtain nothing at all. This has always been unfair. For so long that the Refining Tower has existed, Law Enforcement Palace didn’t once punish those geniuses who had great luck. So, why am I being punished here? What’s the reason behind this?” Jiang Chen said in a tone that was neither humble nor haughty, absolutely not affected by Desolate Emperor’s Qi.

Big Yellow was baring his teeth at one side, while Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng raised a thumb for Jiang Chen secretly. Jiang Chen’s words had put Desolate Emperor in an awkward position. There was no one that could comment regarding the matter of luck. If Jiang Chen was punished because of his vigorous luck, didn’t that mean that any genius who had great amount of luck would be punished every time the Refining Tower is opened?

What was even more important was that Desolate Emperor could not find any evidence that Jiang Chen used some kind of forbidden technique to collect the immortal Qi. There was really nothing that he could say when Jiang Chen claimed that all of these happened because of his great luck.

“Haha! Desolate Emperor, did you hear that? It was luck. Gu Chen has just arrived in this place but he has already advance, it just showed that he has a tremendous amount of luck. Cultivating in the Refining Tower has always been reliant on luck. You can’t uphold justice because someone has more luck than the others. You know, that’s called jealousy.”

Gu Firmament laughed. He looked at Gu Chen, and his liking for Jiang Chen grew more. There was no reason why he would not like this youth who could stifle Desolate Emperor. This youth was simply amazing.

Gu Firmament was still thinking of taking Gu Chen away with force, but now, Gu Chen had all the reasons that gave the Law Enforcement Palace no chance of charging him.

“Gu Chen, I don’t believe that your luck could be so great that all the immortal Qi would gravitate towards you. If you want to prove your innocence, release your soul and I will use the Soul-a.s.similation Technique to find out if you are lying.” Desolate Emperor’s Qi shook as he said.

“Desolate Emperor, you are going too far. Don’t think that you can fool us because you are in control of the Law Enforcement Palace. Since you can’t produce any evidence for this case, I will take them away. You, a dignified palace master, want to apply Soul-a.s.similation Technique on a youngster? How shameless! I am now standing here, I would like to see you try and touch Gu Chen.”

Gu Firmament raged as he found Desolate Emperor ridiculous. If Jiang Chen released his soul, wouldn’t it be the same as handing his life over to Desolate Emperor? If Desolate Emperor killed Jiang Chen out of jealousy, who should he talk to?

“Desolate Emperor, what you are about to do will certainly hurt your reputation. The Law Enforcement Palace has never enforced the law this way. You can’t arrest anyone without evidence.” Heavenly Peng King said.

It appeared that Gu Chen and Big Yellow had pulled these two overlords on the same line.

Desolate Emperor’s facial expression turned unpleasant as if it was covered with a layer of haze. Originally, he wanted to use his awe-inspiring aura to force Jiang Chen to speak the truth, but he had never imagined that this young man was so difficult to deal with. As Jiang Chen said, it was impossible to charge with anything if they don’t have any evidence.

Currently, with the presence of Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King standing on Jiang Chen’s side, and with his ident.i.ty as the palace master of Law Enforcement Palace, it made it harder for him to pa.s.s judgment on these four youths.

“Well, let’s put this aside for a moment. Gu Chen, you killed three geniuses of Desolate Palace in the Refining Tower. You have just arrived and yet you are already so bold and wild, totally not putting the rules of the tower in your eyes. And, I’m going to punish you for that, what other things do you want to say about it?”

Desolate Emperor s.h.i.+fted his focus to the geniuses of Desolate Palace that had been killed.

After hearing this, a hint of a sneer was seen at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. “It is true that I killed those three geniuses from your palace, but if you want to talk about breaking the rules, it was your geniuses who beat up our people first and threatened to kill us. So, should us, the people of Gu Palace, stand there and be bullied? Are you suggesting that we, the people of Gu Palace, should’ve stood there for your people to kill and we aren’t allowed to fight back? What kind of bullsh*t reasoning is that?” Jiang Chen replied in a t.i.t-for-tat way, leaving Gu Firmament nodding at one side.

Gu Chen was also a genius of Gu Palace. It was a must that he fought back for the geniuses of Gu Palace. They should never stand there like a fool while being bullied by others.

“Desolate Emperor, I suppose you have heard it loud and clear. This incident was started by your people. Gu Chen was merely defending himself and his comrades. Moreover, deaths during the compet.i.tion among the disciples are common. It is embarra.s.sing for this kind of matter to be brought in the Law Enforcement Palace,” said Gu Firmament.

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