Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 963 – Entrapment

Chapter 963 – Entrapment


The 3rd!

Jiang Chen came from the Pure Land and the only person who possessed this much high grade True Meta Stone was him. Moreover, five billion was just too astonis.h.i.+ng. Desolate Emperor would certainly seek for its source, it would then expose his true ident.i.ty.

However, in Jiang Chen’s point of view, there was no suspense in this huge gamble. Desolate Yitang was bound to die. His priority right now was to fight for the greatest benefit and raise the prestige of Gu Palace. So now, it was up to Desolate Emperor whether he would dare to gamble. Five billion Saint Rank Restoration Pills for three years of palace master’s seat in Law Enforcement Palace? He believed that Desolate Emperor wouldn’t let go of this easily.


Sure enough, even the three overlords were shocked when they heard the five billion worth of fortune, it was no joke, not even their own palace had this kind of wealth. The bet of five billion was definitely not a small number.

Well, a problem arouse. Gu Chen was a kid that came from the Pure Land. So, how could he obtain 5 billion of Saint Rank Restoration Pills? They were afraid that not even Gu Family in the Pure Land had this kind of wealth.

“Don’t brag, kid. How are you going to get the 5 billion Saint Rank Restoration Pills? You dare to put an empty bet?”

Desolate Emperor stared coldly at Jiang Chen. He absolutely wouldn’t believe that Jiang Chen could take out 5 billion Saint Rank Restoration Pills, it just sounded exactly like the Arabian Nights[1].

“What if I can take them out?” Jiang Chen smiled and said.

“If you can take them out, I will take the gamble.” Desolate Emperor said.

First, he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could produce so many Saint Rank Restoration Pills. Second, he was willing to bet on his fighter as he was extremely confident in Desolate Yitang’s capability.

Without speaking a word, Jiang Chen waved his palm. A small spatial zone was produced, overflowing with dense Yuan Force. Given their eyesight, not only could they tell that all of these were Saint Rank Restoration Pills, they could also see its quant.i.ty—there were 5 billion of them, no doubt.

“Oh G.o.ds! There are so many of them. I can already sense the fragrance coming from the inside. These pills are greater than the ordinary Saint Rank Restoration Pills, they are all high grade pills!”

“How could this son of a b*tch have such a fortune? I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

“Five billion Saint Rank Restoration Pills? That’s plenty of resources.”


Everyone was shocked. All of the people that were present here were mighty and high ranked Great Saints. There was nothing they hadn’t seen before, including pills, lots of them, but this were 5 billion Saint Rank Restoration Pills, not Heaven Rank Restoration Pills. What shocked them even more was that a puny Second Grade Great Saint actually had this much fortune.

“This kid really is…”

Gu Firmament smiled, trying to hide his expression but failed.

*Hua La!*

With another wave of Jiang Chen’s arm, all the Saint Rank Restoration Pills disappeared.

“Desolate Emperor, did you see that? I didn’t lie. I have stumbled upon a relic and found a treasure vault. All these pills were obtained from that vault. There are 5 billion of them and there are more.” Jiang Chen spoke.

Naturally, he didn’t have this much Saint Rank Restoration Pills. The piled up mountain of pills was just a facade, its surface were covered with Saint Rank Restoration Pills but underneath, it was filled with high grade True Meta Stones. The Qi that these two items produced was purer than the ordinary Saint Rank Restoration Pills. Thus, it wouldn’t raise any doubts, even in front of Desolate Emperor and Gu Firmament’s eyes.

“Gu Chen, isn’t your bet a little too high? Are you sure about it?”

Gu Firmament’s voice transmitted into Jiang Chen’s ears. His purpose of coming here was to keep Jiang Chen safe. He didn’t think that Jiang Chen would use him and Heavenly Peng King as his support to scheme against Desolate Emperor. This indicated that he had underestimated Jiang Chen.

“Desolate Emperor, what do you say? Will you gamble or will you not?” asked Jiang Chen.

Desolate Emperor knitted his brows, he turned to Desolate Yitang and said in a plain tone, “Yitang, do you have certainty?”

Desolate Yitang clenched his fists, producing a cracking sound. Two beams of cold light shot out from his eyes. “Don’t worry about it, Palace Master. I will kill him for sure.”

Desolate Yitang was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t take a Second Grade Great Saint down. If he said no and retreated, it would only make Desolate Palace and Desolate Emperor lose their faces. From then on, he wouldn’t be able to continue cultivating in Desolate Palace anymore. So, he had to do all that he could to defeat Jiang Chen, and win the prize. In that case, he would not only regain the face of Desolate Palace, he could also avenge Desolate Ichiro’s and the other two’s death and obtain a huge wealth. Then, he would certainly become a meritorious cultivator in Desolate Palace and gain an extraordinary position for himself.

Gamble. Why shouldn’t one gamble? Life had always been a gamble. Sometimes, people gambled with their lives, if they won, they will soar to the sky, and if they lost, they would be left with nothing.

“Alright, Gu Chen. I will make the bet. If I lose, the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master will be given to Gu Firmament. If you lose, the 5 billion Saint Rank Restoration Pills will be ours, as well as your life.”

Desolate Emperor immediately agreed. As the palace master of Desolate Palace, he would need to look daring and resolute. If he was indecisive and hesitant, others would look down on him for being scared by a junior.

“In that case, bring it on.”

Jiang Chen entered the battlefield with a flash. His dark hair fluttered in the breeze. His Qi was unparalleled. He turned to Desolate Yitang and shouted, “Desolate Yitang, come over and fight!”

“Courting death!”

Desolate Yitang’s murderous intent soared to the sky, and appeared in the battlefield in a blink, standing opposite of Jiang Chen.

“Hehehe, Desolate Emperor just went straight into Little Chen’s trap.”

Big Yellow’s heart was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy. He knew Jiang Chen all too well. He knew that this guy would never fight a battle that he couldn’t win. More importantly, he knew very well how powerful Jiang Chen was. Although Desolate Yitang’s cultivation base was a peak Fourth Grade Great Saint, it wasn’t enough to kill Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen could fight him in his half-dragon form, killing Desolate Yitang would happen in an instant.

A hundred miles around the battlefield, Jiang Chen and Desolate Yitang stood opposite each other, emitting thick murderous intent form their bodies. Desolate Yitang’s Qi was rising non-stop, ready to strike at any second.

“Gu Firmament, this is a fair battle. Neither of us shall step nor interfere in this battle.”

Desolate Emperor said to Gu Firmament with a face full of smile.

“Of course, but Desolate Emperor, why are you so confident that Desolate Yitang will win this battle? If he lost, don’t forget to give up the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master,” said Gu Firmament.

“Haha! Do you believe in what you are saying right now?”

Desolate Emperor laughed loudly. As the powerful Ninth Grade Great Saint and the palace master of Desolate Palace, he had seen so many gifted and talented geniuses. He knew very well how much was the gap between a Second Grade and a Fourth Grade Great Saint. Even if Jiang Chen was exceedingly gifted, it would be impossible for him to jump two levels and defeat Desolate Yitang.

Maybe Jiang Chen could defeat and even kill any ordinary Fourth Grade Great Saint, but he definitely was no match for Desolate Yitang.

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1. The Arabian Nights- A collection of traditional stories from the Middle East, written in Arabic.