Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 960 – Gu Firmament

Chapter 960 – Gu Firmament

Gu Firmament

The 14th!

The Law Enforcement Palace was an independent palace, they were an independent authority. Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng were now in the control of the Seventh Grade Great Saints. In a few blinks, they arrived where the Law Enforcement Palace was located.

“Little Chen, what now? I heard that Law Enforcement Palace is extremely powerful. You’ll get your skin peeled off even if you do not die. Currently, the master of Law Enforcement Palace is also the master of Desolate Palace. With Desolate Palace holding most of the authority, we won’t end up well in their hands.” Kong Yang spoke to Jiang Chen worriedly.

“You all don’t have to say anything later. Don’t worry, you guys have me.”

Jiang Chen had always been so confident, regardless of what situation or environment he was in. You could never detect the slightest bit of tension on his face. Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng were absolutely impressed by such composure.

“You two can be rest a.s.sured, no one will die.”

Big Yellow wobbled his st.u.r.dy tail. Since Jiang Chen said that it was all right, it would certainly turn out fine. It was not because Jiang Chen had a powerful cultivation, in fact, he was still very far off from battling the palace master of Desolate Palace, but it was because of his confidence in his strategy.

The Law Enforcement Palace was located in a very unique location. At the centre of the eight major palaces was a tall golden tower that seemed to have a dozen floors. The golden light radiated from it gave people a sense of n.o.bility.

“Gu Chen, if you can’t provide a clear explanation regarding the matter about the immortal Qi, I suppose that you have already figured out the repercussion,” said the elder, looking over at Jiang Chen.

“Gu Chen, the Refining Tower is the foundation of Saint Origin Palace. Ever since it was built, nothing as such has happened. Therefore, the Law Enforcement Palace must find out what happened. You were very lucky but not so lucky either because the lord of the palace is going to question you himself.” Another elder added.

Jiang Chen held his hands behind his back, pretending as if he did not hear them talking. There wasn’t a single sign of worry on his face.

“Let’s go.” The elder of Desolate Palace said, leading Jiang Chen and the others into the palace.

The main hall of the Law Enforcement Palace was the size of an imperial palace. At this moment, there were 12 people sitting inside. As soon as Jiang Chen stepped into the main hall, immediately, he felt an invisible pressure pervading the place. Gu Liufeng and Kong Yang could not help s.h.i.+vering, beads of sweat came out of their forehead.

These people in front were the true higher-ups, the high ranked beings in the Heaven and Earth. The weakest among them was a Seventh Grade Great Saint. Besides that, all the others were Eighth Grade and Ninth Grade Great Saints. With so many of them gathered together, the pressure that they emitted casually was not bearable to ordinary people. Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng were having a hard time bearing this invisible force.

Even the one who had a Divine Beast Bloodline, Big Yellow felt uncomfortable under such pressure. He would have sworn loudly if it was not for the suffocating atmosphere.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, looked perfectly normal from the very beginning until now. Even with the pressure of so many experts, it could not make any impact on him.


The higher-ups of the Law Enforcement Palace could not help but let out a light sigh. Their astonished eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. With their eyesight, they could naturally tell how unpredictable this youth dressed in white was, who could maintain his composure even while facing so many of them, considering that he was merely a tiny Second Grade Great Saint.

The members of Gu Palace couldn’t help but nod secretly when they saw Jiang Chen. They were the old seniors and the all-powerful figures that would not appear in ordinary times, but this young genius made their eyes sparkle.

“Palace Master, I have brought them here. Most of the immortal Qi was absorbed by the four of them.” The elder cupped his fists at the one sitting on the seat of honour, and said in a respectful tone.

Jiang Chen’s attention was caught by that man the moment he entered. This man did not have a very stern face, the size of his body was average. He looked about 40 years old, dressed in a reddish golden robe and wore a golden crown. His eyes were as deep as a cold pool that chilled people. Even though he was sitting there, some might not be able to discover his presence, but when you looked at him, it gave the feeling like a mountain was sitting there. The Qi that was emitted from him was enough to suppress everything.

His aura could fill anyone with awe. He was the highest existence and the peak figure in the Heaven and Earth, the supreme being atop the pyramid of the whole Saint Origin World.

He seemed like an emperor, many folds more n.o.ble than any emperor in the land of Saint Origin World. None of those ordinary emperor was worthy of carrying his sandals for him or even kneeling before him.

He was Desolate Emperor, the lord of Desolate Palace and Law Enforcement Palace. He was the most powerful man in the entire Saint Origin World, the supreme expert, a peak Ninth Grade Great Saint. One more step would bring him to the immortal realm.

“You are Gu Chen?” Desolate Emperor spoke.

His voice rang like a large bell shaking one’s soul. He looked over at Jiang Chen, it gave Jiang Chen the feeling of falling into an ice cavern.

Desolate Emperor could discern who Jiang Chen was in an instant. It seemed like he had already known the events that happened in the Refining Tower, but this was not very surprising. Considering his level, nothing in Saint Origin Palace could escape his senses.

“Yes. I am Gu Chen.”

Jiang Chen gave a faint smile and took the initiative to meet Desolate Emperor’s eyes. He neither felt fearful nor frightened. To him, there was nothing that he should worry about while standing in front of Desolate Emperor. In fact, he recognized Desolate Emperor. Back when he still reigned over Pure Land, this overlord was merely insignificant, an ordinary Great Saint. If they wanted to talk about panic, Desolate Emperor would be the first one to get nervous if he knew who Jiang Chen really was.

But then again, at this moment, Jiang Chen was no longer the Greatest Saint, like 100 years ago. The present Desolate Emperor was no longer that small figure in those old days. He was now holding the supreme power and ruled the world under the heavens.

“Presumptuous! Don’t you know that you have to kneel down when seeing the palace master? The four of you, kneel down this instant!” Someone yelled at Jiang Chen.

Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng trembled, and felt a ripple in their hearts. Their knees were about to fall to the ground before strands of invisible force was released by Jiang Chen to help them keep standing.

Everyone saw it clearly. Their eyes became strange as they looked at Jiang Chen.

“Although Desolate Emperor is the master of Desolate Palace and Law Enforcement Palace, he has no right to ask us to kneel down before him. We are members of Gu Palace and Demon Palace. There is no reason for us to kneel down before an outsider. Moreover, we are all Great Saints with dignity and our dignity won’t allow us to kneel down. I won’t let my knees fall to the ground even if the palace master of Gu Palace come. In addition, you don’t have a good reason to ask us to kneel down because we haven’t done anything wrong.” Jiang Chen’s eyes swept across the area and said in a plain tone.

“You son of a b*tch! This is the Law Enforcement Palace. You puny little being dare to disregard the rules of the palace? Since you are reluctant to kneel down, I will make sure that you will never be able to stand again. Get down on your knees now!”

An elder of Desolate Palace who brought them here was angered. His Qi shook as he struck out an illusory palm, slamming against Jiang Chen. Since Jiang Chen was unwilling to get down on his knees, he would make Jiang Chen lose his ability to stand.

“Stop! I would like to see who would dare to make the genius of Gu Palace kneel.”

At this instant, a thunderous voice came from the outside of the hall. Then, a ghostly figure appeared before Jiang Chen. His action could not be captured by the eyes; the illusionary palm automatically crumbled.

The incomer was dressed in a pale yellow long robe, he seemed to be at the same age as Desolate Emperor. He had similar awe-inspiring look that Desolate Emperor have. He was no stranger. He was the palace master of Gu Palace, Gu Firmament. Judging by his Qi, he wasn’t any weaker than Desolate Emperor. He had also reached the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint, only a step away from the Immortal realm.

“Demon Palace never had the habit of kneeling down, right? Desolate Emperor?”

The moment Gu Firmament emerged, another powerful figure appeared. He was tall and had a very st.u.r.dy body. His casual movement could bring endless waves. His name was Heavenly Peng[1] King, he was the palace master of Demon Palace.

Heavenly Peng was a peerless divine beast. His bloodline was not any weaker than Big Yellow’s. However, Heavenly Peng King did not have the complete bloodline of a divine beast. It was said that Heavenly Peng King was merely a giant bird, and that when he was young, he strayed into a forbidden place and obtained the blood essence of an ancient heavenly Peng. After that, his cultivation skyrocketed crazily.

Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King’s reputation was incomparable to Desolate Emperor; the Law Enforcement Palace was the best place in the entire Saint Origin Palace to enforce the law. No one would dare to barge in the Law Enforcement Palace except these two who just arrived. There was no place in the entire Saint Origin Palace which they feared going. Thus, even the great palace master, Desolate Emperor, wouldn’t be able to intimidate them.

“Gu Firmament, Heavenly Peng King, I am just enforcing the law. What are you two doing here? This is the Law Enforcement Palace, you two don’t have any rights to intervene,” said Desolate Emperor with a frown.

“d.a.m.n the right! I have the geniuses of Gu Palace standing here. So, I have come here to observe how the master of the Law Enforcement Palace enforce the law impartially. It looks like Gu Chen didn’t commit any mistakes, so why are you, the lord of the palace, alarmed by something like this? Isn’t it just a bit of a fuss?” Gu Firmament said bluntly.

He looked at Jiang Chen with praising eyes. Just now, he heard and agreed what Jiang Chen had said. How could the people of Gu Palace kneel before anyone? Jiang Chen’s heroic behavior and boldness had built a significant impression in Gu Firmament’s heart. Should Jiang Chen got down on his knees due to fright just now, Gu Firmament would just turn and leave, he wouldn’t want a genius without pride, no matter how talented Jiang Chen was.

Furthermore, Gu Shuangtan had told Gu Firmament everything that had happened in the Refining Tower.

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1. Peng - A giant bird likened to Garuda.