Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 959 – The Law Enforcement Palace

Chapter 959 – The Law Enforcement Palace

The Law Enforcement Palace

The 13th!

The crowd was stirred by the fact that the immortal Qi was all robbed by Jiang Chen. This act had drawn lots of dissatisfaction from people.


The two stone doors opened at the same second. Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, Kong Yang, and Gu Liufeng from the next door walked out of the chambers.

“Why are so many people around here? What happened?” Jiang Chen asked with surprise.

Beside him, Big Yellow rolled his eyes. This guy did know how to put up a pretence for not knowing the crowd waiting for them outside. Did he know that their stone door was being continuously slammed?

“Are you Gu Chen?”

Many pairs of eyes fell upon Jiang Chen as Desolate Changfeng asked coldly. When those geniuses of Gu Palace looked at Jiang Chen, they confirmed that this was a new kid as they never saw him before but that was not important now. The crucial thing was this newcomer was a member of Gu Palace which gave them no reason to stand idly by. Internal conflicts were the personal matter of Gu Palace. Externally, unity was very important.

“Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“I’m Desolate Changfeng of Desolate Palace. You are just courting death for killing my people. If you kneel now, I may grant you a happy and painless death,” said Desolate Changfeng, grinding his teeth.

“The geniuses of Desolate Palace always have similar conduct, always like to ask people to kneel down but they are the ones who knelt down in the end. I killed them because they’re the first to start trouble, and were powerless and defenceless. Wouldn’t it be a serious joke if I just stand and let them kill me?” Jiang Chen said in an emotionless tone, totally not putting Desolate Changfeng in his eyes.

Observing Gu Chen’s calm manner, those peerless geniuses could not help but raised their thumbs for him secretly. Putting other things aside, his charisma alone was admirable. One should know that even though Gu Chen had advanced to Second Grade Great Saint, Desolate Changfeng was a powerful Sixth Grade Great Saint. The gap between them was beyond imagination.

“Sure enough, it is not necessary to show politeness to the likes of you. In which case, I’m going to kill you now.”

Desolate Changfeng murderous intent fluctuated; ready to strike.

“Desolate Changfeng, are you ignoring the existence of Gu Shuangtan? If you want to fight, I’ll will be your company.”

Gu Shuangtang moved in front of Jiang Chen, confronting Desolate Changfeng head-on.

A faint smile was seen at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. He had antic.i.p.ated that the higher ranked geniuses of Gu Palace would stand up for him. At least he wasn’t disappointed by the unity of the Gu Palace externally. This on-the-surface unity would provide a great help in resolving the internal problems of Gu Palace.

“Let’s put your feud aside first, Gu Chen, let me ask you this, how were you able to make the immortal Qi converge on one spot?” asked a genius of Huo Family.

This was a question that many people wanted to know, particularly those Sixth Grade Great Saint geniuses. They had been practicing in this Refining Tower for unknown period of time and the only way to absorb immortal Qi was through a foolish way which was to try their luck, this new guy, however, was able to collect a lot of immortal Qi. Besides making them angry and envious, they felt more eager to know about how he did it.

“I didn’t do anything. It was the immortal Qi that came to me automatically. The absorption of the immortal Qi has always relied on one’s luck. It just seemed that my luck is greater than any of you. So, is having great luck violating the law?” Jiang Chen looked at the genius of Huo Family.

For a moment, the reply dumbfounded them. No matter how angry they were, Gu Chen’s words were not wrong. All along, geniuses had relied on their luck while cultivating in the Refining Tower. Whoever got great luck would obtain greater amount of immortal Qi. Considering what happened today, there was no problem saying that Gu Chen had great luck.

“Haha! So you all came here to show your dissatisfaction just because you aren’t lucky enough? That lacks the quality of a senior and it makes Master Dog look down on you. We all depend on our abilities to practice here. Those who can get into the ninth level absorb most of the immortal Qi and get the most benefits. n.o.body will trouble you because that’s your capability and what you can do. The fact that our luck is greater than any of you proved our ability. It is shameless that you all came here to stir something up.”

Big Yellow’s glib mouth had switched to ‘mockery mode’, causing Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng to laugh at one side.

“Yes. That makes sense. It looks like their overwhelming luck has allowed them to suck in all the immortal Qi. Thus, there is nothing wrong about it.” Eagle Yunkong said with a nod.

Naturally, the people of Demon Palace would need to stand on the same side with their geniuses. Out of the four geniuses, two were from Demon Palace. There was no way they could stay out of the matter.

“That’s right. No one knows how much one’s luck has.” Gu Shuangtan nodded agreeably, unknowingly standing on the same side as Demon Palace.

“I don’t think this is a matter of luck, but a deliberate use of some means to force the immortal Qi into one spot. You all should know about the whirlpool. It was totally intentional.” A genius of Narang Family said.

“Agreed. It’s about everyone’s welfare. We have to make sure the matter will be cleared.”

“In my opinion, let’s act together to force Gu Chen spit out the truth.”

“Yeah, we must do it this way. Or else, we will cultivate sh*t if the immortal Qi is sucked away every time.”


The people of the six major palaces were unrelenting.

“Haha! Do you want to fight? Our palace is never afraid of anything, but you must think about it. With so many of us battling in the Refining Tower, you all may not be able to bear the responsibility. Anyway, I would like to see whether you dare to take the first move.”

Eagle Yunkong laughed loudly. As a genius of Demon Palace, the last thing he was afraid of was battling.

In that instant, the whole atmosphere of Refining Tower turned tense. There were too many combatants here. If neither side gave way, it would become a messy battle. Having a large-scale battle in the Refining Tower was one thing while destroying it was another. No one could shoulder such responsibility.

But then, how could the geniuses of the six major palaces be willing to let them go? One should know that Gu Chen’s way of gathering the immortal Qi was too terrifying. If they did not find out thoroughly about it today, they would not have the chance to absorb immortal Qi anymore.

Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng exchanged a look with each other, shaking their heads. Jiang Chen was worthy of being a twisted devil king. Wherever he went would be accompanied by innumerable troubles. Wherever he went would attract countless pairs of eyes. This was only the second day of his arrival in Saint Origin Palace but he had created such big ruckus.

Adding Big Yellow into the picture, it was like two swords sticking together—a two p.r.o.nged approach. There wouldn’t be peace everywhere they went.

“What are you all doing in the Refining Tower?”

Just when the two sides were in a stalemate, a yell was heard from a distance. Three powerful figures appeared in the fifth level. They were elders who gave off strong Qi by their casual movements, putting the entire fifth level under some degree of pressure.

These three were the unparalleled Seventh Grade Great Saint experts.

“They are the members of Law Enforcement Palace. Look like the events here have spread to the palace.”

“It must be because of the immortal Qi. You know, the Refining Tower has existed for so long and there has never been such a thing happening. It makes sense that the event alarmed even Law Enforcement Palace.”

“Law Enforcement Palace is above the eight major palaces. It has the right to solve every matter in Saint Origin Palace. The Refining Tower is the most important place in Saint Origin Palace. Now that something has occurred inside the tower, they must come personally to conduct a thorough investigation.”


Seeing the arrival of the member of Law Enforcement Palace, many pairs of eyes showed a trace of fear. Even if they were very talented figures, they would not dare oppose them.

“The immortal Qi of the miniature spatial zone is sucked dry. Who was the one who did it?” asked one of the elders.

“Elder, it’s Gu Chen.”

Desolate Changfeng pointed to Gu Chen, his eyes gloating. That elder who spoke just now was an elder of Desolate Palace, who also had a high position in Law Enforcement Palace.

“What’s the Law Enforcement Palace about?” Jiang Chen quickly asked Gu Shuangtan via divine sense.

“The Law Enforcement Palace is an independent palace that has the right to control everything in Saint Origin Palace. In other words, its right is one of a kind. There will be an election in Law Enforcement Palace every three years. The palace masters of the eight major palaces will elect one person to be the palace master of Law Enforcement Palace. However, for many years, the Law Enforcement Palace has been in the hands of Desolate Palace. Furthermore, the allocation of public resources is decided by them, and that elder who spoke just now was also a member of Desolate Palace.” Gu Shuangtan transmitted the knowledge to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s eyes could not resist s.h.i.+vering after receiving the information. It seems that the strength of the eight major palaces had begun to tilt in favour of Desolate Palace. This could be seen from the Desolate Palace’s long years of getting the seat in Law Enforcement Palace. Even though Law Enforcement Palace was comprised of all eight major palaces, the one who was truly in control was Desolate Palace. This shows how much Desolate Palace wanted to dominate the entire Saint Origin Palace.

“It wasn’t just Gu Chen, four of them have absorbed great amount of immortal Qi. Each of them has made one level of advancement.” Someone said, pointing to Big Yellow and the other two.

“The four of you follow us back to Law Enforcement Palace.” The elder said coldly.

“Elder, the fact that Gu Chen could absorb this much of immortal Qi was due to his luck. We always relied on ones luck while cultivating in the Refining Tower. Besides, Law Enforcement Palace shouldn’t have involved in a matter like this.” Gu Shuangtan said holding his fists.

If Gu Chen and the others were taken away by Law Enforcement Palace, the consequences would be serious.

“Kid, the actions of Law Enforcement Palace isn’t for you to judge and comment. Gu Chen, four of you follow us back to the Law Enforcement Palace to explain the event clearly.” The elder’s tone was resolute.

“Very well. I’ll go with you. This matter is my act alone, it didn’t involve the three of them,” said Jiang Chen.

“No, take them away.”

The elder grasped with his hand, a wave of air straightaway surrounded the four of them, and disappeared in a blink.

“Brother Shuangtan, Gu Chen and the others are taken away by Law Enforcement Palace. What should we do now? Could it be dangerous?” Asked Gu Yong with concern.

“We can’t care about that anymore. I will tell the palace master about this, as the Law Enforcement Palace isn’t a good place for us to go.”

After Gu Shuangtan finished speaking, he flew towards Gu Palace, while Eagle Yunkong headed back to Demon Palace. It had gone beyond their bounds but someone would be able to help.

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