Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 958 – The Alliance of the Geniuses

Chapter 958 – The Alliance of the Geniuses

The Alliance of the Geniuses

The 12th!

“That’s incredible. Little Chen has just advanced to the Second Grade Great Saint but his Qi is still rising. Looks like he has acquired a tremendous amount of benefits from the immortal Qi. His cultivation will continue to rise at least until the peak of the Second Grade Great Saint if he can’t reach the Third Grade Great Saint. I, on the other hand, am not weak either, I’m about to hit the Second Grade Great Saint.”

Kong Yang’s eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with shock while observing Jiang Chen’s majestic Qi, but he and Gu Liufeng had obtained huge benefits too. To them, this was the first time that they gained something from the immortal Qi. Plus, they had gotten a large amount of it which naturally brought them immeasurable benefits, as if their bodies were being baptized from inside out.

“Haha! Master Dog is going to break through to the Third Grade Great Saint soon.”

Big Yellow was bouncing up and down excitedly. He had just reached the Second Grade Great Saint not long ago. It wouldn’t be a matter of one or two days if he wanted to advance again, but now that he was being bathed by such copious immortal Qi, his advancement got kick-started again. It was absolutely a pleasure, thinking about advancing to the Third Grade Great Saint.

In the secret chamber next door, even though Gu Liufeng remained silent, his heart was full of delight, he was working hard to break through to the Second Grade Great Saint.

Jiang Chen was the one who absorbed most of the immortal Qi. His body had the capacity to accommodate hundreds of rivers. Despite it being his first time absorbing the immortal Qi, the profit that he gained was unimaginable. The ablutions of the immortal Qi would not only help him condense 500 dragon marks, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to Second Grade Great Saint, because the number of new dragon marks was still increasing. At this rate, it would at least allow him to form another 1,000 dragon marks and stabilize his cultivation base, making a total of 83,000 dragon marks.

In the miniature spatial zone, the gifted disciples still continued their attacks on the whirlpool but still, none of them succeeded. They could only watch as all of the immortal Qi were being sucked away by the turbulent whirlpool. The whole process only lasted for a few minutes before the entire spatial zone was left with not even a strand of hair.

“d.a.m.n! Who did this? Who has absorbed all of the immortal Qi from the spatial zone? It wouldn’t even return to its original state even after a month!”

“The divine sense was coming from the fifth level. Let’s head over and see who is that audacious person that did such a deathly thing.”

“It’s from the fifth level. Three of the divine senses came from the same secret chamber. I have sensed the location of the chamber. Let’s go and find those audacious ones.”


In that instant, the whole Refining Tower was agitated. All of the geniuses were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fury. The lowest cultivation level amongst those geniuses from the seventh to ninth level was Fourth Grade Great Saint. Most of them were Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade Great Saints. These were the gifted disciples ranked number one or two in their respective palaces and had come to this tower for more than one or two times, but had never encountered such a thing. It was definitely a great eye-opener for them.

It wasn’t long before all the geniuses arrived in the fifth level. Even the geniuses of the fifth level walked out of their secret chambers. What happened today was very infuriating. Everybody was keen to see who was the person who committed such a frenzied action. Thwarting someone from cultivating and advancing was akin to cutting someone’s path of fortune and such act was considered shameful and disgraceful.

“Here it is. Yes, there’s no doubt about it. This is the secret chamber. I can sense it clearly.”

“Kick the door open, demand the people inside to come out at once!”

“It’s outrageous! If such people exist, we can’t cultivate here anymore.”


All the young cultivators were angered. The grumpy ones had taken the initiative to trample the stone door. However, it was exquisitely crafted by experts, not even a Sixth Grade Great Saint could break it open. Moreover, ever since the Refining Tower was built, no one dared to destroy anything here as that would be a great sin and would certainly be brought to Law Enforcement Palace to be judged.

Law Enforcement Palace didn’t belong to any of the eight major palaces. It was a palace that existed alone. Taking Law Enforcement Palace into account, there were a total of nine palaces in Saint Origin Palace. On the other hand, the committee was composed of experts coming from the eight palaces. In order to maintain the peace and avoid great chaos in Saint Origin Palace, some things would be dealt by Law Enforcement Palace. In a nutsh.e.l.l, this palace played an important role in Saint Origin Palace.

“Everybody that’s inside, get out at once!” Some people shouted as they laid their legs on the stone door.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, however, ignored this kind of disturbance. They were now reaching the most crucial moment. Unless these people broke open the stone door themselves, otherwise they would not humour them.

*Dong Dong Dong……”

The stone door was trampled hard. The entire fifth level started to shake. More and more people were converging outside the secret chamber, and their fury only grew when they realised that the people inside the secret chamber were ignoring their presence, like a turtle that had retracted its head.

“F*ck! Cowards! Who’re actually in there?” A Sixth Grade Great Saint of the Desolate Family couldn’t help scolding.

“I know who’s inside. It’s Gu Chen and Big Yellow.”

“Who is Gu Chen? And who’s Big Yellow?” asked a genius of the Desolate Family.

“Gu Chen is the genius who has just arrived in Gu Palace. He has also clashed with your palace not long ago. Three geniuses of your palace were killed by him. Then, the rest of the geniuses from your palace were driven out by him and Big Yellow, leaving no genius of the Desolate Family in the fifth level. All of the chambers that were occupied by the geniuses of your palace were all taken by the people of Gu Palace and Demon Palace.” A man said. He was here watching, so he knew who was inside the secret chamber.

“What?” Several great geniuses of the Desolate Palace exclaimed.

After scanning the area, sure enough, there wasn’t a single person here from Desolate Palace. It seemed like what the man said was true. How absurd was it when a newly-arrived disciple of Gu Palace killed three of their disciples?

“Dared to kill the geniuses of Desolate Palace? That only shows that he didn’t understand what the word death is. Today, I must cut this Gu Chen into a million pieces.” The genius of Desolate Palace said maliciously.

“Haha! The death of your people only showed the incompetence of Desolate Palace. Nothing like this has ever happened before. It looks like another newbie has arrived in our Gu Palace.”

A great genius of Gu Palace laughed loudly. His name was Gu Shuangtan. The existence of a Sixth Grade Great Saint was always considered as the top for the geniuses. These geniuses would usually never reveal themselves as they only focused on cultivation. As such, they would not usually care about the newbies who had come to their palaces.

The geniuses of Gu Palace were really angry when they thought about the immortal Qi being forcibly taken away, but when they heard that it was one of their people who was inside the secret chamber, their fury faded immediately. The most important thing in the Refining Tower was to stay united instead of helping outsiders bully their own geniuses.

“Gu Shuangtan. You said it like it was an easy thing. Your people have killed my people for no reason in broad daylight. This thing can’t be left unsettled. Also, this man has absorbed all of the immortal Qi and that means he is going against all of us.”

Presently, a genius of Desolate Palace, Desolate Changfeng, looked angry. Originally, he was angry because of the loss of the immortal Qi, but now, the scenario had changed completely. As an outstanding genius of Desolate Palace, he would not stay indifferent when facing the murderer of his people.

“The killing wasn’t for no reason at all.”

At this time, Gu Yong stood out. He walked towards Gu Shuangtan, holding his fists and said, “Brother Shuangtan, this is the actual event……”

After hearing the whole story, the eyes of Gu Palace’s great geniuses sparkled, especially when they heard that Gu Chen was only a First Grade Great Saint, but was able to kill a Third Grade Great Saint of the Desolate Family. How monstrous was that? Not even they could achieve such a thing.

Moreover, Jiang Chen committed the murder for the sake of protecting the dignity of Gu Palace. This had built a good impression in Gu Shuangtan’s mind. There was no way that they would let others bully them and not fight back.

Considering the injuries that were still visible on Gu Yong and his comrades, also there were a lot of people present when Desolate Ichiro beat them up. Thus, no one doubted Gu Yong’s words.

“Did you hear it loud and clear, Desolate Changfeng? It was your people who caused the trouble first, after that, Gu Chen counterattacked. And, Gu Chen was merely a First Grade Great Saint but he killed that Third Grade Great Saint genius of yours. The only explanation for that is the incompetence of your people. For Gu Chen, it was merely self-defence. Even if you go to Law Enforcement Palace, their deaths will be overlooked due to lack of reasons. Also, the fights amongst the lower ranking disciples is never a matter of Law Enforcement Palace.” Gu Shuangtan said with a smile.

“There is no need to go to Law Enforcement Palace, I’m going to kill that Gu Chen here.”

Desolate Changfeng’s Qi became intimidating.

“Then you should try and see.”

Gu Shuangtan replied in a t.i.t-for-tat way. Desolate Changfeng was seeking revenge for the death of his people but Gu Shuangtan would not allow that because that would make his family members despise and look down on him.

“Your Desolate Palace will never have an appropriate reason to seek justice. Your people’s death would just be a death in vain. You can only blame your own incompetent strength.”

At this moment, a voice sounded. It was the genius of Demon Palace. The geniuses of Demon Palace had already heard a lot about Big Yellow. They knew that he possessed the Divine Beast Bloodline and had obtained the Totem Divine Seal. In fact, they had already known about this the moment Big Yellow arrived in Demon Palace. Now, it seemed like there were two geniuses of Demon Palace inside the secret chamber. That was to say, Demon Palace had earned a lot when these two were absorbing the immortal Qi. So, in that case, the other geniuses of Demon Palace could find nothing to be angry about.

*Hong Long……*

At this time, two burst of extremely powerful Qi rushed out of the secret chamber. That was the advancement of Big Yellow and Kong Yang. Following their advancement, another burst of wave came from the adjacent chamber – Gu Liufeng had also advanced.

“d.a.m.n! The people inside advanced after absorbing huge amount of immortal Qi. That’s revolting! Those immortal Qi was supposed to be ours.”

“Drag those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds out now! Gu Shuangtan, Eagle Yunkong, Gu Palace and Demon Palace have stolen the profits that were supposed to be shared with everybody. I suggest you not to interfere in this matter. Today, I must teach the motherf*ckers inside a hard lesson.”

“Exactly! Nothing like this has ever happened before. Kill all of those people inside.”


The people of the six palaces were turning hostile.

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