Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 957 – The Seizure

Chapter 957 – The Seizure

The Seizure

The 11th!

Jiang Chen discovered a tiny spatial zone on the top of the Refining Tower. This miniature s.p.a.ce should be specially created by the masters of Saint Origin Palace. It was a small area with only 1,000 miles radius, where the immortal Qi was acc.u.mulated.

In other words, all the geniuses who practiced in the Refining Tower were getting the immortal Qi from this miniature spatial zone. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the absorption rate of the geniuses were many times quicker than the rate that the immortal Qi was acc.u.mulated, which was why the tower would only be opened once a month.

On the day the tower was opened, most of the immortal Qi in the miniature spatial zone would be absorbed by those geniuses who entered the tower. Subsequently, the following days would be used to acc.u.mulate the immortal Qi, until the next month.

The size of the spatial zone was merely 1,000 miles wide, only a minimum amount of immortal Qi could be stored inside. Plus, it was considered too little for these geniuses. Even the geniuses situated at the ninth level wouldn’t be able to obtain a significant amount of immortal Qi, and some might not even have the probability of absorbing any.

Immortal Qi was a high rank Qi that came from the high and mighty Immortal World. Luck was an important element in order for one to absorb this type of Qi. Thus, the absorption of immortal Qi was related to the luck of the cultivator.

Indistinctly, Jiang Chen’s divine sense had penetrated into the miniature spatial zone. He could feel traces of foreign divine sense drifting inside, while the immortal Qi was moving around unnoticeably, as if it was some sort of spiritual Qi.

The swirling airflow inside was the immortal Qi that had filled every corner of the miniature spatial zone. Jiang Chen, however, could sense all of these Qi perfectly, he even had the feeling that he could will all of the Qi towards him for absorption.

If the others knew about his current situation, their shock would be indescribable. One should know that even the geniuses in the ninth floor could only sense the existence of the miniature spatial zone, but not the immortal Qi. They could only sweep across the tiny spatial zone randomly, hoping that they could at least obtain some immortal Qi. It was simply appalling to know that Jiang Chen could accurately locate the immortal Qi. It was something that no one had never seen or heard before. This usually unbelievable things to other people were just simple things to Jiang Chen.

“Dragon transformation skill is indeed a supreme divine skill. It may even surpa.s.s the level of the Immortal World. Acquiring this skill was similar to obtaining a great luck. Things that others can’t do are doable to me. I am going to circulate the dragon transformation skill to form an absorption whirlpool to suck large portion of the immortal Qi here. This would make my advancement to the Second Grade Great Saint incomparably easy.”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of smile at the corner of his mouth. He had a uniquely exceptional advantage that was incomparable to others.

*Hu Hu……*

In the miniature spatial zone, a storm suddenly emerged. With his invisible divine sense at the centre, a three-meter wide whirlpool was formed. Its emergence had shaken the peace and serenity of the tiny virtual s.p.a.ce.

Afterwards, an even more horrifying scene came into picture. With the vortex circulating faster and faster, all the immortal Qi inside the miniature spatial zone swirled automatically into it, as if they had been summoned.

The immortal Qi entered the whirlpool, and then flowed into Jiang Chen’s body.


His body fluctuated and for an instant, he felt incomparably comfortable. His dragon transformation skill circulated at high speed. His bones were producing cracking sounds. The immortal Qi was rus.h.i.+ng towards his four limbs, channelling all the energy to all over his body. New dragon marks started to form in his Qi Sea.

“What’s going on? Why is the miniature s.p.a.ce shaking uncontrollably?”

“I feel that the immortal Qi is decreasing unceasingly. Who is the one doing this? What happened?”

“Some kind of turbulent wave appeared inside there. The miniature s.p.a.ce has always been calm container of the immortal Qi. How could this happen so suddenly?”


For a moment, all the geniuses in the Refining Tower were shocked, especially those who were situated at the seventh to the ninth level. All of these cultivators were the ones who had been working very hard in cultivation and this wasn’t their first time coming here. Of all the times that they had been here, nothing like this had ever happened. Now, most of them were shaken, feeling discomforted.

“Big Yellow, Kong Yang, Liufeng, quickly will your divine sense into the whirlpool. Hurry up!”

Jiang Chen urged them using divine sense, including Gu Liufeng who was practicing in the next chamber.

The two men and the dog were stunned at first, and then understood what’s happening. They swept their divine sense and found that the high-speed circulating whirlpool was actually created by Jiang Chen. They could feel that the immortal Qi was flocking towards the vortex.

The three of them had a look of surprise. Without delaying any longer, they immediately sent their divine sense into the whirlpool and felt the immortal Qi pouring into their bodies like a stream of water.

“Wow, this is so cool! Little Chen, you can actually direct all the immortal Qi to flow automatically into the vortex? That’s awesome! How did you do that?”

Big Yellow almost jumped out in excitement.

“Little Chen is a really strange man. This is simply incredible. Immortal Qi is so strong and thick. I can feel them rus.h.i.+ng into my body, I am surely going to advance to the Second Grade Great Saint in no time.”

“Immortal Qi is too dense. I certainly won’t have any problems advancing into the Second Grade Great Saint. Sure enough, my luck got better when I followed little Chen. My future benefits would surely be immeasurable.”

Kong Yang and Gu Liufeng could hardly contain their astonishment. They were utterly impressed by Jiang Chen. It was so shocking that he could do such a thing, however, they could not care about their emotions now or how did Jiang Chen do it. The most important thing for them right now was to absorb the immortal Qi. They knew how important it was to them from the bottom of their hearts.

The whirlpool inside the spatial zone spun even more intensely. The rate of absorption of immortal Qi became faster. Three men and a dog were clearly seizing away all the immortal Qi. Finally, the significant changes in the spatial zone had caught the attention of others’. Many geniuses realised that the vortex was sucking all of the immortal Qi at an astounding rate.

“So, it’s the whirlpool that is causing the trouble. It is abominable that someone is trying to s.n.a.t.c.h all of the immortal Qi away.”

“We must not let people s.n.a.t.c.h all the immortal Qi inside. This Refining Tower will only be opened once a month and the immortal Qi that exists inside is very beneficial to us. Let’s just enter the whirlpool using our divine sense and suck the immortal Qi away, saving all the unnecessary troubles.”

“Let’s not care about that much first. The amount of immortal Qi in the miniature spatial zone is originally spa.r.s.e. At this rate, all of the immortal Qi will be sucked dry in a few minutes. This is the right time for us to penetrate into the whirlpool via our divine sense and obtain the immortal Qi.”


Many of them had found out about the vortex of Jiang Chen. It was not the right time to find the one responsible for this vortex now, the most important thing to do now was to absorb the immortal Qi within the whirlpool. In their view, the immortal Qi was converging at the vortex which saved them a lot of trouble in finding it themselves.

Their ideas were excellent but too bad, they couldn’t even get close to the edge of the whirlpool.

Numerous divine sense were rus.h.i.+ng towards the whirlpool, but was thrown back the moment they touched the boundary of the vortex. No matter how hard they tried, their divine sense just couldn’t get in.

“What happened? Why can’t I get in?”

“Someone is doing this on purpose. d.a.m.n! We have to find out who that person is. Who is the one that is seizing all of the immortal Qi away?”

“Motherf*cker! This is certainly too much. This is not that different from robbing. Is this person not putting everyone of us here in his eyes? Who is audacious enough to ignore even the laws of the palace?”

“At present, there were only four divine senses in the whirlpool, that means that there are only four people seizing the immortal Qi in the miniature spatial zone. They are trying to empty the s.p.a.ce. That’s hateful! We have to find who are the ones involved in this. We have to bring those four d.a.m.ned ones to justice.”


A lot of people were furious and at the same time, shocked. Over the course of a hundred years that the Refining Tower existed, nothing as bold as this had ever happened. The man who made the whirlpool definitely did not putting everyone in his eyes.

“Kaka…… I a.s.sume that those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are certainly going to be extremely annoyed when their divine senses failed to enter the vortex.”

Big Yellow laughed with pleasantness.

“This is indeed intoxicating. However, isn’t this too much? I’m afraid that those geniuses won’t give this matter up.” Gu Liufeng said with apprehension.

“Liufeng, don’t worry too much about it. Just focus on trying your best to improve your cultivation as someone will certainly bear the consequences for us,” said Jiang Chen.

Cultivation had always been a compet.i.tion. Given the limited amount of resources, it required extreme boldness and luck. If one allowed concern to overwhelm them before taking action, that person would only get peanuts or even nothing.

The geniuses were still unwilling to let go of this opportunity. Some powerful Sixth Grade Great Saints were attacking the whirlpool with their divine sense, attempting to rip a hole in it, but found out that it was all in vain. The vortex was formed by Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skill and Great Soul Derivation Technique. Thus, not even a mighty sixth grade would be able to break it open. After all, the power of divine sense and spiritual strength was never proportional to cultivation.


A wave burst out of Jiang Chen’s body. His Qi had instantly broken into another level. Five hundred dragon marks were formed in this brief instant, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the Second Grade Great Saint. An astounding amount of high grade True Meta Stones were consumed. Two brilliant lights glowed from his eyes. His cultivation grade now brought him to another terrifying extent.

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