Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 956 – The Immortal Qi

Chapter 956 – The Immortal Qi

The Immortal Qi

The 10th!

Not only the cultivators of Desolate Palace were feeling suffocated and aggrieved, they also felt deeply shocked, especially Desolate One. After the exchange of blows, he couldn’t help but reexamine Big Yellow’s ability. It was true that his own ability wasn’t very strong, but the strike of his opponent had injured him. This indicated that there was a certain gap between their strength.

Moreover, Big Yellow was merely a Second Grade Great Demon Saint. It looked like not only the Gu Palace, but even Demon Palace had produced a true genius. He believed that it would not take long for these geniuses to become brilliant experts in Saint Origin Palace.

“On the count of three, if you don’t leave, I will kill you.”

Jiang Chen’s cold eyes swept across everyone from Desolate Palace. That cruel stare made everyone s.h.i.+ver. None of them would dare doubt the truthfulness of his words, the three lying bodies were the best proof of it. One should never doubt the audacity of a vicious person like Gu Chen. Otherwise, the consequences would be unbearable.

“Brother One, what should we do now?” Someone from Desolate Palace asked reluctantly.

“Let’s leave. It isn’t over yet.”

Desolate One wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Then, he kept the three corpses into his spatial ring and left with his people with their heads facing down. Ever since the completion of the Refining Tower, Desolate Palace had never been so humiliated. Anyone could imagine that Desolate Palace would never let this matter go. Everything that happened here, including Gu Chen’s name would certainly be spread to virtually across all the different palaces.

“Brother is really domineering. Master Dog like it. How may I address you, brother? Does Master Dog have the permission to befriend this brother?”

Big Yellow feigned his sincerity. Seeing his action, Kong Yang held himself from cracking up.

“Of course, I also see that Brother Dog has the same temperament as I do. Why not we Gu Palace and Demon Palace share all the secret chambers together?”

Jiang Chen put up a pretence.

“That would certainly be wonderful. Everybody, listen up. All these empty secret chambers left by Desolate Palace will be shared by Gu Palace and Demon Palace, anyone who hasn’t gotten a place here for cultivation spot, go and find one in the fourth level.”

Big Yellow’s remark had bound Gu Palace and Demon Palace together while excluding the other palaces. To Big Yellow and the others, anyone aside from the Gu Palace and Demon Palace was considered their enemy. Thus, he needed not be courteous to them.

The geniuses of the five palaces murmured to themselves, looking extremely dissatisfied, but the both of them were just too strong for them to oppose. On the other hand, the people of Gu Palace and Demon Palace were exhilarated because a lot of them had not had the chance to cultivate in the secret chamber.

In particular, the geniuses of Gu Palace were having a proud look on their faces, as if they would rise to the sky soon. They were absolutely elated. Gu Chen had helped them gain tremendous reputation and authority.

“Gu Chen, thank you so much for what happened today. I didn’t expect that you would put our past behind.” Gu Yong came before Jiang Chen and said, cupping his fists.

“Gu Yong, you have to remember that yesterday’s event only happened between the Inner Palace and Outer Palace, not you and me. What I don’t wish to see is the separation of the two groups in Gu Palace, which is supposed to be united into one. That was the reason I interfered. In my eyes, every one of you is my family. How could I turn a blind eye when you guys were being beaten and bullied by outsiders? I won’t allow that. I won’t allow the people of Desolate Palace to oppress you all, like how I refused you guys to oppress the disciples of the Outer Palace,” said Jiang Chen earnestly, patting Gu Yong’s shoulder.

Hearing this, Gu Yong and the others had their heads facing downwards, feeling somewhat ashamed.

Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui exchanged a glance and couldn’t help raising their thumbs for Gu Chen. This man was old and wise. They wouldn’t dare imagine his future achievements. Even before battling Gu Lian, he had thoroughly changed the impression of those geniuses of the Inner Palace. That was a change that came from the bottom of their hearts, and they could feel it. They felt that Gu Yong and the other geniuses of the inner palace weren’t the same as before. The internal conflicts that they have was gradually improving for the better.

It seemed like Gu Chen’s interference was more effective than defeating Gu Lian.

“Gu Yong, I have some pills here. Take them to the brothers who were injured in yesterday’s battle. I believe their injuries will recover soon after taking these pills.”

Jiang Chen took out a spatial ring and handed it to Gu Yong. This was what they called the policy of appeas.e.m.e.nt. When there were no other solution to the internal conflicts, a head-on battle would be the only solution, however, one should still offer some benefits to the defeated opponents. It wasn’t an easy thing to change a person’s perception and this was exactly what Jiang Chen wanted.

It was conceivable that the geniuses and even the higher ups of Gu Palace would praise Gu Chen when they learned about today’s incident. After all, it was Gu Chen who had earned back the face of Gu Palace by suppressing the arrogance of Desolate Palace. With the combination of these pills, all feuds and grudges would be reduced as they now gain a better understanding of Gu Chen. Two days later, if he could defeat Gu Lian in front of all the disciples of Gu Palace, a large portion of the internal conflicts would be resolved, and in time, Gu Palace would be as united as the particles of a steel plate.

“Many thanks, Brother Chen.”

Gu Yong received the spatial ring with grat.i.tude.

“It is our honor to have a genius like Brother Chen.”

“That’s right, with Brother Chen’s strength and talent, he can shake the entire Saint Origin Palace sooner or later.”

“Brother Chen, we apologize for disrespecting you the day before.”


Many disciples of inner palace responded solemnly and apologetically. Given their pride, it would be impossible for them to apologize to someone if they did not admire that person wholeheartedly.

“Gu Chen is truly amazing. He just arrived yesterday but he has already convinced the geniuses of the inner palace. It seems like the internal conflicts in Gu Palace will be resolved soon. At that time, we would no longer be suffocated from the grievances anymore.”

Gu Liuying sighed and couldn’t help but be impressed by Gu Chen’s carrot and a stick approach.

“Alright. Guys, let’s go practice, with our friends from Demon Palace. Let’s not delay our precious cultivation period,” said Jiang Chen to the crowd.

Later, while the geniuses of the five palaces were watching with envy, the people of Gu Palace and Demon Palace harmoniously went into all of the empty chambers, filling all of the empty cultivation spots. Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Kong Yang feigned a conversation before walking into the same secret chamber together.


Then, the stone door of the secret chamber shut tightly. Big Yellow burst into laughter.

“Brother Jiang, Big Yellow, you two surely have extraordinary acting skills.”

Kong Yang couldn’t help laughing.

“Brother Kong, you should never call me by my real name from now on. I am now called Gu Chen, just call me Little Chen like Big Yellow.” Reminded Jiang Chen specifically.

“Pardon my carelessness.”

Kong Yang sighed. Out of excitement, he had forgotten the most important part of the plan—Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty must be kept a secret.

“I’ve heard that there is a lot of internal conflicts in Gu Palace, but I can see that you have done a good job in handling that,” said Big Yellow.

He and Kong Yang had already been here for three days.

“Exactly. That’s my main concern for now, which is to eliminate the internal conflicts in Gu Palace, making them unite once again. Today, the Desolate Palace has given me a chance and brought me closer to my objective. It is starting to take effect now. Big Yellow’s appearance has brought the two major powers together again, given that these two palaces has been in good relations.h.i.+p over the years. This is an excellent situation as it has paved the way for the future cooperation between these two major powers.”

Jiang Chen gave a thumbs up to Big Yellow. He did not expect that Big Yellow would suddenly appear at the most critical moment. The cooperation between him and Big Yellow earlier was tacit and flawless. Even though it was just a tiny matter amongst the disciples, it still played a great role in building a strong connection which would make their alliance strong.

“But Desolate Palace won’t let this matter go after what you’ve done to their people.” Said Kong Yang.

“It doesn’t matter. Desolate Family and I have always been enemies. Plus, Gu Palace certainly won’t stay indifferent when Desolate Palace is coming after me. The better I perform, the more Gu Palace would care about me. Though I don’t know very well the circ.u.mstances of Saint Origin Palace, I’m confident that the higher ups of the various palaces could discern the situation clearly and Gu Palace should be able to realize my importance.” Said Jiang Chen confidently.

“Killing the geniuses of Desolate Palace is no big deal anyway. This isn’t the first time that this kind of things happened. By the way, this cultivation spot is not bad. I heard that the tower has been opened for almost a day. Let’s not waste any more time and start cultivating.” Big Yellow said, he walked towards a putuan.

There were three putuans in this secret chamber which fitted exactly three people.

Jiang Chen and Kong Yang went to the other two putuans and sat cross-legged. It was their first time coming to Saint Origin Palace, and was also their first time cultivating in the Refining Tower, which made them feel a little excited. If they could absorb some of the immortal Qi, the benefits that they would get would absolutely be boundless.

Jiang Chen circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique and discovered an invisible pa.s.sageway between the tower and the Immortal World. It was like some sort of formation was connecting these two places. As to whether he could absorb the immortal Qi through this vague pa.s.sageway, it would have to depend on his ability.

There were a total of nine levels in the Refining Tower. The higher the level, the closer it was to the pa.s.sageway, which allowed cultivators to sense the immortal Qi easily and more immortal Qi could be absorbed.

On the other hand, the lower the level, the further it was to the vague pa.s.sageway. It would also become more difficult to sense the presence of the immortal Qi which led to lower chances of absorbing the immortal Qi, even if one could absorb it, the amount would be very limited.

Jiang Chen and the others were now at the fifth floor, not very high nor very low. There was a certain degree of difficulty while sensing the immortal Qi. It mainly depended on one’s luck.

As for Jiang Chen, his luck had never been bad. The dragon transformation skill that he cultivated had brought him innumerable luck. Like now for instance, the combination of Great Soul Derivation Technique and dragon transformation skill only took him a few minutes to sense the Qi from the Immortal World. In the chaotic void, there were traces of glittering airflow. Those air current were filled with the aura of n.o.bility. Without a doubt, it was the legendary immortal Qi whose quality was a lot higher than the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi in Saint Origin World.

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