Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 955 – The Man and The Dog Teamed up Once Again

Chapter 955 – The Man and The Dog Teamed up Once Again

The Man and The Dog Teamed up Once Again

The 9th!

“Whatever you wanted to do just now is what I will do. After all, dying here won’t draw any attention.”

Jiang Chen’s face was ruthless. He released a burst of energy that crushed Desolate Ichiro from all sides.


Desolate Ichiro uttered a loud cry as he felt the Qi of death. He had not thought that his adversary would really murder him. This was simply unbelievable. He felt very sorry now for seizing the secret chamber of Gu Palace when there were still several secret chambers at that time. Now it seemed a price had to be paid for his actions but the price was way too heavy.


His body fell to the ground and he died after a few movements.

The atmosphere turned dead silent. The people watching became breathless as they stared at Jiang Chen’s composed face. It felt like killing the geniuses of Desolate Palace was no different than killing ordinary people to him.

“My G.o.d, what’s the background of this Gu Chen? He is very bold to kill someone so quickly. I’m afraid Desolate Palace won’t let this matter go.”

“This Gu Chen must be a newbie of Gu Palace. I am surprised not by his boldness but his strength. Desolate Ichiro is an intimidating Third Grade Great Saint, but he killed him without any hesitation. It is absolutely a good fortune for Gu Palace to have such genius.”

“That’s too amazing. A First Grade Great Saint killing a Third Grade Great Saint? If I didn’t witness this personally, I wouldn’t believed it.”


Everyone became unsettled due to the extreme shock they had just received. A brutal and vicious genius of Gu Palace emerged. It looked like Saint Origin Palace would turn lively in the near future. Gu Yong and his comrades were also dumbfounded. Only Gu Liufeng looked perfectly fine, after all, he had known Jiang Chen for quite some time.

Those cultivators of Gu Palace around looked at Jiang Chen in complete terror, particularly the ones from Inner Palace. Comparing yesterday’s scene and today’s scene gave them a sense of grat.i.tude. They felt fortunate that Jiang Chen showed mercy to them, otherwise it would not be only their legs that would be broken.

But then, every cultivator of Gu Palace was looking incomparably relieved, especially Gu Yong and his two comrades. They were the ones that were beaten up by these Desolate b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. It was Gu Chen who stood up for them and eliminated their source of grudge which had helped them unleash all of their suppressed grievance.

At this moment, many cultivators who were practicing in their secret chambers were startled, and came out of their chambers. There were plenty of Desolate Palace’s geniuses among them. When they saw their comrades lying in a puddle of blood, they got angry.


Jiang Chen gazed at the last man of Desolate Palace, the Second Grade Great Saint. Two were down out of the three men.

“It’s your turn. You can choose to kneel down to apologize, or die like them.” Jiang Chen’s words were cold and emotionless.

In many people’s views, Gu Chen had gone too far. Since two geniuses of Desolate Palace had been killed, it should be more than enough to settle the score, but he was still showing no quarter.

Naturally, they did not know about the clashes between Jiang Chen and Desolate Family. He would never be polite to the people of Desolate Family or Desolate Palace. He had always forgotten what kindness was when it came to his enemies.

“Gu Chen, don’t go too far on this.” A bellow was heard from a distance.

Over 20 cultivators of Desolate Palace gathered together. There were a few cultivators that had similar grade to Desolate Ichiro, Third Grade Great Saint. The Qi of this group were racing towards Jiang Chen’s direction. The one who spoke was a young man who stood at the most front. He was a Third Grade Great Saint which looked as strong as Gu Lang, and slightly stronger than Desolate Ichiro.

“Gone too far? I don’t feel even the slightest bit of that. It’s your Desolate Palace who started the trouble first. They refused to apologize so they will have to pay with their lives.” Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said casually.

Then, a dazzling and sharp light appeared in his hand. Before the Second Grade Great Saint disciple could react, his head was severed from his body. A Second Grade Great Saint died on the spot without even having the chance to wail.

Presently, those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that brutally beat Gu Yong and his two comrades and seized their secret chamber were dead. Jiang Chen’s means of killing were ruthless and emotionless.

“Son of a b*tch!”

The group of Desolate Family cursed. They were infuriated, but seeing how powerful Gu Chen was, they did not dare to rush forward.

“Gu Chen, Desolate Palace will record your ‘deeds’ today.” The leading youth said viciously.

“If you don’t want to die, you’d better get out of my sight this instant. I don’t want to see any one from Desolate Palace in the fifth level. All of you, scram! You’re not allowed to train here.”

Without giving a glance at the group of disciples of Desolate Palace, Jiang Chen said in indisputable tone.


Hearing this, many people sucked in a breath of cold air. This was what they called power. He’s too domineering. As much as there were constant and numerous compet.i.tions in the Refining Tower, nothing as overbearing as this had ever happened. Today was the first time that the right of Desolate Palace to practice was taken away by this Gu Chen in the Refining Tower.

Those disciples of Gu Palace had now been fully overwhelmed by the hegemonic spirit of Gu Chen. Even though Gu Palace was never a weak race among the eight palaces, the disciples had never felt as elated like today in the Refining Tower. The awe-inspiring feeling created by Gu Chen made them feel very honorable to be a part of Gu Palace. It gave them the feeling that Gu Palace was the controller of this place. Whoever they did not allow to practice here must get his or her a*s off immediately. This was how arrogant and overpowering they now looked.

“What did you say?”

The leading youth of Desolate Palace glared at Jiang Chen. The name of this leading youth was Desolate One who clearly was suspecting his ears. This arrogant son of a b*tch wanted their people to get out of the Refining Tower? In other words, he was going to s.n.a.t.c.h away all their rights of cultivating here? How possibly could the people of Desolate Palace accept this?

“Is it that your brain is spoiled or your ears can’t hear properly? He is demanding you all to scram! Haha! I suggest you all to do as he says now.”

At this moment, a loud voice was heard from behind. Everyone turned to find the source of the voice and saw a large yellow dog swaggering towards the scene. Beside him was a good-looking youth. Judging from the bursting Qi of the youth and the dog, they were from Demon Palace.

When Jiang Chen saw Big Yellow, he smiled in his heart. Big Yellow was now a Second Grade Great Saint. It seemed that he was doing pretty well in Demon Palace and might have gotten a dignified status in the palace. This could be observed from the way the geniuses of Demon Palace looked at him. It was difficult for anyone from Demon Palace to not pay respect to the being who possessed the Divine Beast Bloodline and Totem Divine Seal, unless their brains were thoroughly fried.

Actually, the fact that Big Yellow could advance to Second Grade Great Saint in three days was enough to tell whether Big Yellow was having a satisfying life in Demon Palace.

“Hehe… Little Chen, Master Dog has come to help you steer the situation.” Big Yellow said, chuckling. His voice entered directly into Jiang Chen’s ears.

“Nice job, Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen praised Big Yellow. It was the best time for Big Yellow to appear. Today, Big Yellow was already a member of Demon Palace which indicated that he also represented Demon Palace everywhere he went. Unknowingly, this had brought Gu Palace and Demon Palace together. This was the first step and was considered the perfect start.

“Where did this dog come from? You dare to sneer at us? Are you courting death?”

Desolate One was angered. Today was really too frustrating. Three of his people had been killed and they were chased out of the Refining Tower by a wild dog, which emerged all of a sudden and sneered at them for no reason.

“What makes you qualify to shout at Master Dog’s face? I think you are the one who is courting death. Master Dog is just watching the show, are you telling me that any bystander who watches the show isn’t allowed to talk? When has Desolate Palace became so arrogantly ignorant?”

Big Yellow was not a person to be trifled with. Before this, he was worrying the Desolate guy would ignore him, but after that reply, it made things a lot easier.

“It seems you have gotten tired of living.”

Desolate One could feel his stomach burning with rage. Since he couldn’t defeat Gu Chen, he might as well express all the stuffed grudge on this dog because no one asked this dog to appear at such a bad time.


Desolate One struck out his palm at Big Yellow creating gusts of fierce and swift winds like spiraling combat weapons, charging at Big Yellow.

“Seeking death!”

Vicious light glowed in Big Yellow’s eyes. Golden illumination radiated from his head while it ran into Desolate One’s palm of wind.

*Hong Long!*

The two strikes collided. The whole fifth level of Refining Tower began to tremble. The attack of the dignified Third Grade Great Saint, Desolate One, could pulverize a mountain with ease, but all the destructive force of the attack was instantly smashed into pieces by Big Yellow’s head.


Desolate One did not even have the time to feel shocked when a ray of light rushed forth, appearing before him in a blink.

He knew this was a dangerous moment, so he hurriedly blocked the incoming strike with all his Yuan Force, but it was already too late.


Big Yellow’s head was like a golden drill that smashed on Desolate One’s chest. Desolate One let out a cry as his body was flying away. The portion of his chest that had collided turned concave and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out his mouth.

“d.a.m.n it! Where did this dog come from? How can he be this powerful?”

“Motherf*cker! This person can’t be a newbie of Demon Palace. That’s too abnormal for a newcomer. His head is way too hard, not even the Third Grade Great Saint, Desolate One, can fight back.”

“Desolate Palace is really unlucky today. First, they met Gu Chen, and then a dog jumped out of Demon Palace abruptly. I thought this dog will be Desolate One’s punching bag. I didn’t expect it to be the other way around.”


The people of Desolate Palace became depressed and frustrated. When had they ever felt this bad before in the Refining Tower? It was supposed to be a fight between them and Gu Palace, but suddenly a dog emerged out of nowhere. It annoyed them even more when their genius could not even fight the dog and was severely injured due to the dog’s strike.

If the injured genius continued the fight, given the dog’s posture and gesture, it did not seem the dog would hesitate to kill.

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