Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 954 – Murder

Chapter 954 – Murder


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That youth of Gu Palace stepped heavily against the stone door causing it to shudder and let out a buzzing sound that resounded across the fifth level. The foot of the Second Grade Great Saint that could crush a huge mountain failed to break open the stone door.

However, this was rather normal. Jiang Chen was able to see that the stone door was already been deployed with a seal by the experts, which made it invulnerable to ordinary attack.


That youth raised his leg again. “Desolate Ichiro, get your a*s out now!”

The youth sounded very arrogant. Despite the fact that Desolate Ichiro was a Third Grade Great Saint, it didn’t concern them at all, this was because they had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength before, not even the peak Third Grade Great Saint, Gu Lang was his opponent, let alone Desolate Ichiro.

Their current target was the people of Desolate Palace and they, the people of Gu Palace should unite. Thinking about Gu Chen willing to help them fight back made their hearts moved as they weren’t enemies a day ago. The overbearing aura that exuded from Jiang Chen’s body made them succ.u.mb.

The movement here immediately attracted lots of attention. People were craning their heads to the source of the commotion. The highest cultivators here were all Third Grade Great Saint, any cultivator higher than that grade had already proceeded to the sixth level. This was the reason why Gu Yong and his companions acted so arrogantly. Fundamentally, they concluded that there was no one who could be Jiang Chen’s opponent in the fifth level.

*Bang Bang Bang!*

Gu Yong stepped forth and trampled the stone door three times, causing it to produce clacking sound. The people who were cultivating inside would certainly lose their temper even if they were very patient people.

The stone door opened slowly. Three furious-looking men emerged. The leader was tall and had a ferocious, face his cultivation was at the Third Grade Great Saint. He was Desolate Ichiro. On both of his sides were two Second Grade Great Saints geniuses of Desolate Palace, who also looked angry. Anyone that was forcefully interrupted during their cultivation would surely get angry.

When Desolate Ichiro and his comrades saw that the ones who trampled the door were the people whom they had thrown out of the secret chamber, their anger faltered.

“Dammit! The three of you p.r.i.c.ks dare to kick my door and interrupted my cultivation! Do you believe that I will not kill you all immediately? If you die here in the Refining Tower, it’s going to be a death in vain.”

Desolate Ichiro said brutally to the three of them.

“He is Desolate Ichiro, this man can’t offended. Why are the people of Gu Palace trying to seek trouble on him?”

“Maybe you guys don’t know about this. This secret chamber was taken by Gu Yong and his friends at first but Desolate Ichiro came and seized it from them. Not only did he forced them out of the secret chamber, but also beat them up. However, these three guys must be mentally ill to kick Desolate Ichiro’s door off. Don’t they know what death is?”

“That’s right. You know, there have been murder in this Refining Tower and Desolate Ichiro has a cultivation of a Third Grade Great Saint, they are no match for him.”

Everyone started discussing. Several cultivators from Gu Palace walked over when they noticed that there was fight here. Initially, they had the same thought as the others but when they saw Gu Chen with Gu Yong and the rest, their worries faded. With regards to this man who had just arrived in Saint Origin Palace a day ago, they knew pretty well about him compared to others. Although Desolate Ichiro was very terrifying, comparing him to this newbie, they would prabably miles a part.

“Desolate Ichiro, it is still not certain who will die today. You all have forcefully occupied my practice chamber. It is best if you all scram now, kowtow before me and apologize and compensate the losses you have incurred, then I will pretend that today’s matter have never happened.”

A cultivator beside Gu Yong said with confidence. Given his knowledge of Gu Chen’s ability, he had already put Desolate Ichiro out of his eyes.

Desolate Ichiro and the other two were stunned. They even doubted that they might have some problems with their ears. Are they making some kind of joke? These three were beaten up until they wanted to cry for their papa, but now, they had returned to oppress them?

“Gu Yong, is your d.a.m.n brain fried up after the beating? It looks like you don’t know how to write the word ‘death’.”

Desolate Ichiro’s face turned ferocious.

“You’re right, he really doesn’t know how to write the word ‘death’ because he’s not going to die.”

A voice sounded from Gu Yong’s side, the voice didn’t belong to a stranger but Jiang Chen’s.

The three adversaries s.h.i.+fted their gaze at Jiang Chen. When they realized that Jiang Chen was merely a First Grade Great Saint, they laughed. “Where the heck did you come from? What qualification does a puny First Grade Great Saint have to speak here?”

“You’d better do as he says, kowtow apologetically and compensate.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. There was no indication that he was angry.

“Darn it! A First Grade Great Saint dare to speak to brother Ichiro in such a manner? That’s courting death! You, kneel down before me now!”

A Second Grade Great Saint beside Desolate Ichiro stepped forth, raised his hand ready to send Jiang Chen a slap.


A loud slap was heard. The one who got hit wasn’t Jiang Chen, it was that genius of Desolate Palace. He was slapped by Jiang Chen to the ground. Then, Jiang Chen lifted his leg and stepped on his face. Seeing this scene made Gu Yong and the other two couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver. It was exactly the same technique that Gu Chen used yesterday, but staying in close proximity to Gu Chen made them feel even more frightened, despite the close distance, their eyes still couldn’t capture when did he move, they only saw the Second Grade Great Saint being slapped to the ground.

The scene made a lot of people dumbfounded, including Desolate Ichiro.

“Who is this person? I have never seen him before. He is merely a First Grade Great Saint, but how can he be this powerful? This must be an accident.”

“He should be the new guy from Gu Palace. Never thought that this newbie can be this arrogant. I that think Desolate Ichiro would really go mad this time.”

“There isn’t any secret chamber left anyway, it’s good that we can watch a show. We’ll only go to the fourth level to find a place after this show ends.”


The bystanders around were shocked, they had never seen someone like Jiang Chen before, someone that powerful.


That youth roared below Jiang Chen’s foot, but couldn’t get away from ground.

“Take off your stinking foot.”

Desolate Ichiro raged. “I just want to remind you that if you die here, your death would only be in vain because no one will care about the homicide.”

“Really? I feel relieved now that you said so.”

Cold lights glinted from Jiang Chen’s eyes. A force was abruptly exerted from his foot. A sound of a cry with bone-cracking noise was heard. The skull of the youth was distorted by the heavy step, blood pouring out. The youth died instantly after a few twitches.


The scene made countless of them exclaim. All of them changed the way they looked at Jiang Chen. None of them thought that this new guy from Gu Palace would kill so quickly; without even a sign or a warning.

One should know that a conflict was one thing while murder was another. Fights could happen in this place and it was very normal, but a murder like this was very rare.

Gu Yong and the others looked at Jiang Chen, petrified. They had never thought that Jiang Chen had such temper and ruthlessness. Even if they were standing on the same side as him, they couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver. Thinking back to the scene that happened yesterday, they felt that they were really lucky. It looks like if they weren’t people of Gu Palace, they would be stepped to death for offending him.

“You-you have really killed him?”

Desolate Ichiro stared at Jiang Chen in disbelief. He felt shocked in his heart. Not only was he shocked by Jiang Chen’s audacity, but also shocked by his cultivation. Daring to kill someone was one thing while having the ability to kill was the other. The only explanation for this was the Second Grade Great Saint was too weak, while the youth in front of him was too strong.

“If you kowtow and apologize now, your life will be spared.”

Jiang Chen looked at Desolate Ichiro and said coldly.

“Son of a b*tch, this guy is too proud.”

The Second Grade Great Saint beside Desolate Ichiro had the urge to cough up blood. A comrade of his was just killed and now, they were demanded to kowtow and apologize? This would not only shame them but also Desolate Palace.

“Well, well, well. I didn’t expect that such arrogant and bold person has emerged in Gu Palace. Your audacity is really too much for killing our people. Since you are seeking death, I will fulfil your wish. Tell me, what’s your name? I, Desolate Ichiro won’t kill a nameless ghost.”

Desolate Ichiro’s chest rose and fell as though the anger inside was going to burst any time, burning everything here.

“Gu Chen.”

Jiang Chen announced his name.

Gu Liufeng at one side was shaking his head, looking at Desolate Ichiro with pity. This pitiful guys was destined to face a tragedy. He knew Jiang Chen all too well. Jiang Chen was originally a lawless person who wasn’t afraid of the Heavens and Earth, there was nothing that he wouldn’t dare to do. Now that he had begun to kill people, he absolutely wouldn’t mind killing another one.


Desolate Ichiro unleashed the Qi of a Third Grade Great Saint completely. He locked on Jiang Chen’s Qi, and decided that he was going to torture his arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d well. He wouldn’t let this brat die so easily. He would let him know the cruel repercussion of offending Desolate Palace.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph. Without wasting any time, he struck out with hisTrue Dragon Palm, grabbing Desolate Ichiro and throwing him out with all of his might.


Desolate Ichiro didn’t even have the chance to resist before he was hurled by Jiang Chen like a sandbag, heavily smas.h.i.+ng to the ground in the distance. His head was spinning while his mouth was spurting out blood.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen struck again, yanking him to his front. The current Desolate Ichiro had eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fear. The blow made him understand one fact, never judge a person’s power by his cultivation because there are some people who couldn’t be judged using common sense.

“What-what are you doing?”

Desolate Ichiro croaked as though his throat was dry. He could feel the murderous intent of Jiang Chen. Dread started to fill his heart. He tried to get away only to find that he had fallen into Jiang Chen’s control, like an unbreakable cage, leaving no chance of escape at all.

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