Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 953 – A Clash in the Refining Tower

Chapter 953 – A Clash in the Refining Tower

A Clash in the Refining Tower

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After everything was restored and put back in place, Jiang Chen randomly found a courtyard and began his seclusion. It was not easy to break through to the Second Grade Great Saint in just three days.

The seclusion alone had already taken one day of his time. He shook his head helplessly. “Although there is just 500 more dragon marks left, it is really too difficult to fully condense them. Unless there is some kind of extraordinary thing that can help in breaking through my current grade. Otherwise, I won’t advance to the Second Grade Great Saint even if I stay in seclusion for two more days.”

Jiang Chen got up from the putuan*and decided not to continue his seclusion. To him, this was a waste of time. There were only two more days before the battle with Gu Lian and he couldn’t afford to waste it.


Jiang Chen pushed the door open and saw Gu Liufeng, Gu Liuying and another youth standing in front as if they were about to knock the door.

“What’s the matter, Liufeng?” Jiang Chen asked.

He had been in contact with Gu Liufeng for quite some time now and had a certain understanding of him. If it was nothing important, his friend wouldn’t come to disturb him during his seclusion.

“Little Chen, today is the opening day of the Refining Tower. Brother Liuying is asking if you want to practice in the tower.” Gu Liufeng said.

“Isn’t the Refining Tower opened every day? Many of them were practicing in the tower yesterday.” Jiang Chen said, mystified.

He could remember yesterday’s events clearly. Gu Liuyang, Gu Ling and the others came back from the Refining Tower before the commencement of the tangled battle. In other words, the Refining Tower was already opened since yesterday, them saying that today was the opening day of the Refining Tower confused him.

“You must have not known about this, Gu Chen. The Refining Tower today isn’t the same as the Refining Tower from yesterday. There is a total of nine Refining Towers in Saint Origin Palace. Each palace has one Refining Tower used for training. The function of the Refining Tower is to gather the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi. Therefore, practicing inside the tower will speed up your cultivation advancement, but today is the opening day of the most unique Refining Tower of Saint Origin Palace which opens only once a month. All the geniuses of the eight palaces can enter. If we are late, all the good training spots will be occupied.” Gu Liuying explained.

“I see. So what’s the difference between this Refining Tower and the one in Gu Palace?” Jiang Chen asked.

“There is a huge difference. The Refining Towers that belong to each of the palaces can only gather the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi to thicken its density inside the tower. There are also some formations inside the tower that can help in cultivation, but the unique Refining Tower that is opened today allow those who enter the tower to absorb immortal Qi. Immortal Qi is a Qi that comes directly from the Immortal World. You will gain inestimable amount of benefits if you are able to absorb some of these Qi.” Gu Liuhui said hastily.

“Immortal Qi.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. Before, he was worried about how to get to the next level in the next two days. Now, it seemed like this Refining Tower was going to make his time worth. If he could absorb the immortal Qi inside, he would probably be able to stimulate his dragon transformation skill. By then, condensing another 500 dragon marks and advancing to the Second Grade Great Saint wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

As long as he could become a Second Grade Great Saint, dealing with Gu Lian would be a walk in the park.

“That’s right. During the time when Saint Origin Palace was built, the ancestors of eight major families deployed a formation with their great skills, this formation is now known as the Refining Tower. It could be used to absorb small amounts of immortal Qi from the Immortal World. Although the amount is very little, it brings an infinite amount of benefit to us. As it only opens once every month, there is intense compet.i.tion among the geniuses of the eight palaces.” Gu Liuying said.

“The tower must have been opened by now, right?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It has been opened for a while now.” Gu Liuhui replied.

“Alright, let’s go there now.” Jiang Chen said.

He was very interested in this Refining Tower. He was now eager to improve his strength. The immortal Qi that originates from the Immortal World was many times greater than the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi of Saint Origin World. The dragon transformation skill that he cultivated was an unsurpa.s.sed divine skill, as such, he had strong absorptive capacity towards such high rank Yuan Qi.

Under Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui’s lead, the four of them flew towards the direction of the Refining Tower at great speed. Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng were going there for the first time. Jiang Chen seemed to be nearly emotionless but Gu Liufeng looked very excited.

The Refining Tower was located at the center of Saint Origin Palace. High above in the sky was an ancient and grey tower. It seemed to have nine storeys. There was a golden light on the top of the tower that went straight into the sky. No one could see where the end of the light but it looked as though it was going to drill a hole in the sky.

Around the tower was thousand of miles of emptiness which added some kind of desolating feeling to the tower. This was no doubt the Refining Tower that opened only once every month.

Currently, many people were moving towards the tower one after another with proud faces. They were all young geniuses from the eight major palaces. With so many of them attending, it became as one of the grand events in Saint Origin Palace.

“Gu Chen, this is the Refining Tower that only opens once a month. This tower is divided into nine levels. The higher the level, the higher the rate of absorption of the immortal Qi. Well, in the lower the level, the amount of immortal Qi is naturally lesser. All levels from the seventh level onwards are basically occupied by Fifth Grade Great Saints and above. With our current strength, we won’t be able to get there.” Gu Liuying explained.

“I’m afraid there will be constant friction and trouble when the geniuses of eight major palaces get together.” Jiang Chen smiled and said.

“Of course. There has always been tension among the eight major palaces. This time of the month was the most chaotic period. Many of them will fight for the site of cultivation, and their fights may even cause death. Because these are the compet.i.tions among the geniuses, the higher ups didn’t pay them much heed despite violence is involved in the process. As long as the compet.i.tion doesn’t get too serious, no elders will care about them as this is a world has the rule of the jungle, where survival is for the fittest. Apart from allowing different geniuses to absorb the immortal Qi, the opening of the Refining Tower provides a good chance for these geniuses to undergo tough training. Either it is Pure Land or Saint Origin Palace, the internal contradiction among the eight major palaces have long been deeply rooted. As such, it is common for them to die in a fight.” Gu Liuying said.

He had been here for a long time and knew quite a lot about the things and situation here. Saint Origin Palace was a place for the strong which intensified the compet.i.tion. Comparing this place to Pure Land, this place was definitely more cruel.

“Normally, what level should we go?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Given our cultivation grade, we are can go to the fourth or fifth level, but I’m afraid these two levels have been fully occupied at this hour. So let’s try our luck in the fifth level.” Gu Liuying said.

“Well then, let’s get to the fifth floor.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He didn’t care about which level he would practice at because given his strength and technique, even if he was practicing at the lowest level, he could still absorb the immortal Qi. Although he would like to compete with the geniuses of the other six major palaces, it would best if he refrained himself from causing any trouble today. He just wanted to have a smooth cultivation and absorption of immortal Qi that would push his cultivation grade further to Second Grade Great Saint. In that way, he could fight Gu Lian two days later and get rid of the internal conflict in Gu Palace.

Just as Jiang Chen and the others were about to enter the doorway to the fifth level, three figures who looked discomfited walked out from it. Looking at the clothes they were wearing, they were the disciples of Gu Palace.

The trio’s faces and noses were swelling with bruises. Their Qi had become unstable, it might be due to some injuries in their bodies. Each of them looked extremely embarra.s.sed. There was blood at the corner of the mouth of the one who stood in the middle. The cultivation grade of these three was Second Grade Great Saint.

“What happened to the three of you?” Jiang Chen asked with a frown.

These three weren’t strangers to him. Although he had no idea who they were, he knew that they were geniuses who belonged to Inner Palace. They were present in the tangled battle yesterday.

Hearing the question directed at them, the three of them raised their heads. When they saw Jiang Chen, their eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

“Gu Chen.” The one in the middle murmured.

“Gu Yong, who did these to you all?” Gu Liuying asked heartily.

He felt very pleased to see them in such an embarra.s.sing condition.

“It’s none of your business to know who did this to us.” Another genius of Inner Palace said coldly.

“You’re right. It is naturally none of our business to know who has beaten you all up, but it puts Gu Palace to shame when you all are beaten up here and none of you even have the courage to fight back which makes it even more insulting. You people of Inner Palace is so disappointing.” Jiang Chen displayed a face of crude disdain.

“Gu Chen, that’s enough. We don’t need any more of your sarcasm and sneer.” Gu Yong said loudly.

“As I said, there is nothing like Inner Palace and Outer Palace in my eyes. This is the Refining Tower. You guys not only represent yourself but also the reputation of Gu Palace. Tell me, who has beaten you guys up?”

Jiang Chen looked at them with his blade-sharp eyes, as if an emperor was questioning his subjects, which made them not even dare to ignore it.

“It’s the men of Desolate Palace, we have found a spot to practice first but they came and seized that away and beat us up.” Gu Yong said.

“Bring me there.” Jiang Chen said in an indisputable tone.

They exchanged a look and nodded. They strode back into the fifth level. The Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi in the fifth floor was certainly denser than the outside. A casual inhale could refresh one’s mind.

There were small secret chambers in this level with a stone door in every chamber. If the stone door wasn’t closed, it meant no one was inside and anyone was allowed to enter freely, whereas if the stone door was closed, it indicated that the chamber was occupied by someone. Presently, basically all the secret chambers had been closed and plenty of people were still looking for a spot of cultivation outside.

“Where is it?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Right here.”

Gu Yong came to a secret chamber whose door was tightly closed. Someone had already occupied this chamber.

“We found this secret chamber first but Desolate Ichiro and his comrades came and then seized it from us, and attacked us. That Desolate Ichiro is a Third Grade Great Saint. We are no match for him.” Gu Yong said, gritting his teeth.

Thinking about the s.h.i.+tty scenario just now made him feel very unpleasant.

“Kick the door open.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“I’ll kick it!”

A man beside Gu Yong walked forth and landed his foot on the stone door.

*Putuan – some kind of round cus.h.i.+on used for meditation.

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