Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 948 – Arrogant to the Extreme

Chapter 948 – Arrogant to the Extreme

Arrogant to the Extreme

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Whispers began among the crowd of the outer palace and it was getting louder. They were all from the Pure Land and every one of them was a famous figure back in the days when they were still in the Pure Land, but they were treated so shabbily in Gu Palace. Even the mud man had thirty percent anger, how could they bear those unfair treatment?

That newbie called Gu Chen had beaten up Gu Ling the very first day he arrived. Such behaviour however didn’t make the people of the outer palace resent Gu Chen, on the contrary, they greatly appreciated and admired his action, that was something which they wouldn’t dare to do. They couldn’t put the thrill of seeing Gu Ling’s pathetic face in words.

“It’s him. He is Gu Chen!”

Gu Ling’s eyes caught Jiang Chen from the crowd and shouted.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes s.h.i.+fted towards Jiang Chen’s direction, regardless of whether it was the people of the outer or inner palace. All of their focuses were put on this man. Everybody was surprised when they saw Jiang Chen’s appearance.

“This is the super audacious Gu Chen? Never thought that he is this young.”

“This Gu Chen is only a First Grade Great Saint. Does this mean that Gu Ling was beaten up by a First Grade Great Saint? Can you imagine how humiliating that is?”

“How could this guy be so strong? Was it true that Gu Ling didn’t even have the chance to fight back when he fought this First Grade newbie?”


At this moment, not only the people of the outer palace, but even plenty of people from the inner palace knitted their brows. They initially thought that the person who beat up Gu Ling must be some powerful cultivator. They wouldn’t have thought that it was only a First Grade Great Saint who turned Gu Ling’s face into a deformed pig face. Frankly, this was a disgrace.

Seeing the sneering gazes, Gu Ling could feel his face burning, he hastily said to Gu Lang. “Big brother, don’t underestimate this brat. He is very strong.”

“Haha! Gu Lang, Gu Ling can’t even defeat a First Grade Great Saint…You surely have a thick skin to stir up trouble here. I can’t help but feel funny.”

Gu Liuying laughed loudly with a delighted mood. If Gu Chen was a Third Grade Great Saint, it would be regarded as bullying, but he was only a First Grade Great Saint. So, the only explanation was Gu Ling was too weak.

“Humph! You people of outer palace are originally a grade lower than us. Hitting the people of the inner palace is akin to challenging us directly. If I don’t teach you all a lesson, you all are going to go wild one day.”

Gu Lang let out a cold humph, then looked at Jiang Chen. “Gu Chen, I have to say that you are really too bold for beating up someone from the inner palace so badly. I’ll give you a chance, kneel down and apologize to my brother immediately, then break both of your legs and take out a hundred thousand Saint Rank Restoration Pills as compensation, and everything will be settled.”

Jiang Chen walked towards the group of inner palace calmly. His eyes swept across all of them like blades. Then he yelled. “Gu Lang, your words is truly ridiculous. I can treat it as pa.s.sing gas.”

Jiang Chen realised that the internal conflict in Gu Palace was more severe than he had expected. If it wasn’t resolved quickly, it would have a great impact to the Gu Family in the future.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What did you just say? Don’t you dare to talk to me like that!”

Gu Lang raged. Sure enough, Gu Chen was as arrogant as Gu Ling described.

“I said that your words are just like pa.s.sing gas to me. Look at the faces of these people, everyone seems so high and mighty. Is this the feigned sense of superiority you all put up at the expense of your own family? It is extremely ridiculous that you all talk about the difference between outer and inner palace. Don’t forget that your ancestors were all from the Pure Land and the liquid flowing in your body is the bloodline of the Gu Family. Their bodies also have the same kind of bloodline. So, what makes you all more superior than them?”

Jiang Chen spoke sternly out of justice.

These lines of words struck the hearts of those outer palace disciples. That’s right, everyone’s body was flowing the bloodline that belonged to the Gu Family. On what grounds could they act so sn.o.bbishly in front of their own family?

“If you oppress the people of the outer palace, you are only in control of Gu Palace, what makes you all so great about that? If you are really that capable, why not go oppress the people of the Desolate Palace or the other palaces? I beat Gu Ling up because he should be beaten up. You pretentious people are just blinded by your own pride. In my eyes, you are all nothing because I am better than any one of you. You look down upon your own people, but I will use my strength to show you that you are all too weak. On what grounds can weaklings show disdain to the people who are stronger?”

Jiang Chen’s voice was loud. It was the first time for these outer palace disciples to see Jiang Chen but his words were very relieving and satisfying. They regretted not seeing the scene where Jiang Chen beat Gu Ling.

“There’s no point in arguing. It’s a joke to say that you people are better than us.”

Gu Lang said coldly.

“Brother Gu Lang, why are you talking so much with this man? Looks like he isn’t going to apologize. Let me check him to see how strong he actually is. I don’t believe that a puny First Grade Great Saint can be so powerful.”

Presently, a youth walked over. He had a similar cultivation as Gu Ling, peak Second Grade Great Saint. He felt deeply ashamed when he saw Gu Ling had been beaten up so badly. He absolutely wouldn’t believe that a First Grade Great Saint brat who came from the Pure Land could be very powerful. Thus, he wanted to test that brat’s power personally.

“Gu Chen, get down on your knees!”

The youth came close to Jiang Chen and barked.


Jiang Chen shook his head. It seemed impossible to resolve the internal conflicts by using his tongue alone. In that case, he would have to use his hands.

“Since you all want to break my legs, every one of you here today must lose a leg, starting from you.”

Said Jiang Chen coldly.

“What are you talking about?”

The youth was confused, doubting his hearing ability.


The thing that responded to the youth was a loud slap. The sound of the slap echoed through the arena. It was a very crisp sound. The slap that Jiang Chen sent was very violent, it send the youth to the ground. Then, Jiang Chen lifted his leg and trampled the youth’s face, pus.h.i.+ng half of his head into the ground.


Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim. Hearing and witnessing were both different experience. Jiang Chen’s strike was just too fast for many of them to capture.

This was truly a scene that frightened people. One should know that the number of geniuses in this place was as numerous as the clouds. None of them could be called ordinary experts. All of them had powerful skills and attacks. But none of them had ever seen a First Grade Great Saint that could be this powerful.

That slap was neither accident nor luck.

“Truly strong.”

The people of the outer palace widened their eyes. Jiang Chen’s slap was really intoxicating.


The youth struggled hard under Jiang Chen;s foot but couldn’t break free from it. It was a great irony, to think that he was now under someone else’s foot that he just demanded to kneel down before him.

“You are now being trampled by me. What else do you feel arrogant about? I am just a new disciple of the outer palace but I can trample you so easily. What right do you have to look down upon the disciples of the outer palace? This is a world where the strong are respected. All things are based upon strength, not your mouth. Your mouth would only be used to gnaw mud.”

Every word of Jiang Chen crushed the youth’s pride of superiority. The disciples of the outer palace who saw and heard what happened held themselves back from bursting into commotion. This scene was really too relieving and enjoyable. It was what they had been dreaming of doing.

“Stop, Gu Chen!”

Gu Lang shouted.

“Who gives you the right to command me? As I’ve said, everyone here must have one of their leg broken today. He is just the beginning and none of you will be exempted.”

Said Jiang Chen. Then, his leg stepped on the youth’s thigh. With a crack, the youth’s leg turned crooked. The youth’s half buried face wailed agonizingly.

“Son of a b*tch!”

“d.a.m.n! He is directly provoking us!”

“This is outrageous! Ever since Saint Origin Palace has been built, a mad man like him hasn’t appeared yet. He must not be spared.”


The geniuses of the inner palace became unsettled. This scene was truly unbelievable. This new guy was certainly a frenzied being.

Jiang Chen turned a blind eye to all of their angry faces which he had just provoked. He stepped over the youth’s body and moved two steps forth, demanded. “Who else?”

Disdaining the group of geniuses under the heavens… No one could deny your words. It was really full of masculinity.

At this moment, every disciple of the outer palace was affected by Jiang Chen demeanor. Every one of their eyes blazed incomparably. Years of suffocation and suppression were about to erupt. They had never feel a day as refres.h.i.+ng as today. Even if they only saw Jiang Chen for the first time, he had occupied a high and respectful status in their hearts.

To Jiang Chen, in order to retrieve their dignity and self-confidence, he had to fight with violence, to let them know that the geniuses of the outer palace weren’t people that they wanted as enemies. Only through this could they make them feel fear, only through this could they crush their feign superiority. Only through equality could the internal conflicts be settled.

As for the injury of a broken leg, he wasn’t worried at all. To Great Saints, such an injury was fundamentally nothing.

“Gu Chen, you are exceedingly arrogant. You will pay a steep price for what you just did. I will deal with you myself and let you understand what regret means.”

Gu Lang’s Qi fluctuated. The Qi of a peak Third Grade Great Saint was unleashed. He was ready to personally teach this presumptuous brat a lesson.

“Brother Gu Lang, let me take care of him. There’s no need for you to handle him personally.”

At this instant, another youth walked over. This youth’s cultivation was stronger than the previous youth. He had already reached the Third Grade Great Saint and wasn’t like any of those ordinary Third Grade Great Saints, but there was still a large gap between him and Gu Lang, the peak Third Grade Great Saint.

Gu Lang nodded. He would like to see how strong this new guy really was.

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