Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 949 – A Big Tangled Warfare

Chapter 949 – A Big Tangled Warfare

A Big Tangled Warfare

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The Third Grade Great Saint was extremely arrogant. He approached Jiang Chen and said in a cold tone, “Gu Chen, I have to admit that I’m surprised to see a First Grade Great Saint defeating a Second Grade Great Saint. Never have I thought that the Pure Land has such a genius. However, as you have attacked our geniuses and spoke to us disparagingly, you must be punished.”

The youth was no doubt amazed by Jiang Chen’s strength. One should know that everyone who were present here were no ordinary Great Saint, and the fact that Jiang Chen could defeat a Second Grade Great Saint indicated his incredible power. This was something none of them could deny.

A faint smile was seen on Jiang Chen’s face. His finger pointed at the youth and shook, saying, “You aren’t my opponent.”

“Gu Chen, you are too arrogant, but sometimes arrogance comes with a price.”

That youth was angered. As a Third Grade Great Saint, he had outleveled Jiang Chen by two grades, he didn’t even put Jiang Chen in his eyes, but now he was disdained by his opponent instead. How could he stand such insult?

Jiang Chen shook his head, not wanting to speak anymore. Today, he had come to Gu Palace to establish his dominance, to obtain justice for the people of the Outer Palace and to completely settle the internal conflicts that existed in this place. As such, the means he would use must be effective.


Jiang Chen’s body flashed like a phantom and appeared before the youth in a blink.

“He’s fast.”

The youth’s countenance changed. He didn’t think that Gu Chen would so powerful to such an extent. Gu Chen was so fast that not even a Third Grade Great Saint like him had the time to react. The youth sensed a powerful force coming towards him. Immediately and hurriedly, he exerted all his Yuan Qi to withstand the attack.


However, despite him being a Third Grade Great Saint, he faced almost the same outcome as Gu Ling. With a slap on his face, he fell to the ground. Let’s not talk about withstanding the attack, he didn’t even have the chance to dodge. He was slapped to the ground in an instant. Just like before, Jiang Chen’s leg trampled on his face to prevent him from struggling on his feet.


“My goodness! How can this Gu Chen be this strong? That is a Third Grade Great Saint that he is fighting, but his opponent didn’t even stand a chance. Is he still human?”

“No, that’s not possible. How can a First Grade Great Saint be this strong?”


The scene made everyone exclaim, whether it was the disciples of the Outer or Inner Palace. All of their eyes were widened while looking at Jiang Chen, as if they had seen a real ghost. It was too hard for them to believe that there was actually such a terrifying genius that came from the Gu Family in the Pure Land, because not even the Saint Origin Palace had such a genius.

“I also grew up in Gu Family but I have never heard or seen someone called Gu Chen. How can he be so heaven defying?”

“You didn’t know that Gu Chen was just a beggar when he was still a child. He was brought back by the patriarch and was adopted. When the patriarch discovered his talent, he hid him from the public and trained him secretly. It was only until now that he has shown his face to the public. I heard that the patriarch attaches great importance to this man called the secret killing weapon of the Gu Family. Sure enough, he is worthy of such t.i.tle. The gap between me and him is not small.”

“So that’s the reason the patriarch hid him so secretly. This Gu Chen really is powerful. I initially thought that his ability to defeat a Second Grade Great Saint was already scary, I didn’t think that even a Third Grade Great Saint was no match for him. If I didn’t witness this myself, I wouldn’t believe it even if you beat me to death.”

“That’s amazing! I felt so relieved now. The arrival of this Gu Chen has really helped me release all the grievances that I have nursed over the years. That’s super satisfying. We are all members of the Gu Family, what makes them superior to us? What rights do they have to oppress us, and look down upon us? Now, it’s time for us to fight for ourselves.”


Every disciple of the Outer Palace started whispering. Jiang Chen had just arrived to Gu Palace and he hadn’t even spoken to any one of them, however, he had already perfectly convinced all the geniuses of the Outer Palace. Now, all of them who were present on the platform had great admiration for him. His every word and gesture made their blood boil.

The youth who was under Jiang Chen’s foot was wailing continuously but couldn’t break away from it. Jiang Chen looked down from a height and spoke contemptuously, “I’d like to ask you a question. What right do you have to look down upon the members of the Outer Palace? Even if you have a hundred of someone like you, it won’t be enough to defeat me.”

His words were rude, but what he said was a fact. Even without his half-dragon form, he could handle any Third Grade Great Saint like this youth. He could even kill him on the spot if he wanted to.

*Ka Cha!*

Jiang Chen showed no mercy. He broke the youth’s leg with a stamp, then shook his Qi. His eyes swept across Gu Lang and the others like sharp blades. Suddenly, he shouted, “All of you, come and attack together!”

Come and attack together!

His voice rolled in the air. How overbearing was that for a man to challenge more than a hundred geniuses. They were afraid that only Gu Chen had such audacity.

“Fight brothers. Their time of oppressing us is over. From now on, we will never be bullied again.” Gu Liufeng shouted.

At this time, the emotions of the Outer Palace’s disciples had already reached a critical point, only a single trigger was needed, and Gu Liufeng’s words was without a doubt the last trigger.

“Yeah! We have to fight them. We have to let them know that the Outer Palace isn’t a group that they can easily bully. We have to use our strength to voice out our grievance.”

“Agreed. We’ll fight for our dignity. We are all members of the Gu Family, what makes us inferior to them?”

“We can’t let Gu Chen fight alone. The Outer Palace has always been united. Dammit! I have gotten annoyed by this group of p.r.i.c.ks a long time ago!”


The members of the Outer Palace yelled, expressing all the suppressed feeling that they had acc.u.mulated over the past years, flowing out like a continuous river without stopping. They had been oppressed for far too long and everyone present who was bullied by the Inner Palace had been nursing their resentment until now.

Every one of them was once a famous figure, a rare genius that was full of pride and temper.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

Strong Qis’ were unleashed from those geniuses’ bodies, shaking the entire martial platform. Each of their eyes turned red, their face brimmed with excitement as they looked at the back of the white-clothed youth. Without a doubt, Gu Chen has become their leader.

Fight! It was time for them to have a true fight. Like what Gu Chen had said, this was a world where the strong was revered. Only if you are strong enough, would the others respect you and dare not oppress you. The dignity and confidence of the Outer Palace must be gained by proving their strength.

Seeing the situation, Jiang Chen smiled as this was what he wanted. The members of the Outer Palace had to stop shrinking—only by showing their strength and bravery, by realizing their dignity, and by placing their position at the height of the Inner Palace could the internal conflicts of the palace be resolved entirely.

This was the first and the most important step. If Jiang Chen was standing alone here barking at the geniuses of the Inner Palace today, it would not create such an effect. The only thing that he would get would be the resentment of the geniuses of the Inner Palace.

The present scenario was different, however. All the disciples of the Outer Palace had been stimulated to attack; the only cause of this was the internal conflicts that had existed in their hearts a long time ago. Once this matter got bigger, someone would surely come and resolve it. Before that, the higher ups of Gu Palace must witness the seriousness of the problem.

“Son of a b*tch, are you trying to rebel against us?”

“d.a.m.n! These people of the Outer Palace have really gotten fed up with their lives. They dare to shout so loudly and rudely at us?”

“Do they really think that Gu Chen can handle everything? They are totally not qualified to fight us.”


The people of the Inner Palace had also gotten infuriated. All along, they had been the ones who oppressed these people, but today, these people stood up against them, which made them very angry. They felt that their majestic and dignified status had been seriously challenged.

“Don’t talk nonsense, do you dare to fight? Let’s see whether the Inner Palace is greater than the Outer Palace.”

Jiang Chen had fully unleashed his Qi and yelled at the group of the Inner Palace.

Daring someone to fight was a heroic spirit that could shake the world. If you want to fight, then let’s fight. If you refuse, then scram and become a group of cowards.

“Brothers, let’s fight them for the sake of the dignity and status of the Inner Palace. Let those Outer Palace know how powerful we are. Let them have the chance to reflect upon themselves clearly.” Gu Lang raged, shouting at the geniuses of the Inner Palace.

Now, they had to fight despite their reluctance. Gu Chen’s words had pushed them to the tip of the cliff. There was a saying that said those who rode on the tiger wouldn’t step down easily. If they refused to fight today, it would only show that they were afraid of the Outer Palace. If they didn’t fight today, instead of oppressing the Outer Palace, they would be the one bullied by them instead.


With his yell, Jiang Chen led by charging at the group of the Inner Palace. For a moment, a total of three hundred people had launched a tangled warfare. How terrifying and majestic was the battle between three hundred Great Saints? It could be described as the destruction of Heaven and Earth.

The martial arena was instantly smashed. The entire residence and courtyards of the Outer Palace was covered with fog in a split second. If it wasn’t for the seal deployed by the experts on the summits, all of the buildings around here would’ve been demolished already.

The disciples of the Outer Palace were all pumped up, they were all yelling vigorously. At this point, they had lost their concern whether their residences would still be in good condition or not. To Great Saints, a courtyard was nothing but a fart.

The present battle was like the battle of spirit. Every disciple of the Outer Palace was fighting hard for themselves. They had to defend their own status and change the past because this was their only chance. They were all following Gu Chen’s lead. If they failed, they could not raise their heads again. They had already suffered enough, and today, they must overturn it.

More importantly, they had longed to beat up the p.r.i.c.ks of Inner Palace in their hearts.

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