Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 947 – Attacking At the Doorstep

Chapter 947 – Attacking At the Doorstep

Attacking At the Doorstep

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Jiang Chen’s words had ignited the blood of the two geniuses. Despite the fact that this was Jiang Chen’s first time coming to Gu Palace, it seemed that he had an even more thorough understanding about the current situation than they did. In addition, in their eyes, Jiang Chen was not only strong, but also mature. He had a maturity that didn’t match his current age. The domineering and heroic aura that he exuded was enough to convince them.

They couldn’t deny what Jiang Chen had said. In this power-based place, strength was what people focused on regardless of where they went. The reason why the people of Outer Palace were oppressed by the people from Inner Palace but did not resist was because they were weak. If they were powerful enough to defend themselves, would the geniuses of Inner Palace bully them?

“Let’s go, bring us to Gu Palace.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression was calm, as though hitting Gu Ling didn’t concern him at all.


Gu Liuying took a deep breath before directing Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng towards the location of Gu Palace. He was sure that Gu Ling wouldn’t let this matter slip away and would find trouble for Gu Chen. However, not even Gu Chen himself was concerned of this, so why should he be worried about it either. In any case, it was Gu Chen who beat Gu Ling. To them, it was extremely satisfying because they had been bearing grievances of repression in Gu Palace.

“Gu Chen, Liufeng, Saint Origin Palace is hundreds of miles in area, akin to a typical small world. The eight palaces have occupied different territories across this spatial zone. Comparing Saint Origin Palace to Pure Land, the number of people here isn’t too many, but each and every one of them is an elite. The weakest among them is a Great Saint. As such, it’s safe to say that this place is the strongest domain in Saint Origin World.”

On the way, Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui told Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng the thorough details about the situation in Gu Palace.

They were all Great Saints. With great speed, they arrived Gu Palace in just a short moment.

There was an endless mountain range ahead, seemingly a few thousand miles long. White smoke was soughing over the mountains. The thickness of the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was at its peak. Looking from above, there were buildings everywhere, they were buildings of Gu Palace. All of the architectures were filled with dignity and grandeur. There were halls, courtyards, and ancient towers. Many of them were hanging in mid-air, while there were some that were suspended above the summits. Relying on the spatial force, those courtyards were built on top of the peaks, making them look like a heavenly court, and astonis.h.i.+ng people looking at them.

“Gu Chen, Liufeng, with the ident.i.ty token, the both of you are automatically a member of Gu Palace. From the moment you drip a drop of blood on it, Gu Palace have registered your existence. Do you see the mountain peak over there? People of Outer Palace, including us, are living in those places. Let me bring you two there.”

Gu Liuying pointed to a mountain that looked more remote than the others. Above the summit was a number of courtyards. They were normally used by the disciples of Gu Palace to live and cultivate in.

Under the lead of Gu Liuying, they reached the summit, where there were plenty of empty courtyards, so Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng simply chose one as their new home.

“It’s still noon. Many people have gone out for cultivation. In Gu Palace, there is a Refining Tower, the main area for cultivation. During this period of time, there won’t be anyone around as this is the residential area. Furthermore, those who live here are all below Third Grade Great Saint,” introduced Gu Liuhui.


Jiang Chen nodded, walking into the courtyard. This building would be his and Gu Liufeng’s home from now on.

But then, before Jiang Chen and the others could rest, a dozen silhouettes were flying over from a distance and landed on a huge martial platform. This was the only martial platform in this residential area, commonly used to settle the grudges among the disciples. However, due to the unity among the disciples of Outer Palace, this martial platform was basically not used by anyone.

“It’s them, Gu Liang and the others. Didn’t they go to the Refining Tower? Why are they back at this hour? Let’s go over to find out.” Gu Liuying wondered.

Normally, the practice in the Refining Tower ended in the evening because midday had the most active Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, the most suitable time for cultivation. Thus, it raised their suspicion that they came back this early.

A cold smile was revealed at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth, perhaps, he had guessed what had happened.

Jiang Chen and the other three came over to the s.p.a.cious martial platform. Gu Liuying walked towards them and said, “Gu Liang, why have you all returned at his hour? Furthermore, you all look fl.u.s.tered.”

The cultivation grade of this youth who was called Gu Liang wasn’t low, he had reached Second Grade Great Saint.

“Brother Liuying, I heard that a newbie from Pure Land named Gu Chen has beaten up Gu Ling, is this true?” Gu Liang asked hastily.

“That’s right. How do you all know?”

Gu Liuying knitted his brows.

“Not good. That Gu Ling went to the Refining Tower and told everyone about the incident. He was planning to bring a lot of geniuses of Inner Palace over here now to teach Gu Chen a lesson. After hearing the news, we and many other disciples of Outer Palace quickly returned.” Gu Liang said.

The other disciples were looking worried, but at the same time, there was a trace of delight within. Nothing like this had ever happened in Saint Origin Palace. Besides, there was a conflict between Outer Palace and Inner Palace. As such, it was very unlikely that Inner Palace would let go of the newbie who beat up Gu Ling.

They couldn’t hide the joy after learning that Gu Ling was beaten up like a dog. They felt that it had helped them relieve a part of the grievance that they had nursed for a long time.

“Gu Chen, it seems that things are more serious than we had thought.”

Gu Liuying looked over at Jiang Chen.

“You are that newbie, Gu Chen?”

Everyone’s eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. Besides shock, there was also admiration. They were impressed by the fact that Gu Chen could beat up Gu Ling so badly with his mere First Grade Great Saint strength and also his unusual courage.

“Brother Gu Chen, that’s really intoxicating that you have beaten up Gu Ling badly, but I’m afraid that things are going to be hard to deal with today.” Gu Liang said.

“It’s fine. I can handle everything. They have been oppressing us for too long, and it’s time for us to regain our dignity and confidence. If they dare to come, I will break one leg from each of them.”

Jiang Chen had a look of coldness on his face. His tone was extremely calm, without the slightest quiver. There was no way to find a hint of nervousness across his face.

“He has a resolute heart and dominance.”

Gu Liang and the others immediately changed the way that they looked at Jiang Chen. Putting other things aside, Jiang Chen’s disposition alone was incomparable to anyone. Furthermore, the overbearing aura that he exuded could make anyone give in.

Breaking one leg from each of them? Such a remark was too arrogant. It was truly heaven defying. No one had thought that someone like him would emerge in Gu Family. It seemed that Gu Palace would lose its peacefulness today.

They had to admit that Jiang Chen’s words had subconsciously boiled their blood, but at the same time, they were also feeling very worried. After all, their understanding towards Jiang Chen wasn’t deep. Although he could defeat Gu Ling and was also a rare genius, he was a mere First Grade Great Saint.

Soon, more disciples had returned. Most of them were from Outer Palace. From the direction that they came back from, there was a large group disciples flying over. In terms of the numbers, they were relatively similar to the disciples of Outer Palace, but their Qi was apparently more powerful. They were the geniuses of Inner Palace. Each and every one of them had a look of fury on their face, along with unhidden arrogance.

There were quite a number of disciples of Outer Palace here. In the past, Gu Family would send those elected talented disciples over. At that time, many of them were Ninth Grade Minor Saint. They would be given one year of training, and if they couldn’t advance to Great Saint realm within a year, they would be sent back.

However, nearly a year ago, Gu Palace had already stopped accepting the people from Pure Land. Only geniuses who advanced to Great Saint realm earned the right to enter Saint Origin Palace. This fact alone could tell the internal contradictions between Gu Family and Gu Palace.

Very quickly, all of them landed on the martial platform. Both groups of disciples were standing opposite each other. There were nearly 300 of them. Of course, this wasn’t the total number of disciples from Inner Palace and Outer Palace. There were still a lot of them that weren’t present.

“Which of you is Gu Chen, get out!”

In the group of Inner Palace, the one standing in front was a youth wearing a pale yellow robe with a st.u.r.dy physique and extremely proud face. His Qi was powerful. He had reached the peak of Third Grade Great Saint. Apparently, he was the leader of this group of people. Besides him stood Gu Ling with a swollen face.

“He is called Gu Lang, the brother of Gu Ling. He’s a very violent person and has high and mighty status in the palace. He won’t even put us in his eyes.” Gu Liuhui murmured.

“Gu Lang, why are you bringing so many people to our place to cause trouble? Is that a little too oppressive?”

A youth yelled from the group of Outer Palace. His cultivation grade was also at the peak of Third Grade Great Saint, but compared to Gu Lang, his Qi was obviously weaker.

“Gu Liuyang, stop your f*cking nonsense. Hand over that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Otherwise, we will have a war. You people of Outer Palace are getting bolder. A newly arrived trash daring to beat up a genius of Inner Palace without considering his own position? You must all remember that every one of you are here in our Palace because of the kindness given by Gu Palace.”

Gu Lang was too arrogant. He definitely didn’t put the people of Outer Palace in his eyes.

“d.a.m.n! He’s so arrogant. We have been bearing these arrogant p.r.i.c.ks for so long, and now they are going to trample on our faces.”

“This Gu Lang is clearly humiliating us. It’s killing me!”

“I have had enough of this! I really want to have a good fight with these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Seeing that pig face of Gu Ling, I feel extremely thrilled. I don’t know who’s this Gu Chen, but I really have to thank him for that.”


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