Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 946 – The Internal Contradictions

Chapter 946 – The Internal Contradictions

The Internal Contradictions

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Hubris! Arrogance!

Jiang Chen had too much of arrogance. Over the years, there were many geniuses who came from Pure Land but he had never encountered as arrogant as this newbie. On the first day he came, the first thing he did was slap the genius of Gu Palace. This gave Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui a great shock. They then thought of the information given by Gu Xuantian that this newbie was a rare genius that appeared once in every ten thousand years and was the greatest killing secret weapon of Gu Family. Now it seemed that either in the aspect of bravery or strength, this Gu Chen had it all.

“Very well, Gu Chen. I didn’t expect you to be so bold and wild. In which case, don’t blame me for being rude. No one in Saint Origin Palace dares to hit my face. Now I will let you know what is the true meaning of terror.”

Gu Ling was angered. His Qi began to rise steadily. The Qi of Second Grade Great Saint was completely unleashed. He was ready to strike to teach this newbie, who didn’t know the difference between life and death, a good lesson. He imagined that the slap that hit his face just now was merely an accident and because of his carelessness. How could he, a peak Second Grade Great Saint, be defeated by a puny First Grade Great Saint? This was simply unacceptable.

“Liufeng, advise Gu Chen not to stir things up.” Gu Liuying whispered to Gu Liufeng.

In fact, he was afraid that Jiang Chen would be at a disadvantage. Due to the constant oppression from the aboriginal geniuses of Gu Palace, those who came from Pure Land had become united. Thus, even though they were seeing Jiang Chen for the first time, they had treated Jiang Chen as one of them.

“Brother Liuying, there is no need to worry. He is no match for Little Chen. Although we are from Pure Land, we are the worthy geniuses of Gu Family and shouldn’t be oppressed. Something like this needs to be changed and Little Chen will do the job.”

Gu Liufeng smiled. He was very confident in the strength of Jiang Chen. Gu Ling couldn’t kill Jiang Chen even if there were more than a thousand of them. Although he hadn’t reached Gu Palace yet, he wasn’t a fool. He was able to almost guess the present situation in Gu Palace through Gu Ling’s way of treating them. They were supposed to be a single unit, but now he felt as if they were living under the roof of someone else. Without a doubt, this had stirred up unpleasant feelings in him.

He felt further infuriated seeing Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui, the former heroic figures in Pure Land, had to lower their heads in front of Gu Ling.

Furthermore, Gu Liufeng knew Jiang Chen too well. It wouldn’t change his mind even if he tried to persuade him. All the blame should be put on Gu Ling who started the whole thing.


The very moment Gu Ling’s Qi was unleashed, Jiang Chen’s palm landed on his face before he could even react, causing his head to spin.

*Pa Pa Pa…*

Subsequently, Jiang Chen’s palm shot from the left and right, slapping his face like a gusts of storm. Gu Ling was totally defenseless. Despite his will to fight back, he was unable to resist Jiang Chen’s attack. All he could do now was to expect mercy from Jiang Chen.

Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui watched from behind,stupefied. They finally knew how strong Jiang Chen was. The first strike might be accidental but not for the second strike. The situation ahead was enough to explain that Jiang Chen’s strength was far more powerful than Gu Ling. It was very shocking to see Gu Ling, a Second Grade Great Saint, could not even resist an opponent with lower grade than him.


Gu Ling was slapped to the ground by the final slap. His mouth was coughing up blood, a few of his teeth were knocked off. His face turned fierce.


Jiang Chen raised his foot, and stepped on Gu Ling’s face. Gu Ling struggled intensely and roared, trying to break free from Jiang Chen’s foot but found that it was of no help. Before him, Jiang Chen was like a huge mountain that pressed against him.

“Gu Chen, you are…truly audacious!”

Gu Ling was infuriated beyond his limit. This was a great humiliation, a humiliation to his core. Gu Ling had always been a high and mighty genius that would never be trampled by anyone. This kind of psychological blow was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

“Now that you are under my foot, what else do you want to feel proud of? Don’t always think that you are the only n.o.ble one. Your so-called n.o.bility is only a joke before me. Scram!”

With a tremor in his foot, Gu Ling was bounced a few hundred meters away.

Gu Ling stood up from the ground trembling. His eyes were bloodshot, glaring at Jiang Chen like a beast. The word ‘scram’ was like a knife that stabbed his heart. He was no doubt shocked by Jiang Chen’s strength, but he would never let this score slip away.

“Gu Chen, we shall wait and see.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his last word, he turned into a light beam and disappeared.

“Good! Someone like him should be beaten up.”

Gu Liufeng portrayed a face of excitement. Seeing that Gu Ling was beaten up like a dog, he felt truly pleased.

“That’s awesome.”

“No wonder patriarch has such a high opinion of him. He was able make Gu Ling in no shape to even fight back. If I didn’t see this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. Gu Chen, you have truly helped all of us express a breath of our grievance. That’s so satisfying. That Gu Ling always expressed his sn.o.bbishness towards those who came from Pure Land, not putting us in his eyes. We too didn’t put him in our eyes long ago, but due to he is a native of Gu Palace, we have no choice but to swallow our grievance.” Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui spoke.

Besides feeling amazed by Jiang Chen’s strength, they were also exhilarated by Gu Ling’s defeat. This was something which they had longed to do but had always been restricted from doing it.

Even though they had just seen Jiang Chen for the first time, they were totally impressed by him who was adopted by the patriarch. It seemed Gu Xuantian wasn’t boasting about Gu Chen. He was indeed a great killing weapon that was secretly trained by Gu Xuantian.

“Never reason with people like him,” said Jiang Chen.

“But Gu Chen, you just arrived here but you have already beaten up Gu Ling badly. This is something that has never happened in the history of Saint Origin Palace. Gu Ling will certainly never let this matter go. I’m afraid those geniuses of the palace will be angered as well because of this matter. It is going to be very troublesome,” said Gu Liuying with a frown.

Beating Gu Ling up was no doubt an exhilarating thing but it had severe consequences. After all, nothing as such had ever happened in his place.

“Brother Liuying, what’s the present situation in Gu Palace,” asked Gu Liufeng.

“It is true that Gu Palace has the t.i.tle of Gu Family, but the members inside are divided into two groups. The Inner Palace and Outer Palace. Those who came from Pure Land are viewed as members of the Outer Palace whom are disdained by the members of Inner Palace. They don’t even regard us as their own family. They are all high and mighty beings, claiming themselves as a n.o.ble group. Due to Saint Origin Palace being in existence for nearly a hundred years, the members of Inner Palace are much more than those of us who come from outside. Currently, we are completely polarized and the internal contradictions are numerous. Not only Gu Palace alone, it happens to other palaces as well except Demon Palace. Demon Race was originally a united race and they earn their respect based on their bloodline and innate ability, so their members aren’t divided,” said Gu Liuying, explaining the circ.u.mstances about Gu Palace to them.


After hearing this, Gu Liufeng couldn’t help heaving a sigh. The present Gu Palace varied too much with the Gu Palace that he dreamed of.

“All along, we of the Outer Palace have always nursed our grievance and swallowed our opinions. The higher ups of Gu Palace never cared about the contradictions like this. In fact, there have been divergence among the higher ups. If the situation continue to develop at this rate, I fear that it won’t take long for the Gu Palace here to be completely detached from the Gu Palace in Pure Land.” Gu Liuhui said in depressed tone.

“This is what I expected. Judging from the current development of the eight major palaces, if we don’t resolve the internal contradictions in Gu Palace, we will face miserable and tragic ending sooner or later,” said Jiang Chen.

The present situation in Gu Palace was something he had thought earlier but he didn’t expect it to be this serious. In order to deal with the major six, he must first get rid of the internal contradictions in Gu Palace, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. A divided family, even without the threat of enemies, would only have one final outcome. Also, Desolate Palace was actually fixing their eyes on the other palaces covetously.

About the Demon Race, he didn’t have the slightest worry at all. Demon Race wasn’t similar to human race. They were originally an independent race. Even if they were to have internal divergence within, it wouldn’t be difficult to resolve them. Big Yellow and Kong Yang’s arrival in Demon Palace would make things even better. Kong Yang had the bloodline of Peac.o.c.k King and would definitely be highly regarded. Big Yellow, on the other hand, not only had the Divine Beast Bloodline, he had also obtained the Totem Divine Seal. When the Totem Divine Seal was unleashed, even the palace master must show respect to Big Yellow.

Moreover, even though Saint Origin Palace had reached such extent of development, there was no way it could break away from the eight major families of Pure Land. They were closely related in many ways. As such, they must have known the incidents that happened in Pure Land. In Pure Land, Demon Race and Gu Family had established good relations.h.i.+p, so the Gu Palace and Demon Palace must also have built a harmonious connection with one another.

“It’s not easy to solve this kind of contradiction. Gu Chen, although it was very exhilarating to beat Gu Ling up, it was a reckless action. After all, you are just a newbie who just came to Saint Origin Palace. Those native geniuses of Gu Palace will definitely not let you go.” Gu Liuying said worriedly.

“There is no need to be polite with someone like him. When someone looks down upon you, you don’t need to look up to them. You must remember that this is a world where the strong are respected. Wherever you go, strength is always the first in the list. They oppress you not because you are from Pure Land but because you’re weak. If you all are stronger than them, are they going to disrespect you at all? If you all are strong enough, there won’t be internal contradictions in Gu Palace. The others will only respect and fear you when you are powerful. Rules are for us to follow and also for us to break. Since the natives of Inner Palace have been oppressing you guys for too long, both sides have grown accustomed to it which lead to the current internal contradictions. As such, it isn’t a bad thing to induce a conflict among Gu Palace,” said Jiang Chen.

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