Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 945 – The Arrogant Newbie

Chapter 945 – The Arrogant Newbie

The Arrogant Newbie

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A brotherly reunion was naturally a joyful thing. Another young man that was a Second Grade Great Saint came forth and patted Gu Liufeng’s shoulder. “Not bad kid! Your talent is above mine and Liuhui as we are a few years older than you. I never thought that you could catch up to us so soon.”

“Brother Liuying must be overpraising me.”

Gu Liufeng found it hard to suppress his joyfulness. These two youths were also geniuses of the Gu Family. They were sent to Saint Origin Palace when they reached Great Saint realm. He was moved when these two senior geniuses came to personally greet him.

“Humph! People say that one’s talent is judged based on their extraordinary abilities. I don’t see anything extraordinary on you. The Gu Family of the Pure Land really has declined a lot. It seems like we need to set a strict standard before accepting any of you. We can’t just let anyone in so easily.”

At this time, that prideful young man let out a cold humph, and looked at Gu Liufeng in disdain.

After hearing those words, Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui’s faces suddenly darkened, but instead of saying anything, they let out an awkward smile. Gu Liufeng however couldn’t stand it. As the number one genius of the Gu Family, one should know how honourable he was. He didn’t expect that not only would he be disdained by someone not long after he arrived in Saint Origin Palace, not to mention, he was disdained by one of his own people, a genius of Gu Palace. This was certainly made him feel unpleasant.

“Who are you?”

Gu Liufeng asked with a frown.

“By the way, Liufeng, let me introduce you. This is Young Master Ling, named Gu Ling. He is a rare genius in Gu Palace. Young Master Ling was born in Saint Origin Palace and had gained access to a rich amount of cultivation resources since young. He has reached the peak of Second Grade Great Saint at a very young age, which is impressively amazing.”

Gu Liuhui hurriedly introduced Gu Ling to Gu Liufeng, but his insinuating tone was obvious to anyone present. Although he admitted that Gu Ling was amazing and great on the surface, he implied that Gu Ling wasn’t as remarkable as it was thought. The main reason for Gu Ling’s achievement was the cultivation environment and also the cultivation resources provided by Gu Palace. If they had the same advantage as Gu Ling since young, their achievements would certainly be greater than his.

The scene reaffirmed Jiang Chen’s previous a.s.sumption. Sure enough, the geniuses in Saint Origin Palace had already become distant from their original families in the Pure Land as Saint Origin Palace had been separated from the Pure Land for so long. Putting the other families aside, Gu Palace and the Gu Family had been completely separated from each other. Gu Ling’s att.i.tude was proof to that. He was a genius that was born in this independent spatial world, who look down upon those who came from the Pure Land. In his eyes, Gu Liufeng and the others who came from the Pure Land were foreigners. To him, it was just Gu Palace’s kindness that allowed these foreigners to come in to further their cultivation.

No doubt, a hundred years was a long time. No one knew exactly how many geniuses had been born here as the number was still increasing which widened the disparity even more. By now, Gu Palace had completely deviated from its original core. Those old seniors who came from the Pure Land, the higher ups who built the Gu Palace were now pursuing a higher realm of cultivation, leaving no time for them to care about the things in Gu Palace. It was conceivable that after another hundred years, Saint Origin Palace would really abandon their original families – the major eight.

“Gu Liufeng, it’s your privilege that I, Young Master Ling have come personally to welcome the two of you. Of course, it wasn’t entirely because I wanted to welcome you two but I also want to see how the number one genius of Gu Family who has been hiding in the dark looks like. Your name is Gu Chen right?”

Gu Ling’s stare s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen. After a moment of scanning, “Looks like you are just as common as him. Gu Xuantian said that you are the greatest secret weapon, a rare genius that only appears every ten thousand years. These are all just boasting. You are just a grunt that was picked up by Gu Xuantian out of sympathy. Despite Gu Xuantian’s high regards in you, you are just an outsider. So, it’s better to stay obedient when you reach Gu Palace.”

Hearing his words, Jiang Chen rolled his eyes for a few times. Was this how the aborigines of Saint Origin Palace treat ‘outsiders’? It seemed like every disciple who came from the Pure Land wouldn’t get any respect here. This explains the fact that Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui didn’t even dare let out a breath of grievance.

However, he was holding in his laughter when he heard about how Gu Xuantian boasted about him. It seemed like Gu Xuantian had already introduced him to them secretly, saying that he was a secret killing weapon that only revealed himself today. No wonder Gu Ling had come in person to judge him, because the boasting in itself was no doubt impressive.

Now, it was apparent that the Gu Family and Gu Palace were both different parties. Let’s not talk about the major six who would oppose them. This Gu Palace alone was going to give them a headache. Despite the daily hiccups that might occur to them, it wasn’t a big deal as Jiang Chen had already faced countless of such events.

“You… we are all members of Gu Family, we belong to the same lineage. However, why are you oppressing us the moment we arrive here. What’s the meaning of this?”

Gu Liufeng cried out in anger.

“Shut up. Who do you think you are? Dare to speak loudly in front of me? It would be your fault if I cripple you today. But due to this being your first time arriving here, I will let this matter go. If there is a next time, I won’t be as forgiving anymore.”

Gu Ling berated loudly.

Gu Liufeng burst into rage and was about to spit out words but was stopped by the two youths.

“Why are you two pulling me for? We are all the people of the Gu Family, what right does he have to treat us in such a manner?”

Gu Liufeng absolutely couldn’t bear such a humiliation. It had always been his greatest dream to enter Saint Origin Palace. In his heart, Gu Palace was akin to Gu Family, with both being his family, but he didn’t imagine that Gu Ling would betray his expectation, treating him like a foreigner and a beggar. This kind of psychological blow was simply unbearable. Right now, he had a feeling that the dream which he fought for, through ordeals and hards.h.i.+ps wasn’t as pleasant as he had expected. The difference between his dream and reality was just too much.

“Liufeng, you don’t need to speak a lot of nonsense while confronting someone like this.”

Jiang Chen walked over to Gu Liufeng while narrowing his eyes at Gu Ling. Although his eyes were slightly squinted, it still couldn’t stop the brilliant light of coldness that shoot out from it.

“You said ‘who do you think you are?’ to him, but in my eyes, I would like to ask the same question to you – who do you think you are? Don’t use your sense of superiority to oppress others. Even if you are born in Gu Palace, so what? Your ancestors were all from the Pure Land, so what are you so proud for?”

Each line of word clearly lacked courtesy and politeness. Jiang Chen always used the simplest way to deal with someone like him, crus.h.i.+ng their sense of superiority, letting them fall heavily from the top and let them know that there was nothing that they should be proud of.

“Gu Chen!”

Gu Liuying and the other youth’s facial expression changed drastically. They were also informed of the background of Gu Chen. When Gu Xuantian sent the information to them, all the boasting that he had put on Gu Chen almost made him as great as an immortals, having totally suppressed the first genius of Gu Family, Gu Liufeng, but they didn’t expect Gu Chen to be so audacious that he would argue with Gu Ling.

However, they reasoned that it must be because Gu Chen and Gu Liufeng lacked the knowledge of Gu Palace’s situation and rules, and had brought along the usual habits they had in the Pure Land. The people of the Pure Land wouldn’t gain any privileged status in Gu Palace, and offending Gu Ling wouldn’t bring anything good.

In fact, the two of them really wanted to punch this Gu Ling on the face. Everyone who came from the Pure Land had been nursing their grievances against him. So, they had to stop Gu Chen as he was merely a First Grade Great Saint. He would never be an opponent of Gu Ling if the argument escalated into a fight.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What did you just say?”

Gu Ling raged.

“You can’t even understand what I said? Not only do you despise your ancestors, you seem to even have obstacles in your intelligence. A mentally disabled person dares to look down on others.”

Jiang Chen obviously didn’t show any quarters.

After hearing this, the two youths stumbled under their feet and almost fainted. Why hadn’t they known that Gu Chen had such a hot temper? Now, they couldn’t stop him even if they wanted to. They knew Gu Ling too well. He must be feeling very angry right now and would never let Gu Chen go.

“Good, good. Very good. Of the so many people who came from the Pure Land, I have never seen someone as arrogant as you. You have disrespected me with your words and you are, without a doubt, courting death. I will let you know the consequences of offending me.”

Gu Ling’s anger had gone out of control. Yuan Qi started to ripple on his palm. It was the fluctuation of a violent energy. He was completely infuriated. No one had ever spoken to him in such a way before. Today, he must teach this arrogant guy a lesson, to let him know that he has no authority to meddle in any matters in Gu Palace.

Gu Ling raised his arm with lightning speed and slapped Jiang Chen.


Crips sound of a slap was produced, but Jiang Chen was standing there, without moving an inch whereas Gu Ling staggered one step backwards and almost fell down. He froze and felt a burning sensation on his face.

Gu Liuying and Gu Liuhui were both petrified. Their eyes were fixed on the obvious palm mark on Gu Ling’s face and they dared not say a word. Despite the distance between them, they couldn’t see Jiang Chen’s slap. It was too fast.

The shock they felt was earth-shaking. One should know that Gu Ling was a peak Second Grade Great Saint and was only a step more to advance to Third Grade Great Saint. Gu Chen on the other hand was merely a First Grade Great Saint, he may be a peak First Grade Great Saint but how could he be this powerful?

They must be imagining things. That must be it.

At one side, Gu Liufeng smiled coldly. Others might not be able to comprehend Jiang Chen’s strength but not him. He believed that if Gu Ling was Jiang Chen’s enemy, Gu Ling would already be a dead man by now and wouldn’t just receive a simple slap.

“Y-you dare to hit me?”

Gu Ling regained his senses from the shock. He couldn’t believe that he was slapped by a First Grade Great Saint, and accept that a newbie who just came from the Pure Land dared to hit him.

“You should feel lucky that you are just getting a smack from me and you still got the chance to speak after offending me.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. He was just stating the cold hard fact. It was just like what had Gu Liufeng thought, if Gu Ling was Jiang Chen’s enemy, he would be dead by now.

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